Very nice 1951 Ford F1 Deluxe all steel pickup is presented in striking teal metallic with a high luster and nice lines, fitted with a strong 302cid engine, uprated cam, electronic ignition, Holley #2627 4v 600 cfm, 9mm Ford Motorsport wires, strong compression, the headers lead to dual aluminized exhaust system, great sound, rear mounted fuel tank, power steering, new front GM clip with sway bars both front and rear, power disc brakes, working air conditioning, heavy duty re-cored copper radiator, the varnished show wood bed has the stainless steel strips, steel Ford tail gate with gold logo and chrome closure fittings, this ½ ton version of the 1948 to 1950 is a real collector piece, finding an all steel, rust free stock bodied version like this that can be driven and enjoyed yields a large group of people who love these classic pickups, the very expensive grille with the large famous F1 look is just rechromed, front and rear bumpers are also done in classic style, these rechromed pieces add to the spectacular look of this classic F1 pickup, tilt steering wheel, tweed and vinyl bucket seats, matching door panels, custom front console, top headliner storage area, new windows and seals, has a great stock look with top mechanicals, the vehicle has body colored 15” wheels, stainless trim rings, hubcaps, brand new expensive Coker Classic Nostalgia 205/75/15 radial modern wide whitewall tires just installed, built in Atlanta as driven show pickup, all fresh coolants flushed, the full braking system checked,  the paint has great luster and just makes one smile!

History of 1951 F1 and this build:  the initial start of the famous post-war Ford F1 pickup began with the  horizontal grille design in the 1948-1950 production as said grille was a series of horizontal bars with the headlights were set into the fenders, then the design of the F-Series truck changed tremendously from 1951 to 1954. For 1951 and 1952, the headlights were connected by a wide aerodynamic cross piece with three similarly aerodynamic supports and a headlight at each end of the grille bar, with the advent of the Korean War, there were restrictions to manufacturing in the industrial arena, the stock factory grille was painted argent (silver) to complement the chrome headlight bezels, then during the model year, the grille was painted ivory and the headlight rings argent (silver), the hood had new side spears with a three slot embellishment at the front, now this special 1951 F1 had an ungraded very early chromed grill that was in the car when the first restorer worked on the car…below explains where we are in late 2017,

famous now restored front grille:  the very expensive and famous large grille is part of this great F1 design, as the grille was only factory produced in argent silver or painted white ivory, it is now upgraded to look even better with the new rechroming to match the chrome bumpers, this is a very large piece and very expensive to re-chrome and fully restore today, the earlier grills are reproduced but not these large grills and they are a serious undertaking, thusly, since we figure the Fraser Dante total costing in the new chroming of the grill will be around $2200 plus about 6 weeks time, this is a real effort and undertaking, note that the first restorer on this great driven show truck did not do the grille due to costing, when Fraser Dante acquired this unit in late Summer 2017, the grill was pulled out by our staff, sent away for full plating and rechroming, one can see the behind area of the grill is nicely restored and painted body color (LINK), noting that finding shops to restore, plate and chrome this classic piece is a real task, lots of timing and expensive, the new restored plated and chromed grille will look great with photo documentation to follow (LINK),

history:  the father of the young man that Fraser Dante bought this lovely truck from really built it as a labor of love,  he spent 3 years on the project, then drove to local shows and kept the upkeep nice,  then when he had health problems, this was passed on to Fraser Dante to update and improve the product for driven show enjoyment, this was a former frame off build,  then was driven as a show vehicle, the grown son told Fraser Dante that this has about 7000 very careful miles on the build, the  final restoration and preparation by Fraser Dante includes a full check of the mechanicals and braking…then the final detailing completed,

suspension:  this has the new GM front sub-frame clip that is most solid, installed today this has the heavy duty front sway bar and the rear underrider sway bar for great handling as this is also equipped with the brand new radial tires, all this engineering effort is appreciated when driving this nice truck, for great stopping, this has the front disc brakes with excellent rotors and fresh pads, the rear drums are just checked with good hardware and shoes, (LINK), the rear end is a 10 bolt GM unit with the lube just checked, note the photos of the truck with all the tires off (LINK),

the frame is most solid and in very presentable condition, the father in the first frame off build spent a lot of time making sure that this was rust free, the front rails have been extended so the stock Ford bumper is fitted to the uprated Camaro subframe clip, the rear frame rails are stock as new, they have just been cleaned and lightly painted flat black to protect, they are in terrific condition, set for driven show, photos that are taken late Summer 2017 really do not show how nice they really are, excellent springs and good tracking when tested, (LINK)

running gear:  the build had a goal to make a driven show truck that had both power and reliability,  this has installed a strong 302cid engine, has a mild uprated cam, hydraulic lifter heads, with compression just checked the reading 149 to 151 across, this excellent (LINK), an electronic ignition, has a Holley #2627 4v 600 cfm carberator, 9mm Ford Motorsport wires, the added power headers lead to dual aluminized 2 ½” ‘H’ pipe exhaust system with Flowmaster mufflers,  these exit under the rear tailgate, have a great mellow sound,  the C-4 3 speed automatic transmission shifts and works just great, 

oil/filter: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is used along with new filter for engine protection (LINK), note this step up is for the top racing quality oil that can only be used in engines without a catalytic converter, very few dealers go to this extent of such prep of car protection, none of the warehouse operations have such expertise and attention to detail, for safety, there is a rear mounted fuel tank with the fuel filler on the rear passenger side fender, a strong 12 volt battery is installed,  note that this has a specially built electrical safety shut off switch under the passenger seat,  

Wheels and tires: this has restored steel 7” wheels that are painted body color with stainless hubcaps and trim rings, since Fraser Dante acquired this with radial blackwalls, this look did not ‘pop’, the truck is so nice that these brand new P205/75/15  Coker Classic Nostalgia radial whitewalls are just installed (SEE THE LINKS OF THE TIRES BEFORE AND THEN ON THE TRUCK), these are actual whitewall tires--the whitewall is not ground in or added on—they feature a vintage profile and raised curb guards, they yield improved handling and ride with an all-season tread that are US DOT and ECE-approved,  they are mounted and balanced, these radials are for safety and show,

Interior:  this has the desirable tilt steering column and fitted with a LaCarra steering wheel, full gray tweed and vinyl bucket seats with safety belts, matching side panels, then a custom interior with full console, pod gauges plus upper interior console, the front white faced gauges are VDO with the speedometer and tachometer with brushed aluminum bezels, the gauges in the center console are matching white faced with the fuel gauge, the water temperature gauge, oil temperature and the ammeter, note that this also has a ceiling custom storage area, the radio is a AM-FM unit, these seats are very comfortable for driving distances,

Also, to complete the nice work, note that the inside chrome door handles and window cranks are new, the outside door pull down handles are stock and nice, the wood bed has been refinished (LINK),

Exterior:  this is just polished for a clean look with great luster, this teal color is just wonderful in the sun, has dual chrome outside mirrors, note that famous special proper chrome Ford F1 trim on both sides of the hood, the chrome pieces are nice, also the front upper chrome in the front of the hood is great, just like factory,

the body and running boards are all steel, from the examination in late Summer 2017, it appears that only the lower inner cab corners have been worked during the restoration, only two interior footwells were replaced, this then is a most solid and appears a fine solid truck was used in order to yield very nice Driven Show 1951 Ford F1, such examination shows that history was most kind to this vehicle, thusly great attention to detail in the build, just professionally wetsanded and buffed (LINK),

All the glass is new, has fresh rubber seals on the windshield and rear window, the side roll up windows have nice felts, side tinted glass, note that this has dual larger Ford twin taillights that are the Red with Blue dots in period 1950s style, look good and excellent for safety,

Summary:  there is lots of work to produce such an all steel most famous 1951 Ford F1 ½ ton pickup restored to top standards for driving  enjoyment,  presented with the final updates and restoration ready out of the Fraser Dante restoration shop late Summer 2017 for Driven Fall Shows‼ will be offered with all these improvements with working air conditioning, offered at way under built costing for such a project with all fresh upgrading now at only $26,950