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Stock #4880


Beautiful Rangoon Red, correct red standard
interior, full console, built strong dated
289cid, 4V, engine bay show detailed, dual exhausts, full
professional tune, C-4 automatic, Ford power
steering, brand new GT SSBC front disc brakes, full
braking system just redone, nice detailed show
underchassis, rare restored Ford 1967 Magnum 500 14×7
wheels, new blackwall 205-70-R14 radials, outstanding
presentation, original data tag, rare full Carlite glass

1965 Mustang 2+2 in very top restored condition with a just great iconic look in the really gorgeous Rangoon Red color that is just beautifully done, see the extensive work at the Fraser Dante shop that is shown and explained in this long writeup, really simply great metal with very straight sides and very clear VIN# stampings, this has both GREAT uprated fresh strong mechanicals as well as the brand new braking system with the expensive front brand new SSBC GT brake system just installed, really awesome cosmetics with the lower stainless rocker moldings, showroom ready! the build is from a terrific ‘C’ code body now upgraded with the desirable ‘A’ code 4v and dual exhausts, a rebuilt 289cid with the C5AE casting and very even strong compression, proper dated heads to the car, a rare restored Autolite 4v carburetor, brand new professional tune with the complete exacting specs shown below, the engine bay is just highly detailed with the Cobra kit, full show hoses, C-4 automatic transmission works great, this has really a just great detailed underchassis with terrific lower chassis ‘pinch welds’, very rare original Data Tag that shows how this car was made…just like this, has the full new restored red bucket seated interior, brand new red safety belts, new red carpet, desirerable fold down rear seat with new carpet and terrific chrome hinges, stock red dash with working gauges, Custom Autosound radio, even has the full Carlite glass from the tinted windshield to the large back glass, great Ford stamped fenders, now this is just terrific preparation with really gorgeous Rangoon Red base clear paint with a beautiful luster that has the show presentation done with just wonderful straight body lines with great shine and luster, dual outside chrome mirrors, extremely nice chrome bumpers, this looks really great with the newly restored 1967 Ford factory 14×7 Magnum chrome steel wheels and expensive brand new P205/70/R14 blackwall radial tires just mounted and balanced, this gives a period aggressive look and then drives extremely well, now this has a real show look, see all the attached numbers to show what is exactly here today (LINK), now finished is a really fresh restoration with professional setup by Fraser Dante for a person wanting a great classic Mustang 2+2 to drive to a show or dinner and really enjoy!!!! Call to discuss with our professional team,

History: this restored 1965 Mustang 2+2 came from a local Southern Mustang friend of ours, this serious Mustang expert found this car at a show, then bought and sent to Fraser Dante to do the final preparation and restoration for late Fall 2019…hard to find a Red early 2+2 produced in October 1964 that is in this fine condition today, see the important Original Data Tag showing that this was an early 2+2 before the GT’s came out in April of 1965, this was produced exactly like this (SEE LINK), as far as body, color and interior, out of the Iowa DSO, the body and chassis are really great: a very important part about a classic Mustang is the unitized body and chassis, here is an extremely solid underchassis that is believed all original and in very top condition from the examination in late Fall 2019, now it is just driven show detailed with black paint and the photos to confirm, has the lower chassis vertical ‘pinch welds’ that are in fine condition, this also has the important Ford factory stampings on the lower rocker panels, has the Ford stamped core support, believed to be all of said original factory pieces…the rare hard to find hood, both the correct fenders, the quarters and the trunk lid all appear to be ‘as factory’, a very fine straight body with said factory stampings that are all in fine condition, this important area of a classic Mustang is top notch and the Fraser Dante GM is a great Mustang body guy and is very happy to discuss,

Engine: a very strong point of this terrific 1965 2+2 is the stock fresh prepared and the C5 casting dated 289cid as a nicely built engine, here is the correct proper block with the numbers that show that this was rebuilt unit with the 6C18 dating, correct but not the original block, the same specs though, this does have the correct hydraulic lifter fresh heads, note that these dated heads with the same date as the car was produced, very rare same date of production, appears that in the initial restoration, the block lower end was rebuilt and the factory heads used, this is now set up with the GT ‘A’ code specs, engine work progress (LINK), very hard to find such a great proper engine unit that has all the information with the many notes, has the proper dated C5 AE Ford period intake, this just now installed with the performance FelPro gasket for show and great fit, the carburetor is a rare and expensive Autolite #4100 dated C5AE, this was just rebuilt at Fraser Dante, here are the specifics of numbers that are shown on a (LINK) for ENGINE SPECS, presenting under the hood as factory show stock, see the attached sheet of the very outstanding specific engine compression details as factory showing 130 to 146 lbs in a dry cold reading just taken (LINK), this really is just excellent, this should yield the ‘A’ code and GT rating of 225 horsepower, all of the Mustang 289s from 1965-66-67 were the same engines with just a different date code, the recent photos show a close up of highly detailed show engine bay (LINK) all of this work is just completed in the Fraser Dante shop,

With this strong even compression that has a smooth sound with the new stock style mufflers, this all supports very well for the period GT rating of 225 horsepower, this factory hydraulic lifter engine is just great for the street, this is so very nicely show presented from the black block to all engine bay detailing just completed, has the chrome MCA Cobra valve covers, the GT chrome air cleaner with the orange hi-po air filter, this includes all the outside bolts around the engine bay, also the detailed fender bolts and those detailed in the correct radiator support, it is so very show clean, included in the new full professional tune just completed is new ‘Spectra Premium’ Ignition and Engine Management Distributor (SEE LINK), points and condenser, then set up with the new show Ford C5OZ spark plug wires, new Autolite copper core ‘45’ spark plugs (SEE LINK), the timing and valves are just professionally set so this has the full fresh ignition system, now also just now installed by Fraser Dante at delivery is an expensive newly installed strong DuraLast Gold battery with 750 cold cranking amps for great starting, has the new proper cables (LINK), this car has the full testing by the staff of Fraser Dante is just completed, the engine bay is detailed to MCA driven show presentation, note the Cobra chrome valve covers and the proper air cleaner with the hi-po orange air filter,

Fresh full tune…oil/filter: the oil and filter are just changed and upgraded to protect the engine, Fraser Dante uses very expensive special high-tech racing oil with added zinc content with Valvoline VR1 20-50 to insure long term performance, since today’s gasoline and standard oils have cleaners added, these early non-catalytic engines need the heavy duty oil for lubrication purposes (LINK), this process is very costly and used only from top operations as Fraser Dante…

Transmission: this has the correct C-4 dated C5AP-7006E 3-speed automatic transmission just as was produced from new as shown above, the unit is dated correctly and believed original to the car, said fluids checked and then just road tested,

Axel/rear end: the rear end is now also just checked with the date noted, said rear end unit is tagged as a proper 2.80:1 and a just serviced unit, has the 521C date code, the fresh lube just added, road tested with no problems found,

Brakes: a very strong point on this 2+2 is the brand new fresh braking system, just installed by Fraser Dante is the very desired and the expensive SSBC GT front disc brake system (SEE PHOTOS), this uprated installation is just excellent and these brakes are excellent, includes all new lines, brand new GT master cylinder, the professional staff at Fraser Dante just put in the whole expensive new system that also includes the rear drum brakes have also been fully rebuilt with shoes and hardware, REALLY GREAT BRAKES!!!

Wheels and tires: note that for great show presentation and very good driving, this excellent 2+2 has the newly restored 1967 Ford factory 14×7 Magnum chrome steel wheels that were just added to the car, has the Hankook Kinergy expensive brand new P205/70/R14 blackwall radial tires that are just mounted and balanced, this gives a period aggressive look and then clears the newly installed SSBC GT disc brakes, then drives extremely well, now this has a really great show look, these wider wheels are then set up with the 3/8” spacers that give a slightly wider track and stance, now the car drives better than stock, a really good install, solid underchassis (LINK), detailed trunk (LINK),

Interior: here now presented is the terrific full Red standard bucket seated interior that looks crisp and newly done, fresh seat padding, has the full length factory console, this is just like the original factory brochure and promotional material from The Ford Motor Company on the 1965 Mustang (SEE LINK), very cool to be like this, just beautiful design, has he correct shifter, brand new front red safety belts, (LINK), correct red Ford steering wheel, has the new red floor carpeting with the special Mustang red floor mats, also see the fold down rear seats with new red carpets, excellent chrome hinge, the red dash pad is new, the gauges all work, also has the upgraded Custom Autosound radio (LINK)  this looks terrific, Note that this has the rare Carlite glass in all windows, the front windshield is an expensive new tinted glass unit with the ‘Carlite’ stampings, all of the 4 side windows are Carlite and the very large and hard to get rear glass piece are believed to be original from the factory,

Summary: Now this really terrific 2+2 is just out of the Fraser Dante restoration shop with all the systems checked, our team is happy to discuss this build with a very strong proper engine that is set up for top Driven Show, it is hard to find such a wonderful straight original body, great running gear, expensive brand new radials for safe and fun driving, a really terrific presentation just completed for an investment piece, now offered for Fall 2019 shows or going out for a dinner cruise at $44,950

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Rangoon Red
Red interior
Built 289CID
Ford Power Steering
Front Disc Brakes
Nice Underchassis

Year: 1965
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Body Style: Fastback
Transmission: Automatic
Condition: Excellent
Stock#: 4880
Engine: V8
Exterior Color: Rangoon Red
Interior Color: Red
Price: $44,950
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