1975 Triumph TR6 that is a frame off build, very top excellent mechanicals prepared for the collector who demands a great Driven Show car quality, finished in extremely nice British White freshly presented, luggage rack, new black full interior, front spoiler, the engine built to even better than factory specifications, very strong compression, extensive build notes, dual 175 Stromberg’s, Pertronix ignition, brand new clutch system just installed, all numbers listed in this report, the car works very well with the proper just rebuilt documented 4-speed, this drives superbly with very strong and smooth power from the overbuilt superior engine and dual carbs just set by top English technician, ceramic headers to the stainless steel exhaust system, five stock restored 15” wheels with lug nuts and trim rings, blackwalls, strong heavy duty suspension, the gauges work in the extremely nice wood dash, new black reflector soft-top, just outstanding frame that is restored to top standards and then powder coated, all electricals work with sealed beam headlights, comes with a large file of receipts along with many photos that show build, lots of notes of initial work are part of the file (LINK), final build and road test just completed with Fraser Dante prep just completed for Summer 2017,

History: here is a car that has had great attention with a frame off build here in the South, the initial restoration work was completed by a top medical professional who loved cars all his life and used this car and the engine as his release from work, he channeled his bright mind into the efforts of which he was proud, this frame was stripped down, he welded said frame to stronger than factory build at joining areas, sand blasted then primed frame to protect and finally powder coated (SEE PHOTOS) when received at Fraser Dante, the interior was taken out, then the floors have fresh new red oxide applied for protection, then the white body color is used for factory show purposes (SEE LINK), shows the profession care of the body, same process was used for the trunk (LINK),

the car exterior was completely stripped, finished with primer, sanded and prepared for paint (LINK), after painting white, then he drove a bit, life being so busy he did not use, then it was purchased and updated to even a better standards in the Fraser Dante shop with final buffing just completed,

Engine: this TR6 has really great performance better than new, with car dry weight of 2438 lbs and the very strong 2.5 litre 6 cylinder engine has been fully upgrading and built, from the machine shop up, now producing about 140+ horsepower with strong torque, the full notes of said build are given in the very extensive LINK to show lots of exacting specifics, this had the machine shop work upwards, new pistons, block bored, all the parts that are shown, the owner then ‘went to school’ and looked at the work that Bob Tullius and Group 44 did in their race cars for power and reliability, this has more horsepower with said upgrading build and has compression in the 155 to 162 lbs in a dry cold reading (LINK) just taken, has the new full ceramic coated header system that connects to the desirable stainless dual exhaust and muffler system that is added for power and show looks,

The ‘X53’ head is completely reworked with new valves and seats, had the uprated stronger ARP head stud kit used in the build (LINK), proper dual Stromberg 175-CD-2 side draft carberators are rebuilt, Stanpart Aluminum intake manifold #V3389, this now can use the modern 93o octane gas and work very very well in today’s ‘real world’, has the uprated desirable Pertronix electronic ignition system, has really very strong torque,

Radiator: since this car was seldom used after the initial build, the factory radiator was just taken out, next step has this sent to our top sub who completely checked the unit, then the decision was made that we have now installed a brand new expensive radiator to insure great cooling (SEE LINK), new correct hoses and clamps, 

Clutch system: now since this car had been used so little after the first build, kept as a collector car, now for Summer 2017 a brand new clutch system with turned flywheel and pressure plate are just installed, (LINK), to accomplish this, the entire interior was pulled, showing red-oxide solid floors, photos show the work at Fraser Dante (LINK),

Transmission: also, since the transmission was out of the car and efforts to complete a top quality build, sent to our transmission shop who installed new bearings and seals for top quality (SEE LINK), photos show the pilot bearing that has just been soured, all this work now this gives a rebuilt transmission, no questions open, see transmission numbers (LINK), new 10/30 Valvoline and oil filter just changed, (LINK) this car is just road tested as a very ‘spirited’ driver,

Suspension: A VERY HIGH POINT OF THIS CAR!  a concerted effort was accomplished for better handling than factory , when then frame was completely done, this has the heavy duty racing lowered coil springs, heavy duty front sway bar, all new bushings with ‘grade 8’ bolts all around, very strong shocks, many photos show the build and the install (LINK), simply said, the full suspension is completely rebuilt to better than factory standards,  see the many photos to document same (SEE LINKS), the whole suspension was taken off the car, either bead blasted and cleared with clearcoat, then items like the coil springs have just been upgraded to the new heavy duty units that are better than than factory original with the better tensile strength and are 1” lower in height, this will yield a constant ride height and better handling, all of this work in completed in the Fraser Dante shop, then the alignment is completed by our top sub with specs supplied, front disc brakes and rear drums just checked (LINK),

Tires/Wheels:  this TR6 has the factory original restored steel slotted wheels that are presented in fine shape, qll o fthe4se five wheels were sent out to a restorer for authenticciyt, these wheels have radial blackwalls that are excellent for handling,  the trunk still has the correct spare with a redline radial tire,

Interior/trunk: rare and terrific black original interior, the driver’s and passenger seats are just re-padded, they look great, good dash wood fascia as factory, has the very good and original working gauges, Sony AM/FM/CD Radio with Manual, (LINK), has the black original interior side panels are as factory, new top door pulls were added, a new trunk carpet, wonderful black softtop, has the factory correct new black carpet, has the top rear cover, this great TR6 has the extensive history and lots of attention to restoration,

Summary: one can find less expensive TR6s but they are nowhere near the quality of a Fraser Dante TR6, here is just an exceptional car with great restoration, a really top quality TR6 that will fill the demands of the collector who wants a pretty, rust free sports car convertible along with top mechanicals of this Triumph TR6, it is very hard to find a restoration just finished with such a fabulous frame and chassis along with full suspension, the inside includes all working gauges, this 1975 Triumph TR6 is a frame off restored White over Black with an outstanding very strong engine and heavy duty suspension, this is completed for Driven Show with full tune and fresh fluids yielding top mechanicals and final detailing just finished for Summer 2017, very well offered at only $24,950