1973 Triumph TR6 that is an extremely nice presentation in the very, very pretty and very desirable dark Mallard Blue, this pretty two year only Blue color presents so well with fresh preparation of the paint, the stainless luggage rack adds to the presentation, terrific mechanicals and very desired uprated suspension, very seldom does one see such a fully documented car that is shown in this long writeup and the many LINKS that give specifics, new full Black interior, matching door panels and black carpet kit, very nicely finished wood dash facia with also nice dash, chrome trim around the correct Smith’s gauges, tonneau cover, just drives superbly with the recent and noted engine build, fresh full tune and setup by a top British mechanic at Fraser Dante, true Driven Show Car, this is believed restored to very original vehicle now with the recent detailing of the whole car, has the rebuilt excellent 2.5 liter, 6 cylinder engine, full bottom end, the rebuilt head, excellent even compression, heavy duty clutch, many receipts follow the build, has uprated stainless performance exhaust system, very solid and even compression, has the tuned dual Stromberg 175-CD  carburetors, the engine bay is just recently show detailed, a great working rebuilt Stanpart 4-speed transmission with no overdrive, outstanding body with straight lines, the terrific aspect of this car is the very strong frame and just restored excellent floors in the solid rust free underchassis, the recent professional full detailing in the Fraser Dante shop of said underchassis shows the very solid show condition presentation, (LINK), specific photos show the recent underchassis work, (LINK), has great bushings throughout, uprated sway bars and excellent upgraded shocks, has fresh disc-drum brakes and strong suspension, very well presented with the very good restored chrome, some Triumph books come with the investment package, this has the correct restored stock steel wheels with trim rings, center caps and lug nuts with very excellent Michelin radial tires for great driving, one can upgrade to newer design wheels and new tires that are described below, Fraser Dante just added a new front lower lip spoiler, has the correct factory black vinyl softtop, proper boot, full tonneau and car cover, then the black vinyl hardtop are all part of the package, the gauges are checked to work for extremely nice wood dash, very few TR6’s have all of these extras, a good amount of records and receipts plus the CD photos of the recent Fraser Dante work are part of this excellent and sports car investment package,

Note: these restored TR6’s are really coming into their own as a fun, good power and easy to maintain sports car convertible, the AUTOWEEK article of August 18, 2014 features these cars, their quote of “good examples have a fantastic fun-to-dollar ratio” and “parts support is outstanding” sums up their status today, please read the attached (LINK), I saw the ex-Bob Tullius/Bill Warner #66 race last weekend at the 2019 Road Atlanta Walter Mitty, just terrific to watch and hear these strong TR6’s,

this terrific color of Mallard Blue is a two year only rich dark striking color (SEE THE LINK OF THE COLOR CHART), it was painted at a local shop that is also used by Fraser Dante, then driven for a very short while pushing for the goal of a completing a driven show car, the paint in very good and so solid a car, with the photos of the professional high speed buffing and high tech waxing done in May 2019 (SEE LINK), the luster of the paint is terrific, since this was planned to be a driven show car, we would rate the paint a 8.8++ today, i.e., the total work is about $3000 in the whole process, simply was not a bare metal process, this writer would be very proud to drive this to our favorite restaurant for dinner, it will be a joy to drive,

next…the receipts only that we found in the file were for $14,571 (SEE LINK) that come with the car did not even count the extensive personal work of the last owner nor the car itself, then when purchased at Fraser Dante in order to finish and complete the restoration, just a great presentation with luster that is great especially with luggage rack contrast, very few shops go to this effort both cosmetically and mechanically to complete a great British sports car, for excellent history, the great file that comes with the car has some good notes on the work from the previous owner (LINK), 

Engine: here is a very strong point with a built, great very strong and show detailed proper engine, the engine features the famous excellent 2.5 liter straight 6 cylinder, strong torque lbs with 2.94” bore and 3.74” long stroke (SEE THE LINK FOR THE SPECS), these engines were great units that were proved by what Bob Tullius and Group 44 did with them in their period race cars as they for prepared with more power and great reliability, this specific engine was rebuilt according to information and receipts supplied, the block was vated and checked and then bored +.20 over then with new pistons, rings, crank is turned +.10 over, full bearings, new double row timing chain, now as this original engine has dry cold compression in the very even and proper 130 to 138 lbs in a dry cold reading (LINK) just taken, these are high torque engines with great pulling power, proper dual Stromberg 175-CD-2 side draft carburetors are rebuilt, these carbs are so good and big that they were also used on the 1970 Jaguar XKE, fresh full throttle bushings and new linkage connected with new fuel lines to the dual Stromberg 175 CD carburetors, see the metal air intake system is restored and slightly modified for better air flow into the air filters themselves, very cool, the cylinder head is rebuilt with new valves, new valve springs, a new timing chain, the choice was made to install a new camshaft built to stock specs for great street performance, new connection rods, main bearing set, the engine block has the casting of #312388 and it is dated 9.l.2… very correct (SEE THE FULL NUMBERS LINK), has the Stanpart Aluminum intake manifold #V3265…88212187, note that this rebuilt head #218227 is just checked with the photos to confirm condition, then installed with the top rated Fel-Pro race quality valve cover gasket (LINK)

the cooling system has fresh coolant, just installed for great performance are the new NGK BPR 5E5 spark plugs, then new 7mm Denso black spark plug wires (SEE LINK), a new Autocraft 12-volt 24-2 series battery with 650 cold cranking amps just installed, this is the best quality we can find, has very good battery cables and connections, stock exhaust manifolds leading to the full stainless new oil and oil filter just changed to high performance VR1 oil to insure great operation and running condition, the Fraser Dante professional British in house staff just set the valves and these carbs are now both just adjusted for strong performance,

records show and the seller told us that the clutch and throwout bearing set is a heavy duty Borg & Beck system for excellent performance, this is the 4-speed non-overdrive unit, this appeals to many people just as this writer, for driving up to 75 mph, this is the strongest system, the rear end is a higher ratio than the overdrive that gives a better combination for street and mountain driving performance, 

suspension/brakes: this has a terrific uprated suspension system, heavy duty front sway bar with polyurethane bushings, new tie rod end set, new ‘U’ bolts, just excellent detailed aluminum rear trailing arms with new bushings, for great handling, this has the performance Koni front shocks, the rears are the Spax shocks, has heavy duty yellow front coil springs, the brakes are just redone with the great effort with the new master cylinder rebuild and eh servo unit, has the performance front disc that were received in great condition from the last owner, photos show these today
(LINK), next, Fraser Dante just put on brand new shoes (LINK) and the brake cylinders, these are great for spirited driving, fully detailed trunk (LINK),    

Tires/Wheels: this TR6 has the stock restored good looking factory steel wheels, trim rings and center caps, very correct with the argent color, has the excellent Michelin Defender radial blackwall tires with a 2014 date code and about 1500 miles, great condition, there is also a new $1200 upgrade for the very expensive new wheels that are 15x5.5” alloy Minilites replicas with a set of the brand new expensive Michelin Defender 205/70/15 blackwall radials just installed, another choice for upgrades are the true knockoff version wheels with the new hubs to be installed for the 15” Dayton wire wheels optional factory selection, these are presented in the original argent color with only about 400 miles on them, the tires on these wheels are older 205/70/R15 B.F.Goodrich blackwalls, in order to make these KO argent wires work well, it is recommended that another set of brand new expensive Michelin Defender 205/70/15 blackwall radials (LINK) be mounted and then balanced by our specialty sub, this whole operation is a $1400 upgrade…either choice is perfect!     

Summary: many hours were just spent completing a brand new trunk show setup that is just painted and then installed along with a spare tire, looks great, then the car was professionally high speed professionally buffed and polished for Summer 2019… this is presented in just terrific condition with great emphasis on the engine, chassis and frame, here is a wonderful top driving prepared TR6, offered with a choice of wheels plus the desirable hardtop, now ready for an opportunity of a classic sports car convertible in climbing market, fully set up with all the extras as part of the package, now offered at only $28,950