1972 Cutlass Supreme 442 Convertible that presents so well and drives like a terrific showroom driven carefully loved car…this is completely restored from a terrific body and great underchassis and frame, finished with the striking factory color of Matador Red that has an amazing luster contrasted with the white bucket seated interior, factory sport steering wheel, a new power white top with glass window, has the full power equipment, power steering, power disc brakes just uprated, rare power windows, has the great working uprated 134a original factory air conditioning for great cooling, the proper 350cid engine is a rebuilt unit with really excellent compression just confirmed, has the proper factory 4v intake and the correct Rochester 4v carburetor, factory air induction system, correct dual exhaust system, TH350 automatic transmission that works great, this year the ‘442 package’ was appearance and handling, the full correct 442 trim along with the proper 442 grill and front end, has the rear chrome bumper with 442 ‘notches’, has the 442 front and rear sway bars as the factory build for the 442’s, this car is very correct, has an amazing original body with the factory steel hood with simulated louvers and a so very solid factory detailed underchassis that are so hard to find, appears to be only a 66,410 mile car with upgrades since January 1972, this presents with just ‘great eyes’, the below report shown on www.fraserdante.com is very exacting and seldom found with so much information about current condition,

this was a North Atlanta area Driven Show Car for many years with lots of said documents, now the mechanicals are really top notch as now just went through the professional Fraser Dante shop to check all brake, electrical and all the mechanical systems, also full top mechanical tune just completed, note all new hoses and belts are just installed, fresh coolant, with a great body and the sides of the car being so very straight, has the correct side white side factory protector strips, has the restored stock five SS1 wheels with trim rings, center caps and lug nuts that are hard to find have the white letter radial tires make this a dream to drive, also this is presenting so well, all body panels and underchassis appear to be factory original ‘as factory’ and unmolested, careful care all its life, good suspension with uprated rear air shocks, upon received in our shop from the previous collector, Fraser Dante just went through a number of restoration upgrades that are documented with photos, we brought up areas like the great underchassis, all of this work to prepare for the Spring 2019 shows or a really spectacular dinner night out, even all the headlights, backup lights and taillights are just checked, the tune is perfect, great attention to full detail!

Specifics: after careful recent checking, the body is really in just excellent shape, all the outstanding original metal with the very hard to find original quarter panels, note that the bottom of the doors still have clean seams, inside the door jambs you can still see the factory spot welds, the bottom of the fenders are very clean, no signs of rust, even note that the body panels really line up and they fit so very well and are properly square, note that this has the dual exterior sport mirrors for safety and great looks, low mileage…since we have a work order in 2002 for 64,267 miles and today the mileage shows at 66,410, we believe that this is the original mileage of the car but cannot verify, this very nice 1972 442 ‘350’ Convertible has the original Data Plate on the car, see the (LINK), also this 442 has the complete information sheet of the ‘numbers’ on the car that wer just pulled to show the data to support (LINK), the history, note that this is a 2d week of January 1972 production,

underchassis/frame: here is a very fine and hard to find area that is most important in a driven show car and investment piece, these areas were like factory original frame that is so solid and just painted black…the floors are exceptional, the experts at Fraser Dante hand cleaned the floors to prepare the clean metal just as the factory made the car, then we dried and then Fraser Dante cleared the floors to protect for the future, the photos are good but ‘in person’, these floors look even much better than the camera shows, very hard to find so good today,  

Engine: here is a very strong rebuilt 350cid engine done by the previous ownership and then just checked in the Fraser Dante shop, has the proper factory intake and the correct rebuilt Rochester 4v carburetor, with the number of #17054937, this is a rare piece with the proper air induction system, see the very strong compression of 140 to 143 lbs in a dry cold reading (LINK), with the sounds of engine, it appears that this has a slightly uprated cam, also note that we show how one can tell a 1972 442 had both the factory made them with both 350 and 455 engines (LINK), the 442 was an appearance and handling package in 1972, you could even get a 455cid engine that was not even a 442 and Fraser Dante has sold one of those, this engine has the very correct casting of 395558 2 with a vin# of 32m194210 that shows this is correct 350cid replacement unit, with the proper heads that are correctly stamped 411 929 14x, they are very clean as explained with the fresh engine as the valve covers were just pulled by Fraser Dante to ascertain the very clean heads and the rockers, new valve cover gaskets, has the really correct dual steel exhaust system with steel pipes that are just as the factory would use, also note that this has a new battery and the new heavy duty correct cables so it starts well and the lights are bright, see engine work and detail (LINK), new AC Delco plugs (LINK),

See the photos on www.fraserdante.com on the recent engine work just completed, all of the hoses are just replaced (see LINK) along with the clamps, brand new A.C. Delco R45S spark plugs are just installed, good 7mm wires, new points, condenser and rotor button that retails for over $60 plus installing, then the timing is set by a top GM technician, then to make sure the new owner will be able to drive with reliability, we just installed all new ‘V’ belts in the engine and for the A/C system, the retail on the belts alone is $92.73, also a brand new show and correct radiator cap is just installed that has proper stamping on it,

Racing oil/filter: the Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is just added along with new filter for engine protection (LINK), said oil gives the proper zinc for the lubrication of the engine, note this step is using the top racing quality oil that can only be used on engines without a catalytic converter,

The transmission is the TH350 3-speed factory automatic unit, it works just great, see the (LINK) for the numbers that are found on this unit today, also we show the numbers that are all the 10 bolt rear axel on the same link,  

History of this car: this car was found in North Georgia from a serious car collector with many vehicles, he told Fraser Dante
that the history shows this was an Atlanta show car used by a Shriner as his show car, we are showing a maintenance, insurance and Georgia registration receipts from 1991 and there are other registrations from North Atlanta in the file (SEE LINK),, this car was painted a few years ago but there is no record of said date, the body has no signs of rust and said panels are top, top condition, in the recent work by Fraser Dante, even items like the rear taillight lenses were replaced as it appears the factory units were still on the car when we bought it, now the are new, trunk fully detailed (LINK),

Model History: this is a most desirable OLDSMOBILE 1972 CUTLASS SUPREME CONVERTIBLE that is one of the most desirable collector cars that you can actually drive and enjoy…note that the ’70 to ’72 Cutlass convertibles are really highly sought after, this is the last year of this famous model run, especially with the 350cid engine and the 4v carburetor and the dual exhaust, this is the best setup to enjoy and easily maintain the 1970-1972 442 as this the best to drive, maintain and enjoy, this was a wonderful popular car back in the 70’s and is a top car for collectors who enjoy driving in the new millennium, prices on these cars are still very reasonable for a drivable collectable car that is 46 years old and really a ‘modern car’ as here is really a classic look with many modern operational functions that operate well,

Brakes: here is where the excellent preparation work by Fraser Dante comes forth…by making sure the brake system is fresh, the excellent front disc brakes are just now rebuilt with the great just cleaned rotors and then now the brand new pads that retail for $93 are now installed by our technicians, great rubber brake lines, the brake lines are checked, then the factory rear finned brake drums are checked and painted and then the rear brakes and cylinders are also just replaced, the car is then road tested to make sure it stops well…all just completed, (LINK)

Interior: this great looking stock white front ‘Strato’ bucket seats factory setup with the matching rear seats are just fine  condition, has the correct matching door panels with both the white vinyl that is correct along with the wood trim insert areas, these could be the rare original seats as this car is believed to have such low miles and was a show car, this has the 4 safety belts, fresh black carpet, the dash configuration has the only change with the updated Kenwood AM-FM radio that looks great, this setup even the right rear mounted power antenna, there is also a hidden kill switch under the dash for safety, has the desirable factory great looking Sport Steering wheel, the full wood trim on the dash fascia and the proper factory console are in fine condition, the proper dash pad looks like a show car,  

Summary: this is redone for top driven show for enjoyment in 2019, the paint is really great as here is a striking Oldsmobile Cutlass 442 Convertible with full power equipment, just out of the Fraser Dante restoration shop ready for this Spring Driven Shows…it is very hard to find a Cutlass so solid and very original, a great detailed underchassis that is hard to find, offered at only $34,950