1969 SHELBY GT500 428 COBRA



spectacular condition with full restoration, excellent history, presented along with the notes being a very rare Executive ‘Home Office Reserve Ordering District Under Special Order #2519’, less than 1/21 with this paint and trim coding plus it might be even rarer with all the special items on the GT 500 convertible, tilt away steering wheel and the just restored rare factory air conditioning,  has lots of the Owner History (LINK), Shelby invoice (LINK), Shelby Automotive, Inc 1968 Cobra GT350/500 Individual Order #155A for dealer Luke Bolton (LINK)  presented with a just spectacular current restoration to amazing top MCA SHOW SILVER Concours standards,  Lois Eminger Verification Letter (LINK), the full Marti report (LINK), original data and Shelby tags (LINK), also this is listed in the SAAC Registry on page 1206, (LINK), rebuilt dated 428cid engine that was done recently completed with final only test miles, full factory pollution, a rare and investment grade Shelby with VIN#9F03R480136 has just wonderful authenticity, an amazing show paint and body presentation with the Shelby GT 500 equipped convertible built in a spectacular Silver Jade Metallic color with great luster along the Shelby side white stripes and the interior factory roll bar, the aggressive color keyed Racing side mirrors, wonderful metal body, solid steel underchassis that is Concours red oxide SAAC and MCA SHOW prepared, the black new top, the wonderful contrasting White Clarion Knit Vinyl Hi-Back Bucket seats, the fantastic highly detailed show condition red oxide underchassis, the proper believed original Shelby 5 spoke Magnum Wheels with the 1971 dated Goodyear Polyglas GT F60-15 tires worth about $12,000, (LINK), also has the 2d set of correct wheels built for this car with original centers and new rims constructed, these have the expensive repro Goodyear Polyglas GT F60 tires installed,  dated and castings of the 428cid-4v engine,  replacement block fully rebuilt +.30, proper intake system with the expensive hard to find pollution, for the car built 1/6/69, engine casting is CZME-A, the date code of the block is 8.m.20, see below in the ‘Engine area’ all of the numbers, (LINK), dates and castings that show the investment quality of this rare 1969 GT 500 convertible, note that all the proper casting, built with the C-6 Cruise-O-Matic automatic transmission only for the air conditioned cars, the fresh 3.00 Posi traction 9” axle just built,  there is for over $240,000++ invested in this car,  a rare opportunity piece of automotive history,  $200,000

Engine:  these 1969-70 Shelby GT 500's had the big 428 Cobra Jet that is often thought to be very underrated at a listed 335hp given its high 5,800 RPM rating point and the awesome power, the torque was very strong at the 440-lbs.ft. at just 3,400 crankshaft revolutions, this information shows on the 8,000 RPM tachometer, having just been checked by a Senior MCA executive and judge, this engine is a rebuilt dated standard 428cid unit that is not the original block but same size, built+.030 with TRW pistons this engine piece is highly detailed, see all of the data and numbers that  have just been checked to verify, (LINK), the 8.m.14 FoMoCo intake, the 8.m.20 engine date code are just right for the January 6, 1969 car build date,  has the proper correct Cobra Jet heads, even the large valve hydraulic lifter heads are dated C8OE, again, note that it is very important to see all the VERY IMPORTANT STAMPINGS AND NOTES OF THE EUROPEAN BUILD AND THE NUMBERS ON THE CAR TODAY (LINK), that have just been physically checked and in great shape, see engine closeup photos (LINK), see LINK of Swedish notes,

the GT 500 rammed its air through the special hood that featured 3 center NACA ducts and 2 interior ducts that feed into the big dated C9AF Holley 9510 four-barrel carburetor that is a correct repro replacement show unit that is only produced by Tony Branda, just like factory, it is sitting on the factory C8 intake, note that factory proper intake air system for this engine has all the factory tubing, (LINK), all the expensive and correct pollution equipment that belongs on with this big-block engine is in place, this big block with the amazing torque shifted the weight distribution of the Shelby forward placing 57 percent over the front wheels and just 43 percent out over the stylish rear end of the car,

exhaust:  the show quality proper Shelby new exhaust system has the proper transverse rear muffler as was factory,  all the proper hangers are just new, has the dual resonators, sounds great with the deep mellow sound just like a rebuilt strong block,

transmission: this has a C8 dated c-6 automatic transmission fitted to the car that is the only transmission that was offered by Shelby for these air conditioned cars,  Ford stated that the next step was the proper engine and transmission choices that also determined who stayed cool, air conditioning was only available on the GT 500 if the car was equipped with the C-6 automatic transmission,  Ford was concerned about grenading compressors and increased warranty claims from the bad habits of rev-happy owners, this is a rebuilt dated unit but not the one that came with the car, this 3 speed unit works just perfectly,  fluids checked and now road tested,

steering box:  here is an important area that shows how the 1969 is, the rear end was shipped with an open 3.00:1 unit, now just rebuilt with the new 3.00:1 positraction build for performance to handle this wonderful power plant (LINK),  one  can see the original dated tags showing that these units are original to the car,

REAR END/DIFFERENTIAL: the ring and pinion were semi-floating type fitted to Ford 9-inch differentials with number codes were used in the VIN for various ratios to denote an open differential; letter codes were used for Traction-Lok limited-slip ratios, this was produced with the 3.00:1 open rear gear and now has just been rebuilt with a positraction unit, the rear axle information that is carefully checked by Fraser Dante (LINK),

History: this gorgeous design is so famous that many people consider this shape of the 1969 Shelby GT 350/500 and the 1969 Mach 1 to be serious high point of automotive design, really landmark cars with their aggressive shapes, these Shelby’s even had their small production further made unique with the special lightweight front fiberglass fenders to improve the handling characteristics, especially with the big block ‘428’ that is also a full equipped executive car as proven by Kevin Marti,

Part of this history is the Microfiche record of this chassis being sold to Mr. Dominick Barbieri by the dealer Luke Bolton Ford (LINK), just out of a fantastic private Ford collection from a very dear friend of Fraser Dante who owned the car since August 2009, he loves big block Mustangs and rare Shelby’s that are restored to high and correct standards, as he moves up pricewise, he agreed to sell this wonderful rare Shelby because of a space situation, has a big file of past ownership,

One of the unique points on this gorgeous 1969 Shelby GT 500 convertible is that this was sent to Europe for 30 years,  see the (LINK), for part of the extensive European documentation it was converted to European spec….amber side lights front   and back, European flat faced H4 sealed beam headlights, speedometer in kilometers per hour, note that the European standards for classic cars to be on the road and licensed are higher than the USA, the chassis has only 95K kilometers which is about 60K miles on the whole car which is believed to be the original miles if you trace through the paperwork, then brought back by a knowledgeable dealer,  then to the very astute collector who then added to the improvements, finally to Fraser Dante as the restoration is fresh and just fully checked with areas like the full braking systems, one could always change this lighting back to USA lighting standards if one desired,  we believe that the investment value is higher as presented in this rare form,
after receiving in Atlanta and having been in the said highly maintained collection for a few years, a really professional ‘finisher’ at Fraser Dante now very carefully worked the gorgeous paint and the Shelby striping stand out with special chemicals and high speed very soft buffers to achieve a rally magnificent luster to make sure the surface is glassy smooth far better than when new (LINK),

today’s condition: this is in a showroom presented with underchassis show mirrors, (LINK), the mechanicals of the 1969 Shelby are fantastic, a fully built and restored suspension yield a true awesome driven show quality car, full braking system just checked (LINK), temp gauge quit working, so Fraser Dante removed the gauge cluster and sent the temperature gauge out for repair, then reinstalled (LINK), with the professional buffing and high tech materials by the Fraser Dante finished, then the engine and chassis detailing, this presents just fantastic!

Note wheels and tires:  this not only has the very rare and valuable ORIGNAL Shelby wheels and the dated 1971 bias ply tires worth some $12,000+, these will be kept for show and investment purposes PLUS a full set of just restored by a top expert of the 1969 Shelby wheels worth about $3800, then a brand new repro set of the hard to get Goodyear F60x15 bias ply show tires that are now mounted and balanced,  these are worth some $1800 that are now included so one can drive this safely to a show,  this second set of wheels are tires are worth about $5600, (LINK), thusly we believe BOTH SETS of wheels and tires are worth $17,600! full alignment just completed (LINK),

Suspension:  under the car is just like the exterior,  simply said, every area of the all new suspension is new and very complete, top driven Concours show quality since the goal is to make this car one can enjoy, for about 25-30 hours, one could bring this underchassis up to only trailered standards again, front ‘A’ control arms are proper silver/black, see every piece of the suspension works, upper and lower ball joints, bushings recently done, Shelby front sway bar with bushings and the yellow and green striping for show and top handling, has brand new front coil springs, rear leaf springs with hangers, new staggered heavy duty Koni shocks are installed, all of this work is make sure this Mustang will drive just outstandingly,

Underchassis: we note the really fantastic inner floors and the underchassis of this rust free 1969 Shelby GT 500 convertible is in really exceptional condition and very hard to find today, no signs of said floors being replaced, just like factory, all red oxide for show with factory stampings, this area couples the bottom side ‘pinch’ rails and lower rocker moldings with the Ford stampings, they all appear to be ‘as factory’ and unmolested, very hard to find such quality, ready to present for show conditions (SEE UNDERCHASSIS PHOTOS),

Body:  here is just a wonderful presentation, lines are really straight as an arrow and no waves are seen anywhere, the fit of all the body external pieces are better than factory new, careful examination shows that the rear quarters were replaced during the restoration,  this is difficult to discover and only seen by lying in the trunk and looking upwards, then one can tell that the very well done seams can be seen, this body finish with the outstanding paint is the type that will bring the Silver Concours Award standard at the MCA Nationals,

Trunk:  just like the factory, the stock trunk area is presented just as a new car, the inner fenders/quarter panels are completed to just like the original to the car, they have the proper spackle finish as per factory, then this Shelby has the proper spare on the proper wheel, all of the factory coverings for the trunk area and the spare tire are in place,

Summary: a chance for the collector/investor to have a very famous design, a famous big block engine, a famous Shelby name, a famous rare muscle car with the many modern options that appeal to the younger investor, with a tremendous amount of money and effort in the car and the restoration, Owner's Manual (LINK), there is a full file and history along with the ‘numbers’ that are actually on the car today, this great and rare 1969 Shelby GT 500 convertible is well offered at asking for a a real collector piece at $200,000,