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1971 Corvette LT1 with the correct Numbers Matching Drive train…this has the rare and hard to find original 350cid engine that is rebuilt, all the codes and dates are correct and just checked, this has the gorgeous and original color ‘983’ Brands Hatch Green, the body is appears ‘as factory’ and unmolested with no signs of any work, this quality body is hard to find and correct Brands Hatch Green paint, this is really well presented and is highly buffed, presented with the rare original Saddle Interior, now presented with the proper Data Tag numbers to confirm (SEE LINK), this ‘T’ top Corvette presents in just an amazing way, the 4-speed original Muncie transmission that works great with the stock linkage, even has the 4.11:1 rear end, factory power steering,

History: note that just 1,949 LT1 cars were produced and built for the 1971 model year making this the rarest Corvette engine option for that year next to the legendary LS6, this color is the most popular with 15.8% of the production coming off the assembly line in ‘983’ Brands Hatch Green, set forth with the correct white pinstripes and an LT-1 emblem on the hood along with the beautiful chrome bumpers, this factory design has a real contrast that is just fantastic with the dark metallic green color, here is a most famous design,

Engine: with very top condition featuring the rebuilt matching numbered 350cid engine, came with the factory rating of 330 horsepower at 5600 rpm and the massive torque at 360 ft/lbs at 4000 rpm (SEE THE IMPORTANT NUMBERS LINK), has a strong compression, in the rebuild, this now has long tube headers, ignition is upgraded to the MSD ignition system, for

authenticity, this could be changed back to stock, the very factory numbered heads now have roller rockers and push rod guide plates, this makes for better and more reliable performance, sounds amazing, nice engine detailing just completed, a tune with fresh plugs is done by a Chevrolet Senior Master Mechanic so it can be enjoyed for Summer 2018,

oil/filter:  to protect the engine, Fraser Dante uses very expensive special high-tech racing oil with added zinc content with Valvoline VR1 20-50 to insure long term performance, since today’s gasoline and standard oils have cleaners added, these early non-catalytic engines need the heavy duty oil and the added zinc for lubrication purposes (LINK) for these older engines, this is very costly and used only from shops as Fraser Dante,

Transmission/rear end: see the (LINK) showing this has the still factory matching VIN number transmission, we have even listed the bell housing number for verification, it is so hard to find today with the said original transmission and the stock linkage, braking system just checked (LINK), Solid underchassis (LINK),

Body/paint: this now presents in just a gorgeous presentation in this factory color of the original color ‘983’ Brands Hatch Green that just sparkles with the metallic 1970’s era coloring, this deep color is set forth

Summary: here is a terrific and gorgeous rare investment quality 1971 LT1 in a beautiful color, great and striking presentation, brochure and manual included (LINK), now offered for Summer at only $34,950