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1957 TR3A that is restored to top British Car Day Show condition, finished in pretty period pale Primrose Yellow that is just detailed, nice chrome, side wind wings, fresh strong engine just professionally tuned and great presentation of engine bay, outstanding underchassis and frame that are nicely detailed, the mechanicals and cosmetics are fresh, here is an extremely nice TR3 that according to the VIN number VIN is an early production TR3A and listed as one of the end run of the TR3s, this is an older complete restoration from all signs and with the full recent updating for Summer 2020 completed, front disc and rear Girling drum brakes that are just refreshed, black interior with white piping, proper dash and working gauges, full tonneau, black top with good frame, brand new Hankook 175/R15 radial tires just installed on the argent silver painted optional 60-spoke knock off wheels, also rare matching 60-spoke spare wheel in the lower rear area, has a very strong rebuilt engine with high compression with readings in the 151 to 155 lbs, the dual SU’s are just set and work well, full timing of valves and distributor, show finned valve cover, excellent wiring with working lights, very nice motor detailing, full numbers are posted below in the report, one of the high points of the car is the detailed underchassis that has an exceptional presentation, the correct dash pod is also in wonderful condition with all gauges working and the faces redone, the carpet and wood shifter correct, very strong performance with the recent road testing, full braking redone and fresh brake lines and new receipts, the front discs are excellent with new rebuild of the rears, the paint is driven show with but a very few minor touch ups just professionally addressed, see some of the recent updating at Fraser Dante (LINK), now really a real a top drivable investment car, lots of effort just completed to have this classic British design to be a great blast to drive, 

History: Early TR3s had the air intake with the smaller ‘egg crate’ grille, the early 1957 TR3 roadster combined the smallmouth egg crate grille body with those mechanical changes, then the TR3As were created with further upgrades as reported in this report, compared to the other British sports cars of the era, the new Triumphs TR series offered a slightly larger 1991cc engine with a significant horsepower advantage over MGs 1489cc engine of 73hp in the MG now with the strong 95 horsepower in the early Triumphs to plus the enhanced handling, the ‘cut down’ doors give a classic sports car appearance, introduced in 1955 the TR3 bumped horsepower to 95hp and introduced a new small-mouth radiator air intake with an egg crate grille to replace the TR2s tunnel, the twin SU carburetor version of the 1991cc four-cylinder Standard Vanguard engine was tuned to increase its output to 95 bhp and then later to 100 horsepower, with the overdrive fitted the car could reach a maximum speed of 108 mph and return 33mpg, these models were and are very desirable with a weight of only 2105 lbs and made it an autocross favorite and now classic car investment piece today, during its life Triumph incorporated many upgrades in the TR3 but none more significant than when the optional Girling front disc brakes were added, this was only the second road car in the world to adopt front discs, the TR3s engine had already gotten a new high port cylinder head that raised its output to 100hp, note that Triumph further incorporated a stronger rear axle with 10” Girling rear drum brakes and new bolt-on hubs for center lock wire wheels that this car is so equipped, in researching this particular model, during the 1957/1958 period there were many ‘running changes’ in these cars with notes that constant upgrades were done by The Triumph Motor Car Co. Ltd, this TR3 has all the earmarks of a TR3A, this is called a ‘running change’ that were noted during the production period, excepting the VIN number is earlier than the TR3As started, the data tag on the firewall is noted (LINK), same dating situation exists in some July 1965 Mustangs that had parts dated C6 (1966) even though they were installed in July as a ‘running change’, all signs of the TR3A including the full width radiator grille, outside locking door handles, even the finish on the center dash is correct for the TR3A, here is a previous show car, one can tell that this Triumph was restored to highest standards and then has little use, history shows that this was kept in a collection for years, went to an Estate, then to the person Fraser Dante bought it from, then for Spring 2013, it was sold to an architect from London who was in North Carolina for 2 months a year, he used this very little and now for Summer 2020 it is back to Fraser Dante for the new work that is completed with road test, 

Body: Very pretty pale yellow paint also believed to be called Primrose Yellow, this is slightly older job but with brand new professional high speed buffing by a top finisher to bring out the luster (LINK), rust free condition, to bring this fine TR3 up to top driven show conditions, great effort is spent to even have the inner wheel wells in body color, photos document the work (LINK), there a few small paint touch up areas as the doors join the fenders as is normal in these cars, the door as set up and hard to even see the work just completed, has the dual chrome outside mirrors on both front fenders, very nice chrome all around, the windshield has proper side  wind wings, good rubber around said windshield, full black tonneau cover, nice black top, very nice stainless plate gravel guards on front of rear fenders that are believed to be factory original with only slight wear, full one piece front bumper, dual rear bumpers, locking trunk with separate locking spare access panel below trunk, hard to find the lower rear trunk area that has the proper lower door opening and fitted with the full size spare, 

Engine: 1991cc Triumph Mayflower engine with 100bhp due to the addition of the dual carb setup and new build, has the engine stamping #S61989E, all of this shows that this is a 1959 block according to the dates, Block #N89 30143, the uprated performance cylinder head has numbers of #302137-date coded #L.29.9 for Dec. 29, ’59, dual SU carburetors #s AUC 6040, exhaust manifold #DA1422 and #301144, see the (NUMBERS), this engine is extremely strong and has excellent compression with dry cold readings from 151psi to 156psi across (LINK), due to the excellent compression, the horsepower most likely should be even more and better than factory with this reading, this has the new oiler filter adaptor used for the modern oil filter to insure easy maintenance, brand new NKG BP6HS spark plugs just installed in the tune just completed for Summer 2020, excellent plug wires, one can tell of the top quality work with photos that show a close up of the new brake lines on the firewall, all the factory fresh wiring under the hood, one should note how well the work was done, the radiator has just been checked for fresh coolant for the cooling system,  has a new air box installed,

The 4-speed transmission works well and has the optional working overdrive is very desired, the numbers are gear box #304692SM, Stanpart GT 6196 are the numbers found (LINK), 

Interior: very nice black and proper front vinyl seats with very good padding and the contrast white piping look great, smaller rear seats in black with same white piping, black carpeting, the correct and working gauges are set in very nice black dash, correct spoke steering wheel, 4 speed manual with overdrive transmission with Triumph wood shifter knob, newly restored gauges work and look great, 

Brakes/Suspension: front disc brakes in the optional upgrade Girling braking system, this model is also known for its superior braking ability and this particular car has the 10” Girling rear drums brakes, these Girling units have just be en rebuilt in the Fraser Dante shop with the drums and new wheel cylinders, documented with the (LINK), even items like the boots on the steering link are fresh, upper ball covers, fresh lube, extremely solid frame and floors, for Summer 2020 Fraser Dante has redone the brakes with receipt of parts (LINK), completed a full detail of floors and frame to highlight this exceptional condition, note the photos that show their exceptional condition (LINK), numbers for the rear axle are #301603, the rear end is detailed, equipped with BRAND NEW Hankook upsized 175xSR15 radial tires on correct argent silver painted 60-spoke optional knock off wheels, proper chrome two pronged knock off spinners, the spare 60-spoke wheel has the  Dunlop 165xSR15 radial tire, 

SUMMARY:  this is an extremely nice 1957 TR3A with all the upgrades to make this a true British Car Day Show Car, the very strong engine, very strong brakes, fresh suspension and outstanding underchassis, brand new radial tires, all makes this an investment worldwide car, ready at $31,950

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Year: 1957
Make: Triumph
Model: TR3
Body Style: 2 Door
Transmission: 4 Speed
Condition: Excellent
Stock#: 4944
Exterior Color: Yellow
Interior Color: Black
Price: $31,950
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