1970 Jaguar XKE Series II Roadster with a great history, very nice Regency Red in a driven show presentation, British Heritage Trust Certificate (LINK), full listing of all the factory ‘matching numbers’, rust free frame and paint,  elegant curved body with really wonderful lines, one repaint with believed original type single stage lacquer showing a bit of patina, this is a growing investment quality, under the bonnet is the excellent running original 4.2 Litre six cylinder dual overhead cam engine with a smooth 240 horsepower and 265 lbs of torque, important full matching numbers about the car body, paint, engine, gearbox and chassis that are listed below on the (LINKS), proper dual Stromberg 175-Cd carburetors work great, factory air intake, 18 pints of VR-1 hi-tech oil and the filter are fresh, the proper 4-speed transmission with the correct shifter works as it should, easy to shift, from careful examination, all signs from body to frame that it appears that this is a very unmolested XKE and maintained 1970 Jaguar is presented ‘as factory’, see the original DATA PLATE (LINK), ready for Spring 2018 with final full testing just completed, with no rattles or shakes and tracks straight when driving, excellent receipted history of maintenance in a large file, working Smith’s factory gauges including the in line tachometer, fully restored beautiful black leather interior with headrests and receipts, has a beautiful original factory wood steering wheel, the original Owner’s Handbook (LINK), proper 68 spoke wire KO wheels with  Vredestein tires, (LINK),just excellent top body side chrome trim and very nice factory chrome bumpers, original jack and hammer for the KO wheels, original spare, 

History:  the Series II cars are open headlights without glass covers, a wrap-around rear bumper, re-positioned and larger front indicators and tail lights below the bumpers, better cooling aided by an enlarged “mouth” and the twin electric fans yield better cooling, these were great addition for cooling, have the new Girling uprated brakes, the engine is easily identified visually by the change from smooth polished cam covers to a more industrial “ribbed” appearance, the USA version has the twin Stromberg 175 carburetors and larger valve clearances to produce a very low end torquey and smooth engine, this powerplant is very useable as it was sold in the large XJ sedan, this means this is a gorgeous car that one can enjoy in the ‘real world’,

This car’s history: owned for many years by a serious car collector in Atlanta, great effort in maintaining a car that can be enjoyed, there are receipts of constant maintenance receipts of $15,180 in the file, now with the purchase of a new Ferrari, he lost his garage space and now offered for sale, then now plus the work that Fraser Dante did in the final prep for sale ready for Spring 2018 shows, this has the original terrific ‘A’ arm detailed suspension as shown in photos, this couples the presentation with the chrome knock-off wire wheels, this Jag tracks just terrific in a straight line with no chassis vibration in testing Thanksgiving week of 2017, this was a fast car, this features the very advanced handling with the inboard brakes and independent rear end are modern even by today’s standards, this just had the brakes checked in order to enjoy safely, these are the uprated Girling brakes improved from the earlier ‘60s models, this car also and stops straight while standing on the brakes from speed with only a weight of 2910 lbs, thusly they work great, the underchassis presents very well, the new black leather interior with carpet is fully just restored, has the original and beautiful Jaguar wood steering wheel that is just detailed, the car work includes the lighting system just gone through, good black soft top, great photos (LINK) of the most solid front frame area show how well cared for this has been, 

Believed only one repaint in correct single stage lacquer, note that the rust free luster of the paint is terrific, many photos confirm, there a few places of the lacquer shrinking that are shown (LINK), that are proper patina that is indicative of great care taken for some 48 years with the manufacturing date of 23 December 1969, there are two important areas for good history, first is the pre-purchaser report done in Beaverton, Oregon in 8/25/87 with 82,143 miles showing how excellent the car was then, now with but 87,513 miles over 30 years later with 5370 miles in 30 years, with this great history,

solid body: here is a very solid and original rust free body, these most famous lines of this highly designed sports car are all ‘as factory’ with a careful check, now just done is the examination of all the panels with a magnet around the car, it sticks very firmly everywhere all over, this includes with emphasis on the lower body rockers that are most solid, these lower areas are what could be a problem and this car is exceptional in those panels, only a small area on the lower bottom of the driver’s side rear quarter panel in front of the rear wheel has a small area of some 5”x5” that had some body filler used, this is found only with a magnet, very hard to fine such a great ‘time warp’ British XKE,  

Correct data on car: This particular 1970 XKE is a ‘matching number’ car with the VIN # being on the data tag as well as the important front ‘picture frame’ numbers of the shock tower support on right side of the car to confirm, this rear is most solid and it is very hard to find such an original suspension showing the careful life it has led, the demand for these Series II cars have grown since the upgraded bucket seats that recline and are larger and comfortable, this makes this model way better to enjoy the better seating,

While the Series II E-type was altered with styling upgrades more than its interim predecessor, the essential construction and suspension remained the same and the body work had some small details, modifications were made to the front of the bonnet increasing the size considerably for cooling,  the headlamp scoops were altered so that the inner walls now splayed inwards and the side/flasher were rather larger and positioned below the raised bumper, the vehicle also received heavier front bumper blades, motif bar, front and rear overrides were changed, new square number plate at the rear, a different grille was used in the rear of the bonnet bulge and the washer jets were finished in satin chrome to avoid the risk of dangerous reflections, this 1970 Model XKE has the factory Girling brakes that are larger and better than the 1965-1968 models, they are just checked, all the Smith’s gauges work well,

engine:  the Jaguar  factory information states that “few engine types have demonstrated such ubiquity and longevity” with this 4.2 litre dual overhead cam beauty, Jaguar used the Twin OHC XK Engine as it came to be known that was used in the Jaguar XJ6 saloon from 1969 through 1992 it was so good, the engine build was so well designed that this was produced with a smooth 240 horsepower and strong 265 lbs of torque with the long stroke, properly maintained this standard production XK/XJ engine is so good that “it would achieve 200,000 miles of useful life”, this very reliable engine in this car,

this is the ‘matching numbers’ to the data plate on the car (SEE LINK), this engine is very, very strong unit in road testing just done, excellent dry reading compression just taken from 153psi to 160psi across (LINK), this engine had a complete tune and running check for some $3400 with the mileage of 86,466 and now right before Christmas 2017 the miles shows as 87,512 miles today, see the listing of all the part numbers for the engine that confirm authenticity to match the British Heritage Trust (LINK), event the rear end chunk in the middle of the inboard brakes is stamped correctly,

note the engine detailing is just completed, photos show the car is very correct with the remaining heat riser that crosses valve covers still from the exhaust to the carburetors, (LINK) most of these original units are gone today, this is stock driven show quality, close up photos show how clean the engine bay and surrounding suspension is,

note: it is possible that this has engine more work that we are not aware of today, note that this has oil pressure when being revved and warmed up at over 60 lbs and when driving at road speeds, the gauge reads as about 58 lbs, very strong indeed, pulls very strongly even after the working choke is pushed in, no oil smoke seen, also new spark plugs are installed for this new testing,

exhaust: noting from the notes in the file in 1987 in Beaverton, Oregon for a pre-purchase inspection, this factory correct steel exhaust and muffler system was noted as ‘new, no leaks’, now only 5000 miles later with no problems to report, this same exhaust is still on the car sounds great and has the proper rear exhaust pipe extensions, (LINK),

oil/coolants: the hi-tech oil is just changed in November 2017, this has new special expensive 18 pints of Valvoline VR1 20W-50 Racing Oil with Hi-Zinc Formula, (LINK), this is used in racing engines to have a lubricant and stop friction, special anti-foam system and additives, this is only used for non-catalytic converter engines,

interior: fully restored with a great appearance, (LINK), there are three receipts in the file totaling for $3134 for a complete full black leather interior with the seat frames and bolsters and then foam along with the headrests in 2014 to bring up to very high standards, sample of receipts (LINK), this has a full new carpet set, has the ‘underfelt kit’, a black boot for the top, the all nicely presented working Smith’s gauges are ‘as factory’ with even the tachometer working, everything except the clock, the steering wheel is the original factory thin wood and alloy composition, here again this is a valuable well maintained and hard to find factory piece,

trunk: here is another great area of this 1970 Jaguar XKE convertible, just like the factory, still has the original Regency Red paint still in the trunk an original chromed wire wheel, has the original factory jack and handle, even has the factory knock off hammer, tool kit cover, black wood cover with the biscuit colored factory carpet, just great as shown in the (LINK),
underchassis/suspension: here is a very fine driven show quality underchassis (SEE THE LINK), we can believe that only two-foot wheels have been nicely replaced, everything else on the original floors appears to be nicely maintained with constant care and still very solid, like a time warp it is so nice, just in Thanksgiving 2017, the floors are cleaned, then painted and shown with photos, 

the suspension is in fine maintained condition with the receipts showing careful attention in Atlanta for many years, now see the close of photos of the detailed front alloy ‘A’ arms (LINK), when test driving just completed, note that this handles well with no squeaks and nor shaking heard in the final test drive, top quality when driven, photos just taken on test drive (LINK), here is a very advanced build, rear independent suspension with torsion bars, these famous cars have front disc brakes and the rear inboard discs that are state of the art, just as used in the original Shelby’s, they have just been checked to make sure they work well, when driving at around 40 mph, standing on the brakes yields a quick and great straight stopping action, has the factory four coil springs,

Summary: a classic Jaguar with really nice lines, really the type of car that most people desire, these drivable investment six cylinder Jaguar roadsters have a worldwide appeal, just with one repaint on a most solid car with very nice luster and presence, one can see the alloy factory suspension pieces, lots of maintenance from July 2012 until the final work and prep Thanksgiving 2017, the final getting up with cosmetics for shows and top mechanicals with hi-tech oil just finished, the coolant checked, a growing investment quality that is fun to drive that recent posted photos confirm, now well offered $75,000