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Fraser Dante Classic Cars located in Atlanta, Georgia is a dealer in cars from the 30’s through the early 70’s as its primary interests although many other special interest cars from the 80’s and the current 90’s are sold and researched for our clients. Automobiles both domestic, as new Mustang Cobras, and imported as Porsche 911s and Boxsters, are part of our data-base of knowledge and our active inventory that we sell. We work with retail clients, dealers and collectors both domestic and abroad on a daily basis to determine current values on automobiles. Our background includes extensive retailing at Casual Corner, t.edwards, and Florida Adams in both the U.S.A. and Europe for over 25 years. After working on other areas of retailing, Fraser Dante Classic Cars embarked on SPECIAL INTEREST VEHICLES as a full time enterprise in 1987…we have always dealt with top quality as desired by our clientel, combined with exemplary service.

Thomas E. Fraser is a veteran of 28 years in the automobile business that stemmed from a racing background including driving and dealing in Corvettes, Camaros, Chevrons, Lolas and other race cars within international race series from Daytona to Watkins Glen, Charlotte, and Road Atlanta. Competition Licenses are held from FIA’s highest category to NASCAR’s Winston Cup Series Class A license as driver and business associate since 1971. Celebrating our 20th year, Fraser Dante Classic Cars has dealt full time with a 40 car inventory in a FULLY ENCLOSED SHOWROOM plus another 25 cars close by and a general inventory in the marketplace.

Fraser Dante Classic Cars sells about 125 cars per year in major markets including Kruse, Auburn, and Barrett-Jackson at Scottsdale, plus significant car shows, extensive advertising in HEMMINGS MOTOR NEWS, and to collectors around the world with 75% of the business being in the USA outside Atlanta. We accomplish our goals with over 5,000 names in our data base of collectors, customers and dealers around the world, as well as heavy advertising and other daily contacts in the industry.

We give very good values and descriptions of vehicles. Many publications both domestic and international are used for values to complete our knowledge of the market on a daily basis. Our knowledge is a compilation of experts with whom we share and compare information and sales results. APPRAISALS ARE DONE FOR INSURANCE PURPOSES AND TO ASSIST CLIENTS IN DETERMINING PROPER VALUES.



Fraser Dante Classic Cars have all VIN’s checked & verified by our local police department using the Georgia form T-22b and signed by a police officer.

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