Fraser Dante Classic Cars are top quality!
Our restoration facility with two veteran mechanics ensures good quality mechanicals. Our talented detail staff does great finishing work to ensure great looking and drivable vehicles.
Over the past 26 years, our client base has included very notable and substantial customers who have added to their premier collections.
Here is a sample of recent testimonials….
  • “Fraser Dante sets the standard for Classic Car Dealerships! The level of professionalism and expertise is unheard of. Not just in working on older cars but also in their knowledge of shipping and authenticating. Fraser Dante will help you have confidence in your investment!”RT
  • “Great experience purchasing a vehicle from Tom and Tevie. Highly recommend. Chris found a few things on the vehicle to adjust prior to delivery and I’m very happy with the purchase and the experience buying from them!”JP
  • “I have purchased multiple vehicles from Fraser Dante and I have never been more pleased and impressed with their cars and high touch customer service. Tom, Tevie, Chris, and Hutch are hardworking, honest, and committed to their customers satisfaction. They stand behind their work and always do what is right! They are the best! I consider them not only my car specialist, but also as my friend.”GC
  • “I have had nothing but great experiences dealing with Fraser Dante. From my first time walking into their awesome showroom to purchasing a car, to follow on service and frequent visits to see their latest additions, Tevie, Tom, Chris, Hutch and Miriam are the nicest and highest integrity people to work with. On a scale of zero to 10 – they’re a 10!”MM
  • “I have been in LOVE with the classic Mustang since 1985. When I finally moved to the US in 2005 but was living up North I couldn’t have a Mustang due to the weather. I finally moved to Atlanta and found Fraser Dante and was sold. Their selection on Classic cars is second to none, they know their stuff and have an amazing detail on the car(s) you want to purchase. I bought a 1965 Mustang and love my car. Additionally, their tech staff is so knowledgeable and they are always welcoming to see you and can assist on any detail you need. I have shopped around for many years and there is NO other classic car dealer in the US I have found as detail focused as Fraser Dante”WM
  • “I found this pretty 55 Thunderbird on Fraser Dante’s website. I spoke to Tevie and totally trusted her on her word about this beautiful car and bought it SIGHT UNSEEN. The car has lived up 100% to Tevie’s description, and beyond. The best part about this dealership is they stay with you after the sale. I’ve had several questions and comments and the staff here is GREAT.  Tevie, Chris and the entire company is honest, trustworthy and dependable.”


    David S. - Florida

  • “Tevie, You can tell Tom, Chris, Hutch, and Lisa, that I enjoyed driving the Mustang today better than any car I have ever owned. It was a dream !! It shifts so smooth – sounds so good – corners beautifully, and it has great pickup. You can tell Tom that those solid lifters were a great investment. You can cruise along in 2nd or 3rd gear and step on it – and the pick up is immediate. I have read articles about the increased horsepower with a solid cam and lifters set-up, but I have never experienced it.   It is beautiful. Well, enough gushing for today.” MUSTANG 1965 CONVERTIBLE – CASPIAN Buddy G., Maryland
  • “When I began the search for the perfect Classic Ford Mustang Convertible, I immediately determined that there were a myriad of Classic Car Dealers out there available, yet none who could even come close in honesty, transparency, professionalism, courtesy, etc of Fraser Dante.  I happened to find Fraser Dante online and immediately knew by looking at their website that they truly cared about providing a classic car that not only can be admired, but also driven! Having had an absolutely horrible experience with another Classic Car Dealer in my search for a Mustang, I approached Fraser Dante with caution, but after numerous phone calls, internet picture, and the total explanation of their process I was immediately put at ease.  Being able to deal directly with the owners was a massive benefit as Tom and Tevie take their business and customer satisfaction very seriously.  As a business owner myself, I respected and appreciated the fact that these folks cared more about my satisfaction with my purchase than anything else.My particular build took almost seven months to complete as I wanted every facet of the car completely redone to better than new condition.  Tom and Tevie, the owners, communicated with me almost daily and advised me of certain things, made recommendations, and even offered me their personal cell phone numbers in the event that I needed to speak with them or had a question.  Fraser Dante’s restoration shop is second to none, and Chris, one of their head technicians, communicated with me throughout the restoration.  The car I purchased was already a beautiful vehicle, however, Chris and Tom were able to offer me several “modern day upgrades” ultimately making the car more reliable and usable.  I loved checking my email every morning and finding new restoration pictures detailing the car’s progress.  Tom, Tevie, and Chris made sure the car was waxed and buffed (which must have been the fifth time!) right before delivery to me over one-thousand miles away!  Chris ensured that the car was absolutely perfect mechanically, even making minor exhaust adjustments to make sure the GT exhaust tips were not in any way crooked!  Chris cared for my car almost as if it was his!  After the car was complete, Tom, Hutch, and Chris personally drove it over one hundred miles to verify top operating condition and made minor adjustments.  What I received was truly a work of art!  The car was absolutely perfect, arriving in top show condition complete with folders of original documentation, a restoration CD, original manuals, original Ford Motor Company pre-delivery tags on all the knobs, etc! If you are looking for a Classic Car that can be driven and enjoyed, plus win shows, look no further because Fraser Dante is top notch!  You will only find quality, solid undercarriage, refurbished Classics here.  Many Dealers offered “restored” cars at discounted prices, however, you will find pretty paint and painted engine covers only masking fifty year old suspension, drivelines, electronics, etc.  We are truly happy with our beautiful convertible and want to thank the whole Fraser Dante staff for both their professionalism, and commitment to our satisfaction.  A special thank you to Tom, Tevie, and Chris who went above and beyond to make this a wonderful Classic Car buying experience.” MUSTANG 1965 CONVERTIBLE Ben S., Pennsylvania
  • Tom and Tevie, Just a note to tell you how pleased I am with the GT350. My dad bought a 66 mustang coupe with a 289 new from Cotton Easter Ford . He had that car until I graduated from college in 86. I drove through school and college and actually took my wife on our first date in that car,I have fond memories of it. I have wanted a 65-66 mustang for some time but was reluctant to buy a classic car due to problems a ” non car guy” might have in selecting the best one. I can honestly say the experience I had with Tom Fraser was a pleasure. From the first moment I talked with Tevie and later Tom, I knew they had my best interest in mind. The car is great and the transaction couldn’t have gone better. Fraser Dante classic cars has a large selection of classic cars but mustangs are their passion. Their knowledge and expertise was a blessing for a first time classic car buyer like myself. Their service department was a huge selling point with me. I know if I ever have a problem, I have only one call to make. Thanks for your kindness and professionalism throughout the process. I am so happy I made the decision to do business with you. SHELBY 1965 GT350 CLONE Tom I., Lenoir City, TN
  • November 15, 2014, I want to extend my thanks to Fraser Dante and relate my experience with this fine, one of a kind company. Every person I had the privilege to interact with at Fraser Dante went well beyond expectations. From my initial visit to the Atlanta showroom, to taking delivery of my “new” 1968 Corvette, this was absolutely one of the most pleasurable experiences I have had in all my years of dealing with the Classic Car industry. A special thank you to Chris for sharing of his extensive experience and for taking the time to give invaluable insight into researching the Classic Corvette. I was also appreciative of his conscientious follow-through to make certain that everything was “as advertised” prior to the car leaving the showroom. I have nothing but compliments for Tevie and Tom and their commitment to making the decisions to do significant last minute maintenance before allowing the car to be shipped, and to Lisa who oversaw the whole transaction . As I have expressed to the whole team, I not only feel I have taken possession of a beautiful, mechanically sound Classic, but more importantly I have made new friends! 1968 CORVETTE Ken H., High Point, NC
  • I have been in the classic car hobby for more than 40 years. I must say that in all those years and all the cars I have purchased have I had a more pleasurable experience in my purchase than dealing with Fraser Dante Classic Cars. These people and dealership are a “breath of fresh air” for the hobby. Every car the owners, Tom and Tevie, place up for sale meticulously goes through their shop for a complete inspection and work through . When they give a descriptive to you, you can feel confident that that information is accurate to the best of their ability. Their shop is outstanding and if you have any questions concerning the vehicle you can even talk personally with any one of their experienced, crack technicians, Hutch or Chris. In my opinion, they are the best. 1960 CHEVROLET IMPALA Harvey R., Shaftsbury, Vermont
  • One must be certain that you sell a lot of awesome cars to some very influential people. One can also be certain that the 1970 Mach 1 you sold me and my family has brought a ton of “Mach Fun” for our family. It has been to two proms, a homecoming and a host of “young men” oogooling it and me firmly saying “hands off my daughter and the car.” Photo of my youngest who was Homecoming Queen. It was a ball. Lots of the girls wanted new convertibles to ride in…she wanted the Mustang. Click here for Video of Kevin’s Mustang: Video Hope every car you have and you sell bring as much enjoyment. 1970 MACH I Kevin W., Missouri
  • Thank you for the outstanding service and support during the purchase of my 66 Mustang Convertible.  Having spent two years looking for the “perfect” car I was so pleased to end up buying it from Fraser Dante.  First and foremost, your personalized service and follow up was greatly appreciated. Your goal from the start was to make me comfortable and you answered every question as well as provided me with an important education on the car.  One thing that really stood out, was that the car was so well represented on line and the details that you provided (photographs, documentation, etc) were like no other dealer that I worked with.  When I visited your facility to see the car in person I must say the attention and time that you and Chris provided me were terrific.  While you gave me a good overview of the car, Chris really provided me with insight that I needed to feel good about the purchase. His knowledge and expertise and that of his team are greatly appreciated.  The amount of detail that you go through in making certain the car is fun and safe to drive is also very much appreciated.  I looked at a lot of Mustangs and must admit your cars are in a class all by themselves. Chris’s attention to detail and the pride he take in the work is clearly evident. The result of the above is this 66 Mustang rocks!  It is a beautiful car and handles exceptionally well on the street.  As I shared with you during my recent trip to a local car show the 289 opened up beautifully on the highway and handled as smoothly and quietly as a new car! Amazing. Thank you again…we are looking forward to spring and getting the 66 back on the street.  BTW, I have had four offers on the car since i bought it…however, it is NOT for sale. 1966 Mustang Convertible Mike G., Illinois
  • The Mustang just arrived… I would have written you earlier, but I haven’t stopped driving the car long enough to write!!  Can’t begin to tell you how thrilled I was with seeing the car in person…and what has been really special is driving the car.  You may remember that I owned a first generation Mustang many years ago and traded it away in part because it was very “loose” in handling, the mechanicals were old, and overall the car was increasingly unreliable…not a car that I trusted or felt comfortable driving anymore. Fast forward 20 years  to this “brand new” 1966 GT and WOW! this car drives and handles so smooth, am sure that it is actually handling better than it was when brand new.  The investment we made in new brakes, modernized power steering, suspension, updated transmission, cooling system,  drivetrain, and radials all come together to make it a real pleasure to drive…it’s great fun and I have the confidence to enjoy using the car–which is what we talked about as the goal for the car. While there are lots and lots of pretty old cars, I think not so many that are both pretty AND drive like new. I am glad I chose Fraser Dante from the other other classic car specialists. You clearly place a lot of emphasis on drive-ability and reliability along with the attention to detail on the “pretty pieces”. Finally, I know that building a superior car like this is a total team effort, one that requires the exceptional skill and experience of many individuals. I wish you would pass along my thanks to your entire team and let them know how much we appreciate their efforts and are enjoying the car. 1966 Mustang GT Conv Bob D. and Family
  • I fell in love with the Mustang at first sight. The car looked great, white with red interior and a four-speed. It don’t get no better! I admit I was a bit apprehensive after reading stories about rust buckets be sold as “restored”. My concerns were eliminated when Tevi and Tom took the time explain what work was completed, showed me numerous pictures of the restoration and put the car on the lift so I could see how solid the car was. After the test drive I was convinced this was the car for me. The whole buying experience was exceptional. There was only one surprise, when I took ownership, I was provided a CD with tons of pictures taken during the restoration, talk about a confidence builder.  If I was to buy another older-model car, my absolute first stop would be Fraser Dante. 1965 Mustang Convertible Hank
  • Wow I am having so much fun with my new car. It is hard to believe that three weeks have passed since I took delivery. It has been such a pleasure doing business with you that  I wanted to take an opportunity to thank you. As you know I spent considerable time looking for the right vehicle for me. I did a lot of wasted traveling to see cars that were described as much better than they turned out to be in person. This car however is everything described to me when i called and first spoke to Tevie. It was  thrilling to walk into your beautiful showroom and see my perfect car sitting there waiting for me. Meeting you both and Chris was a fun experience. I enjoyed looking over the car and the test drive was great. You also made purchasing and delivery of the car a smooth and transparent process. It would be my pleasure if you were to use me as a future reference. It is obvious that I am a completely satisfied customer. I also look forward to another purchase in the future. 1971 Buick Grand Sport Replica Sam
  • I heard about Fraser Dante from a friend who bought a car from them previously. I was looking for my dream car and somewhat disappointed with the selection out there. I quickly became an avid visitor of their website. Their descriptions filled my dreamy eyes and it was nice to see their full inventory updated so regularly. I spotted my own dream car on it between meetings one day and a week later, the papers were signed. Their quality is outstanding, their descriptions are fantastically accurate. They made the process painless. They are well known in the industry and their name is respected resulting in seamless insurance and paperwork processing. My car is gorgeous and in fantastic mechanical shape. I have never felt so confident of having made a good decision after a car purchase before. I have told everyone about my experience with them. I think we will have a long term relationship. 1971 Oldsmobile Cutlass Convertible Patricia
  • Just to let you know that my yellow boss has finally arrived and boy was it worth the wait. The car is fantastic. Have taken it for a little drive already and it handles and steers really well. Body is as described and also the condition of the car. If you have any buyers from Australia looking to purchase one of your cars I would be more than happy to to put in a very good word for you. It has been a pleasure doing business with you and I hope that we can do business again in the future. All the best. Also at our recent 2011 Nationals the boss took out a bronze award in original class. Also please find attached an award presented to the car by Alan Moffat to me as his choice. This was a great thrill for me as I used to watch him race when I was a kid and his 69 Coca Cola Red Boss 302 was what got me into mustangs. 1969 Boss 302 Phil, Australia
  • My experience with the Fraser Dante Team started several years ago as a friend took me to see “The best classic cars to be found”. In my 1 year quest for the car that “spoke to me”, I traveled from Maine to Florida. Yes, I found treasures in old barns, car shows and garages. Only to find love in my backyard, Roswell, GA. Tevi, Tom and Chris always took the time to show me something new, chat me up to help find the one and never pushed or pressured to purchase. I found a 71 Buick Skylark on their website, dropped by and fell in love. Chris spent several hours with me to test drive, explain what most would considered minor details and features in this gem. Their exceptional inventory of quality cars, attention to detail, knowledge, impeccable service and sincere level of commitment to customer satisfaction is beyond any I have experienced. It was my privilege to purchase a car from the Fraser Dante Team. Thanks for my “fun”….it’s impossible to wipe the smile off my face when I’m out for a spin. 1971 Buick Skylark


  • The Mach 1 SCJ arrived late last night. Car looks outstanding and I am very happy with it. Thanks to both of you, Chris and Lisa for doing an extraordinary job in prepping the car. 1969 Mach 1 SCJ Tom
  • Tom and Tevie Fraser have always had excellent examples of the Sportiest and Best Vintage Cars. I bought my first Austin Healey from Fraser Dante 17 years ago and now I have bought my son his first fun COLLECTABLE from FRASER DANTE a 2007 Shelby!!! I am a regular in the Fraser Dante show room and I am always impressed with the fabulous examples of Fine Collectable Cars that also are fun to drive. 2007 Shelby Michael and Brennan
  • I searched extensively for a combination of good quality and exceptional value. I found both of these attributes at Fraser Dante Classic Cars. This lead to my purchase of a 1956 Ford Thunderbird. As you might expect these two qualities also segwayed into additional attributes at Fraser Dante, mainly personal attention, and expert service. 1956 Thunderbird


  • It took a long time before I could meet my car. I was very curious if the car was exactly like on the pictures from Fraser Dante. When I saw the car for the first time in the harbour area I was very surprised. The car looks great. There was only a lot of dirt on the car because of the shipment. Unfortunately there were some scratches at the left front who were caused by the transport on the ship. When I came home I directly cleaned the car. Normally when you clean a car you see all kind of little things. At this car there was almost nothing to see. After having help of an extra battery, (the original was empty because of the trip) the engine sounds great. The interior of the car looks just like new. I can tell every one they can buy a car at Fraser Dante. The people are very nice and most of all very trustworthy. Thanks again for having done nice business with you.Wim, Holland
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