1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible in just fabulous condition as prepared as top Driven Show that is a shining example of the very best of the 1950’s high design production, these gorgeous lines with the famous rear fins and the massive chrome grill go along with the side trim and the beautiful chrome bumpers are most famous design of the period, a very rare Atlanta production car that is presented in the restored original Matador Red color with a just beautiful new paint presentation…all the chrome throughout is also just striking… a rare find indeed!!! here is a recipient of a very comprehensive frame-off restoration that was told to us from the seller and new photos just taken really document said condition, then the final work is accomplished with many hours by the professional Fraser Dante shop, the car is optioned with the correct casting and the properly dated with lots of supporting ‘numbers’ for the 283 cid Turbo-Fire V-8 engine, the block and heads are as close to ‘matching numbers’ as possible, it is now equipped with a 4v Carter carburetor and the  dual exhaust system, strong even compression, the very great compression shows the rebuild of this engine with the dual exhaust is rated at 220 horsepower (LINK)…this has a Powerglide automatic transmission, uprated and expensive dual-circuit fresh front DISC power brakes, now just installed is the uprated and very desirable expensive Borgeson variable ratio power steering system,  said system took real expertise to install,  so great do drive now, this has a new power-operated white convertible top, boot, a clock and the AM radio, this is now presented in factory-correct and just gorgeous with amazing luster in the wonderful factory color of Matador Red, this famous convertible has the full factory wheel covers with the three-prong-center spinner cap and expensive wide whitewall radial tires, the brand new interior is newly upholstered in factory correct beautiful two-tone red and silver lurex show materials with a split front bench seat, has the front seat belts, all the glass is fantastic with new tinted windshield and rubber seals,  a truly impressive detailed chassis, new correct floors and a fantastic frame that is in show condition, all the fresh exceptional suspension with new springs, strong shocks and terrific new springs front and rear, the recent photos show the exact condition of the underchassis, frame and suspension, top show, this has very expensive new radial whitewall tires,  proper full Bel Air hub caps,  the very exacting original Data Tag shows how and where exactly this was originally made (LINK)…so exacting and just where the car is found today!!! Items like the full fluid change and a brand new high voltage battery is installed right before delivery…This writeup is simply very exacting with lots of specific details presented for the knowledgeable collector,

History of the famous 1957 Bel Air Convertible: No other car better characterizes the 1950s era of the famous Americana design than the 1957 Chevrolet with its classic flowing lines of the famous rear fenders, the year 1957 was the first model year of the larger-displacement 283 cid engine which featured a larger bore than the previous 265 cid engine, the trim pieces that identified the top-of-the-line Bel Air from the lesser 150 and 210 models with gold-anodized finish on the front grille mesh-front fender chevrons, Chevrolet script hood, Chevrolet script trunk, side chrome spears with rear quarter-panel accent trim and rear fenders capped with chrome…the rare Bel Air convertible production was extremely low, these models accounting for just 3 percent of all  1957 full-size Chevrolet manufacturing output; its rarity has only added to its top desirability…the car is best remembered in the context of 1957, as Dick Clark’s “American Bandstand” would make its television debut on ABC and Elvis Presley would purchase his Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee…the sight and sound of this really pristine Bel Air convertible really has collectors all over the world still excited, now we have here with the Data Tag showing this is a very rare Atlanta production that is restored in the original and much loved Matador Red, (LINK),

engine: this very correct unit is a proper casting and correctly dated to the Data Tag, this rebuilt 283cid unit that is as close to ‘matching numbers’ that are possible with the 1957 Chevrolet, there are no VIN #s on these factory engines, very highly detailed engine bay, now shown in this report with the all of the important numbers with the LINKS,  these excellent proper hydraulic lifter heads with the terrific even and strong compression of 142 to 145 lbs in a dry, cold reading taken in Summer 2019 (LINK),  the Fraser Dante restoration facility checked  all of the stampings that show the correct dates,  the Senior tech has set these valves and they show ‘clean as a bell’…here is the casting of #3731548 and the proper casting date code of l.27.56, then the front block deck #TI02F that shows this to be Feb2, 1957 engine actual assembly,  as this was originally a 2V carburetor car, now this is set up with the correct Power Pac with the hard to get period Carter 4v carburetor #2555 S, #8011-0, has now installed with the proper GM intake #3731598, see the factory correct air cleaner for show conditions…this has the full Power Pac dual exhaust system… (SEE THE LINK FOR ALL THE ENGINE NUMBERS),  now here is a great and proper 1957 Bel Air engine bay, then a full tune is done,

driving prep:…all the fluids are checked and the high tech high zinc oil is added along with a new filter, a full set of proper brand new spark plugs and the full wire set are used…then a brand new 24 Series  that is a very strong heavy duty new DuraLast Gold 12 volt battery with 700 cca that is installed,  great battery cables…very few people today do all this fresh work is completed for Driven Show condition in the professional Fraser Dante shop,

transmission/rear axle:  the correct Powerglide Cleveland built with #3708134 GM 12 automatic transmission numbers that is a rebuilt unit that is just road tested, it works just great,  see the photos of the restored driveshaft in the car, (LINK), even the dating of the case is k.1.6 and the bell housing date code of h.23.6 are remarkably correct and seem original to the car, again, the fluids are checked, fresh oil and filter, the test driving is great,  the rear axle and chunk have the fluids just checked, all of these numbers are shown with the fresh (LINK),

interior: factory correct show quality two-tone textured silver with red contrast vinyl bench seated interior, Trim #683, has the proper split front bench seat with all new padding, the interior install is well done, has the front new seatbelts, the red vinyl bolsters stitched with silver textured inserts, the full side panels are restored at the same time with said material to match the seats…front windshield tinted glass, front and rear manual windows, analog clock on passenger side dash, white power top, AM radio, beautiful restored dash cluster with speedometer, water, temp and fuel gauges, the ‘as factory’ interior dash is correct chrome with gauges, the top part of the dash is painted brand new correct red, the red factory steering wheel is perfect, correct red carpet with correct front and rear floor mats, trunk is in excellent condition with correct top seams and rubber trunk mat, a spare tire is added by Fraser Dante…

power steering:  VERY IMPORANT!!!  when this car was purchased by Fraser Dante, there was no power steering on the car, since everyone loves to actually drive and enjoy a legend like the 1957 Bel Air, the experienced professional staff at Fraser Dante just installed the complete variable ratio Borgeson Power steering system…this great unit makes the car a dream to drive, many, many hours are spent in this custom install, with the stock engine is place along with the generator, custom brackets are specially fabricated to make the new custom lower lines and new fittings now clear the new pulleys,  all this professional work yields a car that is a joy to drive…the Fraser Dante staff figures to do such this install is about $2850 today (LINK),

brakes/suspension:  note that the front brakes are the uprated and expensive power front disc brakes, has the proper Master Cylinder, see the photos of this great professional front disc brake upgrade that everyone loves, the rear drum brakesnow  have a new build with fresh shoes and new hardware, one can see from the recent photos how good they are (LINK)…then fresh brake fluid, the system bleed and road tested,  note that all this suspension area is brand new restored, very strong front coil springs, restored factory upper and lower control arms with all fresh bushings, see that all the proper tie rod ends are done…the strong rear leaf springs give the car a  proper ‘stance’…then after all checking, the car has been sent out for the final running and testing,

frame and floors:  here is a just  exceptional area of this frame- off car as seen by the actual car today with the condition, we have no restoration photos…the full floors and great underchassis are brand new two piece factory replica units that are just gorgeous and are painted semi-gloss black,  ready for shows, then the original Convertible ‘X’ box frame was stripped to the metal, painted black and then cleared, the photos that show them do not do this very fine work true justice,  the whole underchassis is absolutely FIRST CLASS…(LINK),

body:  from the examination at Fraser Dante, the exterior body appears to be very original and the sides are straight as an arrow!!!  These lines are hard to find like this and one can fell many hours of hand blocking went into the build…the gloss on the paint is terrific…all of the proper factory chrome trim is in exceptional condition, these pieces are just professionally polished, the lights are checked and work before Fraser Dante delivers the car…

the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air convertible is the most collectable American vehicle not only because of the looks but the accessibility of parts that makes this a car one can enjoy with the gorgeous classic lines and then drive with knowledge that you can get every part needed, the front and rear ends were considered radical at that time, famous Harvey Earl designed the rear fins and especially the brushed side aluminum panels on the Bel Air…a Landmark design indeed,

Summary: here is a famous 1957 Bel Air Convertible that is presented as a top, top Driven show car, all to frame-off standards, Fraser Dante has gone through all the systems to insure that the new owner will really enjoy driving to dinner or to a show, hard to find such good quality,  Owner's Guide (LINK), ready and offered for late Summer delivery with the full fresh work completed in the Fraser Dante shop…ready for top Driven Show and offered at only $79,950