1966 Mustang Convertible with the original ‘C’ code 289cid engine with all the correct date codes, running with the proper 2100 2v carburetor, has 210 horsepower since this has now the better ‘A’ code dual exhaust system, very strong compression showing rebuild history later in this writeup along with photos of the clean heads, properly presented in the original rare combination of the factory striking Raven Black color along with original GT Pony Ivy Gold with White Two-Tone Interior, looks dynamic, has a factory console, features a very very nice factory ‘wood’ steering wheel, interior appears to be original, this has the Factory Data Tag (LINK) to confirm the build, has complete full options rarely seen, now this features the Ford power steering, fresh front GT master cylinder with the disc brakes, the rears done, has the strong Ford air conditioning with the 134a upgrade, radiator with fresh coolant, clamps and hoses, with the styled steel wheels and red line tires, this looks great as the paint is not new but does have very good luster now just detailed, ready for local shows, has a very solid body, the top chassis is very nice solid condition, great to find a car from the collection of a top notch technician,

History: could be a lower mileage 3 owner car, history shows that this rare 1966 Mustang ‘C’ code convertible was initially found by the top Senior Tech at Fraser Dante for his own personal collection, he kept for a number of years as he did lots of top notch mechanicals to make sure it runs just wonderful, our professional tech sets up all the cars at Fraser Dante, has a very solid body and ‘as factory’ underchassis, really so very factory…note that the running condition is top notch with the full engine setup, the fresh full brakes including the front discs, the paint was done a number of years ago with now with fresh professional detailing for Summer 2018, 

Another great point of the correct history of this very nice 1966 Mustang ‘C code’ convertible is that this has the original Data Tag with all the proper numbers (SEE LINK), this has the original Owner’s Manual with the original owner’s name typed in (SEE LINK), hard to find like this today,

Interior: here is a high point of this terrific Mustang, has a great very rare interior today as all signs show that this is the original GT Pony Ivy Gold with White Two-Tone Interior, has all the proper factory stitching, looks great with the factory console, features a very very nice factory ‘wood’ steering wheel in just fine condition, the interior appears original with the matching colored carpet that looks like as factory, has the front factory color Ivy Gold safety belts, it is very hard to find such a fine example of such an original interior,

Engine/mechanicals:  this is a correct and original 289cid engine with all the numbers that should produce about 210 horsepower today, was previously rebuilt according to history supplied to our tech from Fraser Dante, he also maintained this for years even before the final shop work at Fraser Dante for Summer 2018, see the very clean heads that are shown with close up photos, this is recently just very top notch tuned and maintained, strong and even compression, with 156 to 163 lbs in a dry cold reading just taken, this is exceptional (LINK), has the correct Autolite 2100 carburetor, steel dual exhaust system, these wonderful 289cid small blocks are fitted with hydraulic lifter heads that yield high torque and easy maintenance, this original engine is shown with all the correct castings and date codes that are shown in the (LINK),

Running gear: This even has the dated 1966 rear end gear with the 2.80:1 ratio (SEE THE LINK), engineered to be a perfect cruising gear with the 289cid engine with lots of torque, mated to the C-4 automatic transmission that has been checked, this is road tested and set for top Driven Show or going to dinner and park out in front of the restaurant for everyone to see how pretty and striking this car is, 

Running condition: again, the new tune up includes the new points for the checked distributor, a new condenser, the timing set, new 7mm spark plugs, for cooling for the air conditioning system, the radiator is flushed with fresh coolant, new hoses and clamps, 
show radiator cap, with the top Senior tech at Fraser Dante having this as his personal car, then going through our shop again to check all the engine and running gear, here is great effort expended and completed to make this a fun driven show car!

Oil/filter: then Fraser Dante just put in the special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is added along with new filter for top engine protection, note this step is the top racing quality oil that can only engines without a catalytic converter, very few shops go to this final step to protect the engines (SEE LINK),

Brakes: here again is a high point of the driven show car, proper and fresh brakes are the gold standard at Fraser Dante, now this has a brand new SSBC correct GT master cylinder just installed (LINK), this is connected to the front Ford disc brakes with new pads, the rear factory drum brakes are just done by our said Senior Tech, fresh fluids and road testing,
underchassis: very, very nicely prepared very nice original ‘as factory’ chassis that is just prepared in with fresh cleaning and then cleared to protect and present well, note the lower side ‘pinch’ welds and the FOMOCO stampings on the lower side rockers are very straight, it is very hard to find like this and the chassis is very  nice and hard to find so good, photos do not show how really good this is in person,

paint: from history presented when found by Fraser Dante, this is the original color to the car, hard to find this rare Raven Black color that is confirmed with said authenticity shown by the ‘data tag’ on the car (LINK), this was painted a few years ago, has some touch ups around the car, no signs of rust, great body panels,  just professionally wet sanded and buffed, said paint to make nice, the final detailing was professionally  accomplished at Fraser Dante with the high speed buffer (SEE LINK), then to our touch up guy to complete the upgrades, now just very, very nice show driver paint presentation with great luster, just shows great with the styled steel wheels,

Summary: the attached sheet of numbers are part of this report to add to the authenticity, items like the air conditioning, disc brakes and the power steering are very desirable extras, note the GT interior, here is a car that has a great possibility of worldwide demand for such a great color, the mechanicals are really top notch, offered at $32,950