1970 MACH 1 '351' RESTORED



1970 Mach 1 from the San Jose plant that is presented today in just gorgeous Grabber Blue paint with great luster, really a terrific body and restored paint, proper lower Mach 1 rocker moldings, this beautiful Grabber Blue with the proper Black center stripe is contrasted with the redone desirable white bucket seated interior that is presented in really fresh top Driven Show condition, the dash, bezels and gauges are terrific, this 1970 Mustang Mach 1 SportsRoof is confirmed with the Marti report, very correct car with the components with a gorgeous full color change professionally accomplished, this has the hood slats, both the front and rear spoilers, steel hood with simulated scoop and turn signals, chrome factory dual tie downs, has a fully detailed and also correct and properly dated built ‘351’ Cleveland 300 horsepower engine that matches the car production date, shown with all the proper ‘numbers’ that are hereby listed, also the very strong compression just pulled that is listed in the (LINK), the Holley 4v carburetor is mounted on the Edelbrock intake add to great driving performance, new professional tune and fluids, the strong FMX automatic transmission works great, the rear end is the 3.00:1 gear set up, has fresh redone front power disc brakes, rear drums, power steering, note: the expensive SelectAire full air conditioning system has just been rebuilt by the professionals at Fraser Dante ready for Fall 2019, new compressor and fluids, really rear and terrific original floor pans, factory stamped lower rockers, original torque boxes, great lower factory ‘pinch’ welds with clear factory stamped numbers, said lower areas of this car s just exceptional and documented with new photos, all fresh strong suspension, new Magnum 500 wheels, tires are B.F.Goodrich radial TA’s dated 2018…the underchassis is in just exceptional condition, all original floors and torque boxes that have a slight black coating from many years ago to protect, fresh cleaning just completed, strong KYB shocks, the recent photos taken by Fraser Dante present an exacting presentation of the car today…Sport Deck rear seat, a terrific and top Driven Show Car from the DSO of (71)…brand new battery supplied…is set to enjoy for Fall 2019,

history: note that the 1969-1970 Mustang Mach 1s were and are today a very high design achievement…simply wonderful lines…these two years are true collector pieces, here is a car that was found from a top quality Mustang expert associate of Fraser Dante at a local car show, a real professional, for sure we can tell how well restored this great 1970 Mach 1 is today since we have the attached fresh Kevin Marti report (LINK), this shows the desirerable San Jose car was originally built in Bright Gold Metallic paint with a Ginger Knit bucket seats, now the restoration is so good that without this report, there are no signs of the previous color as the fresh gorgeous Grabber Blue is just everywhere…a great restoration, the sides are terrific, simulated rear quarter air scoops, rear deck lid rear spoiler, simulated front air scoop hood with turn signals, flat black painted large hood stripe, has the hood turn tie downs, the lower body and chassis stampings are so very clear that this is a really fine and rare car!!!

engine: this very nicely detailed driven show engine that is presented with the stock air cleaner, here is a great ‘matching numbers’ as shown with the date codes for the Cleveland 351cid that go with the production date of the car…there are no VIN #s on these engines, even the heads of o.d.8 and o.d.9 match to the build of the car, this is now set up with Holley 670 cfm #80670-2 electric choke 4v carburetor, this is set on the Edelbrock aluminum intake manifold, has the steel pipe dual exhaust engine, this 351 cid 4-barrel engine is rated at 300 horsepower and a strong 385 ft/lbs of torque, the very important engine numbers and specs are shown in this LINK, see the great even engine compression of 138 to 141 lbs in a dry cold reading just taken (LINK), with the factory hydraulic lifter heads, this only 3 lb. variance is just terrific, fresh tune includes professional timing just set, the engine sounds great!

Additional work completed: fresh performance Motorcraft spark plug wires and new Autolite  performance spark plugs (SEE LINK), now also just installed is an expensive new strong DuraLast Gold battery with 750 cold cranking amps for great starting, has the new proper cables (LINK), this car has the full testing by the staff of Fraser Dante is just completed, the engine bay is just detailed to very nice driven show presentation, with new valve cover gaskets (LINK),

oil/filter: anther extra to protect the engine, Fraser Dante uses very expensive special high-tech racing oil with added zinc content with Valvoline VR1 20-50 to insure long term performance, this is only for early non-catalytic engines that need the heavy duty oil plus the added zinc for lubrication purposes (LINK) for these older engines, very costly and used only from top shops as Fraser Dante,

Air conditioning system: here is a very HIGH POINT of the 1970 Mach 1, the complete air conditioning system is rebuilt under the direction and hands of the professionals at Fraser Dante, the full front system is checked to make sure the uprated 134a coolant works well, then the difficult part is the under dash air delivery system, when this was found at a show and then to the Fraser Dante shop, the cool air was mostly being delivered via the upper defrost vents…now many hours are now spent to make sure that the controls will work well and the cool air flow will come out of the vents, if we were to do this whole job for a customer, we would have to figure around $3000 for this professional and very knowledgeable work to complete this system, very few people today can know how to fix these systems,

Transmission/axle: here is the very desired heavy duty FMX automatic transmission that is stamped #C9Zp.7006.A, this works just great and shows in the Marti report that this is correct,  see the numbers of the rear 9” rear end is the 3.00:1 open rear end, all of the fluids are just checked, see the (LINK) again for all the numbers today, new kickdowns just installed (LINK)

Wheels/tires/suspension: here is an expensive set up with the great looking new Magnum chrome wheels, center caps and lug nuts, 15x7 front and 15x8 rears, the new B.F. Goodrich radials TA’s, 235/60/15 front and 245/60/15 rears, a very desired set up, also for great handling note the newer KYB shocks are installed, continuing this fine build, this has new inner and outer tie rods, fresh upper and lower control arms nicely detailed, all the fresh brake lines, the front discs are as new with great pads, the rear drums and shoes are just pulled checked and road tested, (LINK),

underchassis and body: very few of these Mach 1s from 1969-1970 have the ‘71’ DSO of San Jose, please review the special photos in the report that show the simply great original floor pans, the great solid and original torque boxes and the lower very important lower ‘pinch’ welds and the Ford factory numbers that are stamped in the lower rockers (SEE LINK), one can clearly see all of these factory stampings that are rare to find in this solid condition today, great effort is made to show this fine obvious history of this rust free and unmolested chassis and rockers, (LINK), to the best efforts of the Fraser Dante team, the rear quarters are all original and so straight, when one looks at the door jams, all welds are factory,

Summary: we figure from the work and the detailed front ‘A’ arms, that this initial work was completed just a very few years ago, since the normal rim blow horn does not work as is normally found today, a new separate horn button is just added for safety, we know this was a Driven Show Car as a show is where we found it, now the fresh, fresh Fraser work as described in the above description now just finished, here is a top condition driven show car of a famous design that looks just fantastic and has a great body and chassis, this is a freshly completed restoration of a most solid car, all of the extras work just now completed is shown, the expert build of the air conditioning system is now working great…offered with all the documentation and recent high tech service with our staff ready to speak to our customers, offered at only $44,950