2004 Ford Thunderbird Deluxe in just beautiful Merlot Red, a really gorgeous deep red metallic, just glistens in the sun,  complete clean history with a AutoCheck full file (LINK), this two seater is really a modern personal car, has two tops with the fiberglass porthole hard top matching the exterior, the biscuit softtop is matched to the interior, the dark red exterior now looks just great with the contrasting Light Sand interior with the complimentary great design white faced gauges and the cool middle console, proper Thunderbird alloy wheels and new radials, this has the smooth power from the modern 3.9L double overhead cam DOHC 32-Valve Aluminum V8 with a horsepower rating of 280, this drives so very well with the torque being 286 ft/lbs at only 4000 rpm, a very just cleaned engine bay, the transmission is a 5-speed Automatic Overdrive, power steering, power disc brakes, traction control for safe driving, power windows and power locks, all these design features show that this limited production, gorgeous two seat tourer has great performance, superb reliability, great ease of maintenance, many fiberglass lightweight body pieces for weight saving, a terrific design with the egg crate grill with dual driving lights, the simulated hood scoop, side fender inserts and the classic dual porthole hardtop, see the ORIGINAL 2004 Thunderbird Owner’s Guide and the Thunderbird Reference Guide that are in the black Ford holder (LINK), these are showing the history, also full specs and how to maintain the car, has a great ‘no accident’ report, this deep red highly buffed exterior color really has such great depth of color luster that couples with the light colored interior,

History: terrific background to confirm condition, this very nice car last was owned by senior car owner and a real serious car business professional, he made sure that this had a fine and clean history, he bought this at CarMax on 1/28/15 as he wanted to make sure that records came from a good credible firm, that is when they supplied their respected AutoCheck form and research (SEE LINK), he paid $22,621 for the Thunderbird, he drove the car a bit, then he wanted everything to be just perfect, we noted that on 5/22/17 this had a recent full documented maintenance by an authorized Ford dealer for $2681 completed with all the systems checked at 32,156 miles, (LINK), he was so meticulous that he insisted that items like the rear sway bar links and bushings done, new oil pan gasket, full coolant flush and a synthetic oil change were done, brake flush and other items be fantastic he then spent a lot on the expensive 4 new 235/50ZR17 Uniroyal Tiger Paw radials along with the 4 wheel alignment…his costing was thusly $25,302 for a fresh and terrific car,

now in October 2018, this has but 33,165 miles when he sold to Fraser Dante shortly after retiring, now a complete new fresh detailing and buffing completed for Winter 2018 for really great luster, this deep red color with the metallic that looks especially good in the sun, 

Summary: here is a real modern classic car that is now so well prepared, very clean history, full fresh maintenance with receipts, a nice special flyer made (LINK) so one can easily explain at a show, again, with the two tops and new radials, note…this writer believes that in a short time, the values of this modern classic will shoot upwards for the styling and mechanicals, here is a remarkable buy at only $17,950

History of the ‘new’ thunderbird:  Ford created a flurry of excitement when the revived new Thunderbird that appeared as a 2002 model, although fully modern underneath, the redesigned model was a throwback to the original 1955 to 1957 Thunderbird two seater design along with the special badges, see the front hood beautiful ‘Thunderbird logo’, newly styled dual seats have leather seating surfaces, great looking dash with white faced gauges have a retro classic look, the handling is terrific with the chassis adapted from the freshly designed Lincoln LS platform, this is now a modern design with a rear-wheel-drive in the Thunderbird…for power this has a 3.9-liter V8 with 280 horsepower and a strong 286 ft/lbs of torque, 5-speed automatic transmission, comes a removable plastic hardtop, also the hood, fenders and rear deck are also made of plastic to keep weight down, this modern technology is coupled with the eggcrate-style grille and round headlamps, note the optional hardtop has the classic porthole-style quarter windows that are like the 1956-57 models