Our vehicles are better than "auction quality" - that is, Fraser Dante Ltd. buys its vehicles and then does restoration and preparation to bring them up to high standards. Please note that the various price guides only get their values at auctions. These "inspectors" absolutely do not examine the vehicles carefully but see them in an auction line. They simply make notes and then see the selling price across the auction block. Auction sales are generally made to dealers and experienced collectors who know that restoration and maintenance work is required.

Fraser Dante Ltd. works on their cars to make them driven show cars to the best of our abilities. Often photos of the braking system and other aspects of the cars are shown on our website. is a most encompassing and complete site that has long explanations and 'numbers' of many of our vehicles.

Fraser Dante Ltd. makes every effort to bring its vehicles to Driven Show standards. Our prices take into account the value of the specific vehicle plus all the work to improve and restore it to top mechanical and cosmetic standards.