1966 Mustang ‘C’ code convertible is very rare with just wonderful history being from one California San Jose family then to the son who moved to Atlanta…has the possessing supporting numbers for the said condition with full documentation, this is a rare California ‘Black Plate ‘ car (SEE PHOTO LINK), a really just great original body and just a terrific original underchassis with the factory red oxided paint, see the lower part of this report to see these rare and wonderful floors and underchassis, believed original mileage, important to read in this report with lots of numbers and photos on (LINKS) that are most specific, shown with the fully dated numbers throughout the original 289cid ‘C’ code engine, all the proper sequence 1966 numbers…great compression just taken, very hard to find with this original California smog equipment, the proper intake and the Autolite 2100 carburetor, later in this report are the VERY IMPORTANT LINKS confirming the ‘numbers’ with the engine, now this runs fine with new tune by Fraser Dante just completed, has the desirable dated C-4 automatic transmission, rebuilt Ford power steering, again, from its’ sitting collector status to now set for great driving, here is a car that the knowledgeable collector really demands!!! this 1966 Mustang Convertible is a rare and correct production color that has very high standards in the great body and the running gear for a Driven Show Original presentation, it is only a one repaint from new according to the history presented in the very nice Tahoe Turquoise color with a bit of touch ups through the years with some patina, has now recent professional buffing and attention to paint, still has the two tone matching very rare original Pony bucket seated interior in fine shape with the factory stitching, also equipped with the factory console, has the GT wood steering wheel, the carpet is believed original now just cleaned, white Pony floor mats, here is a Mustang that is highly desired as it has wonderful history confirmed by documents, this has the original San Jose California Production, the Bill of sale in San Jose and the notarized statement of history by the son (LINKS), even believed to be the original white power top, note that this has just really excellent factory stamped fenders and rear quarters, the fantastic great floors and the rear trunk drip rails with all the Ford stampings, remote mirror, stamped Carlite glass, the great braking system is just now rebuilt and checked by Fraser Dante, the original dated engine that is documented later in this report is fully tuned, high tech oil and road tested, has copies of the Ford brochures and an repro Owner’s Manual (LINK) for show display purposes, this is perhaps one of the really best classic Mustangs available today with such originality, great body and chassis with the Ford stamped fenders and the lower rockers with stamped numbers and the dated engine, all Carlite glass, dated C6OW 2.80:1 rear end freshly lubed, four new shocks, the lighting system just checked and working, it is really believed that a vehicle like this that can rise in value for the authenticity, call the technical staff at Fraser Dante to confirm all of said authenticity and today’s condition,

History: in today’s time, a very correct chassis and body are very important for quality and investment purposes with this being so very factory original, now in 2018, this is really in really fine condition Mustang convertible is very hard to find, for sure this is an extremely rare San Jose production and the sold in San Jose in 1966 (NOTE THE LINK WITH THE DATA TAG INFO AND DATES TO CONFIRM), a real California Black Plate, has the California number of SPD 574 (SEE THE PHOTO LINK),  this also has the dealer “Tiffany Ford of Hollister, California” dealer license plate holder with said black plate, Tiffany Ford is still in business…see the number in the photo of ‘California only a one family 1966 Mustang convertible offered with all the documentation (LINK), for sure the Dad bought the car, then his grown son the car to Atlanta, insured it, then kept in his garage but did not drive it on the road, was a treasured family piece of history and now he had to move to the far Northwest for work, all of the original body data numbers and body parts are very correct…thusly the car arrived at Fraser Dante in March 2018 after being off the road and carefully kept for many years, now the final work including the underchassis presentation to make this a nice fun, driven show Mustang ready for Summer 2018, the fresh refurbishment brings this up to a driven show very original car is completed by the professional staff at Fraser Dante,

Note: See the copies of the Ford Mustang promotional material (LINK), and the copy of the 1966 Owner’s Manual that are part of the presentation (SEE LINK).

Engine/mechanicals:  very hard to find in these times today for a 1966 Mustang to have just great dates everywhere with the complete engine and components,  then the nicely detailed engine and bay, this is the correct ORIGINAL 289 cid engine with brand new confirmation of the numbers that is recently fully checked with all the dated said factory numbers information received (SEE THE IMPORTANT LINK), one must see these dated very cool factory engine dating #s that are most rare today, these numbers are shown to be for the May 1966 time…just outstanding…now that is has moved from a status collection type car to improving the car's operation for top driven show with the experts at Fraser Dante,  has the rare and correct Autolite 2100 carburetor show carburetor just restored and fitted, the stock factory air intake system is taken off, then restored at Fraser Dante in the proper color, the same at the valve covers, this has the dated Ford intake, NOTE THE SOLID COMPRESSION from 140 to 155 lbs (LINK),

believed never out of the car now the engine is set up with MCA show California Smog equipment that is usually discarded after all these years, now the radiator has been rebuilt and just been flushed with fresh coolant added, has the Scott Drake FOMOCO show stamped hoses with the proper clamps installed, the photos show the final work just completed on said engine bay to present so well,  also to insure fine operation in the future,  at great expense Fraser Dante just replaced a lot of the original wiring still there that was not up to current standards, fresh hoses and belts, all new fluids, then careful detailing is confirmed, all of this took considerable time and expertise, the new tune up includes the new cap, rotor and points for the checked distributor, then timing is set, this has new spark plugs, brand new 7 mm proper spark plug wires, loom to hold properly, the valve cover gaskets were replaced when the heads were checked, a brand new proper 24FA expensive battery with cables and clamps are just now installed for ease of operation,

oil/filter: then for engine maintenance, now the oil and filter are now changed and upgraded thusly to protect the engine, Fraser Dante uses very expensive special high-tech racing oil with added zinc content with Valvoline VR1 20-50 to insure long term performance, since today’s gasoline and standard oils have cleaners added, these early non-catalytic engines need the heavy duty oil and the added zinc for lubrication purposes (LINK) for these older engines, this is very costly and used only from shops who have top operations as Fraser Dante, all of this tune and check work now will insure great driving,

transmission/rear end: here is the original factory C-4 automatic transmission, see the (LINK )of the numbers for the #C6DP 7006A, the fluid has been topped off on this 3-speed unit and road tested to check,

rear end here also is the stamped very correct with the 6E17 dated rear end that goes with build numbers, this has a 2.80:1 8” unit, the rear end dope is checked, the splines seem just fine (SEE LINK),

interior: here again is a real time warp for such fine condition today, has the full original Pony interior in the two-tone colors of ‘67’ of White vinyl with light Aqua vinyl in maintained condition, there are now a few touched up places in the seats now just addressed to make for Driven Show, with said seats and door panels in ‘as produced’ condition, many people rate and desire this condition more than the repro ones today that are not similar quality, note that this has the full long proper factory console, has the ‘wood’ GT steering wheel, the nice wood grained dash bezel is as built, the instruments work, has the day/night rear view mirror, the a very nice Agua full dash pad in just great condition, when this was received by Fraser Dante, this does not have any safety belts, please know that we could add belts if some desires and we can quote the type that one wants, the aqua very nice carpet is still nicely presented in the car, this also has the believed factory white Pony fancy floor mats are from the car as sold in San Jose, (LINK)

finally, this has original believed Carlite glass in all windows, the front windshield is even tinted with the Carlite stampings, all of this glass appears ‘as factory’, one can tell that this car has been well maintained and protected all of its life,

brakes/suspension: a high point of the Fraser Dante Mustangs are areas like the brakes, just now completed is the full braking system just checked, the four wheel cylinders are replaced, the shoes are new, we took off the possible original brake lines and now the new rubber lines with fittings are replaced, work is documented with the (LINK), the suspension is checked and

shocks: when this arrived at Fraser Dante, there were a set of older shocks on the car, now for safe and better driving, a full set of four brand new Monroe HD gas shocks just installed (LINK),

chrome and stainless:  the front and rear bumpers are in fine condition, they have just been carefully cleaned with professional materials and then polished with special chrome high tech polish, the same polish process is used for said front windshield side and top header panel, the reproduction header stainless is nowhere close to these very fine factory pieces and are most desired today,

Trunk/spare area: photos show how clean and top show condition the trunk area with updating just completed, this is all factory correct, unmolested, one can see the great original paint that is still in the full trunk, so very solid and great condition, the photos do not show how really nice it is, has the factory stamped numbers in the drip rails, very hard to find like this, the fuel tank was replaced at one time, from the inside of the trunk, one can look up and see the original factory quarters from the inside the trunk, this had an insulation piece on the tank below the original plaid truck mat, this is now taken off to make the car fresh looking and show better,  ALSO this has the factory original checkered truck mat! Then has a newer repro trunk mat kit including the spare tire cover covering, said spare has a jack, has a new left factory type show cardboard side well cover,

Spare: here again is another remarkable find, this still has the original narrow band whitewall spare with the 1966 date code on the tire, really amazing and perfect for winning a show, it is extremely hard to find such a nice original area for top showing…so very Cool indeed, (LINK),

Underchassis:  here today is a very top quality and most solid JUST SENSATIONAL really great underchassis just like the factory produced, we can find no replacement lower panels and the great rust free floors, are so very solid, these have been first cleaned of grease and grime all the way down to the original paint, the black paint is wiped off and then down to the fantastic factory red oxide is still there, then they are protected from elements with a new clear flat gloss paint, this also has the proper black overspray on the lower chassis by the red oxide, the photos do not show now really wonderful and nice they are (LINK), the front area of the car that was black has now been taken to the metal and fresh black paint applied, these are the best and most original V8 classic Mustang convertible that Fraser Dante has seen now in our 31st year!!!  Also note that the lower sides of the rocker panels have the factory ‘pinch’ welds that are amazing, also one can see the factory stampings on the said factory lower rockers (LINK), again, this is a really rare top and unmolested San Jose California car in rust free condition,

Lighting: since this car was virtually off the road for many years in the son’s garage, there was no checking of the lighting system, now for Summer 2016, Fraser Dante has spent many hours making sure all the lighting system is now working properly, note in this expert process, the brake light switch under dash had to be checked, we found the original 1966 Ford brake light switch with the castings of C5AB-13485 still in the car (SEE LINK), this is remarkable as one seldom seen parts like this, a new switch is installed and this original goes with the car, the first that we have seen in this modern era, now the halogen headlights, the running lights, nice rear taillight buckets for the brake lights, new bulbs, the turn signals and the interior lights all work, said professional work is accomplished by the GM of Fraser Dante, Chris Trusty, who is happy to discuss all that he did,   

Summary: very hard to find such an original quality classic Mustang with extensive documentation supplied with all the LINKS plus new work completed at the Fraser Dante top restoration shop, just wonderful metal and underchassis seldom found today!!!  Ready for Summer 2018, a really terrific Mustang Convertible now well offered with great documentation at $31,950