1966 MUSTANG GT 'A' CODE 2+2



1966 Mustang 2+2 GT ‘A’ Code with full restoration just completed with extensive documentation of the car and work completed, just a stunning and beautiful Wimbledon White paint with great luster and side Red GT stripes, terrific very strong 289++ cid/4v engine fully rebuilt to higher than factory standards, top compression, a terrific and documented build from machine shop up with full specs, built for the top quality Mustang collector who want to drive their restored 2+2, a real GT car that has a very detailed report that is below, a CD for build history, aluminum Performer Edelbrock heads and Edelbrock intake both painted as stock, hours of professional effort to build, Cobra kit with expensive ‘Open’ Cobra valve covers, aluminized ‘H’ pipe, dual exhaust system with the newest Flowmaster Series 44 mufflers, Mustang ‘Hi-Po’ exhaust manifolds, should produce about 300+ reliable horsepower, uprated radiator, great 5-speed transmission, stock shifter unit, restored balanced driveshaft, 4.10:1 positraction gear, has the original ‘BUCK TAG’ showing how originally built (LINK), an  exceptional body and terrific detailed show underchassis, proper new front working GT lights, new GT front disc brakes, rear drums all just rebuilt, full complete suspension, really excellent mechanicals, this classic Mustang is a real factory 2+2 ‘P10’ as presented, the appearance of this car is just outstanding, all the chrome is excellent, great bumpers and trim, dual outside mirrors, professionally buffed and great luster just completed, (LINK) fresh full suspension for show and performance just installed, photos show the prep of all the individual pieces, again note the supplied photos of the restored show floors, rare Ford stamped rockers, Ford stamped fenders, top suspension, fold down rear seat, full Red Pony interior, wood dash trim, wood steering wheel, correct factory console with wood inserts, new red 1966 Ralley Pac installed, front end aligned, all lighting working, brand new front 1966 GT light bar package that works, (LINK) choice of either of two sets of wheels, one is the 1965 14” Styled Steel chrome wheels with Redline tires, the other choice are 15x7 American Racing Torque Thrust D’s with larger low profile radials, really very hard to get this quality piece both with cosmetics, engine, suspension and fine history, the road testing completed for Spring 2018,

HISTORY: a real North Georgia history, even a title from 1979 included (LINK) showing confirmation, has original quarters and fenders and solid condition from full examination from last restorer when initially found by Fraser Dante back in Summer 2015, then restoration finished in the Fraser Dante shop, all floors are restored to top standards and appear just as factory, really terrific body and paint that has great luster, it is one of the best bodies and chassis that one can want with good Southern history, this terrific 1966 Mustang GT had recent attention by a really top classic car collector and restorer who owned for 12 years, he completes his classic cars with great effort in mechanicals and cosmetics, after working on the body and chassis, he did his restoration work that was continuing on this GT 2+2 but then his home building business was so strong and busy now that he could not continue the finish of this terrific GT 2+2, it was then sold to Fraser Dante with knowledge that the build was going to continue, then the final preparation including the final technical full engine new build and upgrading along with the final body professional ‘finishing’ was completed in the Fraser Dante shops as well as the full great suspension back in Summer 2015, sold to a collector who did limited use of some 600 miles and kept up with great care, now purchased back by Fraser Dante for Spring 2018 because such quality with cosmetics and strong mechanicals are hard to find, the following below very exacting description shows the top quality work on this car,

this has the original ‘Buck Tag’ that is shown (LINK) and broken down with the numbers showing this real P10 car, note the faster GT steering box, see the photo of the correct numbers HCC-AX, 5L01B, has the GT front radiator support with holes for the GT lights, proper GT Ford make under the car, this is then an extensive restoration completed to make this perform better than new while presenting well at a MCA show as a stock GT 2+2, note the Owner’s Manual (LINK), one must appreciate the work on the terrific chassis/suspension as well as the dated engine being built to extremely high standards, see LINK for Mustang Fastback specs,

ENGINE: a really just exceptional engine that is better than new, a very expensive build just completed that is fully documented with many, many hours in the Fraser Dante build (LINK), this engine as received by Fraser Dante was ‘supposed to be’ a fresh engine, the previous restorer had bought what was described to him as a rebuilt engine but as received, the heads were immediately not to the Fraser Dante quality and checking with our own technicians, it did not yield the same view, to make sure that the engine was top quality as our seller really did not know the internals and the build, then Fraser Dante pulled the engine (SEE PHOTO LINK) to completely rebuild to our very high standards, this full build we call the ‘FD2’ engine with top engineering of serious technicians, the full process was taken from the bare block at the machine shop from the vating process that is documented, after they finished their full machine work, then Fraser Dante took and picked up the engine from said top shop and built with our senior tech,

Numbers and specs: The casting number is 65AE-6015-E, the date code on the block is 6D23, then the dating on the pad is 6D29W, in the galley of the engine one can see the raised ‘289’ FOMOCO is clear (SEE LINK), then when it was sent to the highly technical machine shop, then this machine shop work is extensive, they first vated it twice an overbore to +.060 to yield approximately 297cid, new pistons, rings, the crank turned +.020 over, polished, new bearings and then highly technical full balancing of said engine, (LINK) see the great  photos of the engine being vatted (LINK), all the parts were checked at the machine shop (LINK), this engine work is highly technical and accomplished to high quality,

since the original 289 heads as received were too far gone to be used any more, they were worn out, then the decision was made to upgrade to Edelbrock aluminum heads for performance and cooling in today’s ‘real world’, Fraser Dante worked with the Edelbrock technical team to select the proper parts, there are also listed the specs of the work with a CD of said work (LINK), these heads yield more better cooling and are lighter in the front end of the car for better handling, after receiving back, then the build by the experienced techs shows a solid proof of professional work by Fraser Dante, really took many, many technical hours to custom fit these slightly larger heads and the Hi-Po exhaust manifolds, then the full build in our shop with CD photo documentation, (LINK), now this has new special hydraulic lifters with roller rocker tips, these are used with the new aluminum heads that are the Edelbrock Performer heads just used in the complete matched rebuild (LINK) just these bare heads (Performer EO D-215-49) are some $1500 with springs, then all matched to work together, then the rockers had initially tall set screw lock nuts on the rockers, now stock Mustang 289 lock nuts are used that are not as tall in order to make the stock ‘Cobra’ valve covers clear, NOTE that it takes hours of knowledgeable senior tech work to assemble this engine with these heads,

special bolts are used, then proper holes drilled for proper cooling, Fel-Pro special gaskets are used with the install, these are the best one can buy for this type build, the composite material retain the highest torque retention, they also are the best seal of any minute surface imperfections, extremely even and strong compression of the brand new engine build even before road testing with dry cold readings from 155psi to 160psi across (LINK), please note that these said numbers will pick up when the engine is warm and some break in miles, these standards are way better than new,

also this had the proper ‘K’ Code Hi-Po exhaust manifolds that are highly detailed installed for better power, adapting these special Mustang exhaust manifolds with the larger aluminum heads took a lot of engineering with the senior staff at Fraser Dante, since the heads are larger for strength and cooling, the matching of the Hi-Po exhaust manifolds took hours to fit properly with proper gaskets, it is hard to fit the exhaust manifolds with the tight fit in the engine bay, the camshaft is also upgraded with the goal for strong street performance and low end torque, the Comp Cam #31-218-2 has a  slight rump to it, sounds great, all the specs are shown in the factory brochure (LINK),then once the engine is fired, it is also just a smooth idle showing the extent of the build,

now will also has the full Pertronix ignition from full distributor to performance coil (with decal to look stock), new voltage regulator, new alternator, this expensive full electrical system will add power and be very reliable,
the Edelbrock aluminum matched intake that is painted proper Ford Blue to look stock, equipped with brand new Edelbrock 500 cfm carburetor (LINK), all new heavy duty gaskets used, see the photos of the engine that is just painted 1966 Ford Blue, (LINK), has a  manual choke just as a real Shelby, proper Mustang Hi-Po air cleaner with orange filter, this highly show detailed engine bay looks sensational, as completed, it will produce over 300+ reliable horsepower due to the high quality build, the very expensive ‘open’ polished Cobra valve covers are just installed, these add to the professional presentation for shows, the staff at Fraser Dante worked on the inner baffling that is reduced to clear the uprated rockers while give a stock shop appearance, (SEE LINK) of engine reinstallation and final engine photos (LINK),

the cooling part of the build is terrific as a very, very  expensive and stock looking 4-row radiator that is installed along with all new hoses and clamps and full coolant, a stock radiator would be a 2 row for standard and a 3 row for a/c cars, then a 17” 6 blade flex fan is installed, this special uprated set up makes a car that can be driven in the ‘real world’ for great cooling and enjoyed with the added horsepower, it was road-tested under heavy traffic and hot climate conditions,

This 289++cid engine has excellent, smooth low end torque delivered by the Comp Cam, in the initial testing after the build in the Fraser Dante shop, engine did not exceeded 2500 rpm after the fresh build, all systems have been fully checked, then was sold to the customer/collector who did about 600 miles in approximately 18 months, just the proper break in needed, the final check is just completed by the Fraser Dante techs with the valve check, all the timing and carb setting, has a great sound to this unit,

SUSPENSION/WHEELS/BRAKES: full complete new suspension throughout, (LINK) the new front GT disc brakes are great with excellent discs, calipers and pads, has the photo documentation to confirm (LINK), also has fresh rear drums with wheel cylinders and full brake lines that are new, all steel lines, note the attention to detail with the show upper and lower gray with black contrast brand new show control arms (LINK), all tie rods, end links, new four new shocks, coil front and rear leaf springs set the attitude of the car,

Wheels: two sets are available for one’s choice, the great looking very expensive and hard to get today with a set of a) 1965 14x6 styled steel wheels with center caps and lug nuts, mounted with modern radial tires with custom dual red line tires that are made specially for us are now on the car, (LINK), OR
b) one could pick the alloy 15x7 American Racing Torque Trust ‘D’s with ‘R’ Code flat center caps with the tires being 225/60/15 B.F.Goodrich Radial TA’s, this latter is more aggressive looking, (LINK), either is correct for a driven show car that is appropriate for the person who is enjoying the car,

Underchassis: a very important area that is shown with photos of a an exceptional underchassis presented with high detailing, it is one of the strongest points of this GT 2+2 is this terrific underchassis, some work has been done in the last few years on the floors with the end result looking factory ‘as new’ condition, this is all steel, looks very factory and painted the correct black, this is truly a rust free show presentation with the final work just completed, note that this has the original stamped Ford numbers on the lower rockers (LINK), the FACTORY bottom 'pinch welds' on the rocker panels are extremely straight and rust free, very hard to find so nice, 

Handling/brakes: there is expensive brake work by Fraser Dante, note the brake lines are replaced with both steel and rubber with hardware kit as needed, all the new brake lines are installed, then flushed and road tested to make sure this has great stopping abilities, the correct and brand new front GT brakes with calipers and new pads just installed, the rear brakes just fully checked and freshly rebuilt as needed with shoes, cylinders, photos document (LINK), has new rear axle seals installed, the final preparation so their excellent condition is verified, features the solid underchassis with high detailing, black paint just completed (SEE LINK) of show quality floors and the red oxide rear end chunk,

Suspension: the whole new front lower end is brand now for both show looks and great handling, the front end bushings are new, the ball joints are just done along with the tie rod ends, brand new lower control arms that are detailed for show in half gray/black (LINK) with new bushings, full alignment completed (SPECS), the shocks are brand new excellent units just installed, expensive brand new Shelby Heavy Duty front sway bar and new bushings installed for better handling (SEE LINK), also the front Monte Carlo bar as per the Shelby’s keeps the front end from flexing, the rear end has fresh dope, the rear end chunk is nicely detailed with the proper original color for shows that was correctly received and then updated with fresh red oxide (SEE PHOTO), note that this is an 8” chunk with a desirable 4:10 unit with positraction, this expensive unit works just great with the 5-speed transmission,
Interior: note the full brand new Red Pony bucket seated interior that looks just great, the seats are covered and fully padded, complete side panels, a red headliner, has the fold down rear seat with the very nice chrome hinged folding units, note the factory full length console with wood trim, has the wood trim dash with new bezels, proper Mustang ‘wood’ GT steering wheel, has a brand, expensive new 1966 Ralley Pac painted correct Red just installed, the tach and clock work, all the gauges in the dash work, full interior door handles, has a new Custom Autosound radio, inside red safety belts completed, all the new carpets, all the door handles both inside and out have been replaced,

The front glass windshield is tinted, note that the solid condition of the car is confirmed with all the other glass of doors, vent windows and rear large glass window are ‘Carlite’ stamped, good rubber seals and felt in doors,
Part of the package includes copies of the 1966 Mustang Ford brochures that show the 2+2 and the GT photos and info, these in plastic sleeves are great for shows (SEE LINKS),

Summary: a really beautiful presentation of a top mechanical piece that has all the beautiful body and underchassis, then all fresh strong fantastic engine along with full suspension, great effort for top mechanicals that are today really better than new, also see the copies of the Ford presentation of this 1966 Mustang that goes with the package, a price that is very fair, well presented at $48,950