Fraser Dante Uprated Shelby/NASCAR Rear End

Mustang Heavy Duty 9" Rear End Chunk with 3” Tube…Complete Design Specs

* Brand new Ford 9" Round Back Housing
* D.O.M. 3 inch axel tubes… shafts and chunk are powder coated
* 3” ‘U’ bolts…these are heavy duty steel with Zinc coating, have stainless steel nuts with nylon lock nuts
* Ford New Style (Torino) Large Bearing Billet Housing Ends
* 31 spline High Alloy dual axles
* Ford Trac-Lok Positraction unit
* Nodular Iron Case
* Daytona Pinion Support
* 1350 yoke
* ‘Motive Performance’ Ring & Pinion precision cut gears are selected, they are produced in Italy are used
for because of the exact precision cut to high standards (most any ratio available with 3.50:1 being the most versatile)

* Timken Bearings
* 11" Rear Disc Brakes (suggest Wilwood) See Link to Rear End with Wilwood Brakes
* Brake lines completely installed

Note: this installation is completed with special steel brackets designed by Fraser Dante and have been designed and produced by our specialty steel fab shop to use the 3” ‘U’ bolts and secure the rear end to the chassis…also these brackets are produced to be able to receive the 1966 Shelby GT 350underrider traction bars…said design has been fitted in the Fraser Dante shop…this design is unique for these Mustangs and Shelby’s and will work well with show and/or track usage…note that the original Shelby axle tubes were 3” tapering down to 2 ½”…these new shafts are 3” all the way for added strength