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1966 Shelby ‘R’ Model Code Clone restored to be a just beautiful and striking presentation in the proper Shelby Red with the correct White Lemans top striping and the White GT 350 side stripes with strong performance is a fresh build to topo standards, features very strong exceptional mechanicals along with an uprated handling package, many build specifics are listed below along with LINKS and many photos, here is a very rare chassis as being a true R San Jose production unit along with that this is a car that is built from an excellent factory ‘A’ code 2+2, has the Shelby fiberglass pinned hood with fresh hinges, has the proper ‘R’ code lower front end, 1966 open rear quarter windows, side 1966 GT 350 brake scoops, this shows well with the terrific VIN #s of the car in both the stamped front inner fenders, the fenders have the proper Ford stampings, rear quarters very straight, history shows that a top professional shop did the paint and body work, really a terrific body with very straight lines, a very, very strong overbuilt 289cid built engine (SEE THE PHOTO LINK) with the exacting specs that are shown in the below LINKS, has the uprated performance larger 351 hydraulic lifter heads, with Camp Cam roller rockers and performance cam, the carb is a Holley 4v/600 cfm #80457, this is mounted on a system with the Shelby Cobra style aluminum high rise intake manifold, Cobra valve covers, new Spectra distributor ignition system, very strong compression, very expensive Cobra valve covers, full headers leading to the 1965 side dual exhaust system, excellent cooling with the aluminum radiator, new heavy Duty ‘Ram’ clutch system, turned flywheel, very desirable 4-speed Top Loaded transmission, uprated Hurst linkage, the wheels are 15×7 American Torque Thrust Shelby alloys with Shelby flat caps, new 205/60/15 Goodrich radial blackwall tires, has the full underchassis red-oxided show detailed with additional sub-frame bracing chassis support for great stability, under hood adjustable upper chassis supports, Shelby sway bar, Monte Carlo bar, this install is done with the exceptional solid floors, this really outstanding underchassis with lower chassis frame supports stops a lot of the flex, floors just highly detailed with red oxide, the black interior has the newly installed, great looking proper black standard with deluxe weave bucket seated interior, full black carpet, has the specialty built rear package shelf, uprated Kenwood radio components mounted underneath, fresh competition safety belts, a proper Shelby dash mounted working tachometer, all the other gauges work, a new Kenwood radio with CD, the new built rear end has been upgraded to a brand new 9” rear end that is constructed from a 1968 dated unit with 3” rear axle tubes, stronger with big hubs just as the new rear ends are done today, the older gears were removed and just freshly rebuilt with the 3.55:1 Motive positraction geared rear end, this redone posi-traction unit was prepared by our NASCAR builder that is just installed by Fraser Dante for great performance, specs are shown, this car has had the full testings by the staff of Fraser Dante completed for aggressive driving with reliability, the engine bay is highly detailed to great MCA driven show presentation with expensive Cobra valve covers, final lighting check has uprated H4 halogen beautiful headlights installed, the Shelby stance on the car is perfect! The sound is great! The professionals at Fraser Dante are happy to speak with top collectors who love great cars!!

Engine: this really strong engine now installed in the build is a 289cid block that is really better than stock in the engine assembly, see the (LINK) of the engine information supplied on the casting of C6AE-6015-C cast unit has been slightly bored, the data shows this is a desirable 1967 Windsor plant production block, this engine is now equipped with the better 351cid C9 hydraulic lifter heads, (LINK), these heads have larger valves, see that these fresh units are strong built with Camp Cam uprated roller rockers that are shown so very clean in the photo file, this has the super strong high compression of 165 to 170 lbs in a dry cold reading just taken, next, see the intake that came from a real friend of this writer, note the expensive Shelby Cobra SFJK aluminum intake, new FelPro gaskets, all the numbers are shown later in this report, a large Holley #1141 carburetor is mated to the intake, (LINK) new full pump, Ford Motorsports oil pan, see the performance header system, this is a full ‘Tri-Y’ curved header system leading to the just painted 1965 side dual exhaust system, this adds looks and performance, we figure that this produces about 310-320++ horsepower that is just right for this chassis, the original R models were only 306 horsepower with solid lifer heads that needed the valves constantly adjusted, see the attached engine specs in the (LINK), a brand new ‘Ram’ heavy duty full clutch system just installed by Fraser Dante, this has proven to be not only strong but streetable, then the flywheel is turned (LINK), new ring gear installed, this has the expensive Cobra alloy valve covers, has a new distributor system just installed, the sound video is better when heard in person (LINK), this car has the full testing by the staff of Fraser Dante that is just completed for Summer 2020, see the gorgeous engine bay that is fully detailed to MCA TOP driven show presentation, Many of the specs that are shown with this build are documented with many photos of the Fraser Dante professional shop doing said work in the large file on the details, the new owner will have the CD record of our work, see LINK to numbers,

Updated running additions: now also just installed is an expensive new strong DuraLast Gold battery with 750 cold cranking amps for great starting, has the new proper heavy duty cables (LINK), note the expensive Cobra valve covers and the proper chrome air cleaner with the uprated show hi-po orange air filter, then now installed is the new ‘Spectra Premium’ distributor ignition and engine management system (SEE LINK), uprated points and condenser, the Holley #1141 4v carburetor is adjusted, the full tune completed is with the timing and valves that are professionally set, show Ford C5OZ spark plug wires, new Autolite copper core ‘45’ spark plugs (SEE LINK), the final road testing is just completed,

Fresh full tune…oil/filter: the oil and filter are changed and upgraded to protect the engine, Fraser Dante uses very expensive special high-tech racing oil with added zinc content with Valvoline VR1 20-50 to insure long term performance, since today’s gasoline and standard oils have cleaners added, these early non-catalytic engines need the heavy duty oil for lubrication purposes (LINK), this process is very costly and used only from top operations as Fraser Dante… 

Driveshaft: the driveshaft is taken out, sent to a restoration specialist, then fully balanced with new bearings, front slip yoke, rear U joints, detailed and reinstalled (SEE LINK), this operation is expensive and dramatically improves smooth driving, see VIDEO just taken,

note…for further performance for the avid Shelby driver, one could also install a very uprated second engine that Fraser Dante could change in the build…this is the dated strongly built 289 unit that is a ‘K’ code fully built engine with the solid lifter heads…full header system, this has the expensive Weber very high performance ‘Inglese’ system that is a $6000 piece by itself, has the factory T Shelby oil pan, this performance engine is a most expensive install and build, about 400 horsepower with the amazing sound, photos will show the engine on a display stand, this costing of $10,000 exchange would be extra (SEE PHOTO LINK),

Mustang history:  at the New York World’s Fair on April 13, 1964, Lee Iacocca said, ”Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to one of the proudest moments of our lives”…Ford’s General Division Manager was about to introduce the world to the first Ford Mustang, although badged with horses, the new model was named for the World War II fighter plane, Ford sold more than 400,000 the first year with the 1964 ½ yielding a final total of over 1,100,000 by the end of the 1966 model run, this sent other automakers scrambling to conceive competition, this great Mustang was such a smash it catapulted Iacocca to the Presidency of Ford later that year…since that famous press conference, the Mustang has become part of America’s culture, and Ford has sold over 10 million in the last 55 years…the famous ‘R’ Model came out in 1965 with only 37 units being constructed, then the 1965/1966 Shelby GT 350 special new builds were the epitome upgrades of this classic Mustang…(LINK) 

Suspension/Rear end/brakes:  here is a very expensive area that is most important in this great build for the handling of a modern Shelby clone…an area that the professional Fraser Dante shop specializes in…has the very desirable dual line 4-wheel disc brakes just installed, a fresh 9” chuck with 3” tubes positraction rear end with 3.55:1 gears just built (SEE THE LINK OF THE REAR END), a strong lowered Shelby suspension with fresh springs, has the Shelby Heavy Duty front sway bar, also a under hood Monte Carlo bar just as the GT 350s had, the Shelby type alloy wheels with Shelby flat cap ends, excellent performance B.F.Goodrich Radial TA’s 225/60/15 black wall radial tires, new KYB heavy duty shocks installed, the strong lowered Shelby suspension with special fresh front coil springs and rear leaf springs to bring the stance down about the correct 1”, these fit well under the chassis with said very strong lowered springs that have little rebound when pressed, for performance driving, full alignment checked, also has the Shelby Heavy Duty front sway bar with bushings, a under hood Monte Carlo bar just as the GT 350s had that steadies the chassis, also the upgraded adjustable alloy under hood chassis supports from the firewall to the inner fenders, has the adjustable under chassis supports, the Shelby type alloy wheels with performance black wall radial tires make this look great and handle very well, really outstanding underchassis that is highly detailed, (LINK), original steering box tab (LINK),

Body/paint: fully restored in really just beautiful CandyApple Red Shelby paint with just great luster that looks terrific to contrast with the white full length top Shelby LeMans stripes plus the white side Shelby GT 350 striping, here is a spectacular body and base coat/clear coat paint with amazing luster, history supplied to us shows that the Ring Brothers did the paint and body work, fantastic presentation with the final buffing just completed, all the glass is nice with fresh detailing, items like the new front tinted windshield with seals and the day/night rear view mirror are part of the package for safe use, see that this has the 1966 Shelby GT 350 markings and fuel cap, also, the chrome bumpers are outstanding, the tinted front windshield has the original factory trim polished, this now looks exactly like the 1966 GT 350 R model from the rare San Jose A code chassis, 

Interior: here is a really correct black Shelby bucket seated interior, full padding, front proper competition safety belts, black carpet, the gorgeous Shelby wood/aluminum repro steering wheel is in new condition…has the see the black dash facia that is proper with all working gauges, the dash mounted Shelby tachometer is set up and works, the Hurst shift linkage has a new boot, the tight weave carpet covers the rear package shelf, has the upgraded Kenwood AM-FM radio with CD, the speaker components are hidden under the rear package shelf, the front speakers are in the lower sides of the front interior moldings where they should be, the black side door panels are new,

Summary: here is an exceptional build and presentation of a fantastic 2+2 Shelby GT 350 ‘R’ Model clone set for top Driven Show and Track Day condition ready for Spring 2020, a strong engine, the new heavy duty 9” 3.55:1 posi traction rear end is a great addition, many reproductions of original Shelby promotional material for shows are part of the package, here is a rare terrific build indeed, well offered with final testing completed at $65,000


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Factory A-Code
Full Restoration
Built 289Cid
MSD Ignition
4V Carb Induction
Aluminum Radiator
Shelby Suspension
Aluminum Driveshaft
4 Wheel Disc Brake System
Black Interior
Competition Seat Belts
Kenwood CD
Dash Mounted Tach
Shelby Alloys
Radial Tires

Year: 1966
Make: Ford
Model: Shelby
Body Style: Fastback
Transmission: Manual
Condition: Excellent
Stock#: 4872
Engine: V8
Exterior Color: Candy Apple Red
Interior Color: Black
Price: $65,000

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