1966 Mustang GT Convertible in a very rare authentic factory GT condition…this has the proper 'A' code dated engine block and also has the dated very clean hydraulic lifter heads, just  outstanding fresh mechanicals and has a really top cosmetic presence, all the factory GT build areas and parts are just checked and confirmed as shown later in this report, now this terrific Mustang is prepared in the beautiful CandyApple Red color with great luster, has the White GT striping to bring to an outstanding MCA driven show condition, two tone Pony/Parchment interior, factory ‘wood’ steering wheel, Rally Pac, console, very rare Mustang AM 8 track radio, 4 brand new safety belts, a really just great steel body and terrific detailed red oxided underchassis that has the lower valence Ford stampings in this very authentic presentation, here is a GT convertible with factory ‘crush panels’, inside exhaust hanger bases, steering box and proper radiator support with fog light stampings, also this is equipped with many optional factory upgrades, a truly rare find in this condition, has all of the extras including the working air conditioning system that is now uprated to 134a and is just checked to work well, a fresh 3 row radiator, again noting that this has the very important strong dated correct 289 cid engine with as shown now rebuilt with the great compression just taken, with really excellent 154 to 160 lbs across in a dry cold reading, both very clean dated #66 heads with photos, dated Ford intake with proper Autolite 4100/4V carburetor, blue standard air intake and valve covers as per factory, it is so hard to find so correct today, all aspects set forth as the factory rated 225 horsepower, now with the Tri-Y header exhaust system and the uprated ignition, this should be in the 235 horsepower range today, full professional tune just completed with show spark plug wires and plugs, then engine bay is highly show detailed, build of the C4 automatic transmission is just completed with less than 100 miles, has a terrific body and wonderful underchassis of all factory metal… this was restored a few years ago and collector kept, now set to be in just beautiful stock show condition and the updated work late Fall 2018 by Fraser Dante, the terrific body equipped with the proper Ford stamped fenders, has original terrific rear quarters, drip rails and the great detailed underchassis, 

history shows this car came from a collection in the South, one man had a while, then another collector in the Atlanta area worked on it by getting it up, then purchased by Fraser Dante preparing and getting ready for Winter 2018, appears to be the top notch real deal GT Convertible that is seldom found today, now well shown with a great straight body lines in a classic, investor quality presentation, SEE THE MANY LINKS LATER IN THIS REPORT TO ASCERTAIN THE CONDITION of the terrific GT convertible

The pretty two tone Pony interior is equipped with nice padded seats and full matching door panels, full correct console, has all the wood trim, correct 1966 Ralley Pac with the working clock, has the rare 1966 AM with working 8 track radio system, the final work just finished Fall 2018 both mechanically to top aspects, suspension and cosmetically to be virtually the ultimate top driven show car in all aspects right from the Fraser Dante shop, now showing a body gorgeous Candyapple Red paint with full GT white striping along the lower doors, just a beautiful original color, upgraded Biscuit/Parchment Hartz brand new power top, correct boot, working Air Conditioning 134a system with the expertise and quality work just completed at Fraser Dante, the fresh coolant in the 3 row radiator, show MCA hoses clamps, new belts, has the Data Tag (LINK), working GT front lights, rear valence with dual exhaust proper chrome tips, just refreshed from the initial restoration is the fully show detailed factory red oxide underchassis completed to the highest standards, proper 1966 styled steel wheels with the center caps, lug nuts and proper trim rings, expensive brand new BF Goodrich Silvertown P205/70R14 dual redline radial tires that are very desirable, the full fresh front Ford GT disc braking system update and the rear drums checked with the build that is just completed, (LINK), all the lighting systems on the GT are working, important…this has just great chrome for the surround on the both front door quarter holders for the moveable windows,

Again, this color presents with great luster…the chassis is believed to be original before this new final prep…very hard to find so good and correct, note the Data Tag (LINK), this GT convertible is now simply a rare find in just wonderful condition out of the Fraser Dante shop with professional expertise for top mechanicals, now presented for the most demanding collector of Mustangs who wants a great stock body and chassis to be so proud of as well as the new C4 automatic and all the factory options, 

Body/chassis: here is a terrific ‘as factory’ body seldom found in this solid and original condition, all signs that this has not been damaged in all these years, has a just beautiful CandyApple Red paint on this very solid body, the door data tag (LINK) is matching the existing presentation in the recent examination to match up, this is really a great factory body, thusly the quarters and the fenders are all believed to be factory original, no signs of replacement and now so very straight with the first restoration and presents with just great lines, note the factory stampings on the under hood front inner fenders, very correct, the see the up close photos of these stampings (LINK) …also this has the Ford factory stampings on the lower horizontal rocker panels…hard to find this nice, the hood even has the proper factory stampings, the paint has just really excellent luster that looks very good as was found at a show, then to bring to a higher level, the final work was done at Fraser Dante to bring out the great luster, now with the really terrific underchassis that is really show prepared so that now it is presented to have been beautifully restored and just then detailed in red oxide, just now reworked with full photos of said chassis to confirm (LINK), fully detailed trunk (LINK),

FACTORY GT SPECS: Fraser Dante certainly knows how to check a GT 1965-66 Mustang as there are areas that show that this is a factory GT, they include…the main areas are the full front radiator support valence for the factory stamped holes for the GT lighting wires to come through, the GT’s have the fog light switch that comes from the left lower inside of the dash area…this switch is unique with the 3 connectors with the wiring being integrated into the main wiring harness…the really important area is the rear frame rails/torque boxes…there are stamped holes both top and bottom that you must put your finger in to feel the crush panels inside the rail…this Mustang has these areas for sure…also this has the GT steering box with the 16:1 ratio with the tab with either stamping of HCC-AX (manual steering) or HCC-AW (power steering as this car has) (LINK), …we also have shown the inner floors that have the factory attachments under the rear seats for dual exhaust hangers…all ‘A’ code cars must have these dual system…the factory sway bar is a heavy duty unit of 7/8" diameter solid steel bar with bushings…often people upgrade to the 1” Shelby sway bar (SEE THE PHOTO LINK OF THESE AREAS),

Extra trim: the windshield stainless side surround trim is polished and factory correct, very hard to find this quality today, the windshield is a replacement tinted glass unit with fresh seals, on the 6 side windows including the vent pains, very rare as all are the original Carlite glass with only the driver’s door glass being replaced after all these years, see the great stainless lower door sills with the additional MCA approved extra sills (SEE THE CLOSE UP PHOTO LINK

This has really nice highly polished chrome bumpers, all the interior bezels are bright and polished, has the working GT fog lights, back up lights, nicely detailed trunk with proper plaid factory mat and spare tire cover, white side GT striping, has the proper chrome driver’s outside mirror,

Engine/transmission: a really nice 289cid famous correct small block proper engine that really just ‘purrs’ with initial work from its previous re-build, we can tell from information supplied to us that the full build was recently done as the heads are so clean, this has the properly dated 6C1 block, this is thusly believed the original engine from castings and dating, the compression that is just pulled also shows that this engine is recently rebuilt, note the very good compression is the really excellent better than stock 154 to 160 psi dry cold readings just taken (LINK), also see the invoice of the work right before Fraser Dante acquired the car (LINK), this is better than factory, the valve covers taken off and fresh gaskets installed, (LINK) also has the dated C60E 9425-B Ford intake with proper Autolite 4100 4V carburetor with the C6 stamped, this rebuilt engine has the uprated long Tri-Y headers that are leading to the dual GT exhaust system, see full engine numbers (LINK),

Fraser Dante has put this through our shop to make sure that this engine is freshly maintained with documentation of same work and condition, this has the excellent wiring and for better ignition, this is now equipped with the uprated Pertronix Flame Thrower coil, 1.5 ohm, (SEE LINK), a full tune just completed with new show Ford C5OZ spark plug wires, new Autolite copper core ‘45’ spark plugs (LINK), the complete timing is set, for excellent fuel flow, the lines are checked and then the new very high quality Delphi mechanical fuel pump is installed (SEE LINK), now should produce about 235 horsepower, top professional mechanicals from the Fraser Dante team,

Also for excellent cooling, the 3 row radiator is just pulled and freshly sent off and done by the Fraser Dante sub, then installed along with the all brand new coolant hoses and clamps (LINK), then the fresh coolant added, the proper 5 blade fan used,

racing oil/filter: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is added along with new filter for engine protection (LINK), said oil gives the proper zinc for the lubrication of the engine, very few shops go this extra to insure the good operation of the engine,

Transmission: important!!!  has the hard to get today desirable that is the proper C-4 automatic transmission that is correct for the car, these are getting very hard to find today, see the invoice of the rebuild with now less than 100 miles on the install (LINK), road testing has all the 3 gears and kickdown working, has the correct and proper working gear selector unit,

Rear end: here in the rear is the solid axel correct rear end that is red oxided detailed, the 3:00.1 gear that is shown on the data tag and then the dates and numbers are checked on the car itself that are then to confirm (SEE LINKAND PHOTOS), the chunk lube level is just checked, both of the axel seals are checked, the rear end chunk is lubed,

Interior: has the striking full Red and White Pony interior, new DOT safety belts, desirable factory console, proper wood GT steering wheel, has the really beautiful red and off-white (called Parchment/Burgundy full Pony bucket seated interior with matching red/white GT two tone door panels, a full factory onsole, the gauge cluster is in fine condition and has the proper wood trim, looks terrific, has the tinted front windshield, working wipers are just checked, has the working air conditioning that has been uprated to 134a and just checked at Fraser Dante, an 1966 Ralley Pac with the clock now working and the tachometer not so, proper and expensive wood steering wheel, emergency flasher switch in glove box, also, 4 brand new red DOT safety belts are being prepared for safety and showing (LINK), excellent red carpet with mats,

note: the rare 8-track with AM radio that is installed is a factory unit only for 1966 and 1967, this proper unit is worth some $750 installed and excellent for investment purposes, (LINK), The dash and instruments are nicely done, the gauges work, this has the 1966 Rally Pac, has the working clock at this juncture but the tachometer is not working, the upper dash pad is in fine condition, the headlights are the Sylvania halogen sealed beam units, the windshield is a tinted unit,

Top: here is a great addition, this has the brand new very expensive power biscuit colored Hartz top that is just recently installed, this upgraded power unit looks just great and very professionally done, now better quality that factory, see the (LINK), has a boot for the top when down,

Suspension/wheels and tires: here are the correct 14” 1966 styled steel wheels, red center caps, lug nuts and the polished trim rings, mounted on them are the as factory presented brand new Hankook 205/75/R14 radial narrow band whitewall tires that look stock but are the updated radials...these are well balanced that make this drive just wonderful,

The terrific fresh suspension that was initially done a few years ago and was placed in the collection, then when the last collector owned the car, he then started the work to bring this car to a higher point of the work in early 2018, it was seldom used, now then in late Fall, Fraser Dante completed a lot of the work now mentioned later in this report to make sure the car handles just great, (SEE THE LINK), now has just been through another upgrade at the Fraser Dante restoration shop for great driving and handling, the shocks are fresh Monroe blue units, see the Ford control arms with bushings, new coil spring perches, strut rod bushings, this is just great professional work, has the proper GT front sway bar with bushings (LINK), then after this was completed, then road testing is done to make sure the car track and stops just wonderful,

Summary: this is a real GT from all the aspects just checked, this has the working air conditioning along with extras like the power steering that are very desirable, Ralley Pac, rebuilt C-4 transmission and a full interior console, great brakes and great suspension, running check, lots of specific LINKS, here is a car that has a serious worldwide demand for such fine quality, the epitome of classic Mustangs!!! all extensive work just checked at the Fraser Dante shop ready for Winter 2018, Owner’s Manual (LINK), now offered with all updates being freshly prepared at only $56,950