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1966 Mustang GT convertible that is checked for authenticity as a factory GT production car by Fraser Dante and then this has the highly rare documented files showing the terrific GT history, hard to find a Mustang GT convertible with such great original documentation, has the very, very rare Original Window Sticker and Factory Invoice from Moody Motor Company out of Warner Robins, Georgia (LINK), both of these rare documents are saved in plastic, now finished and repainted in pretty original color of CandyApple Red with great finish and luster that contrasts with the side GT white side stripes, this also has the original door Data Tag (SEE LINK), proper full Black Pony bucket seated interior, has the factory wood GT steering wheel, a white power top, it is a top driven MCA driven show quality restoration initially done a few years ago by Fraser Dante, then sent to a collector who kept fastidious upkeep on the car but drove it seldom, it is now back at Fraser Dante and into our professional shop for the updating now for Summer 2020, many hours of professional shop work to present a fresh driven show piece, please review this very long report with LINK specifics, photos and long description, it is shown now with a top presentation and really excellent mechanicals, a correct rebuilt 289cid engine with the MCA Cobra Hi-Po dress up kit, Autolite 4100 4v carburetor, excellent compression, proper dual aluminized GT exhaust system, standard dual GT mufflers, uprated Pertronix ignition, has the new desirable uprated Borgeson power steering system, history shows where the car came from originally and now back here in Atlanta, we show how the car was made…was born with a C-4 automatic and now Fraser Dante installed an excellent new just built proper automatic transmission for our customer, even has the restored driveshaft rebuilt by the Fraser Dante top sub for smooth driving, now features a complete professional tune, full road testing, the whole excellent braking system just re-checked, brakes have the front GT discs and the rear drums are just rebuilt, has the uprated front Shelby sway bar, fresh new Monroe shocks, very nice driven show black painted underchassis, the torque boxes, underchassis and floors are most solid with recent black painting to show the great condition, just excellent lower factory ‘pinch welds’, good trunk with plaid floor mat and plaid spare tire cover, has black spare tire and a jack, has the front tinted windshield, all to make this a top, top driven show car, uprated Vintage air conditioning system that is just charged, proper working GT fog lights in grille, proper GT exhaust with proper tips exiting through rear valance, 1965 styled steel wheels are chosen, red center caps, Hankook 205/75/14 brand new expensive radial narrow band whitewalls are just now installed, a nice restoration with many rare documents to show that this has the VIN# 6F08A356649 is a true GT with the final work now ready for driving and showing for Summer 2020,

History: hard to find such a documented history on a very sought after car that has history to prove it is a GT, note the photo of said show documents (LINK), not only are these documents available but all the proper signs are there in the car for a GT factory production including the proper front radiator support for the driving lights, firewall wiring, the rear exhaust hangers and the important rear lower chassis crush panels, these are the essential signs of a GT, also this has the supporting rare documentation to show this A code is a GT as not all A codes were GTs, to show the value of this car, this has an original Window Sticker and the Factory Invoice, the original door Data Tag to support newer Owner’s Manual as shown in the LINKS,

note that this Mustang is one of the most desirable vehicles ever produced, MUSTANG 1965 to ’66, one of the first collector cars in America being good looking, fun to drive, the ’65-’66 Mustang was so popular that over 1,100,000 were made in the mid 60’s, the ‘ 65 and ’66 Mustang convertible are perhaps among the most collectable cars in the world, these are popular in Sweden, France, The Netherlands, Australia, just everywhere, men and women, old and young love this GT Mustang convertible, see the (LINK) of the 1966 GT Convertible that is shown in front of the Ford World Headquarters as well as the specifics in the Ford promotional material to show how important this Mustang is,

When this car was found by Fraser Dante and then purchased since it had the important proven build info and was a very nice driver presentation, it could be told it was sitting for a while in a collection, still has almost all the original factory solid metal, we can only find the driver’s side quarter professionally replaced so it is very hard to find, upon putting into our restoration shop, Fraser Dante brought this to another higher level both cosmetically and mechanically, we checked the lower valence factory ‘pinch’ welds that are just in excellent condition, (LINK), here is a sign a of a quality Mustang with chassis integrity, the lighting system is checked to work properly, the black painted low inner floors are just top notch and so very solid, again, with the convertible lower chassis brace and detailed bolts, it is hard to find such quality today, (SEE LINK), red oxide inner floors (SEE LINK), black carpet, when received in Summer 2020 back at Fraser Dante, rally great effort is spent to bring up to high fresh standards for top driving,

Engine/trans: a really strong point is the engine that is set up for top driving, this has a full number sheet showing it has a correct rebuilt 289cid with the proper casting C5AE-6015 and dated 7.A.16, proper C6 intake, has the hard to get and valuable Autolite 4100 carb dated C6ZF mounted on stock C6 intake, said carb was just rebuilt and set up by our senior tech, chrome valve covers as part of the Cobra kit that includes the heavy duty heavy show chrome air cleaner lid and base and the high-po orange air filter (LINK), very good compression with a dry cold reading of 138 to 150 lbs in a very even reading, these numbers will even increase with the driving the car and getting the engine warm, (LINK), the initial published specs of this famous 289cid with the bore of 4.00” and a short stroke of 2.57” are for a rating of 225 factory horsepower @ 4400 rpm along with the strong 305 lbs of torque at 3200 rpm, this free reviving engine is a great engineering piece, the ignition is now upgraded with the Autolite distributor with the uprated Pertronix ignition and the Flamethrower coil, a system for excellent and reliable power, the timing light is just used so the sound has the perfect rumble, also for great cooling, this now features a proper 3 row radiator was redone, the 3 row radiator was sent to sub-contractor to rebuild with fresh coolant, has the proper fan shroud for a/c cars, new belts and hoses, all new clamps, ignition is just set, the full tune completed is with new show Ford C5OZ spark plug wires, new Autolite copper core ‘45’ spark plugs (SEE LINK), the senior staff just made sure this new unit works perfect,

oil/filter:  after the initial break in oil was used, now the oil and filter are now changed and upgraded thusly to protect the engine, Fraser Dante uses very expensive special high-techracing oil with added zinc content with Valvoline VR1 20-50 to insure long term performance, since today’s gasoline and standard oils have cleaners added, these early non-catalytic engines need the heavy duty oil and the added zinc for lubrication purposes (LINK) for these older engines, this is very costly and used only from shops who have top operations as Fraser Dante,

now also just installed is an expensive new strong DuraLast Gold battery with 750 cold cranking amps for great starting, has the new proper cables (LINK), this car has the full testing by the staff of Fraser Dante is just completed, the engine bay is detailed to MCA driven show presentation, note the Cobra chrome valve covers and the proper air cleaner with the hi-po orange air filter,

transmission: this was built initially with the factory C-4 automatic transmission, now this features the proper newly just rebuilt automatic transmission by our top sub that is just installed along with the all new pedals and many parts to build, it is great to drive,  

Running gear: all new braking work as noted below, the rear axle is 8” unit dated as the C6OW 4025-a with new dope, new seals, it sounds fine, painted proper red oxide (SEE LINK), there was our program of our June 2020 redo of the rear brakes with wheel cylinders and full shoes, photos show the recent work accomplished, (LINK), the new axle seals were initially installed in our first build, to make sure this drives properly with strength, the driveshaft was taken out to a sub with rebuild of yokes and seals with full balancing and then painting for top driving condition (LINK), this is a very expensive operation and makes for top driving condition that very few restoration shops do, has the new pinion seal and new bearings, new front GT disc pads, upper new ball joints, this even has the front Shelby HD sway bar that is larger than the standard GT for better handling, also, since this is undergoing a fresh suspension update, we have just installed a new set of Monroe blue heavy duty shocks (see LINK), since then the road test, a very solid original detailed floor underchassis (SEE LINK), 

power steering: when this classic 1966 Mustang GT convertible was acquired by Fraser Dante, it did not have power steering, as we are most experienced, we then added the terrific Borgeson Variable Ratio Power Steering system, this new unit and system is just now installed, drives far better than factory stock, it works well low speeds when needed but is much better at highway speeds than the factory stock system as it does not have constant power, does not leak and is a smaller physically and lighter unit, this full install is a $2880 costing for our customers at Fraser Dante, see the (LINK) showing said new system, 

wheels/tires: a very expensive area here is that this has the new desirable 1965 all chrome styled steel wheels in the 14×6 size, has the proper lug nuts and red center caps that look great, now we have also just now fitted with the brand new 205/75/R14 Hankook radial whitewalls mounted and balanced and installed, here is another added plus as often these classic Mustangs are not fitted with the brand new radials, Fraser Dante has this new tire installation as they are safer and handle so well, 

interior: has the full Black Pony bucket seated interior, really great seats, 4 black safety belts, newer add on black console just installed, proper door panels, the dash bezels are new, new black carpet, has the newly installed new expensive restoration rebuild of the automatic transmission, this is fitted with the desirable stock Mustang GT wood steering wheel in really great shape, the instruments in the wood dash pod all work, the Mustang AM radio installed is a show piece, today most people use either their iPhone and a Beets speaker or we can install the newest Custom Autosound system with the iPhone setup, this has a nice white power top and pads, the bows have been restored correctly in black, the trunk is in great condition with nice paint inside, has a spare and jack, proper plaid mat and plaid spare tire cover, 

Summary: again, Fraser Dante has this through our shop to make sure that it was very solid, being the true factory and dealer documents are the reason for the effort with this fine real factory 1966 GT convertible, the final paint presentation is done again by a professional ‘finisher’ that is documented with his high speed buffer, with the very fresh brakes, the Borgeson power steering and rebuilt C-4 automatic, see the new radial whitewall tires just installed with the really great mechanicals to match the cosmetics…the final road testing completed and ready for Summer 2020, very well offered


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Year: 1966
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Body Style: Convertible
Transmission: 4 Speed
Condition: Excellent
Stock#: 4955
Engine: V8
Exterior Color: Candy Apple Red
Interior Color: Black Pony
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