1969 Camaro ‘SS’ Sport Coupe that is a terrific ‘fresh’ car with just amazing ‘eyes’ and great appearance with amazing mechanicals just completed in the Fraser Dante restoration shop, has the very factory rare original correct black exterior that looks great, this Camaro really delivers just excellent documented mechanicals, this is a really striking beautiful #50 Dover White car with the Black vinyl top ‘as factory’, proper side Black hockey stripes, full new ‘SS 350’ trim on the front fender sides, front and rear spoilers, the lines of the car are really just terrific and all signs are the rear quarters are ‘as factory’ original, has the rear fender louvers, lower stainless rockers, the front fenders are also just great…the paint has really just wonderful great luster, has the Super Sport steel hood with the dual chrome simulated air intakes, cannot confirm that this X11 car is a factory SS, this is a true X11 car with the original Data Cowl tag and rivets (SEE LINK), this has the very rare original black bucket seated interior that appears ‘as factory, even the front safety belts have the GM 1969 tabs on them, this is powered with the strongly built 400cid engine that just has a really great sound, this has the Holley 3310 4v carburetor mounted on the Edelbrock ‘Performer’ intake manifold,  ‘HEI’ distributor,  the ‘numbers’ are listed further in this report, has the Crane Roller Rocker heads, the cam is believed to be a ¾ Crane unit, has great compression in the 158 to 165 psi just taken, the full dual exhaust system exits through a full length header system with Flowmaster mufflers, this features a just rebuilt 350 automatic transmission finished at Fraser Dante, equipped with power steering, uprated SSBC power front disc brakes, working just rebuilt air conditioning system with upgraded compressor and brand new rare factory (rare) interior switch that is extremely hard air and heater switch, to get with the as believed the last one available, this original factory interior switch to operate the a/c and the heat and installed by Fraser Dante, this effort was some $500 installed, a 3 row radiator, the stance of this car is just wonderful when seen in person, slightly lowered with brand new heavy duty springs just installed, KYB shocks, a larger new SS front sway bar with bushings is just used, the car also drives well with the underchassis supports to assist in the handling aspect, note that this also has a rebuilt 12 bolt 3:73.1 positraction rear end,  as the build progressed, a new set of staggered 18” U.S.Mag wheels along with brand new Achilles ATR Sport radial tires just installed, all the body panels appear original as is the great lower underchassis, with the front lower black spoiler, the rear trunk white spoiler and the proper trim, uprated custom Autosound radio in the stock dash unit, under dash oil pressure and water temperature gauges, stock SS steering wheel, this 1969 Camaro has a really awesome look, very seldom does one find such a great car like this that certainly does have lots of information to add  to the value, just finished in the Fraser Dante shop…the full documentation with all specifics and photos that are shown on our website for the new owner to be certain exactly what is done, Fraser Dante is here for our customers after receiving their vehicles, we can answer any questions with our professional staff, please review this report as great effort is expended to explain the condition today, just perfect for Fall 2018 shows and dinner,

History: the 1969 Camaro marked the last of the famous first generation and is arguably the most popular and most beautiful, this featured an entirely new and more aggressive looking sheet metal and very flowing high designed lines, the new revised grille made this famous car an investment classic, note that the classic 1969 Camaro lines are loved by people of all ages with its high design that is striking, ready accessibility to parts to make these fun cars to drive and enjoy, 

Note that this restored terrific Dover White car has continued work to finish the build now ready for Fall 2018,  has the original Data Cowl Tag (SEE LINK) with the factory rivets,  an original factory Dover White with the Black vinyl top that presents just great! this X11 car has the information supplied to break down numbers (LINK),  all of the extremely nice body and chassis appear ‘as factory’ excepting only drivers side lower footwell that was expertly replaced, nice detail of said chassis completed,  the solid floors and trunk are top notch, the paint is show quality with virtually better than new presentation,  great luster on the show quality paint,

Engine:  a lot of work went into this part of the build, here is a great fresh ‘built’ 400 cid small block engine that just sounds just really awesome,  the casting is #3951511 that is the 3 freeze plug from ’70-72 (SEE THE ENGINE LINK),  fresh angle plug #42 double heads that were made for this engine,  one can tell that this has had a great performance build, this is also highly show detailed with items like the new show valve covers,  the hydraulic lifter head units yield a very strong compression in the 157 to 165 psi across (LINK) and just wonderful power,  when the new show valve covers were just installed, one can see how clean the rockers are, many close up photos show condition today, the Crane Cam hydraulic roller rocker system and a performance cam are used, the cam is believed part of this setup and sounds like a strong ¾ race unit, (SEE THE LINK OF ENGINE SPECIFICS), a HEI distributor ignition is used with Accel coil and heavy duty Accel 8mm spark plug wires, there is a great header full system installed with full length headers leading to a 2 ½” dual full dual exhaust system with the mellow Flowmaster mufflers,

carb and intake: (SEE LINK), the Holley 3310-3  carburetor has been a hot rod staple for over four decades now…with the dual feed fuel inlets to assure all the fuel needed to its vacuum secondaries…great looks along with durability…this 750cfm 4v powers progressive venturis for lots of the needed fuel to the built 400cid engine…the famed 3310 carb is one of the ten original inductees into the Hot Rod Magazine Speed Parts Hall of Fame! It was originally developed for the 1965 424hp 396 Chevelle…its well-known performance calibration and keep it with top performance still today…Holley is the only modular carburetor company that has been in business for over 100 years and is a well respected NASCAR supplier since the 60's….the intake manifold is a Performer RPM Edelbrock piece, this smooth flowing light weight intake has been painted to look stock...the cooling system is a restored 3 row radiator with new hoses and clamps, the full tune is completed by the Fraser Dante senior tech, brand new fuel tank with new sending unit, hold down straps and hardware (LINK),

racing oil/filter: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is added along with new filter for engine protection (LINK), said oil gives the proper zinc for the lubrication of the engine, note this step is using the top racing quality oil that can only be used on engines without a catalytic converter,

Transmission/rear end:  the engine has its power sent through a just rebuilt 350 Turbo automatic transmission with note that it shifts great, in order to insure that there are no leaks, Fraser Dante has pulled the transmission to make sure the rear seals were new…now we have just done the full Pioneer rebuild kit of the complete transmission by the Senior Fraser Dante tech (SEE THE PHOTOS) to top standards, including a new kick down cable assembly by our shop, now one can see that we have just installed so the car works perfect with the floor mounted shifter (SEE LINK) on the factory console, this is really  a fun drive and everyone loves this automatic set up, said transmission also had the deep finned aluminum pan with all the fresh gaskets, new hoses and seals (SEE SEAL),

tires-wheels: this features the really great looking and expensive 18” staggered U.S. Mag wheels that have just been installed and just set the aggressive tone and unique look of the car, the fronts are 8.5x18 and the rear wheels are 10x18 the
larger wheels, just great design and are light weight, they have now the brand new Achilles ATR radial tires that still have the factory new knobs on them, the fronts are 235/40/ZR18 and the rears are 275/40/ZR18 (SEE THE LINK), these look wonderful and really make the car perform well,

Brakes/Suspension:  Initially the previous owner and restorer had cut the original front springs to lower the car for its look, now  Fraser Dante is going the very professional next step with the suspension work to enhance the handling, now this has new heavy front springs that are specially cut for the perfect look (SEE LINK), this yield the lower stance and be better than new, then four brand new expensive KYB shocks just installed, (LINK), new 1.5” lowered front coil springs, then the new front sway bar is the Super Sport large 13/16” with full kit of bushings with end links to enhance the handling LINK, (SEE LINK ON THE RACE PLUS THE NEW SWAY BAR), this will drive just fantastic! New parking brake assembly and full brake check for smooth stopping (LINK),

Driveshaft: through the years, the twisting motion of the V8s take a wear on the driveshaft, we took this to our top sub who completely rebuilt and balanced the driveshaft, new ‘U’ bolts, new slip yoke, then it is detailed, very few shops go the extent of the build so the car drives great with no vibration, thusly restored to top specs as seen in the (LINK), fresh alignment just completed (LINK),

Interior:  here is just a just wonderful very rare black bucket seated interior, all is believed ‘as factory’ and in great condition,  just with a small separation in the joining lower area of the driver’s seat that should remain as this is wonderful condition and so very rare like this, this also has the rare GM tag dated ’69 safety belts with the tag stitched on it, the carpet is new and is black, all the door handles are new,  the seats are just a rare time warp, the dash is where Fraser Dante spent a lot of money in the factory ‘air conditioning and heating switch’(SEE LINK) …when the last person worked on the car, he recently did some a/c work when he owned the car, the hard to find original factory switch would only work with a needle nose plyers,  then when all the suppliers told Chris Trusty, our GM, that they were none anywhere and none reproduced, Tevie Fraser found the ONLY RESTORED ONE that is available, we paid a lot of money to get this, have shipped and installed so I looks as new and works well, this hard to even find effort is costing Fraser Dante $500 with our labor…last one available to the best of our knowledge,

Summary:  here is a top hard to find 1969 Camaro SS Coupe, a true Driven Show car with just outstanding presentation, has terrific power and lots of suspension options that make this a great fun to drive, terrific brakes, working air conditioning system, prepared for Fall 2018…looks and sounds just great! Owner's Manual, '69 Camaro brochure, Illustrated Facts, Wiring Manual included (LINK),  Offered as freshly completed at only $44,950