1975 Triumph TR6 with a really great documented history and in just wonderful fresh top Driven Show condition, now fully listed below are many facts in this long report with photos and LINKS as one can really see very exacting details of this original Atlanta car, this is prepared by Fraser Dante for the enthusiast who wants to enjoy driving this famous sports car convertible, the very specific full information about the mechanicals and parts supplied by Fraser Dante, a top dealer/restorer who specialize in the great TR6’s, see the many great photos that show the terrific work on areas like the engine bay, the great paint and the superior underchassis that is performed by Fraser Dante, this classic TR6 is presented with a really great body that is so very straight, correct very pretty Pimento Red color with great luster along with an optional luggage rack, a really terrific detailed underchassis and solid frame, has the original uprated factory bumpers with the clean look that is so very nice, this TR6 even has a choice of wheels that someone might desire, has expensive new argent Knock Off real wires or one could chose alloy Minilites, also one could want a restored stock wheels with trim rings that could be mounted should one want that look, this British sports car makes a really great show presentation along with just outstanding mechanicals, the famous 2.5 liter 6 cylinder engine is presented with the uprated 1¾” SU carburetors with the K&N filters, new alloy finned valve cover and gasket, new ignition parts like the plugs and uprated 8mm wires just installed, in the below engine description uprated wires and spark plugs are listed later in this report with the specifics supplied, still has the smog pump, this is highly show detailed, very good engine compression, note full ignition parts, here is a very spirited sports car that is completely freshly professionally tuned, smooth, the expensive Moss Motors radiator is brand new just installed with green proper show hoses and clamps, all the fresh coolant with the new radiator, cooling air box from radiator, has the great uprated ‘Trophy’ stainless steel exhaust system, has the 4-speed transmission with working overdrive just checked and tested, comes with the great history from originally Atlanta to Texas and now back to Atlanta, said history is confirmed as one can see the Troncalli Atlanta original document from 1975 documents (SEE LINK), many, many other documents follow said history and the maintenance, lots of records from Texas (SEE THE LINK), has just really terrific body panels, extremely nice black bucket seats with headrests, beautiful show quality Moto-Lita steering wheel, great condition all working factory gauges, Clarion radio,

the engine bay is highly detailed as set up for top Driven Show performance, finned alloy valve cover, brand show correct hoses and belts used, the Fraser Dante in house British senior mechanic just tested the engine with a compression test is pulled, then we checked the engine timing and the reset and adjusted the valves, these are all now set to factory specs, thusly just right for such an engine, black Hartz top, has both a large black tonneau cover along with a top cover, has the front spoiler, the full braking system is just fully checked with new front brand calipers and brand new pads done by the professionals at Fraser Dante, a really great suspension, believed to be a low mileage car with a very solid detailed underchassis, now this area is recently stripped and then painted, this TR6 is set up for excellent terrific driving and great performance, has the dual external spots mirrors, the windows work great, even the front full trim pieces are just restored, all the lighting is checked, front lower spoiler, the below long very long report following is very exacting and specific for great history and condition today,

History: please review all the great documents for the history that are most valuable, although this was purchased from a Texas owner who had owned for 18 years, it was then discovered that this was an original Atlanta car sold by Troncalli Motors (well known to this writer) on June 17, 1975 (LINK), records confirm said Atlanta history and then many other records of the doctor in Texas who owned from late 1999 until 2018, this was maintained in dry Texas by a shop for many years, then when this was shipped to the Fraser Dante shop to check everything and bring it up to higher standards, now all the original body parts are checked by our staff, the car has the nice cosmetics brought forth, the paint is just prepared by a top paint expert to check any minor flaws, then the final buffing and polishing are finished by another professional, all the original chrome bumpers are very, very good with but a only very bit of very minor patina, they are just highly professionally polished, these bumpers are not even reproduced today so they have really great value, this is just completed as this is prepared for 2019 Spring Driven cosmetic Show conditions, then the excellent British mechanic finished the mechanicals,

special history note:  please look at the ‘more photos’ section as well as the (history LINK) that shows the original Atlanta Troncalli documents with items like the consumer Information and initial registration of chassis CF 35409UO…then the ownership in Texas by Dr. Ortiz in Texas for many years in his great effort to keep good records (LINK), very seldom does one find such great history, now these records are set up with all the documents for history and investment value, car in top driven show condition,

Tires/Wheels: a great addition to this nice TR6 that this has a great choice with very expensive wheels and excellent tires, said Michelin Defender 205/70R/15 radial tires can be mounted on either the great looking virtually new expensive 5 argent real knockoff wire wheels, OR one can upgrade to 15x5.5” brand new light weight period looking alloy Minilites replicas should one wish to do so, see the photos of the wire wheels installed and the (LINK) of the great new alloys, also, we have a set of the stock steel wheels that can be restored, painted, then have the brushed stainless trim rings, center caps and lug nuts if one wanted the full stock look,

note: if one choses the knockoff bright chrome wires that came on the car when received, with specifics stating that they have some minor rust in the inner hub and back of the spokes, Fraser Dante will take off $1000 off the price, a very fair deal,

Engine: first of all note that this has the correct numbered engine in top condition!!! The engine bay is really highly prepared for top driven show condition, a brand new show alloy finned valve cover and gasket are just installed (SEE LINK), this sports car has the correct Moss Motors green show coolant system hoses and the clamps for performance and correct look to win a show, has a full brand new professional extensive tune, it is powered by the great and smooth performance with the strong 2.5 litre inline 6 cylinder engine, with a car dry weight of only 2438 lbs, this is great fun to drive, all of the ‘numbers’ of the specifics are noted in the engine (LINK), this is very strong and detailed engine, the engine features the excellent 2.5 liter straight 6 cylinder, this is designed with strong torque lbs with 2.94” bore and long 3.74” stroke, fresh full new expensive SU carburetors with FZX 3045 numbers that are just set, performance air filters, has the Stanpart Aluminum intake manifold #V3389, cylinder head #313247 #219019, engine block #CF35360 (SEE LINK),

has the uprated Pertronix electronic ignition and an ‘Facet’ electric fuel pump, a new gas tank, all yielding really spirited performance, with dry cold reading compression just taken of 127 to 137 lbs in a dry cold reading that is within only 10 lbs apart (LINK), this reading will improve with a warm engine, has the final valve adjustment set, (LINK) now this has brand new Champion N9YC spark plugs (LINK) and great black Blue Streak 8mm hi-performance spark plug wire wires with ceramic plug to spark plug ends that list for $128.96 for the set, a new distributor, a Lucas coil and rotor button, has the expensive polished stainless steel desired full stainless ‘Trophy’ sport exhaust system with muffler, these upgrades add more than stock reliable power, believed to be in the 112+ horsepower level today, this is excellent and this goes in line with the history of the stock 7.5:1 compression, see the (LINK) of the two pages of notes from the Fraser Dante top British tech as he set up the engine,

The coolant levels checked as the radiator taken out, a brand new radiator is just installed from Moss Motors as this still had the original radiator in the car when purchased by Fraser Dante, then fresh fluids…this install costs about $450 all in (SEE LINK), his has a new fuel gas tank that was installed when in Texas, the electric fuel pump is added, see the battery lower tray is freshly painted and that is shown to show how solid this is, hard to find so nice, has the expensive new battery with proper TR correct battery cables just installed at Fraser Dante, a brand new alloy finned optional valve cover (LINK), is just added with new gasket, the new photos show how it looks really great for show and performance,

Radiator and cooling: just installed is a brand new and factory radiator with fresh coolant, (SEE LINK), since this arrived with the original radiator in the car, now in order for this very proper engine bay to present well for top Driven Show and also be fresh for great cooling, the $319 radiator plus shipping plus the install has about a $450 costing, has the brand new set of green very correct factory hoses with the proper clamps are just installed, (SEE THE LINK), this complete kit is very extensive, works well and very important for show use, also see the proper black airbox in the front that directs the cool air from the radiator on to the engine for cooling,

The Fraser Dante professional shop then did the final road check and just road tested as a very ‘spirited’ driver, the electrics work great, all the lighting works, even the rear area under the spare that has just had semi-gloss cover applied for protection, outside British show badging,

racing oil/filter: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is added along with new filter for engine protection (LINK), note this step is the top racing quality oil that only top shops use,

Transmission/rear end: this well sorted 1975 TR6 has the fine working 4-speed transmission with working overdrive, has a full checking of the transmission lube, with all 4 gears being synchromesh gears, this shifts into all gears easily, with the semi-floating axle shafts, this three piece casting has hypoid gears with the rear end ratio with this overdrive runs a 4.10:1 gear, gives a great low end starting gear and then a great road gear with the overdrive unit, since this overdrive runs a 4.10:1 gear, the higher gear is easier for up to 70 mph,  

electrical: here again a lot of time is spent to make sure that all the lighting is just checked by our professional staff and working, the modern halogen headlights are very bright, the turn signals and brake lights work well, note that even the backup lights work on both sides, this is also prepared for under the hood electricals, the engine wiring is just checked along with the notes of work performed show why the engine runs great,

trim: here is an exception area…the really terrific bumpers appeared to be so very original from new in just fine condition when the car was found, now today with the hours of new polishing, we have taken off the bumper guards, these bumpers look really extremely nice and so very hard to find this nice but with only but a very, very little bit of patina, very minor, really top driven show shape, hard to find ‘original’ so very nice, first we pulled off the large government mandated 4 large rubber bumper guards before buffing the chrome bumpers, (LINK) then we spent a lot of time by hand buffing these bumpers, note that Fraser Dante has finished these with new bolts today so this yields a much cleaner look that was seen in the earlier TR6’s, then the chrome is highly and beautifully polished, a top driven show condition with pieces that are hard to get, (LINK),

underchassis and frame:  here is an exceptional solid and very  original underchassis and frame…when received into the Fraser Dante shop, the photos show the original so solid floors and frame being so very solid, these were rust free floors with virtually no undercoating when Fraser Dante put into the shop, then via our photos (LINK) one can see the original factory terrific red oxide that was still on the floors after we received the car…very hard to find like this…then now for show conditions, the floors are then nicely cleaned and then just detailed and painted with fresh new red oxide on the floors, then the great and most solid frame is stripped and painted black, both of these areas are cleared for a great presentation with all the handwork by the Fraser Dante shop, new brakes just installed (LINK),

INTERIOR: many items include the full black bucket seats and carpets that are very nice, see the full correct Smith’s gauges that work, these gauges look great, all detailed, has the Triumph black floor mats, expensive uprated narrow wood Tri-spoke Moto Lita sport steering wheel plus hub is installed, then effort just expended to make sure the horns blow, all new wood dash trim, seat belts, teak wood face dash kit that looks great, a newer Clarion radio setup, top boot, full tonneau, all lights just checked, see the very desirable optional black tonneau full interior cover along with the top cover that both look really great, note that the top is done in the uprated Hartz black fabric, 

collectability: these top condition restored TR6’s are really coming into their own as a fun easy to maintain classic sports car convertible, they have very good power and the  parts that are accessible, the AUTOWEEK article of August 18, 2014 features these cars, (LINK) their quote of “good examples have a fantastic fun-to-dollar ratio” and the “parts support is outstanding” sums up their growing status today,   

Summary: now prepared being ready for Spring 2019 with just terrific condition, drives superbly with full recent tune and setup by top British mechanic, very seldom does one find such great documents on a 1975 TR6 that are in the file, terrific engine presentation!!! this car has really great eyes, great mechanicals, great brand new brakes, great wheels, here is wonderful just ultimate driving TR6, fun to drive or perfect take to a local show to present on a pretty day, Owner's Handbook and Workshop Manual (LINK), TR6 Color Chart (LINK), offered to the person who loves to drive their TR6’s and also want a great preparation, now finished and set to go from our shop…ready with all the documentation offered with the full professional checking at an exceptional value of only $38,950