1967 Mustang hardtop with the hard to find pretty CandyApple Red one repaint with the original Red bucket seated interior, door tag and fender tag to confirm build, long factory stainless and red console, fresh 289/2v engine, even compression, GT chrome show dress up kit, rebuilt SelectShift C-4 automatic, all dated ‘numbers’ shown, a great two Atlanta owner history with the ‘21’ DSO on the door tag and the fender Data tag showing CandyApple Red (SEE LINK), a one repaint of a very solid as factory brochure car, now prepared with careful attention to mechanicals and full brakes just completed, has the factory Owner’s Manual, (LINK), the Invoice (LINK), Maintenance and Specs (LINK), also, the factory posters (LINK) come with the package for investment and shows, has original Postcard from 1967 (LINK), strong suspension just checked with new shocks, very good front factory disc brakes with new pads and rear drums just checked, now fitted with the original restored black factory wheels, then the fluted factory hubcaps or one could upgrade to the styled steel wheel package, great appearance with the lower stainless rocker moldings, just excellent solid underchassis, this car looks just like the Ford factory promotional posters, the second owner from whom the car came would confirm the history, thusly this is a ‘for sure’ knowledge on the condition and current fresh status on this rare Mustang, now ready for Summer 2017,

Body and paint:  appears so very solid a body in all original panels with only one repaint, no signs of any body replacement parts or any accident, all panels show a solid #2 driven local show quality, not perfect but very nice, the Ford factory numbers are stamped in the trunk inner drip rails, there were some minor imperfections when received by Fraser Dante, this is now just buffed by the top professional ‘finisher’ with his high speed wheels and high tech materials at Fraser Dante (SEE LINK), a very exacting process, then the other professional ‘touch up’ man went through the final presentation to prepare to very nice standards, this looks just great for driven show or going to dinner!

Engine: a strong point is the very smooth engine, has the factory air conditioning unit mounted properly in the engine bay, now fitted with the new GT chrome valve covers and air cleaner, the original proper full factory air cleaner system with painted metal pieces come with the package, here is a correct 289cid engine that runs just perfectly, with the fresh rebuilt heads seen with the valve cover off, the clean heads are ‘289-65’, it appears that a rebuilt C5AE-6015-E block is used, then a factory intake is dated C8OE-9425-A, the 2v proper carberator is a rebuilt 2100 unit with dating of C7DF R (SEE LINK OF ALL THE NUMBERS TO CONFIRM), now this has fresh tune with all the 7mm spark plug wires, new plugs, points and condenser with timing set, this hydraulic lifter engine is rated at 200 horsepower and very strong torque, compression is just taken with a dry cold reading of 120 to 130 lbs (LINK), this will even get better as some driving is done since this seldom used at this juncture, the new tune up parts and high tech zinc added oil will also help in these readings, easy to maintain engine, the exhaust system is factory stock all the way from the exhaust manifolds to the proper ‘C’ Code single exhaust system as Ford put on this car from the factory, nice and smooth sound,

racing oil/filter: Special Valvoline high performance VR1 20-50 high zinc oil is added to protect the running condition of the engine, this expensive oil along with new filter is for engine protection (LINK), note this step is for the top racing quality oil that can only be used for engines without a catalytic converter, very few dealers go to this extent in the prep of car protection, none of the warehouse sale operations have such expertise and attention to detail,

Radiator: since this car was seldom used, the factory radiator was just checked, seemed just fine with the core looking very good, had lots of green coolant when received, this also had the proper radiator fan shroud for the air conditioned cars, we have now flushed the radiator and installed all fresh coolants, then new correct hoses and clamps, all this to insure great cooling, the road testing completed,

Transmission:  a high point on this car is this as factory 3-speed SelectShift C-4 automatic transmission that is just recently rebuilt with the receipt, then the Fraser Dante restoration shop pulled the pan to check said condition and installed a new pan gasket, then road tested, 

Suspension:  car rides very well, brand new Monroe heavy duty shocks are just installed (LINK), has strong coil springs with new spring top purchases installed, excellent read leaf springs, suspension fittings are greased, 

Interior/trunk: hard to find such a really nice red factory bucket seated interior, the red bucket seats are in fine condition, the rear seats virtually as new, has the factory full console with stainless trim, four Ford red safety belts, a red carpet well cleaned and with only slight use, brand new red floor mats just installed to protect, the upscale Ford side red horizontal ribbed door panels, handles and door pull are nice, the red headliner is in exceptional condition, looks great, Fraser Dante just installed a new dome light as the original factory lens was cracked,

the trunk is just cleaned and restored for show, original factory stampings in the inner drip rails, then the floor just stripped and painted in the proper splatter for show, then the correct 1967 driver’s side trunk inner show board inserted, this then has the 1967 trunk show mat cover, the spare tire with hold-down the factory jack has the new show matching cover,  

wheels and tires:  as from the factory and received by Fraser Dante, this has the original steel wheels that are now stripped and just restored (LINK), correctly painted in factory black with the pretty fluted hubcaps just like the factory brochure (LINK), new Kelly Explorer Plus P195/75R/14 blackwall radials are mounted, these hubcaps are just like the factory promotional material, or for an additional costing, brand new 14x6 1965 show styled chrome steel wheels with red center caps and lug nuts can be mounted, these are the Mustang wheels that everyone desires for an uprated look, these tires are All Season Custom white wall radials in the P195/75R/14 size,

Styling importance: in the 2006 period onward, collectors really like the 1967 and 1968 Mustangs since the new models are based on this design and are in great demand, here is a car with original body panels and the original floors and underchassis, these a popular especially when they are stock and have great credentials, the factory correct shifter, linkage and shift handle are done correctly, black correct dash face with stainless trim, all the bezels are original and nice, has the expensive and difficult to get stock factory red padded ’67 steering wheel if one ordered the optional console and air conditioning, the lights were mounted on the console,

Lighting:  the 1967 have the rear quad taillights that are high design as seen on the Shelby’s, these have the chrome stainless trim, all of this system works properly with the brake lights and turn signals checked as they are fine, also this has new halogen beam headlights for night conditions should you get caught out going to a dinner at a cool restaurant,

Summary: 1967 Mustang comes with impeccable history from Atlanta, hard to find so solid a car with the original CandyApple Red color with only one repaint, nice red bucket seated console interior, freshly tuned on the 289cid/2v engine with the SelectShift automatic, all new fluids, the air conditioning is checked, all body and floor panels as factory, just striking with the lower stainless rockers, well offered for a classic with great history, many factory brochures, the professional recent work completed for Summer 2017, offered at only $17,950

History of the ‘new’ 1967 Mustang:  note that the 1967 model year Mustang was the first redesign of the original ’64 ½ to the ’66 models, highly accepted by America as Ford's designers drew a larger version with Lee Iacocca overseeing the redesign for 1967, now the overall size, interior and cargo space were increased for a very striking aggressive high design appearance, this also allowed a change in the mechanical feature was to allow the installation of a big block V8 engine, this shape was important in the iconic styling and the space for said engines of the big b block ’67/68 Shelby’s, this one having the proper 289cid, 2v version, easy to run and maintain, the exterior trim changes included famous quad concave taillights, side scoops, square rear-view mirrors along with the wheel and gas cap changes, the air-conditioning option was fully integrated with vents into the dash for the first time, the exterior is the real start of the aggressive appearance of this modern Mustang classiC