1970 GTO Convertible is restored to just perfection! Prepared for the demanding collector as this ORIGINAL ATLANTA GTO is so very well presented in a just gorgeous Cardinal Red color with amazing luster, now shown with the arrow straight sides that are really outstanding with the factory creases being just terrific, all body pieces are original and factory correct from examination and history supplied by the last two owners, the beautiful color is contrasted to white bucketed seated interior and the new white top, really fresh suspension with new springs and fresh alignment to insure very nice driving abilities, the detailed underchassis is very original, the frame is so very solid, solid and painted black,  then the underchassis is painted black and just hand detailed with many professional hours to present in rust free condition, this looks just really just outstanding for a top Driven Show, the rebuilt original matching #s 400cid engine that is so documented, it runs just perfect, just terrific high compression with the new listing of the compression of 168 to 175 lbs is better than factory original, all very important numbers are listed later in this report, still has the correct rebuilt Rochester 4v carburetor, see the VIDEOS of the car running (LINK), this is set up with the full optional power equipment along with the working air conditioning that makes this a hard to find and very desirable piece, variable ratio power steering, power brakes with disc fronts that are new, note that here is this real GTO convertible that this writer has known for many years, it is hard to find such a nice car with the GTO documentation, see the Window Sticker (LINK), note that after this was just sitting for a while after the first restoration, then lots of new restoration work that is supplied with a very large portfolio, this extremely nice GTO convertible was sent to the Fraser Dante shop to get this very ‘fresh’, in the recent process, the original rust chassis is highly detailed as per factory original, the floors are so clean and painted black without undercoating, a very nice presentation that is the result of long time Atlanta ownership confirmed by this writer and the previous owner, then after adding to his collection, he then did some $40,000 that is spent in restoration even before Fraser Dante did our final work completed for Spring 2019, the below documents confirm what is here on the car today and how it was made, see the many LINKS that are listed, the beautiful interior is completely restored padded bucket seats with the headrests and proper side paneled interior, wood steering wheel and the factory ‘wood’ console, fresh fluids just installed, terrific fresh suspension with great springs, shocks and all new bushings, this has proper sway bars both front and rear, new bushings, just terrific running gear, also when Fraser Dante did this final suspension restoration work, then new correct front springs were added to get the right ‘attitude’ and then another new fresh alignment just completed, has the famous front Enduro soft bumper is restored to perfect condition, the matching new halogen headlights have the bright polished surround, the very important below following documents and build specifics, photos and LINKS are part of the investment value of this fine 1970 GTO Convertible,

Engine and running gear: here the original matching numbered engine that is freshly completely rebuilt with the factory YS stampings, one should see the list of the NUMBERS that are shown in this (LINK), these are important…this also matches the PHS numbers on the sheet, note that this engine was built to better than factory specs, the great compression is better than new with the 168 to 175 lbs psi on a dry cold reading (SEE LINK),  this reading is better than factory new, one can further see that the rebuilt correct hydraulic lifter stamped 1969 heads (L.04.9 and L.03.9) are properly dated too (SEE THE LINK), still has the newly rebuilt factory Rochester 4v (#7110264) carburetor, this is just tuned in the Fraser Dante shop with the listing of all these parts, this has the factory air intake system that will work well and be great for shows, this information is important, the exhaust is the new 2 ¼” aluminized system, the mufflers are upgraded Flowmaster with the exhaust via the dual chrome tips, the ‘sound’ of this engine unit is great, the timing is set with test drive completed, the newly restored radiator has fresh fluids, the engine great detailing is just completed for top Driven Show, (SEE THE VIDEO OF THE CAR RUNNING AND DRIVING),

transmission and axel running gear info: see the information on the original very desirable Turbo 400 transmission (SEE THE TAG LINK WITH ALL THE NUMBERS AND DATES) that works great with all 3 speeds shifting as designed, another important note is the that this has the dated correct Safe-T-Track differential rear axle
with the casting of #9799100 and the L.1.9 (late 1969) date code (SEE LINK), the fluids are just checked, the factory shift unit in the console works as it should,  

History: the 1970 GTO retained the design of 1969 Endura urethane cover around the famous quad headlamps and black grille, this 1970 GTO convertible has this front special bumper in superior condition...it has no cracking and lots as factory new, please see all of the documentation presented of the history of this very rare Atlanta car that is still in Atlanta for Spring 2019 with all systems checked, the body is believed to be all original known owners for many years, herewith shown are the very extensive documents that few cars still have, see the PHS report and other information (LINK), note that Boomershine Pontiac of Atlanta sold the car brand new (SEE THE WINDOW STICKER)…the real GTO convertible has the factory data attached tag with all build specifics (LINK), this is a real GTO that is prepared for top driven show, the car came from Atlanta to Texas to Atlanta a few years ago and was purchased by a long time friend of this writer, now has been back in the Atlanta for many years, SEE THE ATTACHED FILES AND LINKS:owner's manual, (LINK), the large file with said PHS letters as that goes with the car adds value for good investment, all the body work is believed original and the quarters show no sign of b being replaced, 

Body: from all examination and history known to this writer, all the body is original to the GTO, no signs of any accidents in the careful examination, the rear quarters are ‘as factory’…the rear large chrome bumper is perfect, gorgeous, the rear lights and the back up lights work great, great effort here,

Suspension/chassis:  very few of these GTOs have such a great attention completed to make driving details so good, here again shows the top excellent suspension with the fresh tie rods, new control arms, ball joints, great fresh shocks all around, when the last suspension restoration work was done for $1420 alone (SEE LINK), the previous builder tried to lower the front suspension too much, now brand new correct front coils are just installed to get the attitude of the car very correct (LINK), after the install at Fraser Dante, this is sent our top alignment shop for a perfect setup (SEE LINK),

this great handling car even has a properly 1969 dated rear end, this is factory built with the exceptional handling built in, has the rear boxed trailing arms that are in fine condition, then this has the proper dual sway bars with the front 1 1/8” sway bar and the factory ¾” rear bar, both have excellent bushings, the dated casting of #9799100 G80 rear end is shown to be a Safe-T-rack with the 3.23:1 ratio for the factory air conditioned cars,  

NOTE: the underchassis…great effort is spent in this important area for such a fine investment quality famous 1970 GTO convertible, one can see from the ‘more photos’ and the (LINK) that all the body panels go down ‘as factory’ to the chassis…there is only proper factory undercoating on the inner wheel wells that is now painted over fresh black, the outstanding floors in the underchassis are rust free, very original, ‘as produced’ and painted black with a fresh clear done to protect them, the wonderful all steel and the highly detailed frame rails, close up show how clear they are…see the long photo shots of the underchassis to show how great driven show condition they present today, 

Summary: it is very hard to find such a great modern classic car with all desired options with great background…now with a chance for someone to own a 1970 GTO convertible with lots of history, all professional shop work is completed to have this now ready for a Christmas present to be enjoyed for Spring 2019, just terrific body and underchassis all detailed for show, really a great buy that is offered way under costing at $56,950