1964 1/2 Mustang ‘D’ Code convertible restored and finished in just outstanding condition with great luster of the Sunlight Yellow factory color, just looks amazing! finished with the lower stainless rocker moldings, a really well done fresh restoration, upgraded 1965 14x6 styled steel wheels with 195/75/14 narrow band whitewall or 205/70/14 B.F.Goodrich dual line radial tires, these cosmetics yield great ‘eyes’, this has the factory Data Tag showing how correct this is with the June 19, 1964 build date, very important build aspects include the rebuilt uprated 289cid dated C5 AE 1964 engine with just excellent compression, the Ford intake has mounted the rare Autolite 4100 C4 dated 4v carburetor, below in this report are all the ‘numbers’, just installed is a great looking GT engine dress up show kit, aluminized dual ‘A’ code exhaust system that adds power, full tune and setting at the Fraser Dante shop, this now should be at least the 225 horsepower rating, fitted with a great working T5 uprated 5-speed transmission, good strong clutch system, has the very desirable Borgeson variable ratio power steering system, also further the handling is improved with the added GT ¾” sway bar, new HD shocks, then the under hood Monte Carlo bar and GT sway bar also adds to the stability, NOW this has the brand new expensive Stainless Steel Corp front GT full disc system with the proper large round master cylinder the factory correct black crinkle bucket seated interior is really, really nice, 4 safety belts, has the factory full length console, nice black power top and black boot, new lower stainless rockers really look good and finish off the build, this car is top quality for outstanding build for the demanding current collector who insists that their car perform outstandingly as well as look good, there is an extraordinary file of receipts that show the long history and current condition, the added front amber GT driving and lower fog lights make this look terrific with this factory color, the chrome bumper and trim are excellent along with dual side mirrors, very solid underchassis,  this really has a great show luster with a period presentation, the top mechanicals prepared for Fall 2018,

History: some of the most desirable vehicles ever produced were the 1964 ½ to 1966 Mustangs, these were so popular then that 1,100,000 were produced in just two years, all ’64 1/2s were titled as ‘65s, the production began in March 1964 with the official introduction following on April 17 at the 1964 World's Fair, the V8 models got a badge on the front fender that spelled out the engine's cubic inch displacement ("260" or "289" of the ‘D’ code) over a wide "V"…these low production ‘D’ Code convertibles are among the most desirable of collector cars that appeal to men and women of all ages, this happy period color combination is a great one for everyone, men and women of all ages around the world just love this look in the early rare Mustang,

additional note:  in June of 2018, Fraser Dante has the very rare situation in that we finished restoring TWO 1964 ½ ‘D’ Code convertibles that are both in very top shape, one is terrific as a great restored show ‘driver’ in Sunlight Yellow with some upgrades and the other even better as a very top, top show very stock condition with all the ‘numbers’ and factory air conditioning, it is just finished in the really gorgeous dark Caspian Blue with White interior, see the (LINK) that shows both of the convertibles, see these photographs just freshly taken,

History of this car: this model and color are so important that this file has copies of Ford Brochures for this 1964 1/2 Mustang that can be used for shows of this nice convertible (LINK), note that the Mustang is one of the most desirable vehicles ever produced for everyone, the MUSTANG 1964 ½ to '66, one of the first collector cars in America being good looking, fun to drive, note that the '65-'66 Mustang was so popular that over 1,100,000 were made in the mid 60's, the '64 1/2 to the '66 Mustang convertibles are perhaps among the most collectable cars in the world, these are popular in Sweden, France, the Netherlands, Australia, just everywhere, men and women, old and young all love the Mustang,

The production of the 1964 ½ had the convertible of 28,833 units and the coupe of 92,705 units, note that the 1964 ½ was only produced from March 1964½ (VIN as a 1965) to July 1964, introduced to the world at the New York World’s Fair on April, 17, 1964…here is a car that was produced on June 19, 1964 in Dearborn with a Louisville DSO…the ‘D’ code confirms that this is the rare and desirable first of the 289cids produced as ‘D’ codes in the VIN, the factor setup had the 289cid with hydraulic lifters rated at 210 horsepower with single cross exhaust, many Ford factory promotional documents and Mustang historical books are also copied so one can show this proper a car and the great color to be so proud that it is correct (SEE LINK), one can see from the ‘Mustang Mania 1964 1/2 to 1968 about the ‘D’ code engine and the production dates (LINK),

Now this car: here is a rare 289 ‘D code’ convertible that has the August dated C4 289 engine with the dual exhaust system,  this is finished in the repainted and just lovely and gorgeous Sunlight Yellow with great luster that looks amazing! the correct factory Black Crinkle bucket seats are redone with the correct factory console, the shift linkage works great in said desirable console,

There is an enormous file that goes with this car that shows over $29,000 in the restoration work that was spent through the early years, a very serious car guy bought this car for his wife, she used this as their show car in Atlanta, then for Summer 2018 Fraser Dante bought this rare car and then added a lot more to the build since the car is so good, cars like this are hard to find, note that items like the brand new GT SSBC front disc brakes, styled steel wheels and tires, all full and the  maintenance just completed,  the new professional show detailing just completed in order to park in front of your favorite restaurant, (LINK),

Engine: first, note the rebuilt engine is an August 1964 unit so one knows for sure it is fresh and rebuilt with many receipts in the file, the engine bay has all the fresh detailing, has the proper show GT chrome valve covers, GT air cleaner with the orange HiPo element, installed here is a strong and rebuilt dated 1964 289cid engine that sounds and works great, has terrific great dry cold compression from 140 to 150 lbs across taken at Fraser Dante, see the (LINK), even the hydraulic lifter heads are dated C4, new valves and springs, rocker arms, note that the photos show how clean they are, the carburetor is rare Autolite 4100 4v rebuilt unit with the C4 date code that is very hard to come by, finished in the Fraser Dante shop, with the added dual aluminized ‘A’ code exhaust system should have this produce at least the 225 horsepower, one can see the very clean heads that show the recent build and are just checked, see all the verifying numbers that are posted here today are important (LINK), transmission and rear axle numbers (LINK),

The full tune has been accomplished at Fraser Dante with fresh spark plugs, new 7mm spark plug wires, the distributor is checked with new points, rotor and points, the carburetor is tuned by our senior tech  all the fluids are checked, the radiator has fresh coolant, note that we have used special Valvoline VR1 20-50 high zinc tech oil and filter (SEE LINK), along with new filter for engine protection, note this step is the top racing quality oil that can only engines without a catalytic converter, this was done and checked in our shop, the restored radiator is flushed with new coolant added for great cooling,

Brakes/Suspension: a high point of this Mustang is that this came with the factory 4-wheel manual drum brakes of a 1964 ½ that had the full braking system just rebuilt, NOW this has the brand new expensive Stainless Steel Corp front GT full disc system with the proper large round master cylinder (LINK) this $2000+ work is just done by the Fraser Dante shop, now with the front discs and calipers are brand new, then the drums are rebuilt for the rear, all lines and fluids, then flushed and road tested, the photos show and confirm the work being completed, (LINK)

Great suspension: another great point about this car is the work on the suspension in the initial build, now this the fresh suspension is equipped with very good bushings, also a brand new set of heavy duty Monroe shocks are just installed by Fraser Dante (SEE LINK), these units will aid in the nice driving and handling of the nice Mustang, then a uprated GT ¾” front sway bar is just added, with the installation of the under hood Monte Carlo bar, this car will certainly handle very well, new tie rod ends, all of the suspension has fresh lube and checking, solid and clean underchassis (LINK),

interior: this is the proper ‘as factory’ black crinkle standard bucket seat interior, this looks very fresh with these seats and door panels are in just really top condition, has the full length console, has the desirable 4 safety belts, the black proper correct steering wheel is like new, the dash facia and gauges are redone as factory, the black dash pad is newly done, this has a very good black power top and a black boot, good black carpets, has the special black Mustang floor mats, note the uprated Custom Autosound radio/cd system (LINK) with trunk mounted CD holder,

Lighting: note that under the hood, the rebuilt and correct generator that is correct for the 1964 ½ model is still in place, works just great, if one desires, Fraser Dante could do the updating for the newer alternator with brackets along with the newer wiring that is part of the install, this would be an upcharge for this service , a lot of people love this change, now this nice Mustang convertible has all the newer sealed beam headlights, said lights and the brake lights are tested and all work well, even has the backup lights that are checked and work today, this has the amber GT driving lights that add to the great appearance, full checking of lights, 

This particular Mustang: note the Data Tag that shows about the production of this car (LINK), chassis sequence numbers: a further check on the authenticity of this rare convertible is that the Dearborn 1965 production sequence started with 5F---250000, here the Vin # sequence is 5F08D171153, exactly where the 1964 ½ production should be, this verifies the rare body and chassis authenticity, all the body parts are correct,

Summary: here is a top condition, very exceptional early Mustang that has factory Data Tag (SEE LINK) that shows that this is a June 19, 1964 production with the engine date codes, really restored to drive and enjoy with past receipted restoration work plus the final restoration and upgrades, all while really ‘looking good’ with this very 1960s terrific beautiful color that has great luster and ‘stands out in person’, these top mechanicals just completed by the professionals at Fraser Dante to set off this fine Mustang convertible way above the crowd, the red line tires or the narrow band whitewall radials really set this off just a ‘happy car’, offered with all fresh work and ‘great eyes’ for Fall 2018 shows and going out dinner, well priced with great cosmetics and mechanicals, offered at $37,950