327/365 'HH' ROADSTER




1965 Corvette '365' Roadster that is a really striking presentation of a top driven show condition mid-year classic, beautiful factory Tuxedo Black paint with striking presentation, full red interior, a strong matching number 327cid HH dated engine block with excellent compression, new solid lifter 365 horsepower heads that are perhaps the most exciting of the classic Corvettes to drive with the small block weight and the high horsepower, has the famous ‘ticking’ solid lifter sounds, chrome ignition shielding, a very long and exacting description of all the ‘numbers’ are shown on a long sheet later in this long description SEE THE LINKS, uprated aluminum radiator with electric fan for great cooling, fresh build and tune, performance oil and filter, complete top driven show detailed, really beautiful paint and body with professional buffing that brings out the marvelous luster, 4-speed transmission with new long throw new linkage and proper lockout shifter, believed low mileage chassis, newer clutch assembly, new dual aluminized exhaust system, working FM radio, restored clock, new excellent black soft top recently installed, also has a hard to get black hard top, this has the red headliner to match the interior, has the desirable power steering, power 4-wheel disc brakes just fully serviced, correct 1965 steel wheels and factory hub caps with 205/75/15 Coker red lines that are part of the package, rear end is a 3.55:1 positraction unit, fresh lube, rear suspension has uprated with the desirable lightweight cross mono spring, the frame on this terrific 1965 Corvette Roadster is externally solid, rust free and really nice frame and clean underchassis, highly detailed, all indications that is a low mileage Corvette, really VIN#194675S105996 has really great ‘eyes’ with the optimum solid lifter performance, Owner’s Manual and Factory Corvette 16 page Brochure (LINK), this is a top #2 condition for Driven Show, all cosmetics and with full mechanical testing completed and just updated, using the assistance of a top Corvette specialist and his suggestions, Fraser Dante just spent over $500 in the last parts and install time for the final details, this is really a top #2 that does has but a few minor touch ups that have been fully addressed, now we are here for our customers after receiving their vehicles so we can answer any questions with our professional staff, please review this report as great effort is expended to explain the exact condition today, now again in 2018, the paint was ‘worked’ to an amazing degree by our ‘finisher’, again the final testing done and just perfect for Spring 2019 shows and dinner as a top #2 Driven Show Car, brand new redline tires (LINK),

Engine: this 327cid engine has a list of all the NUMBERS ON THE LINK that shows what is on the car here today, the dates match the car build date of January 1965, the fresh build and installation of the correct camshaft and heads was completed initially in late 2012 in association with Doug Herbert, the famous drag racer, who was suppling GM performance parts of the era, also now rebuilt the Holley 4v carburetor and set the distributor with hard to find weights to provide top performance, with the proper casting of #3782870 and the stamping on the front pad of #5105996, F1230HH (SEE THE LINK OF THE NUMBERS),

Note that goes with the build assembly date of the car of January, 1965, and the heads being 3782461s with both dated h.26.4, set up with solid lifters (SEE THE LINK OF THE HEAD INFO), all is believed correct to the best of this writer’s knowledge, according to the last owner, this engine has less than 5000 miles on the build from the owner before him, then Fraser Dante continued the engine upgrading work, then sold to a well-known to us collector who is an architect works out of the country, he drove a bit and parked at his parents’ home, thusly known history from a collector of very good design taste, then finally back to Fraser Dante for our recent work,

just excellent compression from 170 to 180 lbs in dry cold reading (LINK), again, all the codes check as being correct including the heads and intake, after receipt by Fraser Dante, the new Doug Herbert special solid lifter cam with lifters was installed in the heads, at that time, also coupled with the GM Fraser Dante expert technician who installed the camshaft, lifters and valve springs, now for Fall 2018, the valves are set by the expert GM tech, again, these statements are made with best information available but components may have been restored, replaced or repaired in such a manner that originality or genuineness of any parts on vehicle cannot be authenticated, when the Corvette was found, the last builder had used the correct heads with hydraulic lifters that coupled the HH stamping for the 365 horsepower, these numbers of 3782461 are correct for a 1964 to end date of June 1966 for a Corvette, these ‘double hump’ heads are certainly period correct, see the attached (LINK) for head verification, these were chosen for ease of operation as not everyone can drive a 4-speed, 365 horsepower Corvette, BUT the higher horsepower solid lifter make this a wonderful engine a rare and valuable find and is ease to enjoy with the more power, Fraser Dante went to the famous Doug Herbert in North Carolina for their technical expertise in the best street cam and flat tappet solid lifter set, (LINK), the SBC 57-80 2PC, HER CLC4PSW full kit (LINK) is just installed by Fraser Dante, this work includes all gaskets and special break in lubricants, this cam has a valve lift of .498-.500, the lifters are set by the Fraser Dante technician, the values are thusly set by a top GM technician, .16 intake and .14 exhaust, the head bolts have screw in studs with pressed rocker arms (LINK), items like the double timing chain show how well this engine is built to top standards, special break in lubricants are used to insure excellent performance with road test, now the chrome ignition shielding is installed, the engine bay is freshly detailed,

racing oil/filter: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is added along with new filter for engine protection (LINK), said oil gives the proper zinc for the lubrication of the engine, note this step is using the top racing quality oil that can only be used on engines without a catalytic converter,

the full clutch assembly has less than 2800 miles on the installation along with the final check now by the top Fraser Dante GM tech, all the engine compartment is fully detailed to show standards, uprated aluminum radiator, all of the coolants are fresh, all the wiring fresh, new spark plugs, timing set, full factory ignition shielding, importantly, the Holley 4v carburetor has just been professionally re-built by a top, experienced GM tech at the Fraser Dante shop and road tested initially for Summer 2012 and seldom used, then back in our shop again, the carb secondaries kick-in properly, factory air cleaner assembly, the power delivery is smooth and very strong, this mechanical work is just completed by a top GM Senior tech, photos document all the outstanding work, see NOTES AND LINK regarding numbers and components of the Muncie 4-speed transmission, the belts and hoses are new,

Interior:  this red interior in fine condition is a beautiful contrast to the gorgeous black body and paint, hard to find this rare color combo, note the Data Tag shows how the car was made with Tuxedo Black with Red on January 6, 1965 (LINK), correct color both exterior and interior as the correct color red interior is fresh and in TOP #2 condition, restored and just nice enough for top driven show, all the padding in the seats are new, has the GM proper seat belts, the door panels are redone, this car is so correct that the instruments bezel and gauges are original, the correct proper 7000 rpm tachometer as well as all these work well, the radio was just rebuilt, even the CLOCK is rebuilt by Clocks by Roger and works, the restored steering wheel is factory by a top body shop in Atlanta, the red carpet was virtually new in 2012 and now carefully kept, they are just cleaned and driven show ready along with the red Corvette floors mats, the doors and latches have just been checked and adjusted by a good body man to work properly,

Also this has the black soft-top and the 'hard to get' black hardtop to complete the package, the hardtop has the red inner headliner to match the interior, after receiving this back to Fraser Dante, we then buffed said hardtop, it was never used by our last customer when he had it, (LINK),

Note: the invoice in the file just added has the parts from Eckler Industries to complete are lot of final details, (LINK) the upper door window stop, side insert door alignment wedges, taillight lens so both are great, an expensive passenger side Bow Tire mirror so match the driver’s side, also the sun visor mounting the hardware kit, all in the final detailing is just now finished for the next person to enjoy…not a perfect concours with only some very minor touch ups to make this really what people want to drive and enjoy for shows, see photos of door and hood fit (LINK),

Exterior: the Black paint is exceptionally applied, the sides extremely straight, the luster terrific as the final detailing and professional high speed buffing and then touch up by another expert just completed (LINK), the car was painted in approximately in 2008 and then in late 2010 at Fraser Dante worked on the car, we believe that the front end had some very minor repair at some time since the inner fenders are just smooth as glass when one runs their hands under the front fenders, these are without the bonding strips, the lines on the fender tops are great, maybe this was in a very slight tap on the front and fixed during its life, very hard to tell as they are so nice, then this went to collector in the South who was able to drive this but 150 miles while constantly maintaining the car, when Fraser Dante bought this car back, another paint preparation was completed, see photos of the black hardtop with red inside (LINK),

History: the great Corvette was re-done at the Fraser Dante restoration facility first about 10 years ago and seldom used, history shows this came to us from initially Hawaii as it was then purchased by a friend of this writer from the Mid-West, he is a real ‘car guy’ that this writer has known from Indiana, then to us, the paint is so nice and well taken care of to protect the luster of the rear panel, next, when this car was purchased by Fraser Dante in the winter of 2011-2012, then prepared for high standards in 2012, always well-kept and seldom used, then for Summer 2012 this paint was prepared again, hard to find so nice at that point, it was then sent to Cape Cod at the vacation home for the American but China based architect who loved the car but was never here, then he moved this to his parents in the mid-West for safekeeping, now back in Atlanta and brought up to great standards again, this paint is freshly touched up with only the very minor imperfections, then very professionally detailed, now back to Fraser Dante’s standards for Spring 2019,

Underchassis/Suspension: this appears to be a very correct and low mileage from history with careful examination, the expert Fraser Dante Senior GM tech brought out the critical area of where the frame has the trailing arms go into the chassis (SEE LINK FOR RESTORATION GUIDE) that is in rust free and exceptional condition, the frame is virgin in its solid condition with no signs of any damage, this rear section frame as noted in the attached sheet is really outstanding and has been prepped with red oxide primer before the satin black is applied according the restoration and NCRS Guide (SEE PHOTOS), again, note the really excellent frame that is stripped to metal in Atlanta, then primed, then painted black as factory, the resulting is the exceptional detailed frame, the floors are beautiful natural fiberglass, these floors were taken, cleaned and then lightly sanded to bring out the fiberglass, note the exceptional underchassis with the final detailing work just completed again for Fall 2018, (SEE PHOTOS OF THE RESTORATION AND DETAIL WORK JUST COMPLETED),
the last owner uprated the rear suspension with the ‘modern’ light weight cross mono spring, as noted this gives better performance with lighter weight, the rear end is believed to be a 3.55:1 positraction gear that has just been lubed and road tested to make sure it performs well, the shocks are new, selected for street use as intended, full 4-wheel power disc braking system just checked (LINK), has the original jack behind the driver's seat (LINK), redline spare (LINK),

Summary: history shows that this was kept the last few years in a garage in the USA as the architect owner, who loves great design, is well known to us as he works China doing building and design work, simply was not being enjoyed, this has both the new beautiful Black soft top with detailed frame and the black hard top, comes with 1965 Corvette Manual and GM factory Brochure (LINK), Fraser Dante has completed this 1965 mid-year ‘365’ Corvette that has had tremendous effort in the stock hi-po solid lifter performance that makes this an investment piece, THE ATTACHED SHEETS are part of this report, now ready for Spring 2019 with all cosmetic and with full mechanical testing completed with the aluminum radiator, just updated and looking great, offered ready to go at $72,000