MUSTANG 1965 2+2 'A' CODE



1965 Mustang 2+2 serious Driven Show Car, a just spectacular presentation for the demanding collector both in the USA and the overseas market due to this being a very high quality rare factory configuration and superior low production build that is seldom found today, here is a very rare ‘A’ Code with the 4-speed T10 transmission and working Rally Pac that was built in San Jose in March 1965 and sold initially in California with documents,  presented today in just gorgeous Wimbledon White with  really wonderful paint and terrific body, just excellent straight panels, all steel body and fantastic original floors, terrific chrome throughout,  just ‘as factory’ very correct to the highest quality,  there are extensive ‘numbers’ in this report to show how correct, rare and how properly dated all of the running gear is, has the believed also rare factory original red standard interior, red factory steering wheel, factory AM radio, a full length factory console, working 1965 Rally Pac, this features the correct numbers with the properly dated original 289cid engine with the factory 4v Autolite 4100 carburetor, dual exhaust system, excellent compression with 155 to 162 psi, the fresh tune and mechanicals are set by Fraser Dante to the highest standards and this runs exceptionally, Note the rare Ford Window Sticker (LINK) that confirms the authenticity, this is produced in March 11, 1965 confirmed by the Original Door Data Tag, photos show the actual tag and the attached LINK shows the breakdown of said tag (LINK),  this is the last month before the GTs were started in April 1965, optional rear back up lights, here is a very top quality car that is set for the very demanding Mustang knowledgeable collector, especially the European’s who have very exacting demands for top quality bodies and chassis who have a love of being ‘factory correct’,  has the correct 14” steel wheels with the proper spinner wire hubcaps,  fitted with the proper 6.95x14 B.F.Goodrich Silvertown bias ply narrow band whitewalls, has the full braking fresh drum braking system,  fresh oil and filter, radiator flushed,  this writer really does love this rare Mustang 2+2!

History:  this is a very, the famous 2+2 design is the body as used by Carroll Shelby with the   uprated engine in the 1965 Shelby GT350, to a broader important statement, this Mustang is the true start of the Muscle Car era, there is a large file for this car with Registrations from California since the build from Ford, then to New Mexico in 2001, then to New Jersey in 2002,  said file also includes lots of maintenance to keep in top condition, found by a serious Mustang/Ford collector who is very knowledgeable, it went to the Fraser Dante shop and showroom in mid- 2018, then now the final work is now just prepared for a 2019 Spring Show car with all running gear and tune just completed and checked, the paint is buffed to a outstanding luster and shine, very nice complete recent work includes the fully road tested car with excellent mechanicals,

Interior: this has a factory gorgeous interior that is in just absolutely fantastic condition, the red standard interior that appears to be the factory original from expert examination, the seats are great and so is the padding, one can tell this is correct from the factory stitching, one can see a very little bit of separation that is so minor after all these years, one cannot replace this original condition, excellent carpets, terrific door panels, has the optional fold down rear seat, the dash bezel is just great, all the factory gauges work, has a beautiful red correct steering wheel,  the very rare factory correct 1965 Rally Pac that works with both the tachometer and even the clock,  note that the glass is really exceptional, only the front windshield is replaced with the tinted unit, the two vent windows and the side windows and the rear large window all have the original ‘Carlite’ stampings, hard to find these like this, has the left outside mirror, the lower outside rocker moldings are replaced, stainless inner Ford door sills, also, the white upper headliner is like factory new,

Body/chassis: the exceptional paint and fantastic body had their buffing and polishing with outstanding luster initially in Summer 2018 when the car was received in our shop,  then the final work is completed for Spring 2019,  has all original Ford stamped fenders, proper inner fender aprons with correct bolts, original quarter panels, very straight car, all original floors, just excellent rockers and torque boxes,  the lower side horizontal lower rockers have the Ford numbers clearly stamped, has a nicely detailed underchassis that is original with the great floors, these have been painted and then polished, (LINK), no replaced panels are detected to the best of our knowledge, fully detailed trunk with full trunk mat and spare tire cover (LINK),

Running gear:  this car was made in March 1965 with the proper factory drum brakes, now all four drum brakes that are completely rebuilt to factory specs, see that the T10 H-1 transmission and 8” rear axle numbers are dated 5.C.1 correctly (LINK), brakes just checked (LINK),

note the photos of the steel 14” wheels have the correct narrow band whitewall B.F. Goodrich Silvertown 660 6.95x14 bias ply show tires and the factory spinner wire hubcaps as per the window sticker,  thusly today they are just like the factory produced, these wheels could be upgraded if one desires for a more aggressive look and produce better handling,  they could be either a 1965 14x5.5” styled steel wheel or the newly available alloy Shelby replica wheels (LINK), that have modern bias ply tires, these new alloy styled steel wheel replicas are in the 15x7 size and will balance better than a steel wheel, are lighter and look terrific, these would be a reasonable extra costing,  any these later wheels are better for the driven show aspect and the bias ply for more factory period correct,

Engine: here is a just rare 289cid, 4v and dual exhausts with the proper hydraulic heads that is rated at 225 horsepower, it is the rebuilt original correct ‘A’ code engine with excellent dry reading from 155psi to 162psi across (LINK), these dry, cold readings get even higher when the engine is warm, they show that this engine is rebuilt, it is just wonderful, see that this 289cid/4V engine is an original with date code  casting of C5AE-8015, the heads are 5.c.1 and 5.c.2 along with the dated intake of 5.c.1, see the list of the numbers (LINK), with exacting numbers and dates…outstanding and very hard to find such an original engine in a 2+2,  has the proper 4v Autolite 4100 carburetor and dual exhausts, all new spark plugs and wires, a full tune just completed with new show Ford spark plug wires, new Autolite copper core ‘45’ spark plugs (SEE LINK), the complete timing is set, full tune,  note that the engine bay is now highly show detailed, full numbers are pulled (LINK),

Racing oil/filter: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is added along with new filter for engine protection (LINK), said oil gives the proper zinc for the lubrication of the engine, note this step is using the top racing quality oil that can only be used on engines without a catalytic converter,

Summary:  it is really hard to find such an outstanding 1965 2+2 ‘A code, ‘R’ production in a very correct 1965 Mustang Fastback, here is a factory correct car, has great proven history…this is the most desirable year, virtually a driven MCA Driven Show quality, has repro Owner's manual (LINK), just prepared with top cosmetics and also finished with top mechanicals as an investment and rare Mustang now ready for Spring 2019, offered at only $52,950