1969 Mach 1 presented with just a beautiful CandyApple Red, the bodywork and straight sides are just terrific, the paint presents with just amazing luster, this has the proper functional front air scoop Shaker intake hood that is painted gloss black, front lower spoiler, rear slats and the rear spoiler add to the great famous Ford design with the factory gold/black side racing Mach striping, the black deck lid rear spoiler, simulated rear quarter air scoops, has the NASCAR style hood tie downs, this has the full Marti report, the Decoder, the Ford Motor Company build information, this has a built and very strong 351cid Windsor engine with 4v carburetor from the shaker air system, a great even compression as shown, dual aluminized exhausts via the Hooker header system, with Flowmaster mufflers this sounds just SO very strong, rebuilt 4-speed with great clutch install, a Traction-Lok rear end, dual rear traction bars, the paint has been done exceptionally with great luster, great black full interior with the red accents, finished about 5000 miles or less from the initial build of the build and cosmetics…then the car moved to Atlanta for more meticulous mechanical work, always top cosmetics for great presentation, just checked again for Fall 2018, thusly had very careful attention through its life, really a rust free car today with full check of the body and chassis just completed, the sides are really straight as an arrow that presents just great, this has really the very solid floors and just a terrific underchassis, NOTE the photos of the restoration that are part of the file, there are even more in the file, the final buffing completed in Fall 2018 to really nice standards, this looks terrific, fitted with great looking staggered 15” Magnum 500s, expensive modern Goodrich radials, a full tune, this handles great, with the tinted windshield and the lower stainless rocker moldings, handling is enhanced with new heavy duty springs, has the dual rear traction bars, rear air shocks, the appearance and terrific stance attitude of this Mach 1 is really great, 

This car history: after very extension restoration work that was done in Illinois starting in 2001 and going on into 2003, the body, chassis and paint were first class, then the start of the mechanicals began, when this came to Atlanta to a top Mustang restoration shop well known in the industry, the full build was completed to top standards with extensive receipts, just the receipts that come with the car are over $43,000 in receipts that are still here to go with the Mach 1 (SEE LINK), see just some of the photos that are shown about the build, there are many more (SEE LINK)in the initial build file, from the examination of the chassis in Fall 2018, we believe that only a footwell was replaced in said underchassis, the floors are solid with recent nice detailing, the other changed area we can find is the vertical rear trunk panel that is also nicely done, thusly it is believed that all the underchassis and body panels are as factory, photos are shown as the final detailing and specs are completed, (LINK),

Note that there are many attached documents that are important to the value and condition today…these are only PART of a very large file, just hit all of the LINKS for history, these give lots of information about the initial factory build of this really nice 1969 famous Mach 1 design: Marti Report (LINK), letter from Ford (LINK), data plate information (LINK), dry reading compresson from 136psi to 140psi across (LINK),

History of the 1969-1970 Mach 1: the 1969 famous Mach 1 was only available as a fastback, this fabulous aggressive design with the 4 front headlights just looks like it is fast while just sitting, simply a timeless piece, this car looks exactly as featured on pages 125 in The Complete Book of Mustang published in 1989, Library of Congress #88-635 80, in the April 2003 issue of MUSTANG MONTHLY, copies of the original Ford ads for the Mach 1 in red are included in the history of this famous car, here is a collectable classic design that appeals to all ages of classic car collectors everywhere,

Equipment:  this has the fine working rebuilt 4-speed transmission as documented with the many receipts, this is equipped with very good heavy duty clutch and many receipts showing mechanical work done, one can see the large bell housing that has been used in the build, this has the power disc brakes, said brakes are just checked, (LINK), the last owner wanted this without power steering as liked the additional power and how it drives with the 4-speed and the modern radials, (LINK), thusly the Ford power steering was not used, it someone wants power steering, the Fraser Dante believes it can install the great and upgraded Borgeson variable ratio complete unit with road testing for $3100 complete,

When the air conditioning system was removed, the whole deal included removing the heater too, said owner wanted the car simple and lightweight for ease of operation, as one knows, there is always a bit of heat inside these cars so it can be driven in all weather that includes the Fall, now drives great, if ones desires, a full new Vintage air conditioning  and heat complete modern system can be added by Fraser Dante,  

Suspension/wheels/tires:  note that this has expensive great looking staggered 15” Magnum 500s with great B.F.Goodrich radial TA’s, (SEE THE ATTACHED SHEET LINK) for the specifics,
In the checking of the running gear in late Fall 2018, we found that this has a fresh heavy duty front sway bar with bushings, strong springs, rear air shocks, also this has the for putting the power to the ground (LINK), the rear end is dual rear traction bars detailed,

Engine: when this 1969 Mach I was initially built, a fresh Windsor 351cid was installed as part of the package, one can see the photos of the engine getting ready to go in the car (LINK), after this install, then when the car came to Atlanta, the owner had his full attention to mechanical work as maintained by the well known Vintage Mustang, the strong sounding hydraulic lifter engine with the 4v carburetor, has the cool Shaker Air system, this has very solid compression just taken in a dry cold reading of 136 to 140 psi across, very good, has the new Taylor Spiro Pro 8mm silicone spark plug wires for excellent ignition, we can assume with said readings and the very strong sounding uprated cam installed, this engine was built for the modern gas today, highly detailed, with the use of the Hooker ceramic header system to the full dual aluminized exhaust system and the Flowmaster mufflers, the horsepower is way better than stock, new spark plugs, one can see the upgraded bell housing with the scatter shield in the clutch system, the radiator has fresh coolant, new oil and filter are used for current driving condition,  

Summary: here is a very, very gorgeous presentation of a famous 1969 Mach 1 design with lots of restoration receipts, has the desirable 4-speed and fresh shop prep with road testing that is completed now for Fall 2018, offered at only $49,950