1964 1/2 'D' CODE MUSTANG



1964 ½ Mustang ‘D’ Code ‘289’ Convertible in top Concours Driven Show condition, restored to serious investment quality, this is a June 24, 1964 build with the all engine codes being before the car was produced that are shown later in this report, now presented with an exceptional rare original body and just a beautiful Caspian Dark Blue Metallic paint, note that the outstanding documentation and list of valuable numbers that are shown in this report confirm the current show and investment status, fully dated 289cid engine has the correct dated casting as well as the dated heads, the intake and even the C4GF-AE 4100 4v restored carburetor, again, this car is for those who demand great quality and want authenticity, these posted numbers are most rare to find and add great value to this investment quality ‘D’ code convertible, this is equipped with the working factory Ford Air Conditioning upgraded to 134a and the correct early Mustang power steering, note the proper rebuilt generator that is for the cars before August 1964, has the desirable C-4 automatic transmission, this car has the important early 1964 ½ special hood corner and the side front inner fender factory pieces that fit the hood closure, these are only for the rare early Mustangs, stainless lower rocker moldings, has the stamped numbers on inner trunk drip rails, the front fenders have the Ford stampings, both side windows and the important rear quarter glass units are Carlite, all of these facts add investment valuable quality to this rare 1964 ½ Mustang Convertible, has a fantastic, original very solid black underchassis with just excellent lower side rockers and the excellent lower side ‘pinch welds’ that are in just great condition, lower side stainless rocker moldings, the original underchassis is painted correct black, marvelous presentation of the highly sought after Caspian Blue with White interior as factory (SEE LINK TO DATA TAG), has the white boot to finish the presentation, really just terrific luster with really straight sides, has the optional backup lights, the standard full white bucket seated interior is completely great with the lovely proper white steering wheel, proper blue safety belts, full dash with correct gauges, the Custom Autosound radio, top operation for going to shows or dinner…the proper 4 wheel drum brakes are just exceptional as they have the hard to get correct riveted shoes, new fresh wheel cylinders, the rare Ford Vintage logo center spinner wire hubcaps show attention to detail, great effort is made on mechanicals and presentation that makes this a really exceptional top, top Driven MCA quality Show car, the extensive (LINK) of the documentation of the engine numbers are original pieces presented in this report, these numbers are important in the investment aspect of this car, the Fraser Dante experienced and professional staff has just spent considerable time to make sure the mechanicals are just top notch for the demanding European buyers, very few people understand how to ascertain full documented quality like Fraser Dante posts for all to see, these quality aspects are important, here is a great early Mustang ‘D’ Code convertible with a great factory fantastic color combination,
additional note:  in June of 2018, Fraser Dante has the very rare situation in that we finished restoring TWO 1964 ½ ‘D’ Code convertibles that are both in top shape, one terrific as a great restored slightly show ‘driver’ in Sunlight Yellow and the other even better as a very top show very stock condition finished in the stock just gorgeous Caspian Blue with White interior, see the (LINK),

History: some of the most desirable vehicles ever produced were the 1964 ½ to 1966 Mustangs, these were so popular then that 1,100,000 were produced in just two years, all ’64 1/2s were titled as ‘65s, the production began in March 1964 with the official introduction following on April 17 at the 1964 World's Fair and ended late July before the 1965’s, the V8 models got a badge on the front fender that spelled out the engine's cubic inch displacement ("260" or "289") over a wide "V"…the ‘D’ code confirms that this is the rare and desirable first of the 289cids produced as ‘D’ codes in the VIN, this setup has the 289cid with hydraulic lifters rated at 210 horsepower, the originality of this unit continues with the rebuilt dated 4100 4v carburetor with the correct single cross muffler exhaust, these early ‘D’ codes are the most desirable of this exciting group of collector cars that appeal to men and women of all ages, this happy period color combination is a great one for just everyone, men and women of all ages around the world who just love this look in the early Mustang,

Many Ford factory promotional documents and Mustang historical books are also copied so one can show this proper a car and the great color to be so proud that it is correct (SEE LINKS), one can see from the ‘Mustang Mania 1964 1/2 to 1968’ about the ‘D’ code engine and the production dates (LINK),

This particular Mustang: note the Data Tag that shows about the production of this car (LINK), the history supplied to this juncture has this Mustang ‘D’ code convertible being owned and cared for by a serious collector that was showed for many years, then a Mustang supplier knew this car and helped a very good friend of Fraser Dante buy the car, he is a great car builder and business professional, he worked on this for some time in his shop, then he delivered this to Fraser Dante, for June 2018, Fraser Dante then finished the upkeep including doing all the brakes, a complete full tune, pulled all the ‘numbers’, got all the photos of the Ford body stampings and brought to the final condition today in our professional shop, all of the great body and chassis condition certainly appears to be a  Mustang ‘D’ code convertible relative low mileage piece, the odometer shows some 96,100 miles or 1780 miles a year for its 54 years, there is certainty that with this great body, the chassis and numbered engine that this had great and constant care all the time, we know that said previous guy bought a lot of restoration parts all the time, then to our knowledgeable friend and then finally we can see here today for sure of what we have, a really terrific car! 

Engine/drivetrain: this has the original 289cid C4 dated correct engine with the 210 horsepower factory rating, this is for the hydraulic lifter heads, the 4v carburetor and the single cross exhaust system, here is a near as one can get for the ‘numbers matching’ engine as only the castings and the dates can be used to show authenticity and originality, see the IMPORTAN TLINK that gives the casting of the C5AE-6015-F and the cool date code of 4.D.30, also the hydraulic lifter fresh heads are correct as is they are rare C4 dated, both are #65 4.f.10 and 4.f.9 with the ‘289’ stampings, one can see how fresh and clean these heads are, see the great compression rating just taken with the dry cold readings, has the early lower compression engine and this is just perfect with 135 to 150 lbs across (LINK), since this has been a show car for many years and now just set for top driving, these numbers will get even higher with use,   this C5 OE stamped intake manifold is fitted with the just rebuilt, by the Fraser Dante staff, Autolite 4v 4100 dated and it is stamped C4GF-AE, again, it is very rare to have such great authenticity of the engine parts as seen by the notes and attached ‘numbers’ in the(LINK), see detail work on engine (LINK),

Carburetor: this has a very rare dated C4GF-AE Ford Autolite 4100 4v carburetor with 1.08 4v venturi, when the car was found, this had a later 4100, then for June 2018, Fraser Dante took from our private secret stash, the dated 1964 Autolite 4100, then the top Senior tech at Fraser Dante then freshly rebuilt the carb, this is a very, very valuable piece today! 

engine ‘D’ code parts: to be so correct for the ‘D’ code, this has the correct timing chain cover with the hole for the oil filler neck with a plug in it, all of the ‘D’ Code 289s has an aluminum front water pump just as this does, this also has the proper 5 bolt holes for attaching the bell housing,

exhaust: has a proper show ‘C’ code exhaust new system with new hangers, correct cross rear muffler as factory, this show quality system is more expensive today that the dual ‘A’ code systems,

oil/fluids: the fluids are fresh, the radiator flushed with fresh coolant to -20o, racing oil/filter: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is added along with new filter for engine protection (LINK), note this step is the top racing quality oil that can only engines without a catalytic converter, this was done and driven, then checked in our shop and the oil and dipstick are crystal clean, the restored radiator is flushed with new coolant added for great cooling,

for good lighting:  this has a restored valuable as factory ‘round case Autolite alternator’ fitted and tested, the headlights are now the modern halogen lights, also this has the optional back up lights that work,

Transmission: the desirable C4 automatic 3 speed transmission is just checked for fluids and it works great, all clear and just road tested, this has the proper and valuable factory console that is just for the air conditioned cars, transmission and rear axle numbers (LINK),

chassis and body:  the original and exceptional lower floors have the stamped lower rocker panels that are painted proper black and are detailed for proper show conditions, these are very correct to go with the outstanding body has top notch features, this has the factory stampings in the trunk drip rails in both sides of the trunk that is a bit hard to see with all the paint but is shown with new photos (LINK), also this has the correct Ford fenders that also have the factory stampings clearly shown with the recent photos (SEE LINK),

chassis sequence numbers: a further check on the authenticity of this rare convertible is that the Dearborn 1965 production sequence started with 5F---250000, here the Vin # sequence is 5F08D176815, exactly where the 1964 ½ production should be, this verifies the body and chassis authenticity, all body parts are correct, clean and solid underchassis (LINK), see the photos that show the Ford stampings on the trunk drip rails, hard to see with the gorgeous paint but clear to the eye when viewed (LINK),

brakes: here is just a really set of exceptional brakes that are just rebuilt, also the rear drums with drums and full hardware are just done, note that virtually all the new brake shoes today are bonded, these just rebuilt brakes have the very desirable riveted shoes, these were checked and then the final rebuild with new brake cylinders and lines, (LINK),

Suspension/shocks: the suspension is just great with a proper factory stance, this stands even and straight, very good springs with great firm rebound, also the shocks are excellent Monroe units, (LINK), the alignment is excellent,

Wheels/tires: here are the proper and correct 14” steel wheels that are restored and painted correct black, then they have the correct B.F.Goodrich radial P195/75/R14 narrow band whitewalls on the four driving wheels, they have the rare and correct and great looking proper chrome spinner wire hubcaps with the very rare and expensive Ford Spinner Red/White/Blue center caps, the spare is the very original type Goodyear C78-14 factory type bias ply tire (SEE COMPLETE LINK),

Interior: very  valuable and beautiful white standard bucket seated interior, has the factory expensive console that is correct for the air conditioning system, these seats are padded great, all the chrome is very nice, nice correct side trim, the rear taillight bezels are new, all the emblems are nice, this factory white steering wheel is just great and in perfect condition,

the trunk area is nicely done, has the full sized spare, jack and handle, proper plaid mat for the trunk and cover for the spare, drivers side inner wheel cover, trunk plaid mat, proper side cardboard inner panel covers, (LINK)

the new white power top with window as this is a real driven show car, correct black boot, full size detailed spare with the original bias ply tire as per period, new taillight light rear lenses, the new bezels look great,

Windows/trim: very unusual to find today is all the factory Carlite glass except the front windshield, both of the door side windows have the said markings as well as on the side vent glass, the effort on the build continues in that the front windshield is a new tinted unit made with the full new rubber seals, new window felts are installed, the windshield wipers work,

Summary: the outstanding look of this Mustang just ‘jumps out’ with its luster and quality for this top, top driven show condition Mustang convertible, great ‘numbers’ on engine and body are so hard to find of this fine quality, working factory air conditioning, this is fully prepared for Summer 2018, very hard to find this quality with a really top, top color combination, the excellent mechanicals just checked and now ready to show, offered at only $48,950