1965 GTO Hardtop that is a really wonderful Driven Show presentation that is supported by the full PHS Documentation and all the exacting 'numbers' that are shown in the below LINKS in this full long report, professional paint and buffing efforts just completed to bring this Montero Red color to a wonderful presentation, this has a rebuilt and strong 389cid engine as this was an original WT 4v and now with the correct 3x2 Rochester carburetors on a factory intake manifold, this setup is rated at 360hp with 424 ft/lbs of torque, very strong compression in the 158 to 166 psi, built to higher than factory specs, has the uprated Pertronix module system installed, new check of the factory distributor, power through the factory Muncie 4-speed synchro-mesh transmission, has the new Hurst shift linkage that works just great, brand new heavy duty clutch system, just serviced 3.23:1 rear end, the underchassis is in really such great factory condition, all looking like an unmolested frame just recently detailed, this is in very exceptional condition with terrific original floors, a great frame, the exterior is really top condition with just beautiful Montero Red paint that has just undergone a professional paint shop updating to have a wonderful luster in paint, just terrific straight body lines, all the quarters are ‘as factory’ with inner drip trunk rails perfect, has fantastic chrome bumpers, rare rear trunk exterior stainless chrome valence trim in terrific condition, proper parchment bucket seated interior, full console with wood dash, wood steering wheel with factory brand new steering wood wheel also available, rare working proper factory Tempest Deluxe AM radio, power steering, power brakes just checked, correct looking Rally I wheels in the uprated 14x7 size, proper center caps, trim rings, expensive brand new radial 225/70R14 Red line tires just now installed, the great original underchassis with very solid floors is hard to find like this, full check of the operating systems, has an uprated 4 row radiator with fresh hoses and clamps for excellent cooling, now with both power steering and fresh power brakes, the 3x2s with progressive linkage are just road checked, fully serviced make this a GTO that can be driven and enjoyed, ready for Fall 2018, includes the GTO manual and factory brochure (LINKS), note that this has the rare and hard to get rear chrome valence at the trunk that is great, also the large rear bumper is great, Fraser Dante wanted to bring this rust free car up to top presentation with our top paint shop doing the horizontal areas and then high speed buffing to made very current presentation in the great luster,

this is built by Fraser Dante for the demanding collector who wants an investment quality GTO that has great mechanicals and drives well for fun and enjoyment, the full documentation with all specifics and photos that are shown on our website for the new owner to be certain exactly what is done, Fraser Dante is here for our customers after receiving their vehicles, we can answer any questions with our professional staff, this strong overhead valve V8 in the GTO was so important to automotive history, the full check on the running condition includes a full tune and oil just completed by top senior GM master tech, please review this report as great effort is expended to explain the exact condition today,

History: here is the real start of the Muscle Car Era with Detroit and Pontiac starting with the amazing popularity of the 1964 GTO that then sparked a marketing frenzy from Pontiac, then in 1965 the GTO took on a life of its own with the newer design of the 1965 along with the power, one must be sure that this most famous has the confirmed following description from the PHS explains the history and with great certainty that this is a real GTO, the 1965 GTO remains a landmark and very collectable car, especially with the 4-speed version in the number one color combination, here is a terrific fresh GTO, these will have good values because they were and are so popular, can be serviced and many parts are available, great suspension, springs and excellent ‘A’ arms,

note that the original Data Tag (LINK) that shows how this 1965 GTO was produced, this car was originally sold in the 2004 period from a top notch dealer to a collector in North Georgia, he worked on the car improving and maintaining it in his ownership at a professional repaid shop well known to Fraser Dante, now for Fall 2018, this was purchased by Fraser Dante so that now it has another fresh upgrade for top Driven Show, the full information and numbers on this rare car are part of its history, full PHS documentation (LINK), note the attached ‘number sheets’ are most important, these date codes show that there are all signs this is a replacement factory 1966 engine block, 1965 heads, it was a 389/4v engine with 4-speed originally and now a very correct ‘as factory’ 3x2 setup, seeing all the ‘numbers’ show how mostly correct this car is, a very full maintenance and wonderful detailing completed to make sure it drives as well as it looks, the 1965 GTO remains a collectable car and will have good values because they were popular and can be documented today with PHS,not counting the restoration, the whole chassis is believed extremely solid and very original with no signs of any previous damage that can be seen by this writer, full new detailing completed, the newer expensive paint work that is completed only because this was initially restored 15 years ago and the horizontal areas had some normal very minor deterioration as the sun brought out a bit of solvent, the goal was to bring the paint back up to really top standards, our top sub shop with aid from the PPG regional guy to match the existing paint, the paint shop has a great booth to do the work, the back to Fraser Dante to professionally wet sand and buff the car with top quality protectants to bring out the great luster (SEE LINK),

Body: very factory original exceptional and beautiful Montero Red color painted exterior, correct painted side white accent striping, beautiful chrome front and rear bumpers and trim, classic GTO lines, all the body panels from fenders to rear quarters are factory original from examination just completed, very hard to find such quality on a great body that is now almost 54 years ago and still with factory stampings, again to note, bringing this up to Fall 2018 great standards, as this had been done initially a few years ago, we worked on, painted and blended the horizontal surfaces to make the presentation just great, the our sub shop had the PPG expert factory man matched the paint exactly (LINK), and then to his top notch booth to paint with great standards before returning to Fraser Dante, then this had a final effort with our professional buffing (SEE LINK), this looks just wonderful and has terrific luster,  (SEE LINK),

rear factory window trim, all glass original except for replacement windshield and newer driver side door glass, all other glass with the passenger side rear, door and vent, driver side vent and rear glass are all original, rear quarter panel mounted antenna, stainless steel lower rocker moldings, chrome driver side outside mirror, OEM style jack with full size spare, trunk mat and spare tire cover over correct black/aqua trunk splatter just completed for show,  (LINK)

Engine/drivetrain: this was an original 389cid with the 4v carburetor setup, the engine is a replacement 1966 high-performance block with the legendary Tri-Power 389cid engine setup, factory rated at 360 horsepower and a massive 424 ft/lbs of torque with the hydraulic lifters, note the very impressive information sheets and the very important numbers to explain what is here today (LINK) now the casting on the engine is 9778789, the date code is E.17.6 or May 17, 1966, the stamping on the front of the block is ‘WT’ 579552, thusly a correct engine with great compression, see photos with valve covers off (LINK) to see the clean heads, now has the correct progressive mechanical linkage Rochester carburetors that has just been checked on the road and the shop, they have the tabs for show (SEE THE VIDEOS OF THE ROAD TESTING SEPT 2018) VIDEO #1, VIDEO #2

it is mated to a Muncie four-speed transmission with new inspection cover installed (LINK), the compression of the 389cid with 360 horsepower is strong and impressive from 158 to 166 across in a dry cold reading (LINK), good oil pressure, the low restriction air cleaners are as factory, note here again, as this was done a few years ago, the road testing was fine but Fraser Dante just installed a brand new heavy duty ‘Ram’ clutch system, this install effort includes the flywheel is turned, this expensive addition yields a great pulling power (SEE LINK),
new proper alternator and correct new bracket for show, just checked the output, has the AC Delco 7mm new plug wires and new spark plugs, the timing is just set, all for great ignition, under the hood just now purchased are the show quality Tri-Power rear alternator strap and a power steering strap are just installed, a correct alternator bracket is installed for show use, strong 12 volt battery with fresh cables, the engine is freshly detailed to be top Driven Show condition, this has a full aluminized 2 ¼” dual exhaust system with factory rear dual exhaust chrome ‘splitters’ and the Flowmaster mufflers,

Tune/setup: the history of the GTO is that for 15 years, this was maintained by a top mechanical shop well known to Fraser Dante for 15 years, out of the Fraser Dante shop, the car now has new Delco black 7mm spark plug wires, Delco spark plugs, the uprated and desirable Pertronix ignition yields a great spark for ease of driving, the carburetors have been set with the progressive linkage by the Fraser Dante senior technician with GM training,

Racing oil/filter: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is added along with new filter for engine protection (LINK), said oil gives the proper zinc for the lubrication of the engine, note this step is using the top racing quality oil that can only be used on engines without a catalytic converter, very few shops go to this extent,

Drivetrain: the strong power runs through the correct 4-speed fully synchronized Muncie transmission, great shift linkage, has the factory 3.23:1 rear end gear that is recently lubed and serviced, the driveshaft ‘u’ bolts are greased, as mentioned above, since this was done a few years ago and seldom driven, now just installed a brand new heavy duty ‘Ram’ clutch system, this install effort includes the flywheel is turned (SEE LINK),  

Driving extras: this has the power drum brakes that are in top shape, the drums and shoes look great, we know that for years, this was maintained locally by a top mechanical shop as the last owner took very good care of this GTO, then now we have here a full braking system that is just checked on the rack at Fraser Dante (LINK), also, this has the GM power steering unit with fluid checked and good belts, 

Interior:  beautiful restored Parchment bucket seated interior that looks factory correct and fresh, black dash, Rally gauge cluster and working tachometer, after market wood grain steering wheel now mounted, a brand new factory repro steering wheel just purchased could be installed (LINK), has the Pontiac Motor Division center button with the trim ring, if we install, the horn connections are included in the install, the current pricing includes this steering wheel or a credit could be given if the existing wheel is kept, has parchment visors, full length black console, with the Hurst white ball shifter, black vinyl ‘Pontiac’ logo floor mats over black carpeting front and rear, rare working factory AM radio, ‘GTO’ logos on both door panels, four newer off white safety belts, rear padded arm rests with ash trays, for other work completed, note that further that this has all under hood, luggage, glovebox, courtesy, ashtray, lighter and parking brake lighting, has working windshield washer system with newer aftermarket pump, the headliner is great and appears as factory too, see the full data plate information (LINK),

Wheels/Tires: here is another area of great expense just now completed, this came with tires of excellent tread but they were 15 years old as this was seldom driven, now brand new radial BF Goodrich Silvertown redline P225/70R14 tires are just installed and balanced (LINK), the cost with tires, taking to be mounted and balanced at Discount Tire are about $1100, note that they are mounted on upgraded Rally I 14x7 wheels as they look like the factory wheels that are only 14x6, this whole package to do is very expensive today as replacement costing is about $2700 alone,

Underchassis and running gear:  here is another excellent area of this top 1965 GTO, the excellent underchassis is in such great factory condition that appears to have been cleaned and well taken care of for its like, all looking like an unmolested frame, original floors, just excellent ‘A’ arms that are original from all examination, the photos supplied really do not show how good this is in person, when one calls Fraser Dante, we are happy to explain, the bushings are good, the ball joints are fine, all of this fine condition is how the car was explained to Fraser Dante when we found this at our friend’s repair and technical shop, (LINK),

trim work: when one checks the stainless trim around the rear window as well as the rest of the car, this appears to be the original pieces in side top trim of the windows that are now hand polished, the trim around the windshield is also as factory and polished, hard to find like this,

Summary: Here is really a very, very nice GTO with a beautiful paint presentation, please note that the PHS documentation shows this GTO originally had a 4 barrel carburetor now with correct Rochester 3x2 carb setup, just beautiful Montero Red with Parchment bucket interior, 4-speed with full console, note all the LINKS that give the  ‘numbers’ on this GTO, Owner’s Manual and Brochure (LINK), the attached sheets and notes in this report are very important to the condition and history of this fine GTO, ready for Fall 2018 with all fresh work as described and a driven car show with great paint, now at only $51,950