1997 PORSCHE 911/993 TWIN TURBO 'S'




1997 Porsche 911/993 Twin Turbo ‘S’  believed being one of the very last air cooled Porsche Turbos manufactured before the cut over production to water cooled,  just a gorgeous piece finished in the original and magnificent dark Ocean Blue Metallic with Gray leather interior,  Carbon fiber interior, from the private collection of Leo Hindery, accomplished racer and very successful honest businessman, superb credentials for both condition and investment potential with just 183 models produced,  this is the only one with Andial GT2 Turbos, 6-speed transmission, now presented in ready top show condition,  has complete full records of ownership with 21,540 miles with the original owner history and includes just fastidious maintenance from new,  many invoices as the  attention to detail since new, the final mechanical turbo and intercooler tune completed for Fall 2017 with invoice,  note that starting with the original 1997 Porsche Turbo S,  the Turbo S was distinguished by vented rear fenders, yellow brake calipers, a special rear spoiler, a four-tipped exhaust system and an Aerokit front spoiler with special vent and fog-light placementthe history shows that this car was further set up with the assistance of the factory with Porsche mechanics as Leo Hindery was on their Porsche team and they worked with him to make this a unique piece of history,  first the receipted uprated Andial GT2 993 turbo system, Boost enhancer, upgrades using the factory valve pipe to the turbos, all this coordinated with the Porsche factory with the stock catalytic converters, factory secondary air injection system, ‘Tech Art’ mufflers with the Bi-Turbo Sport exhaust and fuel regulator intercoolers were added in 1998, the parts alone then were $8632 in 1998, now see the actual invoices of the Turbo and upgrades (LINK), then in 2001,  then labor to install and test, then later the Porsche factory had him install from Andial a A.P.E. Stage 2 kit with a Stage 3 software up and then modified the flywheel and clutch assembly to handle the increased power, the estimate from the tech that now this delivers over 540 horsepower to the rear wheels, documents have the invoice included, this 1997 Porsche Turbo ‘S’ is believed to be a most unique and rare production piece (SEE INVOICE LINK), coming from and owned from new by Leo Hindery, Jr., winner of the GT class at Lemans and also a second place podium winner,  thusly just impeccable credentials of this rare air cooled 911 Turbo that include ownership of a serious racing person and major car collector, now due to severe back health problems, this is great Porsche is offered for sale for the first time, lots of ‘for sure’ documentation including the New York State Inspection Report on 6/19/17…really a famous and top automobile for investment,  has both original sets of keys, this is a serious and very  unique investment piece that is set up to both collect and also be able to drive by an experienced hand at the wheel, now just recently set up and tuned for Fall 2017 by a top Porsche Factory authorized detailer and tuner, (LINK), see the write up below that has statement of recent work and the invoice, just incredible history, this delivers the joy of driving along with future monetary growth, 

1997 Porsche 911/993 Carrera Turbo S:  this famous Porsche is considered one of the finest very hand built cars that Porsche ever made,  since this is at the end of last air cooled engines that Porsche built, this model is considered the milestone of the investment car collections,  produced by the factory with the 3.6 litre flat 6 cylinder opposed block and heads, this Air Cooled engine had factory twin turbos with special air intercoolers that produced a very conservation 450 horsepower in stock configuration,  only produced with the strong 6-speed standard transmission,  power went to the ground via 4 wheel drive,  All Original Paint. Accompanied by Original Window Sticker, Porsche Certificate of Authenticity and complete Service Records Since New. 3.6L Air-Cooled flat six, twin-turbochargers with air-to-air intercoolers that produces a conservatively rated 450HP. 6-Speed manual gearbox, All-wheel drive.Built by the Porsche Exclusive department, the Turbo S was distinguished by vented rear fenders, yellow brake calipers, a special rear spoiler, a four-tipped exhaust system and an Aerokit front spoiler with special vent and fog-light placement. Comparisons with the 959 - Porsche's technical tour de forcehand assembled with the Porsche Exclusive Department, only the Turbo S had the special Carbon Fiber body the stood out with the vented rear fenders, yellow uprated brake calipers, a large special rear spoiler, the original four-tipped exhaust system,  the inclusion of extras including carbonfibre decoration in the interior, the car further stood out for appearance and performance with the front Aero kit front spoiler…this looks just fantastic!

Build history and articles:  Leo Hindery, Jr. knew that this would be a famous and very collectable Porsche when he bought it in 1997,  note that he saved and see that the original Autoweek June 23, 1997 full magazine and article, he also saved the original Automobile July 1997 magazine and article, (LINK), this was written by the famous and our good friend, David E. Davis here shown in his famous “sartorial splendor”, see (LINK), David E. stated “It is a paragon, a very, very fast car without vices”, David E. Davis Jr., David is sorely missed as is Brock Yates but Leo’s 1997 Turbo S is still with us,

Engine/upgrade history: The Porsche 911/993 Turbo S belongs to the 993 range of cars from Porsche with this being the last of the air cooled Turbos produced, with its 3.6 litre flat 6 cylinder engine that is a turbocharged, single overhead camshaft, the factory stock cars show that they develop 450 PS of power at 6000 rpm with the maximum torque of 431 ft-lbs at 4500 rpm, this features dry sump-type lubrication, all of these power numbers do not include the new Andial GT2 updates taking said power to 550 horsepower, all of these had a 6 speed manual transmissions that transmits the power to the four wheels, the Porsche 911 Turbo S weighs a claimed 1500 kg that makes it a lightweight for great handling, in the photos just taken on September 2017, this car is almost docile at low speeds until the Turbos kick in, this is normal with performance Porsches as you hear them idling in the pits at Daytona the new photos on www.fraserdante.com show how easily this moves in a tight space when the new shots were done, 

maintenance history:  very seldom does one see this a complete and very large file of all the work that was done on this gorgeous piece, from new note that this is very documented of every care the car could have during the car’s life,  the records confirm that at all times, there are over $58,620 in this file not counting all the recent work, all of this fine Leo kept this investment piece in top show condition along with the great mechanicals,

important note about current condition: this has such an enormous file of careful and loving maintenance of the car, now then before delivering the car to Fraser Dante, Leo sent the car to Paterek Motors, a Porsche Factory authorized shop, this shop is well known to Leo, to make sure the new owner is happy, Leo wrote to Tom Fraser…”I took the car to the Porsche Factory’s authorized detailer to be professional detailed and tuned, this includes tuning the two Turbos and replacing all the rubber gaskets and rubber window liners…the car will be ‘as new’ when finished”…this shows the first class attitude of honest and quality real ‘car people’, finally at the Fraser Dante shop, the final first class high tech was is applied,

note about suspension: when this car is driven, this is so tight that there are no squeaks and rattles when driven slowly, very few Porsches have such ‘as new’ suspension with all new bushings and lubrication, this writer was the driver and the photographer in the final photo shoot, this is a sign of a well-maintained Porsche to the highest degree,

Car owner history: Leo has a proven history of operating with the highest standards both with fabulous cars along with the great success in the financial and communication world, Leo is a most successful businessman and a volunteer leader in the helping our government relate to economics with cooperation from all aspects of the congress, a really great person of the highest quality in dealing with life itself.

Here is a quote from Leo…”As you know, I can no longer comfortably drive my 1997 Porsche Turbo S because of extensive spine surgery from injuries during my racing career, being that I used to race on the Porsche Factory Team and won in Class the 24 Hours of Le Mans for Porsche in 2005, I was able to procure and own a very special car… it is  specifically a 1997 Porsche Turbo S in just gorgeous Ocean Blue Metallic with 21,000 miles on it…this car, which I believe may possibly be the last or very close to the last air-cooled Porsche manufactured before the cut-over to water cooled, this was specially tuned and set up by the Factory with a second turbo because I was driving for them, it has only 21,000 miles on it and kept to perfection…due to my back issue’s, this car has been stored inside since 2005 and seldom used”,  here now for Fall 2017 is first offered a rare and collectable investment 1997 Porsche Turbo S!!!

Leo Hindery racing:  among his many racing events and cars,  note that he competed in the  24 Hours of Le Mans 4 times , he finished 2nd in the GT class with a factory GT3-RS in 2003 and then winning his class in a Porsche 911 GT3-RSRand finishing 10th overall in 2005! He has driven the Rolex 24 Hour at Daytona with Kyle Petty, see the listing of actual races that Leo ran in just his major racing career (LINK), Leo is a really serious ‘car guy’ with great knowledge of both performance and cosmetic condition for top presentation,  see the attached (LINK) photos showing the Leo Hindery Jr. major racing history,  this is his personal car derived from Porsche racing,

Further car and racing credentials:  Leo is Humpy Wheeler’s son-in-law, Humpy is for sure a top and respected car expert in three areas, racing, classic cars and modern street cars, just wrote to Fraser Dante stating…“I have driven this car and may be one of the fastest, it is one of the best handling cars I have ever driven…just a rare and gorgeous piece”, no one in the USA knows more about racing, current and classic cars than Humpy Wheeler, he is the one that drove this to compare to many other performance vehicles.

Leo’s business and professional accomplishments:  Leo Hindery is today the Managing Partner of InterMedia Partners, a New York-based media industry private equity fund, until 2004, he was chairman and chief executive officer of The YES Network, the nation’s largest regional sports network which he founded in 2001 as the television home of the New York Yankees, he headed Tele-Communications, Inc. (TCI) before it was merged into AT&T Corporation in 1999, when he became CEO of AT&T Broadband he is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and from 2003 through December 2007 was Senate-appointed Vice Chair of the HELP Commission formed by an Act of Congress to improve U.S. foreign assistance, a Trustee of The New School University, a director of the Library of Congress Trust Fund, The Paley Center for Media, the Board of Visitors of the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism,  April 2015 he was appointed to the board of Moko Social   Media (NASDAQMOKO),

Summary: here is terrific investment potential of this rare color Ocean Blue Metallic that is confirmed from a just perfect past history, the full tune and setting of all systems has just been completed with small road testing in the photo presentation on www.fraserdante.com, all of this information adds to the authenticity of a rare investment status vehicle of a possibly a one-off condition, such statement is made while stating the extremely fine providence of this famous Vin#WPOAC2994VS75930, note only is this information available and the car full tune and detailed in the Fraser Dante showroom but a serious buyer is welcome to speak to Leon Hindery himself for full disclosure,  a real chance to own history!  Vvery seldom does a car like this exist with such full history and disclosure available, happy to speak with the new owner, a  real piece of history, please call to discuss with Fraser Dante…770-641-8354