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TOYOTA 1974 FJ40


1974 Toyota FJ40 Landcruiser is presented in the very desirable color combination of Sand Dune Beige with the white hardtop, a terrific classic look with a ‘young’ collector who loves this famous landmark design, please read the extensive details in this long report for excellent specifics, here one can tell exacting top attention to mechanicals and driving suspension work just completed for the collector who loves driving the FJ40!!! here is a striking and aggressive design that is used and loved all over the world, this has great history with many photos of the initial restoration (LINK), has the rebuilt famous 3.9L 2F 6 cylinder engine that is highly detailed, correct fuel and air intake system, has the proper 4 speed transmission with the correct factory secondary high and low transfer case shifter, all of this system that has the proper locking hubs and heavy duty suspension works well along with the 4 wheel drive, this full strong off road system with the transfer case is just checked  by a top transmission expert, thus all of the suspension and steering has just now been worked on to be in great working condition by Fraser Dante, four new uprated Monroe OESpectrum heavy duty shocks, these vehicles are so strong that they are used around the world, the factory highly show detailed 3.9 liter 6 cylinder rebuilt engine has just outstanding compression with excellent dry reading compression from 165psi to 171psi across (LINK), note that Fraser Dante has just had the head completely rebuilt with full valve upgrade for unleaded gas, has the uprated later front dual line power disc brakes, said braking system is just checked for top safety, the power dual line front disc brakes are a very strong part of the system, they  have had their pads just checked, the dual-line power brakes that stop with a touch of the foot, thusly these brakes and the rear drums are checked so they work so very well for this strong ‘truck’, thusly the full braking system and all lines are fresh, this had the frame-off restoration a few years ago with many photos, (LINKafter the initial frame off restoration, then now with all recent work by Fraser Dante along with our top subs is completed for Summer 2020, fantastic show gloss black chassis is so important for a great FJ40, just gorgeous upscale biscuit full interior on the stock front buckets and the matching rear fold down seats, terrific dash presentation, all working gauges just completed, hard to find unit so the oil pressure gauge works, has the hard to find front black molded insulation for the floors with the floorboards also covered with the new black mats, has the added rare and very desirable air conditioning system, aluminum radiator, exterior rear tire mount system with the factory 2 way doors with fresh bolts and seals, expensive installed are the expensive new Firestone ATX 31×10.5xR15 radial tires with the new balancing shown with the blackwall out, mounted on five new factory expensive Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 steel 6 lug 15” argent wheels are powder coated argent silver, also the expensive new OEM Toyota 5 new hubcaps, fresh mounting and balancing of said wheels and tires, has the Bluetooth upgraded stereo with USB port, rear floor speakers, the doors have all new fresh seals with great effort to install then full adjusting of the doors, after full mechanical checking by the Fraser Dante shop, this has our top suspension and front end shop check the steering box to insure top quality driving, this has the final road testing to confirm, all the lighting is working along with the added front bright PIAA driving lights, also new upgraded bright Sylvania bright headlights just installed, a professional wet sanding and high speed buffing just completed, lots of recent work to prepare a very top Driven Show condition FJ40, 

FJ 40 Landcruiser history:  here is a striking and aggressive design that is used and loved all over the world, the 4 wheel drive works with two ranges as factory with the proper shift levers, mechanically, these classic Land Cruisers were so accepted that 1983 marked the 300,000 unit worldwide production, these units were very strong, well designed vehicles to be used “in the wild” as well for use in the snow in Austria or in Minnesota, these also featured these driving qualities  along with a great design that is truly automotive investment history, really a Landmark Design, this style was built until 1983 and became a piece of drivable collectables of automotive history with great following all over the world, 

History of this specific 1974 FJ40: many photos are in the file of the initial restoration, was from South America and truly frame off and rust free, see the (LINK) of this great history, hard to find such fine photos of the history, it was shipped to Miami and then driven some after the initial restoration, then it was found, then upgraded and refreshed at Fraser Dante with the final work performed…items like the wheels being painted the proper argent color, full mechanicals are completed so that this is now completed by Fraser Dante for Summer 2020 to make sure this is top Driven Show, since this was done a few years ago, to make sure that this will be top quality, Fraser Dante has now upgraded the side window moldings and rear door weather seals and the new front window/door seals to top quality with both factory Toyota units and the new repros as close as we could find of the original pieces as much as possible as the others had a bit of use, this is an expensive and time consuming process, (LINK) these are very top quality rubber seals are just installed and the doors now adjusted to work well, now with many hours of exacting hand work completed so the new owner will enjoy as they look good and will keep our water out along with the outside air from coming in so the newly installed air conditioning works well, a recent professional high speed hand wet sanding and the high speed buffing is just done (LINK) to bring up the paint and luster to look great, also note that items like cadmium and chrome bolts are used through this FJ40, 

Engine: these strong straight 6 cylinder engines are famous for their durability all over the world, the Toyota F series engine was a series of OHV inline-6-cylinder engines produced by Toyota between 1955 and 1992 and are known for their high amount of torque at low RPM, massive cast-iron blocks and heads and also, importantly, their high reliability, the ‘F’ Engine had one of the longest production runs of any Toyota engine with the overhead valves actuated by pushrods from a gear driven camshaft in the lower portion of the engine, this particular engine bay is highly show detailed, so very clean, this was completely rebuilt from all the information received and the compression taken, the valve cover taken off and the valves are very clean, this engine had the factory rating at a 125 horsepower at a low rpm with the very strong 189 ft/lbs of torque on this 3.9 Liter ‘2F’ engine (SEE THE LINK OF ALL ENGINE NUMBERS), has the proper Aisan H3660 2v carb ‘as new’ with the original stock very hard to find steel air intake and air cleaner, factory linkage with the manual choke, all under hood lines are new, now that with such very strong torque, the long stroke, with excellent dry cold reading compression taken yields from 165psi to 171 across (LINK), better than new, the exhaust system starts with the handmade uprated exhaust manifolds that lead to the aluminized painted exhaust pipes with fine muffler,

upgrades: this engine is appears better than new, Fraser Dante discovered that when the engine was initially rebuilt, it was not set up for modern gas, thusly Fraser Dante took all apart the top end and air conditioning off the engine, then we sent the engine head to our machine shop, their exacting work included resurfacing the head, complete head work and valve train rebuilt to standards better than new,(LINK), 3 angle valve job includes the new Melling valves springs better than factory new, now head reinstalled (LINK), seats, keepers, steam seals are part of the head rebuild (LINK), so this is set up for hardened valves guides for modern unleaded fuel today, all new gaskets and seals, the install uses the very top quality and expensive Fel-Pro head gasket set (LINK), originally a 3.9L 2F engine, in the restoration the pistons were bored +.030 over, according to our techs, the size of the engine is now a 4.2L,  then with the new rebuild, the timing is freshly set, with the new updated head work with Melling valve springs and seats, header exhaust, this should be 135hp and 215 ft/lbs of torque, the clutch install was done to such an expert degree that there is no shutter in the takeoff, it just pulls correctly, strong and even, this has a brand new fresh tune with new spark plugs and excellent wires, new hoses and clamps and new belts installed for the fan, this has the uprated aluminum radiator is used for the new uprated air conditioning system installed, the carburetor is new with a quick pull on the choke, a bit of a warm-up and this strong and rugged smooth power plant of an engine just purrs,

oil/filter: when initially restored, the oil filter bracket housing did not have the external adaptor for the sending unit for the oil pressure gauge, Toyota does not have these any more, Fraser Dante went to great effort for time and money to find a unit with the bracket with said pug for the sending unit to make the dash oil pressure gauge work, we estimate this project is about $500 to complete, also to protect the engine, Fraser Dante uses very expensive special high-tech racing oil with added zinc content with Valvoline VR1 20-50 to insure long term performance, this is for early non-catalytic engines that need the heavy duty oil plus the added zinc for lubrication purposes (LINK) for these type engines, very costly, used from top shops as Fraser Dante, 

INTERIOR: a very nice upgrade are the fully stock restored seats ‘as factory’ but now covered in better than factory beautiful biscuit leather-appearing vinyl now in very top condition, also the same covering on the working rear fold down jump seats, said same biscuit material is used on the inner front door panels, these rear seats are really ‘as new’ with all new padding, has the added front 3 point front safety lap belts that attach to the upper inside pillar for safety, this has the expensive new black special molding padding for covering all the floors, then a set of brand new show rubber black floor mats covering the insulation for the front seats that are just now installed for show and the ‘real world’ use, the top inner headliner is new and good, very nice steering wheel, see that the vertical dash fascia has upgrades with the chrome bolts since this has the new type air conditioning system with right side handling unit mounted up to the dash, thusly older knobs and pulls are not needed any more with the new ‘modern’ setup, items like the NEW factory outside gas filler cap were ordered from Toyota just for Fraser Dante (LINK)

Next: the black custom lower new dash pads are just made to look virtually factory stock for the nice detailing to clear this new air conditioning outlet vents, our top interior custom experts made the vertical front fascia black vinyl padding fit and look factory original, very nice hand work, (LINK), then a lot of the old fashioned buttons not needed on the dash buttons and were removed, nice and upgraded chrome bolts are installed, a great look, this has the Kenwood AM-FM CD with Bluetooth upgraded stereo with USB port, this also has a 6 ½” Kenwood black dual speaker box mounted behind the front seats,

Working systems: note that it is very hard to find such a classic vehicle with all systems working, now just installed are the uprated bright Sylvania “Extreme White” new “Silverstar” headlights have a great range better than new, they cost $42.36 each plus install (SEE LINK), the brake lights work, this has the working proper fender mounted Japanese amber/white front driving lights, the same type lenses are used in the rear for driving, also installed are the working added extra expensive front PIAA LP530 Series 3.5 Inch LED SAE Amber Fog Lamp Kit with Brackets that list for $254 plus installing, now the lighting system is bright for looks and safety, this has the uprated radio system with the floor mounted speaker, the horn is fine, even has the proper top of the windshield mounted electric windshield wipers that are checked to be working,  

Running gear/Fraser Dante took this FJ40 to our top transmission/drivetrain expert, to make sure all was well, he then professionally fully checked the 4 speed synchromesh transmission, the transfer case, the low and high range and the shift linkage, the driveshaft was removed, the running gear had all the bolts checked, said linkage was aligned, the rear differential checked along with fill of fluids (RECEIPT IN FILE), since this really, really nice 1974 FJ40 had such a great history and is so rust free, Fraser Dante goes to full effort to make sure that the running gear is in top condition, as the initial restoration was done a some unknown exact time ago and used some and now updated for Summer 2020, 

Brakes: here is an important area for great driving and safety, when this was initially restored, this has the uprated front dual line power disc brakes, see the photos of the fresh unit with new pads,(LINK), they are uprated dual-line power disc brakes that are the ’92-94’ Toyota units we figure, this is because the new dual line master cylinder is just installed and that is what fits, the system much better than the initial brakes, then Fraser Dante redid this system so it stops with a touch of the foot, these brakes are thusly professionally checked so they work so very well for this strong ‘truck’ with the full braking system, all lines are fresh with the photos to confirm, the hoses checked, then Fraser Dante checked the rear drums, they are now completely rebuilt with wheel cylinders and shoes, fluid added, then they are adjusted, then road tested and bedded in, this is an expensive process that few shops and dealers do today, this extra work is accomplished to make this strong vehicle be able to drive to your club with golf clubs or climb the Matterhorn!! 

Suspension/Underchassis: this is just really an outstanding area is the frame on this truck that was initially frame off restored as shown by the historical photos, then did a few careful miles, then bought to and went to Fraser Dante for a new ‘getting up’ process, this lower frame is now re-painted gloss black with the solid floors also being black, see the new photos of the recent work, suspension has all new bushings and then just detailed, this shows great care from the previous build (SEE THE LINK OF THE BUILD) and refreshed by the Fraser Dante with our top suspension shop for Summer 2020, here presented is the famous heavy duty suspension completed to a top better than factory standards, (LINK) ready to go on an African safari as these were built so well, now with the very strong leaf springs, new ‘Monroe Reflex monotube shocks’ are specifically engineered to provide better handling, control, and performance for light trucks and SUVs (SEE LINK), these both rear and front brand new just installed shocks feature a high-pressure gas charge that separates the shocks’ internal oil and nitrogen to provide additional spring rate—helping to maximize damping efficiency and control, to further enhance ride control characteristics, the Monroe Reflex monotube shocks include a hydraulic lockout to cushion the impact as the vehicle suspension is fully extended, the factory springs are in great condition with the new shackles held with the nice brand new upgraded anodized ‘U’ bolts with anodized nuts, now the attitude of the vehicle is a cool slightly taller presentation and now set for the right slightly higher stance, the finish of said strong suspension was just completed by Fraser Dante with the strong leaf springs have the fresh hardware and final check by our suspension shop who set this to complete the desired ‘attitude’ level, then the same shop checked the steering gear is adjusted so the steering wheel has a proper and positive response, the receipt for this work is in the file for the new owner, with the full expensive molding for the floor interior insulation and door adjustment, a really a lovely underchassis, very few dealers go to this degree to make the customer so happy with the great design FJ40, 

Wheels/hubcaps: a very expensive area is now freshly presented, here are the great brand new 5 steel 6 lug real factory Toyota 15” steel wheels in the proper argent silver color, they come from the factory with the proper clips for hub caps and the wheels are painted black, then after receipt by Fraser Dante, they are sent to our powder coating expert to refinish in long lasting shiny argent silver (LINK), then the expensive stainless dog dish factory 5 hubcaps that are the proper Toyota OEM units and also are brand new (LINK), then installed on these wheels are the expensive new Firestone ATX 31×10.5xR15 radial tires with the new balancing shown with the blackwall out, (LINK) when these are mounted on five original expensive Toyota Land Cruiser steel 6 lugs, they look really aggressive and so very great, (LINK),

History of the FJ40 and this specific one: these vehicles are most important as a drivable collectable in the USA as well as acceptance all over the world with their classic lines and ‘strong’ appearance, with parts and suppliers as part of support system, these top quality, RESTORED FJ40s that are set up with excellent mechanicals and are really climbing in value, it is said “they appreciate in value while you drive them, and they’re so cool that everyone in the movie business has one”, since the demand continues to grow, firms exist to help support the maintenance of this great true modern classic, this one had its initial restoration in Venezuela, came through Florida for more work and then to Fraser Dante for the finish to better heights, a great effort is made to make this drive to high standards and to achieve a really very top investment quality classic FJ40, 

Summary:  BRAND NEW factory stock power coated wheels with radials and Toyota factory new hubcaps, fresh expensive door seals around and the full around door adjusting now add a nice touch by the staff at Fraser Dante, fresh head and engine work to use unleaded modern gas just completed, also note the highly detailed show engine bay, with this classic color, the recent new attention to suspension and steering, then the rare air conditioning system and aluminum radiator work well, this is ready for the owner is ready either to load your golf clubs to the Country Club, go to the valet at your favorite restaurant or head out on an African safari, a great investment and great fun, offered at only $46,950





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Year: 1974
Make: Toyota
Model: FJ40
Body Style: LandCruiser
Transmission: 4 Speed
Condition: Very Good
Stock#: 4936
Engine: 4.2L
Exterior Color: Beige
Interior Color: Brown Leather
Price: $46,950
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