1958 TR3A prepared to top mechanical standards, this is very rare with great history being a late 1957 production for a 1958 USA registration, an early TR3A produced for the world market!  In just remarkable condition mechanical condition as it is restored to top British Car Day Show condition, a very nice Driven show cosmetic presentation and very, very top mechanicals just completed, repainted in the original Signal Red, restored new black buckets with white piping trim, working dash gauges, ‘Smith’s’ heater, acquired from previous owner in her family’s possession since 1968, this TR3A looks just like the factory promotional brochures (SEE LINK), this very strong 2.0 litre 4 cylinder engine is rebuilt with less than 400 miles, very excellent compression with a very strong 156 to 160 lb reading just taken, equipped with the proper dual SU H6 carburetors and factory air cleaner, then after sitting for an number of years that Fraser Dante acquired from the second owner, this is now just fully set up with final British senior tech tune, strong clutch assembly, hard to find shop and factory manuals (LINK), also many factory original ads show this presentation as made to the public in 1958 (i.e. THE NEW YORKER), this model features the cut back door build with gorgeous swooping fenders, this remains a true classic car design, very nice chrome, excellent wiring, the 4 speed transmission works great with the optional working overdrive, excellent braking system just checked with first year front discs and all hardware, stock steel wheels with Triumph hubcaps, newer blackwall 165/R15 radial tires, effortless good suspension, see the proper restored ‘banjo’ factory steering with spokes to complete the factory appearance, all the chrome is excellent throughout, front bumper guards, just outstanding underchassis and frame that are set up and detailed for driven show, the mechanicals and cosmetics are fresh, the body and paint are really a top #2 two that shows this was slightly driven with careful few touch ups in the maintaining, final work just completed, here is an extremely rare investment 1958 TR3A verified by the 'numbers' (SEE LINKS) and the promotional material for this very rare car, a full Fraser Dante check of the car ready for Christmas 2018,

Presentation/history:  see great looking Signal Red paint with excellent luster, believed all original body panels, the contrasting new black interior with the white correct piping covering sets off this classic, the high design of the cut down doors makes this stand out and desired all over the world, along with the very great chrome, laminated front windscreen with new black rubber seal, dual front mounted chrome mirrors, full detailing includes work just completed for a planned British Car Day show quality for that driving weekend, a classic TR3A that one can enjoy with the really excellent fresh mechanicals,

Exacting quote from the lady owner from 1968 to 2017…

“We will def keep in touch. I'm so happy you like my old car - she meant the world to me, but it was time to let her go. She was loved by my whole family...I called her "Trixie"....please take good care of her!  Thanks, Carol”

Engine specs: believed to be the original engine rebuilt with less than 400 miles ago, the work completed by knowledgeable professional builders, the complete build has the block vated and honed, pistons, rings, crankshaft turned, bearings, completed head surfaced, valves and springs, work was accomplished to a high degree, history shows that said family owns 3 NAPA parts and repair shops in the Midwest, this car was bought for the daughter in 1968 and then maintained for her until 2017 when bought by Fraser Dante, her statement of history is in the ‘Presentation/History’ notes above to confirm, now just posted is the compression on this engine is just checked and is better than factory with dry cold readings of 156 to 158 lbs just taken, (SEE LINK OF ENGINE NUMBERS AND ACTUAL COMPRESSION),, these are exceptional numbers and confirms the statement of the previous owner and the NAPA family who built the engine, now road tested after receipt of nechanic’s work and the full check of operation systems,
Specs additional:  this is a fresh ‘I4’ in line 1991cc, 121.5 cid size that is rated at the upwards of 100++ horsepower @ 5000 RPM from the factory, most likely with the build today should produce about 110++ horsepower, was stock at 117 Ft-Lbs of torque @ 3000 RPM with a bore of 3.3” and a longer stroke of 3.6”, thusly yielding the strong torque, makes this about 1990 lb car run very strongly with the fresh strong engine, fresh electrical wiring for ease of running, then after sitting for some 22 months, it was taken out of use by the last owner, thusly it is just recently tuned with the expertise of a top senior British tech, includes a new rebuild of the SU H6 dual carbs and choke cable assembly, has the stock air cleaners, mesh filters, chrome valve cover, then the solid lifter valves recently set at .009 (SEE PHOTO OF WORK), then nicely detailed engine just completed, new Lucas distributor, AC Delco R43FS green stamped spark plugs, also a Champion L87Y or L7 can be used, the spark plug wires just checked, with the rare overdrive, fresh 93o gas with additives added, then the road testing just completed,

racing oil/filter: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is used along with new filter for engine protection (LINK), note this step up is for the top racing quality oil that can only be used in engines without a catalytic converter, very few dealers go to this extent of such prep of car protection, none of the warehouse operations have such expertise and attention to detail,

transmission/rear end: note that the 4-speed transmission with overdrive works just great with the new clutch, has the TR rubber with chrome insert wood shift handle, all gears work well as this is easy to shift with the transmission mounted right below said handle, reverse works well too, according to the initial builders, said transmission was fully checked by their shop,

This chassis/car: from the production records, this particular car was produced in the very late 1957 production and came to the USA as a 1958 TR3A, one can tell that chassis/commission # of TS25523L was an early 1958 and titled as same as conformed by the last owner, the last family bought this before 1968 from the believed first owner, the Dad gave this to his then 16 year old daughter, that multi store NAPA parts and garage set up was the family owner who drove the car, then they did a full complete restoration, then parked the car due to their age in July 2015, then Fraser Dante bought the car and made it ‘come to life again’ to very top mechanical standards,

Build history: The Triumph Motor Company launched the TR3 in September of 1955 as a successor to the TR2, the car utilized front independent suspension and a live rear axle, initially the TR3 had drum brakes on all four wheels, within the first year, however, Triumph switched to front disc brakes becoming the first production British car to do so, externally the car had low-cut doors and minimal weather protection which underscored its purposeful sporting nature, then the TR3A was produced from 1957 to 1962, the ‘A’ had a minor update from the TR3, produced for the worldwide market,  the updates included the new wide front grill, exterior door handles, lockable boot handle, also the windscreen was attached with bolts rather than the Dzus connectors used on the early "A" models, the low cut doors make the design very exceptional, see the attached file that goes with car for the SPECS,

One can check said history of this famous British sports car, the total production run of the TR3A for the worldwide market was 58,236, this makes it the third best-selling TR after the TR6/TR7 run, the TR3A was so successful that the original panel molds eventually wore out and had to be replaced, then in 1959 a slightly modified version came out that had raised stampings under the bonnet and boot hinges and under the door handles, as well as a redesigned rear floor section,

Suspension: here is the true classic English Sports car with the front being independent suspension with unequal length double wishbones, coil springs and telescopic dampers the rear has a live axle, half-elliptic springs, lever arm dampers, this suspension is very firm with no squeaks in testing driving, the last owner spent considerable effort in the driving and handling aspect, the Fraser Dante staff has this on our lift and checked said aspects, photos document current condition in late 2017 (SEE LINK), all of which is to be enjoyed today,

the steering wheel and box are very good, tracks great, when you move the wheel when the car is sitting, said movement will immediately move the front wheels, very good for such an English 1958 TR3a, to improve the driving, a top British mechanic has just checked and driven the car setting the hubs with fresh packing, lots more work that is NOT done in an auction car or warehouse operation, ready to enjoy,

wheels and tires: the wheels are stock restored steel wheels that painted in the correct silver argent color, has the expensive proper and correct very nice chrome hubcaps with the Triumph center caps, the tires are blackwalls chosen for both looks and better safe performance, they are Nova Metric 165/R15 86S radials with the ‘new’ tire stubs attached, the dated codes are 18th week of 2008 with virtually no miles and no cracking, they look new, the car tracks just amazing,

brakes: the front disc brakes are just checked, the rear drums are fresh, these two items add a lot to the great visual presentation of this driven show car, the Triumph TR3A was the first production TR to include standard front disc brakes, a great improvement, the brake fluid is clear as a bell and is topped off perfectly, photos of the current condition of the fresh brakes today are shown (LINK), 

rear end: here this standard rear end has just had the rear end dope checked, to the top, road testing shows it works well,

Top: has a brand new black factory style vinyl softtop with proper plastic windows is part of the package, also the lightweight black top supports are as new, the top was just first installed for the photo session presenting for Summer 2017,

Summary: For this particular TR3A, Fraser Dante for Summer 2017 did a lot of the final finish work, the contrasting fresh black as factory bucket seated interior that has the white piping presents great as shown with the Signal Red exterior, just like the factory ad, see the dual chrome fender mirrors, the chrome luggage rack, the front overriders that add to the total classic look, the restored and all working gauges including the tachometer, really great engine specs with the fresh strong engine build with full tune and road testing, note that the very nice working gauges look great, great driven show presentation, ready for Summer 2018, a rare early British sports car with low production numbers and history to confirm, a blast to drive in the mountains for that British car day shows, now offered with all work just completed at only $38,950

History of the Body design:  the lines of this famous English sports car with its aggressive fenders and low side doors are a classic for all ages, these TR3 and TR3A bodies were built by Birmingham's Mulliners Ltd. and were delivered to the Triumph factory in Canley, Coventry already painted and trimmed with many fittings in place, this body design is prized for its sensible wide hood opening with special handle locks that allowed easy engine access, has four bolt-on fenders for simple repairs, body-on-frame design features tubular body-mounting lower chassis outriggers, in this particular car that are in fine shape today, very solid and painted black, estimated that less than 9,500 of the original 58,000 built survive in the world today, still so very popular as driven show cars,

Today this 1958 TR3A has a very nice body are so very nice and straight with history of being purchased in 1968 by the last lady owner, driven and enjoyed, then the family who were in the multi-operation NAPA sales and auto repair business then did her restoration work, ready for driven show or just enjoyment for the weekend, the door fit is very good but simply not perfect on this 59-year-old British sports car, said cut down doors are very lightweight are securely attached to the striker plates, all panels on the car are believed from factory to the best of this writer’s knowledge, the paint is very nice with a few touches up spots that we received by Fraser Dante, then our team did a bit of prep work in order to bring in the professional touch up and blending guy bringing up to a higher standard, it looks very nice for top driven show on a very rare car,

interior: note the nicely finished dash and the gauges that all work, the speedometer and tachometer are proper working Jaeger units with the ‘made in England’ stampings on the lower area, on the four middle dash gauges, two are Jaeger and one is a newer black faced VDO unit and the ammeter is a Lucas unit, all new and very hard to find so nice, see the correct factory Banjo steering wheel, brand new black proper vinyl softtop that has the frame but really not used, black nice carpet, the door side compartments are nice, this also has the very rare and working ‘Smith’s’ optional heater that has two speeds operational,

the cleverly designed stock spare tire storage compartment design that doesn't affect trunk space as said wheel and tire are placed and mounted under the trunk boot itself, a full separate compartment with its own trap door with locks, the chassis frame rails are in excellent condition, just recently checked then painted with black protective paint, the floorboards themselves also look excellent and are painted black and cleared, the TR3A was known for its superior braking ability, making it an autocross favorite both then and now, also the TR3A is often seen in Vintage and Production racing today and despite being almost 50 years old, it is still competitive in the E-Production class of SCCA, note that stock and upgraded parts are very accessible from Moss Motors and other vendors,