1958 AUSTIN HEALEY 100/6 BN4



1958 Austin-Healey 100/6 BN4 Roadster RARE ‘big brake’ model, just gorgeous presentation that makes this a joy to see and to drive as this is finished in just a beautiful period Seafoam color (1958 only Austin Florida Green)with contrasting the cream British White paint, this color is set off with the white cream interior with Seafoam piping, uprated safety belts, has the complete tonneau cover, top, full bow set and the hard to get side curtains, custom car cover, a relatively recent restoration initially from the Wayne Carini F40 collection then owned and loved by Fraser Dante owning 3 times with now the Summer 2018 full updating by Fraser Dante, the full equipment includes the hard to find five rare original steel wheels, very nicely detailed show underchassis just presented, here is a perennially desirable British sports car, the Austin-Healey 100 was so-named for its ability to hit 100 mph, this could actually reach 104 mph, in the trunk is the rare ‘hammer’ with the spare, this is one of 14,436 produced from 1956 until 1959 for the total world market with the most valuable being the 1958/1959s with the more powerful 2639cc engines, with 117 very spirited horsepower, big torque power, really a strong and reliable engine, this has the correct BMC 6-cylinder engine with the proper dual SU carburetors with the air cleaners, the carburetors are just rebuilt and adjusted, a major tune completed with documents to support, here is the essence of a true British Sports car, just gorgeous and so fun to drive, it is hard to find equipment comes with this car, great expense and effort just completed for Summer 2018 a full complete tune by an expert British tech that includes NGK FR4 spark plugs, timing and valves set, carbs rebuilt, excellent compression just checked after the full engine set up, also our shop has then checked this rare ‘big brake’ system as new, this terrific braking system took lots and lots of technical work to accomplish the top braking as these brakes were the end of an era of drum brakes that were used on Ferrari’s of the same era, this has outstanding work making for just great performance, this Healey has so much gorgeous presence that we have just prepared a new show sign with matching flyers for display SEE SHOWROOM (LINK)

History:  here is a terrific presentation one of the early and desirable ‘Big Healy’s” that were raced with factory backing as used by the BMC Competition Department, their contract young driver list reads like a who’s who of competitive drivers’ of the period; the Morley brothers, Clive Baker, David Hobbs, Pat Moss, Paddy Hopkirk of BMC Sebring fame, Rauno Aaltonen and the most famous and successful of them all, the ‘Flying Finn’ Timo Makinen, these cars featured a light weight build and a pleasing design just loved by the public both then and now, this really is an outstanding sleek look along with the great powerplant with strong torque of the large 6 cylinder engine, featuring dual carbs and a 4-speed transmissions, these early cars were light as compared to the later cars without roll up windows, no attached top, no heavy bumpers, those lots of ‘comfort’ extras in later years took out the performance  these lightweight bodies were the start of the real sports car market, really great fun to drive,

This particular 1958 Austin Healey initially restored a few years ago for a collector, this was owned by Wayne Carini of F40 Motorsports and ‘Chasing Classic Cars’ program, he sold it to a collector who really never drove it after purchase, was found at a sale in Florida and returned to Fraser Dante Ltd in Atlanta for a full ‘refreshment’, hard to find so original with the color and original five steel wheels and center caps, then recently owned by a true ‘car guy’ who is a great friend of Fraser Dante, then this was sold by Fraser Dante to a customer who did 100 miles and got transferred, then to a serious car collector and dealer who then kept it in his fantastic condition and did 57 miles in 6 years, now Fraser Dante bought it back again and it is back in Atlanta for Summer 2018 and then checked again with many receipts that shown as the new work as done in our restoration shop that includes a top British technician,

BOOK/MAGAZINES:  Excellent information regarding the 100/6 in the “Austin-Healey 100 & 3000 Series” book by Graham Robson, this book along with other show that how important this gorgeous car is that is explained so well with the magazine ad referencing the Austin-Healey 100/6 “built to run ‘til the road wears out” (SEE LINK),

ENGINE/TRANSMISSION: the 100/6 came out in 1956 and then in 1958 and 1959 this model with the 2639cc sized block had an engine power uprating to 117 very spirited horsepower, very big torque power of 149 ft/lbs, really a strong and reliable engine, the engine block is #26C/U/H49611 with date code 12.J.7, cylinder head #AEC814, intake is the proper Westlake alloy #565394, this has the correct BMC 6-cylinder engine with the proper dual SU carburetors with the air cleaners, these carbs have just been rebuilt with a full Moss Motors carb ‘H’ type repair kit with new needle jets, washers and nuts (SEE LINK OF PARTS), then to make sure that this running condition is just terrific, for Summer 2018 a major tune just completed since the car had done but 57 miles in 6 years, see the attached LINK to show this meticulous work, our dealer costing in parts alone was $300 and then our Senior British tech spent a full 10 hours of expensive work, (LINK) this is now checked with the valves adjusted, the timing set, new NGK FR4 spark plugs just installed by the Fraser Dante a top British senior technician, see the invoice for just the parts at the dealer costing, the major effort is in the senior technician doing the set up for top performance,
For cooling the proper radiator is #11 B2301, freshly flushed with new coolant, air shroud and proper fan guard, the engine is very nicely detailed for driven show,  the 4-speed transmission #AEC 3174, tail shaft housing # 1B3764 works as it should, proper shifter,

Clutch: part of the full checking for Summer 2018 set up is the clutch system by the Fraser Dante British tech, new clevis pin, clutch slave cylinder, then the clutch adjusted and then the clutch is road tested by this writer to make sure that is works well with the 4-speed transmission, the new parts are shown in the Moss Motors receipt with the major costing being our technical work (LINK), see tech notes (LINK),

BRAKING: Kumho 165/R15 radial tires with full matching spare on 5 rare steel disc steel wheels with correct Healey dog dish hub caps that bearing clear with large ‘big brakes’, this 1958 Austin Healey has been fully restored, but sat for awhile, which is not good for a brake system, Fraser Dante, in order to accomplish a top braking system, did a full brake rebuild on the “big brake drum system”, a very hard to get and expensive master cylinder starts the process, then one has to use the special aluminum brake cylinders only for this “big brake” system, (LINK), these parts are very expensive and accessible through Moss Motors, Fraser Dante spent great effort to work with Moss technical support to get the parts for this rare Healey (SEE LINK OF SOME PARTS), then our top technician installed said system to get it fully inspected, one can see the brake master cylinder and slave cylinders used in the recent updating, the parts to make this system work from master cylinder to the individual brakes, shoes and other pieces are fully checked the system fluids installed, then road test and drive to ensure system worked correctly,

Chassis: The underchassis is most solid when found as this was an earlier frame off restoration with some minor miles one can tell, as Wayne Carini told us, F40 Motorsports sold the car to a collector and then it sat for many years,  then Fraser Dante bought the car, now one can see the LINK for the fresh underchassis presentation that is completed at our shop with many hours to bring it back up to high standards, see that  said fine underchassis is shown with only paint on metal so one can see how solid it is, then the final prep to protect inner fenders from rocks being thrown up and the very lower rocker panels has clear protective coating just applied, this effort was accomplished by a top body shop commissioned by Fraser Dante, one cannot tell as this is virtually invisible as today the photos show the gorgeous body colored chassis, this extensive work on the chassis shows the integrity of this beautiful 1958 Austin Healey,

EXTERIOR/INTERIOR: the exterior is a very pretty Seafoam green over British White, this is a factory color has found a (1958 only called Austin Florida Green) buffed to perfection for the just perfect Driven Show Car for British Car condition, amazing luster, really great chrome front and rear bumpers with bumper guards, dual exterior chrome mirrors, very nicely restored Cream bucket seats with contrasting Seafoam piping looks excellent, the interior specialist who just checked the whole installation states that the seats are leather, very nice new carpet kit, all the gauges work, has the upgraded cross shoulder front safety belts that are a very nice addition and desirable, has a nice tan vinyl soft top with the bows are part of the package, has the matching tan vinyl tonneau cover that is generally used in Europe, has the factory side hard-to-find curtains, a newer tool kit in trunk, (LINK) the custom car cover is brand new,

top and side curtains:  very few of these early Healey 100/6s have the proper bows for the attached of the nice soft top, also the very hard to get and very valuable plastic side window curtains are part of the package (LINK), nice set up for shows, also a car cover comes the car cover for protection, a nice and complete package, 

Engine: the strong running original engine was from all indications and history, very good compression, now just rebuilt correct SU HD6 carburetors that are correct for the later 100/6s, ENGINE #26D-U-H4/9611 with the proper intake manifold and cylinder head, rated at the 117 horsepower at 4750 rpm with the strong torque of 149 ft lbs at only 3000 rpm, the head numbers are AEC 314 with the photos of condition, all of these numbers were just pulled (SEE THE LINK), when one looks at the information from Moss Motors, it appears that the engine and the chassis number match, there are no records that they show for said numbers, the fully tuned engine as explained below is just set for top running condition, the dry cold reading of the compression was just taken from 130 to 139 psi (SEE LINK), should be the factory standards, 

For Fall 2018, the senior British technician at Fraser Dante just freshly set the all valves, put on a new valve cover gasket, adjusted the carburetors and set the full timing of the engine, with fresh spark plugs with then the final road testing, see the (LINK) of his extensive work and the parts, the restored carburetors are the proper larger new SU HD6 units that are numbered correctly and work great, they have the stock factory air cleaners, see the proper information to show how correct this 100/6 BN4 is as shown with (LINK) of all the stamping and raised numbers,

SUMMARY:  truly beautiful 1958 Austin-Healey 100/6 BN4 Roadster in the rare Seafoam color with the top, bows and side curtains, great looking Austin Healey has been gone through for Summer 2018 by Fraser Dante to insure the excellent in presentation and ready to drive and enjoy for the perfect Fall 2018 season, this is an fabulous Healey with solid mechanicals and a strong engine with excellent compression, has just an excellent presentation for one to drive, show and enjoy on the road, a pretty investment of automotive art, a lightweight performance 100/6, a real piece of history, a fresh presentation, offered at $54,950