1950 Chevrolet 3100 Five Window ½ Ton pickup in stock condition presented in all steel, lots of valuable Chevrolet chrome dress up extras, rare split windshield, a real, top driven show condition that is known to Fraser Dante for many years, fully restored classic pickup that has terrific ‘eyes’, it presents as a beautiful Commercial Swift Red color that was done a few years ago and always used a Driven Show vehicle, there are a few touch up places in said paint as the paint is not brand new and has very nice luster and gloss, for Spring 2018, this is just completed a professional high speed buffing (LINK), this really stands out for the TRUE classic and great presentation featuring full chrome optional pieces, full overrider on the front bumper, Chevrolet hood stainless ornament, a show wood bed, a very hard to find today is the great and proper 216cid engine that is proper for this series trucks, now recently set for top mechanicals, was built before Fraser Dante found it the first time, just full tuned, correct 1v carburetor, the valves have been adjusted, the timing set, full electricals just checked at Fraser Dante, just rebuilt correct generator system just professionally completed, fresh new oil, this hard to find all steel 5-window vehicle is fully restored a few years ago from engine to transmission to brakes to body to bed, even the vacuum operated windshield wipers work, the rare radio works, even the light works in the glove box, the braking system is just checked, the lights work, optional turn signals added for safety,  hard to find rear spare tire carrier with wheel and tire. this was initially built in Virginia where it won the Senior Award for the Virginia Chevrolet Club of America (SEE PHOTO) some years ago. this ended up on the prestigious Martha’s Vineyard where it was used for a slightly driven show vehicle, then purchased by Fraser Dante and fully checked and further updated, then less than 1500 miles were done over the last few years with a collector in Florida, very nice and solid underchassis with excellent frame, now purchased back by Fraser Dante getting ready for Spring 2018, thusly all fresh preparation with lots of attention to mechanicals along with nice detailing for top driven show, has the Chevrolet Trucks reproduction of the original Invoice (SEE LINK) that was prepared for the Senior Judging, very helpful Factory Assembly Manual and the Factory Shop Manual (SEE LINK) for easy upkeep and show purposes come with this nice truck,  all information supplied is that this truck was rebuilt with many mostly original NOS parts, the chrome bumpers front and rear are really most desirable, all the dress up pieces from that era with the extra overrider with proper supports and the front and rear bumper guards that makes this vehicle really stand out, the frame being very clean, solid and painted showing the earlier frame-off work, this nice, nice solid underchassis that is recently cleaned detailed, the proper black running boards are so very nice, note that the full great chrome package includes the optional hood ornament, gorgeous chrome front full grill and ‘Cow Catcher’ front bumper guard and the rear bumper are that makes this red truck stand out, chrome rear bumper, information supplied is that a GM executive did the initial restoration in the early 2000’s and kept as a collector vehicle, this has many expensive manuals that can be used for show as well, 

Extras: note that the full chrome package includes the optional hood ornament, gorgeous chrome front full grill and ‘Cow Catcher’ front bumper guard that makes this red truck stand out, also this has the rear lower bed mounted spare tire carrier that is hard to find, the wide whitewalls look great with classic pickup, this even has fender mounted turn signals for safety,

history: here is a wonderful 5 window example of one of the most popular collector vehicles today that was designed by Chevrolet's Advance Design team starting in 1947 and ended with the First Series 1955 truck, this collectable series is a wonderful, very clean and features flowing lines made this a classic design as Americana lifestyle, part of our permanent history from classic diners to Ralph Lauren clothes, especially in the five window version, this collectable is higher sought after, then used a driven show vehicle, see copy of Chevy Truck info (LINK),

presentation: as maintaining a great driven show condition in order to be enjoyed, the paint is slightly older and a rust free presentation with but a few touch up spots and areas that have been nicely attended to recently, always garaged and well cared for, then just now professionally professional high speed buffing (LINK) along with the full prep in our shop is now finished in February 2018, the final work accomplished on this great pickup by Fraser Dante yields a Driven Show quality that can be enjoyed without being afraid of any minor driving conditions, perfect for going to dinner and parking right in front of your favorite restaurant, 

body/paint: this presents very well as a top Driven Show quality, this was painted a few years ago in a beautiful gloss Swift Red, the paint and body are today really nice with a bit of patina in gorgeous with recent buffing by a top professional, (LINK) there are so minor flaws and nicks that have been touched up, nothing major nor any rust, this truck comes in Commercial Swift Red, the best color in true red that people want today, the cab has the optional painted light gray white piping around the cab, the wheels have the same color for the hand painted stripping to be correct and match the cab, all the steel that is excellent with the magnet sticking virtually everywhere, very good cab and important corners, all fenders, the correct running boards have been redone in steel, they are painted correct black with the ‘Chevrolet’ stainless step plates, chrome rear bumper, red lettered chrome hub caps, both left and right side mirrors are chrome and correct, new headlight bezels, polished bright work looks very nice, around the front windshield and the side windows are the proper rubber seals that are correctly done and complete the great look,

engine: this is a very hard to find and correct proper 'as factory' 216cid 6 cylinder engine that is strong and very smooth running, a lot of these engines have been changed to a 235cid units so this valuable stock 216cid 6 cylinder engine is great… was completely rebuilt by the person who did the majority of the work before Fraser Dante finished the truck, a compression test is pulled on the low compression, reliable engine that has lots of torque, has the correct 1v Carter carburetor with number W-1 and the intake is 3835527, has the hard to get large, stock oil bath air cleaner, Note…these Carter and Rochester period carburetors are very valuable today, most of them are gone for the 216s and correct period carburetors that are rebuilt are worth from $500 to $900 alone, the engine is correctly numbered HBA875615, see the (LINK) of additional engine photos that show the detailing just completed, all the spark plugs and correct plug wires are new, has the correct steel caps that go on the spark plugs, the valves has just been adjusted by a master GM tech, (LINK), has the dual horns mounted on the firewall, new belts, hoses and clamps are new, really nicely detailed engine compartment, ‘thriftmaster’ show decal added, the clutch assembly with the great working throw out bearing so it drives great, now with prior work by Fraser Dante with no problems to report in our testing, stock speedometer that works, and radiator is reworked stock and is now just flushed and has the fresh coolant checked,

electrical: IMPORTANT…this has correct 6 volt system with the period generator system just rebuilt by a craftsman, when received back to Fraser Dante for Spring 2018, we put in a new 6 volt battery, all worked well initially and then we found out that the voltage regulator had gone bad thusly effecting the generator operation, now a brand new voltage regulator is in place, then we took the generator to the top professional sub for Fraser Dante who has restored the proper and correct hard to find generator with all new brushes, full armature and core, very expensive top quality process (SEE LINK)…then we are using a 8 volt battery for more ‘juice’, the customer had the choice of either the very correct new 6 volt battery or the uprated 8 volt, this now starts fine and has good headlights,

body: lots of work was done on as beautiful show quality wood bed with new polyurethane, very fresh, black bed strips, all the sides of the bed are very straight for show, new bed chains with covers, white Chevrolet logo on tail gate, Chevrolet chrome taillight extension, dual taillights that are most desirable, all these options give a great finished look to this classic pickup, this was received with the original 3-speed transmission, has all the correct factory shift linkage, both of the dash items become valuable in their own right, working original heater checked, RARE WORKING RADIO, these radios are hard to get and to find a working one is most important, worth a lot of money, we can stare that is works now but please understand these are older units and subject to wear, there are people who can help keep these units up, has the Chevrolet Manual for the radio, (LINK) even the rare working glove box light works with the instructions to install (SEE LINK), has the 1950 Chevrolet truck brochure to check on all systems and use for shows too, (LINK),

status of build today: a complete the show package, the dash pod is restored stock; has the hard to find 16” correct steel red wheels, trim rings and correct hub caps for show, these restored 16x5 original restored steel wheels are most valuable as they are not reproduced today, wheels have gray hand painted stripping to match the cab, one could chose the chrome trim rings but would distract from the beautiful gray stripping, note that this truck has the very, very hard to get spare tire carrier mounted under the bed, these carriers are not reproduced and now very valuable and hard to get, has the spare wheel and tire mounted on said lower carrier, proper newer dark Maroon as factory Naugahyde interior with very good seat padding, very firm seats, the interior is correctly done to top standards, a fully done full headliner, correct door panels, great floor boards, correct new rubber mat with insulation,

the floor and frame is extremely solid and painted black, see the brand new photos of said underchassis today (LINK), we know this is a driven show condition, the dash is completely redone with proper trim on glove box, has the full gauge package, new brake shoes that are documented with photos when Fraser Dante previously received truck and now just checked again for safe driving, (LINK) suspension redone, excellent shocks and kingpins just checked and road tested

Summary: note that again, the steel and on this truck is extremely nice and hard to find today being a 1950 3100 truck, the paint with the final detailing completed by a top professional (SEE LINK), Owner's Manual, a real driven show vehicle that is restored as a correct classic, full check of systems at the Fraser Dante shop and now offered at $36,950