MUSTANG 1965 2+2 'GT'



1965 Mustang 2+2 with an upgraded GT package of both top mechanicals and great cosmetics from terrific ‘C’ code body and underchassis, just fantastic really gorgeous Rangoon Red base clear paint with great luster with White GT stripes and GT full badging and lights, great shine and luster, a build for a person wanting a great classic Mustang 2+2 to drive aggressively and enjoy!!!!  Hard to find such a terrific straight original body, really strong area is the just built very strong C5 dated 289cid/Holley 4v engine, dated heads with ‘K’ solid lifters, very strong even compression, Hi-Po exhaust manifolds leading to aluminized dual exhaust system, this fresh solid lifter engine had less than 3000 miles on the initial build when found and then further upgrading by Fraser Dante completed, it was pulled from the bay with complete tech check and new crank bearings, virtually ‘K’ code specs, condition documented via photos, Mallory ignition system, the full Cobra kit including Cobra finned valve covers and Hi-Po air cleaner, Edelbrock 4v intake detailed to look stock, proper C5 dated T10 side loader 4-speed transmission, stock rebuilt linkage and lockout, new full variable ratio Borgeson Power steering system installed, new fuel tank system, wonderful complete Red Pony interior, new working 1965 Rally Pac installed, interior with all side panels, fold down rear, full factory console, complete interior wood trim, nice wood GT steering wheel, new 17x8 polished alloy Torque Thrust ‘D’s with Shelby ‘R’ Code style flat center caps, staggered Nanking Sport radial tires, the build just completed with tremendous effort accomplished for maximum driving conditions for those who want to enjoy a top, top classic Mustang 2+2 Driven Show Mustang, great handling with slightly lowered suspension, full fresh suspension with strong springs, shocks, Shelby front sway bar, believed original body panels, proper metal under hood with great ‘tack’ welds on inner fenders, has the two proper inner fender VIN #s, great Carlite glass, has believed the original floors with slight undercoating to protect and new black painting for show presentation just completed, original rear quarters, this 2+2 is finished in outstanding condition both mechanically and cosmetically as prepared to top Driven Show Car standards, see for lots of details shown in the LINKS, terrific presented rare body 1965 2+2 with just really excellent mechanicals,

History: the famous Mustang 2+2 design is the body as used by Carroll Shelby with the uprated engine in the 1965-1966 Shelby GT350s, now to a broader important statement, this classic Mustang design is the true start of the Muscle Car era, a timeless and iconic classic car, see the SPECS from Ford on this famous design that is strong and lightweight (LINK),
An original Atlanta 21 DSO car (SEE LINK TO DATA TAG), that was found and restored in North Georgia with a continuing process now presented with a just prepared Driven Show Car with all mechanicals and suspension, very nice complete recent restoration includes the fully tested car with excellent mechanicals, highly detailed engine with a proper 289cid C5 dated engine with fresh build and reworked dated C5 heads, very strong compression, born as a ‘C’ code and upgraded to practically ‘K’ Code specs with the solid lifters, Hi-Po exhaust manifolds, now has Edelbrock intake and new 4v uprated Holley carburetor, 2 1/4“ ‘H’ pipe full aluminized exhaust system with performance mellow mufflers, great fuel system has brand new fuel tank and new lines just installed, very strong engine with solid lifters just set, strong even dry cold compression of 151 to 156 lbs that is better than stock, later in this report, the many build specifics are listed,   

Interior/glass: fully restored Red Pony beautiful interior with proper rear fold down rear seat, this even has all the chrome hardware for said fold down rear seat, expensive GT ‘wood’ Mustang steering wheel, the terrific interior has great effort that is expended to have the proper over-stuffed padding in the Pony seats, fabulous door jambs (LINK), accompanying full red door panels and red headliner complete the package, a full GT wood interior trim with full new bezel in the dash and working gauges, hard to find a full length built factory console with wood trim, chrome trim and painted the car color, Mustang floor mats, new red safety belts for the front seats and even belts in the rear, all the red new carpet with insulation is on the floor, has Mustang show floor mats, the dash and bezels look terrific, has a newer working Mustang radio installed, new expensive “Carlite” tinted windshield, original ‘Carlite” door and vent glass, new fastback rear glass with nice stainless around, all new rubber seals, all of the lighting works, all the handles both inside and out are new, the final prep work includes a professional ‘finisher’ working his magic with the wheel and special compounds for showing (LINK),

NOTE: see the care of this build with the rear ‘window’ factory slats that have all the inserts correctly and beautifully done, great care and attention to detail,

Engine: a very strong point of this terrific 2+2 is the fresh and strong C5 dated 289cid solid lifter built engine, very hard to find such a great engine unit with many notes that here are the specifics of numbers that are shown on a LINK for ENGINE SPECS, all work completed in the Fraser Dante shop, LINK, from the information supplied from the initial builder/restorer, this engine was rebuilt and had about 3000 miles when we acquired, then to fully upgrade to yet a stronger engine and fully check, the final work included the engine being pulled by the technicians at Fraser Dante to check, now this really fresh engine has now fresh new lower end crank bearings, (LINK), thusly a full check of build, it performs terrific, strong and smooth, the solid lifters with standard rockers that are just like the 'K' codes, they are just now adjusted and set by a top senior tech with the proper settings and ‘tick’, has a great sound, the excellent compression is very strong and excellent very high and even dry cold readings of a 151 to 156 lbs (LINK), also shown are the SPECS of the Ford 'K' Code engines (LINK) that have strong horsepower and excellent famous and low end torque, Borgeson variable ratio power steering installed (LINK)

Note this engine data…that with the block date of 5.D.22F, the casting of C5AE-6015-E, then also the heads are stamped ‘289 ‘65’, dated 5.D.13 and 5.D.15., the block has the standard harmonic balancer, when the pan was off, new seals on the pan with the bearing installation and said photos show how fresh this terrific build is (LINK), now has the Edelbrock aluminum Performer intake is installed and painted black to look factory stock when the whole engine was just painted and detailed, this is equipped with a Holley 4v electric choke carburetor, this also has valuable C4 dated Hi-Po exhaust manifolds, also, this ignition is now updated to the Mallory Unilite distributor electronic ignition system, a new Motorcraft battery and proper heavy duty cables are used for excellent spark and ignition, see the specs of the engine that explain all the details (LINK), this should produce about the same of power or more than the 271 horsepower regular Hi-Po's, since this has a better aluminum intake and 2 ¼” exhaust with for sure a better engine bore in the rebuild and has a great sound from camshaft, the final horsepower should be about 300++! the presentation with the Cobra finned valve covers and the proper MCA/Cobra air cleaner with the special orange Hi-Po air filter yields a great show terrific look as well as high performance, one could opt for a later years with the Shelby Cobra large finned air cleaner that Fraser Dante could supply at no additional costing,  in order for excellent cooling of this performance engine, a new aluminum water pump, restored radiator and coolant just completed, fresh spark plugs, new plug wires, uprated Mallory ignition, fresh battery and heavy duty cables, wiring replaced as needed, all the turn signals, headlights, brake lights, GT lights are working, road testing completed, said effort the final presentation includes the engine being completely detailed and painted proper black (SEE PHOTOS AND LINKS), the Hi-Po exhaust manifolds have the Eastwood treatment along with proper keepers off the manifolds, this yields as stock for show purposes while the Hi-Po heads and block are show stock looking condition with better power, now using the full 2” aluminized pipes have a performance period mufflers now installed for sound and performance, should one want, a stock muffler set could be added, said the final work and setting is accomplished for Spring 2018,

suspension/running gear: the front suspension is new, items like the new ‘A’ arms with bushings have been replaced with all the tie rod ends, ball joints, strut rod bushings, an uprated Shelby 1” sway bar with bushings are new (LINK),the car is set about 1” lower than stock for the Shelby presence and contributing to better handling, now a serious full top driven show car at that point with the maintenance done by Fraser Dante, now the full detailing redone again for Spring 2018, note that this even has the driveshaft also been balanced and restored from the initial restorer (LINK), this extra effort is some $630 to complete with the sub that does this work, also now the brand new Monroe heavy duty shocks installed, excellent springs front and rear, the ‘attitude’ of the car just sits perfect, final road testing yields a smooth ride, (LINK), full alignment just completed (LINK),

wheels/tires: has the great looking 17x8 polished alloy Torque Thrust ‘D’s with Shelby end plates that are ‘R Code’ style flat center caps, staggered Nanking Sport radial tires, 215/45/R17 fronts, 225/45/R17 rears are installed, these add to the aggressive look and performance of this 2+2 Mustang, the build completed with tremendous effort accomplished for maximum driving conditions for those who want to enjoy a top, top classic Mustang 2+2 Driven Show Mustang, note one could use a optional Legendary now wheel and another tire combination is offered for $1000 additional should one like that look,

Investment/driving points: here is the top of the collector pyramid with this engine for a classic vehicle that many people just love, these 1965-66 Mustang 2+2s in solid condition are very hard to find today and in great demand all over the world, then noting the MUSTANG 1965 to '66 is one of the first collector cars in America being good looking, fun to drive, the '65-'66 Mustang was so popular that over 1,100,000 were made in the mid 60's, the ' 65 and '66 Mustang convertible and 2+2 fastback are perhaps among the most collectable cars in the world, these are popular in Sweden, France, The Netherlands, Australia, just everywhere, men and women, old and young all love this style classic that is easy to maintain with parts available,

note: when driving this 2+2, the body and chassis are so solid, virtually no squeaks and rattles, so solid a chassis, body and suspension, hard to believe this is built so well, 

Underchassis: here is a just terrific black chassis that is just detailed for driven show, the floors are all believed original from careful examination and comments from the last owner, the note the very, very excellent lower body ‘pinch welds’ that are straight and in exceptional condition, then right there on these horizontal area, this has the Ford numbers stamped in the lower red rockers, hard to find like this good (LINK), on the underchassis, see the photos of the prep at Fraser Dante of the show work just completed with extremely light undercoating like a heavy black paint, then just cleared for showing, (LINK)

Rear end: The dated rear end chunk has been detailed with red oxide and the axel is black, a proper 8” rear end with the dating of 4.m.2 shows this GEAR was produced before the car (LINK), gear lube just checked, also a newly restored and balanced driveshaft just installed (LINK), photos show the great underchassis,  

Summary: this 1965 2+2 has just an exceptional body and great underchassis, looks really great with lots of ‘eyes’ and has all the GT markings in the insignias and items like the GT gas cap, GT working lights, exhausts, again, this 289cid solid lifter engine is fresh and very strong with final tune setting for Spring 2018, here is very hard to find just a terrific 2+2 that is presented in top condition in every way, the Red exterior is complemented by the Pony bucket seated interior with fold down that is completely redone in show condition, just wonderful mechanicals with top performance, sounds great with the mellow period mufflers, Owners Manuals (LINK), priced at a fair price of $52,950