1968 TRIUMPH TR250



1968 Triumph TR250 restored as a top driven show car, just gorgeous presentation in rare Valencia Blue color, has the proper light gray painted and cleared TR250 stripe, great looking luggage rack, here is a full documented frame off restoration a few years ago, there are many sheets of by Fraser Dante to show exactly what is here today, there is an extensive file of receipts over $24,300 that does even not count the additional receipts of the last owner plus the final work by Fraser Dante professionals getting ready for Fall 2019, many photos document the work (LINK), includes lots of the manuals and factory documentation (LINK), this great car is so well built that the engine just sounds very crisp, the correct 2.5 engine dated 1968 engine is rebuilt with notes of said build, has really great compression, uprated with the Stromberg 175 CD-2 carbs, full set up and tune by a top British tech just completed, complete timing and valves setting, this light weight car of 2165 lbs with the Stanpart 4-speed transmission with overdrive that makes this a very spirited sports car that is loved for its great looks and that is easy to maintain, has the expensive chrome knock-off wire wheels with the show Michelin Red lines, in order to have great records for history to the current day, there is a really great very large file of receipts that follow the car for investment and driving purposes, (LINK) see the original Data Tag that gives the information on this car build (LINK), the interior has been upgraded from the black to a new biscuit interior that looks terrific with the Valencia Blue, biscuit boot, the complete new professional tune has the high tech oil, the terrific frame off black underchassis as just shown on the Fraser Dante rack that confirms the top building, all the lights are checked, the full detailing and the final road testing is finished for Fall 2019,

Engine: here is the start of the famous 6 cylinder engine that Triumph ran until 1976, with the 2488cc and 152.4 cid, this very strong and smooth unit produces at least 104 horsepower and 143 ft/lbs of torque, note that has the uprated ‘Falcon’ exhaust system from the Stanpart exhaust manifold, note that since this has the uprated Stromberg 175 CD-2 carburetors that were used on the TR6s, even the head is shown to be correct as one can see the ‘numbers’ that are shown for this 1968 dated engine…so one knows exactly what is in this car (SEE ENGINE INFO LINK), very strong compression at 159 to 169 psi across in a dry cold reading just taken (LINK), this is even better than factory original, there are receipts in the large file that include two pages describing the full engine build a few years ago (LINK), then this great TR250 unit is fully just now set up to drive,

in order for top performance, the full new complete tune that includes the Strombergs being set, the timing set, the valves adjusted, then the fresh uprated NGK spark plugs and new Denso performance spark plug wires (LINK), the oil is the uprated Valvoline ZR1 high zinc that is best for these engines, all of this work is completed by a top British tech in the Fraser Dante shop, the engine bay is very nicely detailed for show with the green hoses and proper clamps, the radiator is flushed with new fluids,

Very authentic alternator with the external regulator that is a one year only unit, it is very hard to find like this, most of these have been changed, very original car!!!

Transmission/axle: here is the Stanpart 306612S 4 speed transmission with overdrive (SEE LINK),

Wheels and tires: now this TR250 is equipped with the expensive very desirable chrome wire Knock Off wheels, the tires on the car now are fine for show use but older Michelin X 185-R15 red lines, since they are older dated but look great, one might want the brand new Michelin 185/65/R15 radials blackwalls with great look and terrific performance, Fraser Dante recommends this new tire change, this is a $500 upgrade (SEE THE LINK FOR SPECS),
Paint and body: this had a complete body off full restoration just a few years ago, this work is very well documented with many photos, the body was taken to the metal, then the new base coat/clear coat paint is very, very nice with great luster, the sides are so straight and the top flat areas are just terrific, the paint has really great gloss, it really shines so well in the sun, full polishing just done, on about 4 very minor places in the top area of the car by the horizontal top trim have very small air bubbles only about the size of an eraser, when the professional touch up man just worked the paint, he did every area except these as there was no blend area to stop his paint touch up work, thusly these very slight areas are the only very minor problems, these are very hard to even see,

The brightwork has been nicely done with factory markers and the bumpers along with the TR250 emblems have been replaced, the black top with reflector strips is new and in nice condition, as a proper show car, the car is stored with the top up to keep in fine condition,
The windows work very well, roll up and down fine,

Dash: photos show the correct and restored dash pod…correct instruments and great presentation,  

Brakes/shocks: this was the start of the modern sport cars…these brake units make the car stop so very well, have the excellent front drilled rotors, good pads, uprated silicon fluids used, they have just been fully checked, the front shocks are Koni units, this also has the uprated and desirable ‘tube shock conversion kit’ in the rear suspension for great handling, our tech spent time tightening bolts to check the fine operation of the TR250…clean and solid underchassis (LINK),

Summary: here is a documented restoration that was completed a few years ago, there are lots of records, then it lived with a private collector in Atlanta who drove this sparingly, kept very nice, then at the Fraser Dante for full fresh driven show prep by a top British tech, this has terrific mechanicals completed along with the very nice ‘eyes, all ‘numbers’ are part of this report, now offered at only $28,950