1973 TR6 restored in just outstanding condition with a gorgeous British Racing Green color, this great TR6 is for the demanding collector who wants top quality in mechanicals, cosmetics and with lots of options!  The body lines are arrow straight and the body presentation just gorgeous, sensational frame and underchassis, front lower spoiler, dual outside sport mirrors, very expensive restored great chrome front and rear bumpers, now just out of the Fraser Dante shop with an extraordinary amount of documentation photos to confirm current condition, this was found from a longtime associate, the frame on believed low mileage of 52,625 miles from previous owner plus the title confirming that still had the actual miles shown, then build was told to be $42,000 even before Fraser Dante finished the final restoration work, just great solid and painted frame is really just terrific, hard to find such a great chassis and frame, this has brand new biscuit top with reflector proper trim, biscuit real leather interior full interior, a highly detailed 2.5 liter straight 6 cylinder, strong even compression, great torque lbs with 2.94” bore and the long 3.74” stroke, fresh full throttle bushings and new linkage connected with new fuel lines to the dual Stromberg #175 CD-2 Carburetors, proper Stanpart intake, show finned aluminum valve cover, expensive Lucas Gold coil ignition, has our fresh high tech oil installed, stainless steel exhaust system,perfect working 4-speed transmission with show TR6 shift handle, has the Laycock ‘J type’ overdrive unit, this system just has the new solenoid activator installed, excellent performance,

the original Stanpart factory radiator is just restored with new fluids, all new green show full coolant hoses with proper show clamps, new fan air box from radiator, has just a really sensational Semi-gloss underchassis showing the full body on restoration work, the very solid frame and floors are very highly show detailed, (LINK)the braking system with proper front discs is all new, photos confirm that the black coil springs are new, one can see the fresh shocks, this comes with a full hardtop with black vinyl cover and a white headliner worth about $1800 installed and fitted (LINK), also comes with a Sahara indoor show car cover (LINK), has uprated padded roll bar for looks and safety that matches the biscuit interior along with the biscuit custom fitted boot is finished to fit said the roll install, the wood dash pod is new and just looks perfect, all the proper Smith’s gauges work, uprated Kenwood radio system, the top dash pad fits great, cross safety belts, biscuit carpet and Triumph floor mats, the full lighting system is just checked and works, proper rear taillights, the factory steel 15x6 wheels are numbered and just completely restored, equipped with brand new blackwall Falken Pro Touring A/S performance radials just mounted and balanced, this 1973 Triumph TR6 Roadster British sports car makes a great presentation along with outstanding mechanicals, has the Original Owner’s Handbook that is printed in Great Britain (LINK), expensive gorgeous restored chrome bumpers front and rear are hard to find,

History: here is a really great 1973 TR6 that has a full restoration that is most apparent when just finally finished for Spring 2018, when our very knowledgeable associate found this car, he was told that said last owners spent some $42,000 in a believed frame on restoration, Fraser Dante confirmed from the last owner that he knew this car from the very successful collector who has the car restored and then placed in storage, he tried to buy for years and only became available when said collector lost his storage space, the second collector had this for a couple of years and he then needed space for his expensive Corvette, it was then purchased by Fraser Dante, it is now presented with just a great body, serious fresh underchassis, fresh and gorgeous paint, all signs showing all the work was done initially and then seldom used, has the signed 2017 Georgia Police T22b form is completed to authenticate the clear history, the chassis is just really exceptional, we have done all the final detailing, (LINK), the color is referred to as British Racing Green but the TR6 color chart for 1973 calls this dark Emerald Green, this luster is just wonderful, has the lower stainless rock body trim, see the new proper top with the plastic windows, (LINK), very factory correct install with the reflective strips, looks just great with the BRG color, 

bumpers: please understand that this has the very hard to find today, then they are now restored with the beautiful chrome bumpers front and rear, these are believed original re-chromed units that are in just serious show condition, very nice,

Engine: very strong and great show detailed engine, the engine features the famous excellent 2.5 liter straight 6 cylinder, strong torque lbs with 2.94” bore and 3.74” long stroke, these engines were great units that were proved by what Bob Tullius and Group 44 did with them in their period race cars for more power and great reliability, the engine was rebuilt according to information supplied, checked now as this original engine has dry cold compression in the proper 130 to 138 lbs in a dry cold reading (LINK), just taken, these are high torque engines with great pulling power, proper dual Stromberg 175-CD-2 side draft carburetors are rebuilt, these carbs are so good and big that they were used on the 1970 Jaguar XKE, fresh full throttle bushings and new linkage connected with new fuel lines to the dual Stromberg Carburetors, see the correct air intake system is restored and presented as factory, the cylinder head is #3267 2283 12388, engine block #CF 8427UE (SEE NUMBERS LINK), has the Stanpart Aluminum intake manifold #V3265/8831218 (SEE THE LINK WITH ALL THE NUMBERS), show finned aluminum valve cover, note that this head is just checked with photos to confirm condition, then installed with the top rated Fel-Pro race quality valve cover gasket (LINK), expensive proper Lucas 15c6 Gold coil ignition, just installed for great performance are the new NGK G-Power platinum alloy spark plugs (LINK), new green spark plug wires, stock exhaust manifolds leading to the full stainless steel exhaust system and muffler, new oil and oil filter just changed to high performance VR1 oil, the fuel tank is also new since this had sat for a while, all to insure great operation and running condition, the Fraser Dante professional in house staff just set the valves and these carbs are now both just adjusted for strong performance,

The 4-speed transmission works smoothly and properly with stock shifter and interior shift handle, being set with great shifting as the lever is set above the transmission, note the new show wood Triumph shift handle with TR plate that has the new matching biscuit boot, this transmission is equipped with the Laycock J-type overdrive unit that works just fine…#25/115838/005540 (SEE THE LINK OF THE SPECS), when received by Fraser Dante, the solenoid simply stopped working, such is life, then Fraser Dante ordered a new Bastuck G209SPT solenoid that is made in Great Britain for $250 plus ‘O’ rings and gaskets plus shipping from Moss Motors (LINK), then our senior British tech installed with all new ‘O’ rings, all this effort to make sure this terrific TR6 drives well!

Radiator:  when this was received by Fraser Dante, this still had the original Stanpart factory radiator that is very hard to find in this age car, although this had previously been flushed and with coolant, we pulled that said unit and decided that this unit needed a full restoration from our top radiator cooling sub, sent away and this is now an expensive radiator that has just been re-built, photos show this final installation work (LINK), then also installed in the car are the all new show green hoses and proper clamps from Moss Motors (LINK) in the engine bay, all new coolant added, since this was in a collection and sat for a while, now we have completed this work for better cooling,

Racing oil/filter: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is added along with new filter for engine protection (LINK), said oil gives the proper zinc for the lubrication of the engine, note this step is using the top racing quality oil that can only be used on engines without a catalytic converter, only top restorers and shops use this top grade product,

underchassis: a very high point of this nice 1973 TR6 has the just fantastic underchassis and frame, when received by Fraser Dante, this went on the rack in our professional shop, we could see that this had been a frame on the original low mileage 52,625 miles car plus the new build, could be called frame-off since this has great body bushings, all the work was done by said collector since this was so very solid and very rust free… see that is now presented in a very exacting and proper manner, this history is confirmed by the last owner who knew the successful owner before him, the important side welds of the floor are very good, just like factory, said frame was also then fully cleaned and then they were fully prepped, then painted black to protect and for show presentation, these floors are most solid with lots of the hand work just completed in the Fraser Dante shop, are now painted gloss black for both show and protection, very straight, the extensive photos on the Fraser Dante site (LINK) show their actual great condition today, one can see the new fuel and brake lines that stand out against the frame,  

Interior: beautiful full biscuit new real leather bucket seat covers with the cross lap safety belts, has a matching boot, new door panel kits installed are extremely nice, new tan nylon matching carpet kit with Triumph black rubber floor mats, all the door and window handles are new, the windows work great with nice seals, the dash looks great with the new pretty wood dash facia and black dash pad, Triumph wood shifter knob, black Tri-spoke sport steering wheel, uprated Kenwood AM/FM/CD radio in the stock location (SEE LINK), one can tell the extent of the build quality of this TR6 as this has the full ‘Smiths’ proper gauges that look great and work, has a windshield washer pump system,

The windshield is new, just beautifully installed with a great rubber seal under the stainless trim, also has the proper lower rubber seal that is under the windshield and just above the cowling, all is new, 

Brakes and Suspension: the suspension is most solid and fresh, all the work includes full check of braking system for safety just completed (LINK), one can see the many close up photos that show the front disc brakes with 95% pad life on them, all new brake lines and hoses, then Fraser Dante just the rear drums that are now just rebuilt and road tested (LINK),close up photos confirm the work completed and condition, all aspects such as the shocks, an important area that make this handle so well is the uprated suspension with good new coil springs, the photos of the chassis and suspension show the new back new coil springs (LINK), very good front and rear suspension, see the new sway bar links, rear shock links, has the steering wheel rack mounts that are all checked,

Wheels/tires:  when this great 1973 TR6 was received by Fraser Dante, we can tell that this was essentially stored in a collection after the first restoration, now confirmed, the tires had fine tread on them but were date coded the first week of 2005, the goal of Fraser Dante is to build a safe driven show car, thusly we then broke down the original wheels to restore them, these are have the factory stampings of #311243 and are believed the original dated wheels (SEE THE LINK OF NUMBERS), they were completely stripped down and then bead blasted, then primed, then painted with proper heavy duty argent silver and then finally cleared (LINK), lots of effort went into the great wheels and tires that is fully documented,

The wheel trim has the new stainless trim rings are used, the proper new center caps and the chrome lug nuts really set off these stock wheels, see the photos and notes of these wheels that now have the extensive documented work (LINK), very few restoration shops go to this extent for a great driving experience, now just installed and balanced are brand new Falken 205/70/15 Pro Touring A/S radials that provide strong all-season traction and responsive handling, with the 3D circumferential grooves and silica-enhanced DRT tread compound, this Pro Touring A/S provides superb all-season traction with the reinforced shoulder blocks for long-lasting tread life and great responsive driving, the wheel work and the new tires would retail for way over $1000+ for customers in shop work of this quality, all of this extensive work is just completed to enhance driving performance and safety,

lighting: again, effort is accomplished with the excellent lighting, the headlights are new sealed beam Sylvania units, they have the stainless trim, the rear full taillight dual assemblies are correct and hard to get today, these are expensive full Lucas units with the exterior trim, in great shape, the brake lights work, the backup lights are just checked to insure they work, 

trunk: In the nice trunk area with still the solid original floor, rust free, the photos show the proper green matching exterior paint is just applied to the well showing it is so clean LINK), there is the original stock wheel that is solid and just painted the factory argent color with the mounted tire, there is a full jack under the wheel, the handle and the base that are this has also a jack handle for the jack and a base that are just repainted black (SEE LINK), this also has the proper black carpet kit on top of the solid factory lift piece in the trunk that covers the spare, really looks great,

Summary:  the final restoration now completed of a low mileage of 52,625 miles when just purchased on this just great 1973 TR6, as stated above, according to information supplied to us from the well-known last owner, there was $42,000 spent on this car by the previous owners that was BEFORE Fraser Dante put this through our restoration shop to finish with the final updates, items like the restored stamped and dated wheels with new radial tires are just installed, a rare hardtop for the TR 6 included, brand new expensive soft top, just sensational underchassis!  the headlights and brake lights are just checked so this is completed for Driven Show, also with full tune and fresh fluids along with the top mechanicals and final engine show detailing just finished, this is a striking car, now ready for Spring 2018, this car really drives well, really better than new in many aspects, offered with all the extra a options and now ready to both show and drive with pride at below build costing at $34,950