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Wimbledon White ‘as factory’ produced, beautiful paint, new Red full bucket seated interior, freshly presented is the original matching numbered 289cid engine now documented fully rebuilt, machine shop up, C6 intake, new 4v Edelbrock carburetor, stock show detailed, 4-speed top loader, heavy duty clutch, both the factory ‘Buck Tag’ and the original door ‘Data Tag’, 1966 styled steel wheels, brand new radial whitewalls, new Black power top, fresh GT sway bar, has both front GT lights and rear GT exhaust, new uprated red console, 4 red safety belts, red carpet, very nice red oxide underchassis, dash cluster restored, new uprated gauges installed, prepared for serious Mustang collector  

1966 Mustang Convertible that is a top Fraser Dante Classic Cars restored Mustang as being a rare ‘A’ Code factory production presented in the original factory colors of the beautiful Wimbledon White exterior over the Red interior exactly as produced by Ford, see this long exacting report for many specifics…now prepared for the serious Mustang collector with many specifics for a collector who wants to drive this landmark vehicle, when received at Fraser Dante Classic Cars, it came in with a terrific paint presentation from a source we know, we further discovered that this had the factory engine 289cid that was so very rare in being the original dated block, we feel that this has never been out of the car until Thanksgiving 2019, even the heads are dated, this complete engine is now fully assembled and rebuilt to better than Ford factory specs, that is just now fully professionally assembled by Fraser Dante Classic Cars with the backup documentation, uprated ¾ street cam installed, should produce about 260 horsepower today, a very expensive process, here is an ‘A’ Code factory classic Mustang that has a 4-speed top loader transmission, new Hurst linkage, new heavy duty clutch system just installed, now well finished and just beautifully presented in the original factory color of Wimbledon White with new Red standard bucket seated interior, a rare production of a true Restored Classic Mustang Convertible that is just set up for a collector who loves driving aggressively, this has documents from the machine shop up, photos of the chassis and the recent brake work, this is nicely presented as a ‘GT’ with the side Red GT stripes, the GT side badging, has both the GT front driving lights and the rear GT dual exhausts, has both the rare engine ‘Buck Tag’ and the original door ‘Data Tag’ confirmed how this ‘A Code’ was factory made, this rare convertible looks so very crisp, this is color that Ford initially used in the initial promotion of the Mustang, here is an important Mustang color combination with striking Wimbledon White and the red bucket seated interior…this great look is shown in a copy of the Ford Mustang promotional material that Ford provided to Road & Track (SEE LINK)…has the newly restored red bucket seated interior that has the new correct door panels, a new red carpet, has the rare dated factory lower seat tabs still on the bottom of the rear seat, now just fitted is a new red console, 4 red safety belts, has the dated C5 AR top loader 4-speed transmission that is checked and now equipped with the new Hurst updated shifter, correct 1966 styled steel wheels with stainless trim rings, red center caps, brand new expensive P195/75/R14 radial whitewalls just installed, brand new Black top with excellent seals just installed, correct uprated GT front HD sway bar added, the braking system is just now fully checked by the Fraser Dante shop, this has a very, very nice lower solid underchassis with fresh new red oxide, great inner floor chassis, the body panels are very correct with the all believed original steel with restoration work only, the rear quarters having only some lower panel work completed to top show standards with the original top trunk drip rails having the Ford stampings, the proper red dash is now restored as new with the factory correct red steering wheel that really looks great, has a new set of under dash IEquus 3 gauges just added for driving information, this has a new tinted windshield with all new rubber seal, a spare tire and jack with the restored trunk area, even the driveshaft is just fully restored, the rear end is now checked with fresh lube, the body and paint look top Driven Show ready…a really striking presentation, 

Engine: a very great area of this 1966 Mustang Convertible is that this came with the exact original engine as the factory GT with the ‘A Code’ 289cid, 4v and dual exhausts, all parts are dated as factory that is so very rare with being the original dated block, we feel that this unit has never been out of the car until Thanksgiving 2019, even the heads are dated, now this is finished to very high standards with a complete build from the professional, very expensive engine construction from the bare block build upwards, we found that with the ‘numbers’ correct and the old oil slug in the galley of the engine, said engine had never been out of the car since 1966!!! We decided this was such a rare find, then we continued our detective and investigation to ascertain said history, when we pulled the engine apart, we found the original crankshaft bearings were still in the car and were date stamped C5OE 6511 ‘FOMOCO’ (SEE LINK), rare to find and part of the package, it is just amazing history to show how well kept this car has been and these pieces will add to the long term value of this car,

Engine Specs: now this factory ‘A’ code dated 289cid is now completely rebuilt from the fully equipped machine shop upwards, Fraser Dante Classic Cars completed a professional high tech full build with exacting specifications, the original engine is better today than factory new, here is the comment from our high-tech machine shop…

”The block delivered is standard size now with only +.006 ware. It will need to be bored +.030 oversize. The crankshaft is standard/standard now. It is .001-.0025 below spec now and will need to be ground to .010/.010 specs…here is the camshaft that we have agreed on…this will give more street power and will yield a nice ‘rumble’…this engine with said new oversized bore and high quality pistons are now better than factory new…we are going with a high performance street cam to match the new uprated internals in the engine being a better than factory build”…

Camshaft…Enginetech by Melling:

ES1020R(Performance Cam) Stage Two

Duration at .050:    214/224, Lift:    295/310,Lobe Center:    107/117

V.P. Will’s Auto Machine Shop, Inc.”

work progressing on lift (LINK), this is now a ‘new’ engine, a new full professional build is documented by Fraser Dante, this is the valuable factory original dated 289cid engine is presented with all the ‘numbers’ and dates to confirm (SEE THE ATTACHED LINK FOR SPECIFICS), this is from the machine shop upwards with the photos will show the vatting, after line boring, new uprated lighter +.030 pistons, new rings, the turned +.010 crankshaft, full new bearings, vatted and then reworked stock hydraulic lifter heads with fresh valve springs, a ¾ race street cam is used with the specs shown above, then the engine is hand assembled at the Fraser Dante shop (SEE PHOTOS OF ENGINE COMPLETELY BROKEN DOWN), now installed is the dated C6 4v Ford intake manifold with the new Edelbrock 500cfm carburetor and spacer, new FelPro intake gaskets, according to our partner machine shop this engine is about 301cid inches and produce about 260++ horsepower, then one could also have a choice of a period correct 4100 Autolite carb instead could be used, has a full Cobra kit with the MCA approved valve covers, the new Cobra air cleaner with new air filter, has a show detailed engine bay, all of this work plus the new 4v Edelbrock carburetor is now set up to look show stock,

All the brand new distributor is used with upgraded internals, new spark plug wiring, new spark plugs, high voltage battery, show heavy duty cables, all the wiring is checked and excellent and the lights all work,

racing oil/filter: Special Valvoline high performance Valvoline VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is added along with new filter for engine protection, said oil gives the proper zinc for the lubrication of the engine, very few shops go this extra to insure the good operation of the engine for long term performance,

Gauges: since this has the completely rebuilt engine to top street performance specs, Fraser Dante has just now installed a full new uprated under dash mounted gauge package to monitor the engine, this is a new IEquus 3 gauge unit (LINK), these white faced gauges include the water temperature, the volt meter and the oil pressure, it takes considerable expertise just to set up this new gauge package, since this car has such a brand new rebuilt engine better than factory new, Fraser Dante thought it important to know what was ‘going on’,

cooling: this is now enhanced for driving in ‘the real world’  with the fresh upgraded 3 row radiator that has been restored and rebuilt by our top sub, this has now been installed at Fraser Dante with all proper new show hoses and new clamps, full fresh new coolant just flushed and added, then test driven to check cooling flow and checked,  

Driveshaft: here is an area that Fraser Dante goes to insure this new strong engine will work well, the driveshaft is taken out, sent to our restoration specialist, then it is fully balanced with new bearings, detailed and reinstalled (SEE LINK)this operation is expensive with a retail stand alone item of some $525, this work takes time just sending to our sub and getting back to install, now dramatically improves smooth driving with the fresh parts for the added power, very few shops go to this extent to deliver a top quality mechanical Mustang,

Brakes: to make sure that this drives great, now the stock full drum brake system is just completely rebuilt with all new shoes, drums, all the hardware and brake lines, LINK,  fluids added and then road tested, they work just great, note that Fraser Dante can discuss fitting an upgraded brand new SSBC GT front disc brake full system if the customer desires, then will have all the aspects of a factory GT, we are experts in the braking area,

Interior: here is newly restored correct red bucket seated interior that looks just great, this has a new matching red carpet, has great padding in the bucket seats, the rear bench seat is recovered, has 4 red matching safety belts, many photos are shown with the interior work completed in the Fraser Dante shop, see the great looking side show red panels with the proper chrome trim, new door handles inside and out, when we took out the rear seat, here is an amazing area, although the new fabric was used on the seat itself, this still has the original factory springs and the great condition original burlap that Ford used in the production, these natural fibers are still in great condition, then a very important point showing how well this car was kept, we found  the very rare stamped and dated factory lower seat tabs still on the bottom of the rear seat (SEE THE LINK), now they are re-installed, now just fitted is a new red uprated interior console, 4 red safety belts, very nice correct Mustang red steering wheel, the black instrument area bezel and gauges are new, we do have the newly installed a new IEquus 3 gauge unit that now include the water temperature, the volt meter and the oil pressure to work, this has a correct factory AM-FM radio that does not work, most people use their phones today with a Beat speaker for sound,  trunk just detailed,  

The top is a brand new black power correct unit, very nice fit, installed with the new plastic window, the black frame has been worked and is very nice, the side and front seals are very nicely installed, this power top looks just great with the Wimbledon White color

Wheels/tires/shocks: drives very well with the uprated  expensive KYB heavy duty shocks installed, the springs yield a very nice stance to the car, these wheels are expensive show quality 14” proper 1966 styled steel wheels, they have proper trim rings and red Mustang center caps,

Now the expensive brand new tires just mounted and installed are brand new Hankook Optimo narrow band whitewall radials, tire Size: 195/75-14, diameter: 25.50 in., section width: 7.70 in., final photos will show the just balanced set before install (SEE LINK) , now this is set for great driving with the strong engine,   

underchassis: here is a top area of this really special car, the exceptional rust free floors are really in good condition and very stock, factory original with some minor work through the years, now they are presented in proper show red oxide, has the proper convertible underchassis brace, has very nice lower valence rocker pinch welds that are straight, the Ford Mustang factory stampings on the lower rockers are clear, 

Summary: this now has the fresh restoration work completed in the Fraser Dante shop to deliver a rare production 1966 Classic Mustang Convertible with a striking color combination…powered as a factory ‘A’ code set up a GT, when Fraser Dante checked out this engine, we were so happy and were excited that that ‘A’ code 289 and the heads were all properly dated and cast correctly for this car, the original engine now just rebuilt to high professional standards, this is a new IEquus 3 gauge unit (LINK), the new white faced gauges include the water temperature, the volt meter and the oil pressure, has a period owner’s manual (LINK), with the final build along with the fresh braking system redone…all work now ready for early Spring 2020 period for Driven Show and spirited weekend driving, this pricing for a nice fresh restoration with a lot of specifics, now this is very well offered at only $45,950

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Year: 1966
Make: Ford
Model: Mustang
Body Style: Convertible
Transmission: 4 Speed
Condition: Excellent
Stock#: 4930
Engine: V8
Exterior Color: Wimbledon White
Interior Color: Red
Price: $45,950
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