1965 Mustang convertible finished in just gorgeous Silver Blue metallic color code ‘Y’, great presentation as paint is just applied in the wonderful cosmetic show quality restoration now just completed, this fantastic paint is better than factory, body lines are arrow straight, from reports of the last owner well known to us and the work at Fraser Dante, this is a rebuilt dated 289cid engine and 1965 dated hydraulic lifter heads that have very strong compression, with a just rebuilt 2100 Autolite carb that is fully set by the Fraser Dante top technician, the ‘sound’ of this famous 289cid is terrific, equipped with the new chrome Cobra valve covers and air cleaner are correct for Mustang show, this restored engine has the full aluminized dual ‘H’ pipe ‘A’ code exhaust system, new restored radiator, show Marti MCA show hoses and clamps, new stainless lower rocker moldings, all new trim, insignias and great chrome bumpers, leading edge show hood trim, a new proper full Blue/White two tone Pony interior with newly padded seats, full standard door panels selected for the factory trim, new proper blue carpet, 5 blue safety belts, new factory blue steering wheel, note that it is very hard to find such a ‘real’ authentic convertible in today’s time, this has great integrity in the body and red underchassis with the presentation complemented with a good past, professionally body and underchassis just finished with exacting detail, then a great plus are the mechanicals and suspension fully checked in the Fraser Dante shop with proper dual Vin#s on both inner fenders, this is a very important area for top quality in today’s times, hard to find such quality, this really drives so well with the factory engineered and now fresh done suspension just checked, front end bushings, with the just terrific Ford fenders, stampings and exceptional red oxide factory underchassis, great knowledge after our very knowledgeable Mustang friend’s big start of the restoration of his Dad’s car with the great paint, new white top, Pony interior with new blue sides, the red oxide underchassis, then following note that said work was done and it was purchased and finished at Fraser Dante as the final work is completed brand new 1965 Styled Steel Wheels with also brand new 205/75/14 whitewall radial tires just installed, the full brakes have just been rebuilt with hardware and shoes, this rare striking factory color is desired by Mustang collectors all over the world, now planned updated with a freshly installed 'new' C-4 automatic transmission with proper hardware, (LINK), this gorgeous color is for sure ‘as factory’ with the note that this a rare Silver Blue color (SEE LINK TO THE ORIGINAL DATA TAG) is completed with base coat/clear coat, a color loved by Mustang collectors all over the world, then now fully detailed,

History of this car: newer Owner’s Manual as shown in the (LINK) shows how stock this is, this is a real, real convertible with ‘for sure’ with known history, great authenticity for ‘as factory’ color with paint that is better than new, this was a Cincinnati DSO initially that ended up in Charlotte for many years before coming it came to Atlanta, an important note is that this has a long history of being a personal car of the father of a serious Mustang friend of Fraser Dante, there was great care in owning the car some 16 years, then when it was time to sell this very nice early 1965 Mustang convertible due to age of the owner and his son taking time off, there lots of effort that is accomplished with just exceptional paint and body work…this effort had the car apart to produce a just gorgeous car in the original color, it appears that all steel on the car is original in all aspects with believed factory quarters, the great underchassis that has red oxide on all original floors, (LINK), really outstanding mechanicals for Driven Show,

Body/paint: this factory color called Silver Blue Metallic is just gorgeous, truly a color loved in Europe and Scandinavia as well as the United States, both men and women of all ages just love this Blue with the factory metallic finish, (SEE THE LINK of the ORIGINAL BODY DATA TAG), we spoke to our friend as he spent months making sure this that this body was extremely solid and straight, fenders were taken off, then the base coat/clear coat paint was applied in a most professional manner, the end result is really great show luster to the highly detailed paint which is better than the factory painted it originally (SEE THE FACTORY COLOR CHART ‘Y’), now has the lower stainless rocker moldings just installed and the MCA show hood leading edge trim installed to make the paint contrast so well, just makes one small,

Engine: this is the correct dated 289cid engine that has been rebuilt according to the last owner well known to this writer, checked in the Fraser Dante shop, this does also have the fresh and very clean C5 dated 289 hydraulic liter heads, see the LINK to the numbers, this has strong and even compression just checked thusly confirming said built, the ‘rumble and sound’ of this engine is crisp, now smoke, then the just rebuilt 2100 Autolite carb that is fully set up by our top technician, the new chrome Cobra valve covers and air cleaner are correct for Mustang shows well, this has a new hand build full aluminized ‘A’ code dual exhaust system, this will produce about 215 horsepower with this set up, has mellow standard mufflers just recently installed, new Autolite spark plugs, new yellow ringed top coil, distributor cap, a new water pump installed, new distributor, solenoid, spark plug wires are correct Autolite Performance 7mm, new points and timing just set by a top technician, the radiator is a newly installed unit with the Ford show hoses and clamps,

full tune: with the all new factory correct hoses and clamps, new coil, new spark plug Autolie wires, all wiring excellent, said timing checked and road tested, fresh cap and rotor, spark plugs are excellent for excellent firing, has new wiring as needed with the under hood replaced,

oil/filter:  the oil and filter are now changed and upgraded to protect the engine, Fraser Dante uses very expensive special high-techracing oil with added zinc content with Valvoline VR1 20-50 to insure long term performance, since today’s gasoline and standard oils have cleaners added, these early non-catalytic engines need the heavy duty oil and the added zinc for lubrication purposes LINK for these older engines, this is very costly and used only from shops who have top operations as Fraser Dante, after the above work was done, then said engine tune and full checking, the road testing is just completed to check the operation for Fall 2017 shows,

transmission/clutch: this came with the factory 3 speed unit, that could be still used but now Fraser Dante has planned the update to the 1965 rare T10 H1 transmission (SEE LINK) with stock linkage, that shift will be professionally rebuilt, this car will be then tested by Fraser Dante to insure that it drives very well as this is planned for sure to be taken out for driven show and enjoyment, continuing the updating of our driven show car, although this came with a new clutch, Fraser Dante plans to upgrade to a brand new expensive heavy-duty clutch RAM quality full assembly with throw-out bearing is just installed with the turned flywheel by the technicians at Fraser Dante, the rear end is date coded and detailed checked and lubed, it is a 2.80:1 unit, the one for easy highway cruising with low rpm and good fuel mileage,

interior/top: in the restoration process, this true and actual 1965 Mustang convertible looks just amazing with a new white top that is just installed with expert hand work, very tight and fits great, new plastic window, all the bows are detailed, all the rubber replaced in the install, this is a hard to find art today, this is about $1600 today for such work even to find someone to do this quality work, this has a new blue boot to match the interior,

now set off with the pretty Silver Blue paint, a new full two-tone Pony interior and the correct factory standard side panels have been installed, these said panels have a better clean look with the factory chrome trim, arm rests and more inside room, this came with the standard (22) blue crinkle interior but since this whole interior was being done, great effort and expense to do the Pony interior upgrade, full padded seats, the two tone is fitted properly both front and rear seats, this even has 5 sets of safety belts, this also has the restored factory blue steering wheel that looks perfect with this stock presentation, the trunk area has a spare, jack and the proper plaid trunk mat, the insides of the rear quarters are finished just as factory, a new fuel tank is seen,

floors: a very HIGH POINT of this fine real 1965 Mustang convertible are the extremely solid floors with no signs of being replaced, a strong point are the great lower side ‘pinch’ welds, still has the Ford factory stampings on these lower horizontal rocker panels, these floors have been carefully cleaned, then red oxide applied with a clear to protect just like factory and for top show conditions, said floor enhances the value and the car and keeps in top condition,

Braking: another step to note, this has the all brand new full drum brakes on both front and rear that are just now rebuilt, note that said work is confirmed with the photos to document said work by Fraser Dante (LINK), here is another area that some people might desire, we can update the front brakes with the full SSBC GT stainless brake system for even better stopping, these systems are so popular that lead times are very long now just to get all the parts, realizing how much people desire these, these are in such demand that Fraser Dante tries to keep a set in stock so we can install for a customer in a timely fashion, 

Summary:  just a gorgeous and very fresh factory correct convertible just out of the Fraser Dante shop, great history for the collector/driver who demands quality! Really a beautiful convertible, now offered with the great history and full service ready for Fall 2017 offered at only $41,950

Additional note to transmission/mechanical updates: as this came with the original 3-speed floor mounted shifter from the factory, the expert restoration staff at Fraser Dante is just updating this to a 4-speed unit with all new linkage, if the new buyer desires, one could choose a just rebuilt correct C-4 three speed automatic transmission that is available, customer preference,

Steering: although this drives very well with the current stock steering box being in fine condition as it drives just fine now with the new radial tires, note that also, we are experts on installing the terrific full variable ratio Borgeson Power Steering system, as a long time Borgeson dealer and restoration shop, Fraser Dante can update that steering.