1974 Triumph TR6 Roadster that is a restored in all aspects as an extremely striking and gorgeous Driven Show presentation, the very pretty Dark Royal Blue color that is the ‘Sapphire Blue 96 color code’ that has just a great luster and is contrasted with the optional side red/orange striping…yields really an outstanding appearance that is really better when seen ‘in person’, this features the excellent 2.5 liter, 6 cylinder engine, very strong torque especially with this fresh head and engine work, specs show the 2.94” bore and long 3.74” stroke for good torque, excellent factory standards even compression, proper Stromberg #175CD-2 carburetors, brand new correct green hoses and clamps from Moss Motors just installed, new plugs and wires, the engine highly show correctly detailed, full uprated Anza performance exhaust, it is presented with Michelin radials along with the expensive new Minilite 15” wheels, also the restored stock wheels could be mounted should one want that look, this British sports car makes a really great presentation along with outstanding mechanicals, the initial work was completed by a judge for Healey’s and British cars in setting up this 1974 Triumph TR6 Roadster, we found this with the great mechanicals, then with Fraser Dante doing the final preparation and maintenance. it was prepared for top shows, the full black new seat covers, this interior is virtually new, has the front spoiler, a suspension rebuild was recently just completed makes this unmolested TR6 work and drive really terrific, new black carpets, new door panels, new rear panel, new trunk carpets, all new wood factory dash trim,, refinished Smith’s gauges, a brand new custom hand made tonneau cover in black Hartz fabric, all of this has been made for a nice touch, in short, a great TR6 that hard to find like this, final buffing and polishing for Fall 2018, drives superbly with recent tune and setup by top British mechanic, full restoration file with many receipts, below there are many LINKS of specifics, a true Driven Show Car,

History initial: recent history is explained along with other information that is later in this report, SEE THE LINKS OF THE FACTORY MATERIALS LIKE THE MANUAL, there was lots of attention to the restoration, this was done initially at Fraser Dante in 2012, then sold to a friend of ours who continued to improve the car, we did the constant maintenance to keep in fine shape, very low miles as this has now turned into now an estate car from our good friends and now back at Fraser Dante for Fall 2018, for really looks outstanding with recent top cosmetic paint presentation and new interior, desired ANZA dual exhaust system that splits at the rear axle, this fresh build yields excellent power, proper 4-speed transmission with new stock shifter,

Specifics of drive information parts: proper VIN#CF22235U, has the stock steel wheels with trim rings and lug nuts are offered or one can chose the very new gorgeous 15” Minilites, center caps and lugs nuts, expensive Michelin 205/70/15 Harmony radial tires, this tracks great, lots of suspension work, shocks and uprated bushings, really excellent solid nicely just detailed underchassis, outstanding body with very straight lines, local driven show quality with nice ‘eyes’, has a tool kit with spare, whole package is really nicely well presented with lots of receipts,

History: a lot of restoration work is completed on a great driving TR6 with VIN#CF22235U, has excellent history with copies of Georgia title history going back to 1983 and then South Georgia before that, items like the reproduction Owner’s Manual (SEE LINK) yield credence that this is a virtually rust free 1974 TR6 that is a low mileage vehicle from the South, note that the Georgia title is ‘exempt’ but the mileage in 2012 was only 55,478 and today in Fall 2018, it is 56,816 miles…one must note that this has the DATA PLATE with all the ‘numbers’ (SEE LINK), the recent final work to ‘refresh’ is just accomplished, most of the original TR6 was completed in North Georgia, this is even before Fraser Dante did our initial finish work, then work through 2012 until 2017, then back now for Fall 2018, this is not an ‘auction car’ but rather a great one that has great attention put in for driving and performance, this has had lots of work as prepared for top Driven Show conditions, really drives and handles as it should, recent updating shows that attention to maintenance has continued for many years, usually these very solid and very unmolested TR6s really drive exceptionally well as does this  one, at a dry weight of only 2280 lbs and upgrades mentioned, this is great fun to drive, 


“We started out with a very dry, from a southern state TR6 that the owner had rebuilt most everything mechanically in his 5 years of ownership......You name it…it was new...New Top...New Windshield...Mechanically, the car was also new or rebuilt...everything was finished except for the paint, which was faded, almost original looking...So, to the body shop it went where we spent $7500 on a bare metal, no filler, ball ping hammer, show quality paint job...gorgeous presentation, new Mini Lite Style 15" wheels with Michelin Tires all around (a bit oversized 205/70R15)...new optional red side stripe kit...only a very minor leak here and there after running and getting very hot(that's how you know a Triumph has oil), really a fresh and gorgeous paint in the color, brand new black full interior, new door panels and carpet kit, gauges all work and are fresh as set in the extremely nice factory wood dash, new black soft-top, the rear bumper is very nice and believed the original, this drives superbly with very strong and smooth power with road test just completed, this is believed a very original vehicle”,

NOTE: the recent work was done after Fraser Dante found this very nice car, it went through our shop to bring up to a great driven show standards, sold to a friend of ours and then maintained with records for about three years, unfortunately then this sat in is heated garage for almost two years while cancer took its toll, now back at Fraser Dante for a complete freshening, really the strong brakes, the tune and detailing are top notch, 

BODY: one must see this gorgeous paint, great effort was made to be like the Sapphire Blue ‘96’ on the car, (LINK), over $7500 was just spent in preparation that the had the body etched, primed, sanded, sanded, blocked and then a base coat, clear coat, the paint is better than new from the factory, very nicely done Orange/Red side striping, all the body is believed original, the sides extremely straight, this was redone and detailed recently in the noting the luster on the paint really very, very nice, top driven show quality,

The buffing just completed, was professionally done from only minor show driving the last few years as was in the garage of the last owner, then here is a true collector kept TR6, items like the windshield is replaced with all new seals, left sport exterior mirror, very nice original rear chrome bumpers, original solid floors with no undercoating, then they have terrific  red oxide for show conditions, nicely just detailed with handwork by the Fraser Dante shop, even the rear area under the spare that has just had semi-gloss cover applied for protection, outside British show badging,

electrical: all the lighting is checked and working, the modern headlights are good and bright, the turn signals and brake lights work, note that even the back up lights work on both sides, under the hood, the wiring is checked and the engine runs great,

trim: the bumpers appeared to be original from new in fine condition when the car was found, today with the rear bumper is nice but with but a bit of patina that one can see closely, hard to find ‘original’ so nice, now that is only the rear bumper…now this has a new expensive front chrome bumper has been fitted, has the extra bumper guards,

ENGINE:  very strong and detailed engine, the engine features the excellent 2.5 liter straight 6 cylinder, strong torque lbs with 2.94” bore and 3.74” stroke, fresh full throttle bushings and new linkage connected with new fuel lines to the dual Zenith Stromberg Carburetors, numbered 175 CD-2 on both, Stanpart Aluminum intake manifold #V3265, cylinder head #313248 #219019, engine block #CF22393UE (SEE LINK), uprated Pertronix electronic ignition yielding really spirited performance, with dry cold reading compression just taken of 125 to 135 lbs in a dry cold reading that is within only 10 lbs apart (LINK), this goes in line with the history of the stock 7.5:1 compression with the fresh head and valve work just completed, spin on oil filter conversion, new oil and oil filter just changed, coolant levels checked, new proper green hoses and clamps to be installed (LINK), radiator flushed, brand new spark plugs and great spark plug wires, all stock cooling shields for better cooling, desired ANZA full dual sport exhaust system that splits at the rear axle and has the chrome tips, these upgrades add more than stock reliable power, the 4-speed transmission works properly with stock shifter and new handle, new fuel sending unit just installed in the gas tank for every effort to get an accurate fuel gauge reading, expensive new battery with good cables,

Transmission/rear end: this well sorted 1974 TR6 has the fine working 4-speed transmission with full checking of the transmseilube, with all 4 gears being synchromesh gears, this shifts into all gears easily, with the semi-floating axle shafts, this three piece casting has hypoid gears with the rear end ratio of a 3.70:1…this is a great road gear, many prefer, including this writer, not to have the overdrive unit, said overdrive can easily go out and is more complicated, since this overdrive runs a 4.10:1 gear, the higher gear is easier for up to 70 mph, 

racing oil/filter: recent new maintenance in the Fraser Dante shop…Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is used along with new filter for engine protection, note this step up is for the top racing quality oil that can only be used in engines without a catalytic converter, very few dealers go to this extent of such prep of car protection, none of the warehouse operations have such expertise and attention to detail, the final check of all systems for Fall 2018,

INTERIOR: many items include the very expensive full bucket seats and carpets just installed, many receipts show the factory teak dash panel, full expensive panel kit, the side panels are nice, the dash lights even work at present, full Smith’s gauges that work, brand new black carpet kit, these seats frames were prepped, then were fully padded and a most expensive professional installation with seat covers, foam and lots of ‘bits’, all detailed, 

Has the Triumph black floor mats, leather wrapped shifter knob, expensive uprated narrow wood Tri-spoke sport steering wheel plus hub is installed, then effort just expended to make sure the horns blow, it is believed that these were the original horns that are saved with a more modern horn version installed for safety, all new wood dash trim, drives superbly with recent tune and setup by top British mechanic, full restoration file with many receipts, true Driven Show Car, the original steering wheel comes as part of the package, shoulder cross strap seat belts, new teak wood face dash kit that looks great, newer radio, top boot, top seal kit, all door rubbers, this car really drives well, really better than new, all lights just checked, See the very expensive custom handmade black tonneau interior cover was just completed by our top sub, all done by hand, looks really great as done in the Hartz black fabric, (LINK),

BRAKES AND SUSPENSION: the suspension is most solid, all aspects such as shocks, all the work includes full check of braking system for safety just completed, these brakes have about 90% left, (SEE LINK), the Michelin 205/70/15 Michelin Harmony radial tires are virtually new and mounted on upgraded and desirable Minilite wheels, this set up makes the car drive better than new and look just great, these are better tires than stock, also this has the stock and original wheels that could be used if one wants a stock look, (LINK), and an important area that make this handle so well is the uprated suspension with good springs, new bushings are used throughout, front and rear suspension, sway bar links, rear shock links, steering wheel rack mounts, new shocks with bushing kit, solid underchassis (SEE LINK),

SUMMARY: here is a great 1974 Triumph TR6 with a gorgeous paint now prepared better than when was new, the headlights and brake lights are just checked, this is completed for Driven Show with new full tune and fresh fluids, spare, this top mechanical and final detail finished with test drive in the low 90’s temperature to insure it is ready for shows in the Fall 2018, very well offered at only $27,950