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1966 Mustang GT ‘A’ Code Convertible in top Driven Show condition that is finished in just a beautiful Signalflare Red color with really great beautiful luster, wonderful contrast to the white side GT stripes, the full white like factory Pony interior, just like the car presented in the Mike Mueller Mustang book, has the GT dash with ‘wood’ wheel for the interior, working Rally Pac, great effort just expended both mechanically and cosmetically to build as a fresh top driven show car with all mechanicals, please read this long report for exacting details, has all the aspects of a proper GT with a just terrific presentation and nice underchassis with ‘modern’ chassis supports, nice strong correct dated 289cid engine with just excellent compression, new 4v carburetor, here is a proper ‘A’ code engine with hydraulic lifters, has the factory C6 blue air induction system and Mustang expensive show finned valve covers for show, factory rated at 225 horsepower with the dual exhaust system, uprated header system leading to the GT dual exhaust rear valence with dual exhaust proper chrome tips system, full tune completed by the professional staff at Fraser Dante, has the C-4 automatic transmission, a very expensive brand new Borgeson power steering system just now installed by Fraser Dante, flushed 3 row radiator system, full fresh professional tune along with the oil and filter, very nice White power top, white boot, full spare tire, working GT front lights, working back up lights, new suspension parts, brand new springs just installed with the full alignment, see the full White Pony interior with black safety belts, factory long console, a great restored factory wood steering wheel, very rare desirable restored Ford factory riveted 1966 styled steel wheels (SEE LINK) with trim rings and chrome lug nuts, has a set of brand new four 195/75/14 excellent radial whitewall tires just installed, has alignment specs and road check done, the fresh front GT disc and rear drum braking system update just completed at Fraser Dante, excellent handling as this has the strong heavy duty KYB shocks, all 4 new springs around are installed and then the full alignment was set, note that in the front engine bay is now installed the one piece export brace, the Monte Carlo and the GT sway bar and the new with the added lower chassis support designed by Fraser Dante to the yield just great handling, has the front tinted windshield, has the proper Ford ‘A code’ VIN #s on both fenders, Atlanta DSO ‘21’, Fraser Dante completed the detailing so this 1966 GT Convertible is in top Driven Show condition with lots of time preparing this to be enjoyed,

note that this GT convertible color and presentation has all the ‘eyes’ in the world, when one sees the well-respected Mike Mueller book on Mustangs 1964 ½ to 1973, the lead in the two introduction pages as well as the three pages in the middle of this book yield five images of a look of classic 1965-1966 Mustang GT convertible (SEE LINK), color copies of these pages come with the car for show presentation, please note that this GT convertible has the rare original door data tag (LINK) that shows this was an Ivy Green Metallic color with Ivy Gold interior originally and was changed to the Signalflare Red some years ago in the initial restoration,  

Engine/mechanicals:  this is a very correct 289 cid/4v Mustang GT engine that is checked with all the proper C5 AE date codes (SEE THE LINK OF ALL IMPORTANT SPECS), even the heads are correctly dated and produced the same day, rare to find such a proper engine today, the initial published specs of this famous 289cid with the bore of 4.00” and a short stroke of 2.57” are for 225 horsepower @ 4400 rpm along with the strong 305 lbs of torque at 3200 rpm, this free reviving engine is a great engineering piece, according to the family who sold the car to our associate and the condition that this was rebuilt a few years ago with few miles today, this is highly show stock detailed, has the factory blue C6 air intake system and the new uprated Edelbrock #1406 carburetor for modern driving along with the Cobra show air cleaner system, has expensive natural Mustang finned show valve covers, these wonderful 289cid small blocks are fitted with hydraulic lifter heads that yield high torque and have easy maintenance, this engine has just great dry/cold compression taken with 145 to 152 lbs just taken (LINKthat shows the quality of the build, even though this had a great history of being a show car, now the staff at Fraser Dante spent a great deal of time and our professional expertise to set all the running condition to be first class, we are really experts doing the work in our own shop (SEE THE VIDEO OF THE ACTUAL WORK AND THE SOUND OF THIS EXCELLENT ENGINE) note that this has the upgraded exhaust with the Shelby quality heat wrapped headers that lead to the full aluminumized dual exhaust system, the 3 row radiator is just flushed with new coolant along with excellent hoses and clamps, now many hours are spent in the engine bay show detailing, (LINK), 

Tune/setup: important…a full new professional tune is just completed in the Fraser Dante shop, the great ignition set up with the new Autolite distributor that is set up with the following…‘Standard’ new points, condenser, new cap and rotor button, the timing is set, has the new ‘Standard’ Blue Streak coil, voltage regulator, starter solenoid, brand new proper Autolite performance copper core ‘45’ spark plugs, fresh 7mm performance spark plug wires (LINK), this effort completed so this Mustang runs with top performance,

Has the proper C6 dated battery cables, a strong fresh 700 cca battery, then the Fraser Dante uses special racing oil/filter: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil  is added along with new filter for engine protection, note this step is with the top racing quality oil that can only be used on engines without a catalytic converter, 

power steering: when this classic 1966 Mustang GT convertible was acquired by Fraser Dante, it did not have power steering, as we are most experienced with the terrific Borgeson Variable
Ratio Power Steering system,
this new unit and system is just now installed, better than factory stock, it works at well low speeds but is much better at highway speeds than the factory stock system, does not leak and is a smaller physical unit, this unit with install is a $2880 costing for our customers at Fraser Dante, see the (LINK) showing said new system, 

wheels/tires: a very expensive area here is that this has the  very rare stock and valuable wheels, these are the believed correct factory with the original riveted styled steel steel/chrome 14×5.5 wheels that are hard to find, they are restored nicely, see the photos showing that these have been restored by Fraser Dante, (SEE LINK), we have also just fitted with the brand new 195/75/R14 radial whitewalls mounted and balanced and installed, here is another added plus as often these classic Mustangs are not fitted with the brand new radials, they are safer and handle so well, brakes just checked (LINK),

suspension: with this GT convertible note that this has the proper GT steering box tag of HCC AX, 5G280 (LINK), next on the suspension, in order to build great handling Mustangs, Fraser Dante goes to special steps so this 1966 GT convertible will drive just great, this has the proper GT front sway bar, this also has the one piece export brace from the firewall to the outside inner fenders along with the Monte Carlo bar just as used on the Shelby’s, this car had some very good floor work maintenance work through the years and all is painted black, (LINK), this has the correct factory convertible lower floor brace, then Fraser Dante has added a new lower structural brace that is custom designed by Fraser Dante to help stop normal chassis flex, this a strong but lightweight unit that is built to add support and is installed with bolts so this support unit can be taken off for easy access to the transmission, driveshaft and exhaust work in the future (LINK)here is shown real a professional design,

springs: also this has excellent strong KYB shocks, now installed for great handling by the Fraser Dante team are all brand new springs, has the rear leaf springs that are so strong they will need a bit of driving to settle, then we added new front proper coil springs to make sure all 4 corners are new, then we took this our great alignment shop to set the suspension to the great handing, the full specs are in the file (LINK), 

Interior: this has the expensive factory wood steering wheel with working horn, has the desirable working Rally Pac, here is a very nice factory quality restoration with the complete factory style 1965 Pony off white full completed bucket seated interior, this color is chosen because the 1966 color is a parchment, firmly padded seats, 4 new black safety belts, full Pony side panels, all new chrome door handles, even has the very expensive Mustang logo matching black floor mats, new full black carpets, the dash is proper top black padded with all the proper working GT gauges, even the gauge lighting has been checked, has the added Custom Autosound radio setup in the stock location, also a special new custom console just added that is a larger unit with dual cup holders, also the trunk is really very nicely done showing the new fuel tank, has the spare tire, jack and the proper Mustang plaid interior 

history: here is an original Atlanta DSO ‘21’ car back in Atlanta for 2020, in the information given to Fraser Dante from a long time dealer friend of ours…he knew that the known history was that this was a real GT convertible that this was shown in many actual Mustang car shows by a club member, then our friend kept this for a while and enjoyed driving this a slight bit as his show car, now this is now really set up for actual usage, this had a nice initial restoration with some new metal to insure that that this is a most solid car, then Fraser Dante has a great professional in top in-house team to do our mechanical and restoration work so the mechanicals for driving are really first class, just now installed is the fantastic the uprated Borgeson Power Steering system makes this an ease to drive, better than factory new, 

lighting: just checked is the full lighting system of this 1966 GT convertible, the GT driving lights, the turn signals and the backup lights working, now just installed are the uprated headlights, they are bright Sylvania “Extreme White” new “Silverstar” headlights that have a great range and better than new (SEE LINK), then when Fraser Dante sells this car, goes back in our in our shop for a final check,

summary: this has the Owner’s Manual (LINK), also the attached Ford documents show how the real GT Mustang convertibles why they are so desired (LINK), this also has copies of the factory promotional materials, here is a GT convertible with lots of great ‘eyes’ and fresh mechanicals along with great handling just recently completed…ready for Summer 2020, our staff is happy to speak with anyone about our work and this very nice classic 1966 Mustang GT convertible, offered at a fair $48,950

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Year: 1966
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang GT
Body Style: Convertible
Transmission: Automatic
Condition: Excellent
Stock#: 4939
Engine: V8
Exterior Color: Red
Interior Color: White Pony
Price: $48,950

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