1970 Triumph TR6 restored to great driven show condition with a really nice presentation in a top, top color of British Racing Green, very nice black interior and top, Smith’s gauges, really an exceptional body and terrific underchassis, great emphasis on the mechanicals and suspension that are hard to find in this condition, the chassis and frame are really another real high point of this nice 1970 TR6, many photos document said condition, features the famous and very smooth 2.5 litre straight 6 cylinder that is a fresh build in the history, now has just had a full tune to top specs, very strong compression, nicely detailed engine with new proper 1970 show green hoses just installed, the Stromberg 175s are rebuilt and set, standard air intake, High Torque starter, full new strong clutch system that takes expertise, all of the ‘numbers’ are listed in this exacting report, photos show the condition of the engine, expensive Falcon stainless exhaust system, the 4-speed transmission with working overdrive makes this a terrific road cruise car, stock wheels with proper trim rings and center caps, radial lower profile tires, has the very expensive and hard to get stainless steel bumpers, these are difficult to find today, another real plus are the many receipts of over $20,000 of the documented construction after the last owner bought the car, great effort to make this a great mechanical driver, then after being sent to Atlanta, the Fraser Dante restoration staff again proceeded to yet add more money and expertise to improve in to a higher degree, this really is very solid and has an ‘as factory’ underchassis with factory pans in really fine condition, the frame is extremely solid and the floors all rust free, that show quality red oxide detailing is just completed, the black frame is excellent, this work couples the excellent handling with the full strong suspension, great rear alloy trailing arms detailed, all excellent springs, strong shocks, uprated cross drilled front rotors, rear drums with the complete braking system just fully rebuilt, new show quality taillights, the electricals with working lighting,  new receipted  wiring harness, expensive new proper factory rear taillights, the BRG color is buffed to driven show standards, dual outside ‘bullet’ mirrors, a serious driven British Car day show car, fun to drive with excellent top mechanicals, really exceptional new uprated brake rotors and pads, new stainless rocker moldings just installed for a striking appearance,

ENGINE:  here today is a fresh engine with believed 2000 miles on the rebuild, more documented engine work in 2017, then lastly brand new updating in late Fall 2017 to bring to top standards,  one can see the photos of the clean head in the Fraser Dante shop, note that this has excellent information that yields what exactly is here today, now to confirm all of the ‘numbers’ one can see the (LINK) with the block, heads, carbs and intake, very important, also now to  note the wonderful compression just taken on this great engine unit that shows 140 to 148 lbs in a dry cold reading within only 8 lbs apart (LINK), very strong power and better than stock, photos show the engine that features the excellent 2.5 liter straight 6 cylinder, strong torque lbs with the 2.94” bore and long 3.74” stroke, fresh full throttle bushings new linkage connected, new fuel lines to the dual Stromberg Carburetors, numbered 175 CD-2s on both, the Stanpart Aluminum intake manifold #V3108, the uprated with performance Crane Cam Fireball PS91 electronic ignition now yielding really spirited performance, new timing chain, also the receipt for the restored head to increase performance, this head with fresh rockers and full valves set along with the rebuilt carbs that are shown (SEE THE LINK AT FRASER DANTE), all of this goes in line with the history of the now better than stock 7.5:1 compression with the fresh head and valve work as reported by the last owner and confirmed by photos, then see the (LINK) to the heavy duty Fel-Pro gasket just installed, this will insure a solid seal to the newly detailed valve cover, (LINK),

Another plus is the very expensive High Torque starter is installed, this alone is receipted at $432, we have used these units before and they are much better than the factory starters, also a new wiring harness to the new alternator, spark plug wires and uprated spark plugs, also has a new fuel tank, new sensors, new gaskets, gas cap and filler tubes, the cooling is enhanced with the rebuilt radiator, to increase said capacity, the wind tunnel in the front of said car is in place to direct air to the radiator, the whole engine is just very nicely show detailed (SEE THE PHOTOS OF FALL 2017), painted and all new proper green factory hoses just installed, these also have the proper clamps, photos will show said install on the (LINK), 

Clutch: also, another area that is important that comes out when driving this terrific TR6 sports car is the brand new strong clutch full system with throw-out bearing that is installed and is quite a project to do, one must take out the seat and the transmission have to come out for this to be accomplished, this clutch now grabs quickly and strongly, receipt for that work and the new pinion seal is part of the file,

Transmission:  this factory 4-speed transmission has working electronic overdrive, new black leather shift boot, said overdrive system has just been checked with service records as part of the file, see all of the ‘numbers’ that are shown on this extensive report (LINK),   

chassis:  a very very important area of this 1970 TR6 is the solid and really great shape underchassis and frame, very hard to find like this so original, then detailed and really solid!!!  All original with great floors as factory, the only replaced small area is only in the rear trunk well where the spare tire sits that was replaced, this happens when people do not keep it clean, now this is newly cleaned and just painted black, again, see the just painted very solid frame that is outstanding with no signs of rust, the chassis has no undercoating really in exceptional condition, the floors are so good that we believe the red oxide shown on our initial photos when the car was received to be from the factory, see the photos of how good these floors that are shown before Fraser Dante completed our work (LINK), one can see the original floors with the factory red oxide color, someone previously had protected these floor with black paint,

NOW really nice presentation with recent many hours just spent by the restoration staff at Fraser Dante to show the current condition with the new Red Oxide that has a clear coat to protect, now this brings this rust free lower chassis area to driven show condition with lots of expert hand work, see the close up photos of underchassis today that is presented with close up many photos to ascertain condition (SEE THE LARGE LINK), now ready to show with mirrors are the full proper red oxided floors just finished and the black proper frame work,  this is really serious work for an investment 1970 TR6 that is ready to show and drive! the whole suspension has been replaced in the last few years, constant work with receipts of meticulous maintenance are in the file, see the rear levered shocks, new front shocks, also the factory rear alloy trailing arms are now presented with just prepared to show conditions to show how nice they are today,

history:  it is believed that the whole car has about 42,000 miles on the chassis, then in the build in 2015 before late Fall 2017 finish, the speedometer had stopped working and could not be fixed, another working speedometer was put in, thusly the actual mileage is not accurate, it is believed that the engine and all running systems have less than 2000 miles through 2015 then with the final completion and upgrading just accomplished for late 2017, the chassis certainly supports that view,

lights: such great effort is completed on this 1970 TR6 is that the rear taillight assemblies on both sides were replaced in a matching pair, these units came from Victoria British and cost $882 even before install, these proper units are very expensive and said correct taillights and the wiring are just installed, these are hard to find, the wiring works well, new halogen headlights, great attention to detail, new alternator,

body: all body panels are original, no replacement is noted, the front fenders and rear quarters appear as factory, the British Racing Green is very nicely presented with fresh professional high-speed buffing and waxing (SEE THE LINK) just completed, the brand new lower stainless rocker moldings certainly set off the dark green color, 

wheels/tires/brakes:  another high point are the brakes, this has the newly upgraded all the rubber brake lines are new, photos show their new condition the front disc brakes have been upgraded with the very expensive slotted and cross drilled front rotors, new pads, also the rear drums have just been rebuilt with new lines and brake cylinders that are from the Moss Motors, all high-end parts, see the (LINK) for the front discs and the rear drums that show the professional effort completed at Fraser Dante, every effort is completed to make sure that this has safe and high-performance braking, a far cry from an auction car, this is out of two restoration shops, said new photos shown and yield a great view of current brake very fresh condition, the stock restored wheels have the proper trim rings and center caps, all polished, the tires are Douglas XtraTrac II 205/70R15 radials, has the restored tool kit with matching spare wheel,

suspension:  here again shows the top suspension with the fresh upper and lower tire rods, new control arms, new ball joints, lower rocker arms, all is documented as one can see the (LINK), all great shocks around, this even has the rebuilt steering rack so it tracks straight, a real added plus, to show the condition of said suspension, see the photos of the exceptional rear alloy trailing arms that have just been stripped, cleaned and then prepared for show presentation (SEE CLOSE UP LINK),

trunk: new full trunk area is just cleaned and painted by the Fraser Dante restoration staff, note the very clear shots of the rust-free trunk, lower carpets, the full new black trunk mat, has the matching spare wheel with tire, also note the photos of the just refinished jack and lug wrench, they are stripped and painted correct black,

INTERIOR: many items include the bucket seats reworked, new  carpets installed, the teak dash wood dash panel has a very nice refinish, the side panels are nice original pieces, the dash lights even work at present, new Triumph black rubber floor mats, new shift wood knob with crest from Moss Motors, black new shift boot, effort just expended to make sure the horns blow, the original steering wheel comes as part of the package, shoulder cross strap seat belts, new teak wood face dash kit that looks great, newer uprated radio - Retro Classic radio manual (LINK), new black top boot, top seal kit, all door rubbers,

Summary:  1970 Triumph TR6 presented in British Racing Green, receipted history, lots of suspension work, great shocks and uprated bushings, really excellent solid very nicely just detailed underchassis with lots of photos to document the work, set up for the serious driver, now offered for the perfect Christmas present freshly presented now at way under costing at only $26,950