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1965 Corvette Convertible – Nassau Blue Show Car

Rotisserie Restoration with just gorgeous presentation, original strong built 327cid/300 horsepower, Carter 4v carburetor, full matching numbers engine, proper shielding, two sets of valve covers, new fresh mechanicals, 4-speed with matching vin#, factory shifter, side pipes, fantastic detailed ‘as factory’ delivered show underchassis, two tops, very rare expensive original factory knockoff wheels, Gold Line tires, second set of repro wheels and tires, amazing factory original fenders, factory full blue interior, restored working correct gauges, AM-FM, tinted windshield, top mechanicals

1965 Corvette Convertible that is simply a gorgeous show quality…full top Driven Concours restoration presented in the most desirable Nassau Blue color…restored blue full interior, full blue carpet, very expensive factory teak steering wheel, dual proper blue safety belts, all the gauges are restored ‘as new’ and work like the correct tachometer, here is truly an amazing fresh presentation, just terrific for the collector who demands both top quality both in cosmetics and working mechanicals, full complete matching numbers and date codes throughout with the correct factory stamping on the 327cid/300 horsepower engine, proper Carter 4v carburetor, great compression just pulled, chrome ignition shielding, stock and uprated finned valve covers, factory side pipes, matching #s proper 4-speed transmission, correct shifter, just a sensation detailed very proper show underchassis, has the natural fiberglass exactly as factory on said floors, this features the factory blue hardtop and a stand comes along with the white softtop, gorgeous blue factory interior, padded seats, proper side panels, blue GM safety belts, blue carpet, matching floor mats, has proper date coded 3.08:1 rear end gear just serviced, very, very rare and veryexpensive proper factory original knock off wheels in exceptional condition, gold line tires, the full dash restored, all gauges working, a true collectable built by a knowledgeable previous owner, then purchased by Fraser Dante who had this in our professional shop checking the full mechanicals and braking systems,

every effort to make this a NCRS true top end Second Flight car (right below Trailered Concours as this is set to drive as well as it looks), full show chrome throughout, this has all of the numbers and data plate just pulled and shown in the next section of this report, information supplied from the last owner from 2018-2019 is that the restorer spent many years in the build, he had over $100,000 in this project, this has the NCRS sticker on the tinted windshield, he then retired to Florida to a Condo and had to sell the car for lack of storage space, now that examination is that all of the body panels appear to be exactly factory original, no damage ever found as they are just perfect when carefully inspected by hand, the car was verified with the engine numbers and body for Fraser Dante by a top Corvette expert and NCRS Judge before purchase, now the fresh work on the car is just completed by the professionals at Fraser Dante in preparing this 1965 Corvette Convertible rare presentation for Spring 2020,

body/data tag: here one can determine exactly how this wonderful car was made, now important is that herewith presented are the exact factory ‘numbers’ as shown today on this 1965 Corvette, see the (LINK) to show them clearly and then a photo of said Data Tag to confirm (LINK), this is how this car was ‘born’, everything checks, it is so rare and gorgeous, the last owner told this writer that he just enjoyed looking at this fantastic car in his showroom to brighten his day, the final test driving for Spring completed by Fraser Dante Classic Cars confirms that this drives like it did in 1965 but even better with a very strong fresh just tuned engine that sounds amazing,

engine: here is the full matching numbered engine with correct 327cid and 300 horsepower factory rating that is according to the ‘numbers’, the hydraulic lifters make this an fun drive and easy to maintain, this has the famous short stroke engine with the 4.00” bore and the 3.25″ stroke, the 300 horsepower comes in at 5000 rpm, the 360 lb-ft of torque is at only 3200 rpm for great street performance, the sound of this engine and the great high and even compression leads us to believe that this matching numbered engine is actually overbuilt and better than factory internally, see the outstanding compression just taken that is most exceptional (LINK), we assume that said engine has a mild street camshaft from the sound and the test driving, see the important list of all the numbers pulled by Fraser Dante (LINK), next, note that this has all the proper spark plug wires and the desired factory chrome heat shielding, the engine bay really looks top show presented great, has the correct steel stock valve covers plus the new repro 350/365 finned valve covers,

note photos of numbers:  many people desire the actual photos of the numbers that are shown in the section before this paragraph, see THE LINK of said numbers that are clearly shown, these clear photos include the a) engine date and VIN stamping on the pad, b) the engine casting and the date production time stamping, c) the VIN number on the transmission, d) the casting number of the transmission and e) the rear end gear date code…very exacting information,

racing oil/filter/spark plugs: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is added along with new filter for engine protection (LINK), said oil gives the proper zinc for the proper lubrication of the engine, note this step is using the top racing quality oil that can only be used on engines without a catalytic converter, next, see the techs at Fraser Dante fully just checking the engine and adding fresh spark plugs and checking the timing (LINK) 

history of the 1965 Corvette Convertible: the Sting Ray now has Sport-Master disc brakes on all four wheels that naturally complement the tremendous performance capabilities of the car, the 1965 Sting Ray stops smoothly, surely and firmly with braking reserve far beyond normal requirements…these famous disc brakes are just checked by Fraser Dante,

Body: note that the gorgeous new styling changes for the 1965 Sting Ray are so very effective with ageless design , a smooth hood without depressions or distractions in the contour, new louvers behind the front wheels that help increase air flow through the engine compartment, a new grille with three black horizontal bars highlighting the center of the grille with new body sill moldings of bright aluminum, also has a one-piece underbody construction, the design lines are truly a work of art, here is the high point of Corvette design,

This special Nassau Blue 1965 Corvette Convertible presents with just an amazing paint job, really perfect luster, the paint is correctly done for factory show condition with the inner fender lips under the hood being painted flat blue as per the factory, these are done for correct show conditions, has a just fantastic original no hit just great body that was used even before the restoration, before Fraser Dante bought the car, all these aspects were checked with our NCRS Judge friend, then in late November 2019, one of our top body/paint shop friends looked at the car in our showroom and confirmed that all four fenders were just exceptional ‘as factory’ produced when you hand check them in the inner lips around the hood area and the fender lines that are smooth as can be, just amazing, very hard to find like this today,

then the Fraser Dante full professional tune work was just  completed by our Senior GM tech, we did a limited test drive…simply amazing with not only the great performance but this has no body shakes and rattles at all in the Fraser Dante testing, this drives like a new Corvette, the full suspension build with all the bushings makes this handle just wonderfully and drive like new! Set up for a collector with an artful eye who wants to drive an exciting piece of automobile history,  

Wheels and tires: here is also an amazing and expensive part of this correct restoration and real concours build, this 1965 Corvette features the proper show 7.75×15 Goodyear Goldline tires, they are mounted on wheels that are very, very expensive and most rare as they are restored 15” finned factory original aluminum knockoff wheels  along with the proper lug nuts and spinners, according the collector person Fraser Dante got the car from, the initial restorer paid $4000 for the wheels along back in 2000 for the start of this project, then he had them restored, our NCRS Judge and serious Corvette expert friend who helped Fraser Dante in this buy this terrific 1965 Corvette Convertible recognized these rare and correct gorgeous wheels, a set of these wheels alone and sight unseen is offered today by a seller for $6600 and I am sure they are not as nice as these, thusly, we would estimate that these four full corners are worth some $8000 alone and also are very hard to find, saved for investment purposes, also plus the brand new second set of repro knockoff wheels and Coker yellow band radial tires, these will make the car drive great, look good and make the other wheels for show only,

Interior: here is presented the really restored and simply gorgeous blue factory bucket seated interior, nicely padded seats, proper side panels, proper blue show GM safety belts, new blue carpet, shown with plastic protection, note the that dash pod is also as new like factory, a great aspect is also the factory teak wood steering wheel, it is assumed by the information given us, this is a fully restored piece that has simply wonderful wood condition and luster, one in similar condition being offered for sale is at $3000 delivered, a great rare piece believed, this great aspect is further enhanced by the full gauges that look factory brand new…they are restored black faced amazing with clear numbers, not only do they look just great, they all work! The correct 5500 rpm redline tachometer performs as it should, this has the factory AM-FM radio and rear mounted power antenna,

Note the matching Nassau Blue colored hardtop is restored to ‘as brand new’ condition, it looks terrific on the car, the exterior paint is also just buffed, has the blue interior inner liner, the proper weather stripping and factory attachments to hold said seal in place are just perfect, the chrome hardware is done,

underchassis and frame: the underchassis is really top notch, the restoration is completed to factory correct standards, the natural fiberglass is untouched with very clear and correct presentation in very top condition, nicely presented,  the very solid frame rails have been black detailed, so very solid and unmolested, extremely solid rear frame rails and the traction bar areas that run from the axle and forward into the frame, exceptionally solid but hard to capture as the car is better than show in photos, essentially all is new! (LINK)

Summary: now prepared for a serious quality collector who wants a top prepared show car that can also be well driven and enjoyed in the ‘real world’, a wonderful presentation that makes one smile it is so really gorgeous, very correct with great care of the professional expertise in the build, now all fresh maintenance and road test is just finished, please call Fraser Dante to speak with us at 770-641-8354, now this wonderful Corvette is fairly offered at $85,000







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Year: 1965
Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Body Style: Convertible
Transmission: 4 Speed
Condition: Excellent
Stock#: 4931
Engine: V8
Interior Color: Blue
Price: $85,000
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