1973 Jeep Commando that is a ‘cult’ vehicle with great status, a 2-door sport-utility moving from 2 to 4-wheel drive, here is an terrific stock body in just excellent standards both mechanically and cosmetically, top driven show condition, has that ‘Country Club’ golfing appeal, presented in great looking Daisy Yellow (513 yellow) with white hard top and luggage rack, cool period decals, complete new tune and full mechanical check, full new braking system, this very nice 1973 Jeep Commando "Bull Nose" is the last year for the Commando, has the dated strong torque AMC 304cid hydraulic lifter V8 engine, excellent even compression, a Turbo 400 3 speed automatic transmission, features the Dana 2 transfer case, strong Dana 44 rear, Dana 30 front (3:73.1 gear), stock factory wheels widened, power steering, power drum brakes, new radiator and new gas tank, only one body repaint in the original factory yellow now in just great Driven Show condition today, the roll bar was added when the white top was repainted 2015, all original black interior including seats, floor covering and the headliner in great shape, this has the proper lift top and bottom top and lower gate that is the spare tire area, full all new braking system just built, see the below specifics, all fresh fluids, photos shows this cool Jeep that is in front of Tom and Tevie’s home as this was proudly enjoyed for the Easter Season, it drives so smoothly, lighting is checked, the bezels are as factory, please read this long write up for the history, ‘numbers’ and current condition!

History: a ‘for sure’ history that shows this was purchased new in Cleveland, Georgia at Stamey’s Jeep for the owner, a lady who was the aunt of the young man (now in his ‘40s) that sold it to Fraser Dante, she ordered it with automatic transmission, power steering and power brakes but no Air Conditioning as it lived in North Georgia, the owner ran a small motel in Helen, Georgia’s tourist village, she used the Jeep to go out and pick up her housekeeping staff, it was also used by her brother when there was snow for him to commute back and forth the very short distance from Cleveland to neighboring hamlet of Helen where he had a shop and to check on her, Jeep has the original 41,500 miles due to such low usage, all interior is original with virtually new factory seat covers (only a very small tear in the right side), the headliner, nice dash pad, floor coverings and inside paint are as factory, the exterior was sprayed once in the mid-late 80’s, the body was sanded and buffed at that time as well and the lines being very straight, then the white top was repainted in 2015 as it was showing its age and the interior roll bar was added, then the paint was further buffed at Fraser Dante for Summer 2017, the lady owner (aunt) lived on the river in Helen, her nephew got this from her when he was 25 back in 1998, he continued the full maintenance and bringing up the condition, the original springs were re-arched in order to get the lift and current stance, at the same time he did new brake lines, new brake shoes and the wheel cylinders were installed for his personal show use, always general full maintenance was performed over the years to insure its’ fine working order, has new lightweight trailer hitch installed for an off road motorcycle, everything underneath is cleaned with no dirt, this truly an exceptional solid frame and underchassis,

Now for Summer 2017, noted work just completed recently include: new gas tank, new radiator, fresh coolant added to said system for Summer 2017, had a new water pump and timing chain cover, rear main seal on engine was replaced and all weather stripping for doors and rear hatch are done, all the lighting system works well from headlines to the brake lights just checked, all new brakes are just completed by experts at Fraser Dante,

wheels/tires:  the stock wheels were broken down and widened 1 ½” to give the stock look but a more modern stance and a great look, they are painted white, the upsized tires are only 4 years old with less than 3,000 miles, they are B.F.Goodrich Rugged Terrain in the 31x10.5xR15 size, from the way that are mounted and balanced, they have are so very smooth in driving the normal 60 mph, these are perfect for the high gear 2 wheel driving for that mountain or country club cruise, then one can put in low 2 wheel and even low 4 wheel gear selector that works well for more rugged terrain, the original hubcaps come as part of this package,

4 wheel drive: this has the 4x4 part-time drive, the rear 4x2 drive is permanent, the automatic shifter has the high 2 wheel at the top, the low 2 wheel with the shifter is down and the low 4 wheel drive is with the shifter up, as this was one of the early
four wheel drive SUVs, one can use the front locking hubs that are engaged manually for off-road extremely holding conditions, these stock 1 ½” wider wheels work great and look good,

Heavy duty drivetrain: These vehicles were very strong with the Jeep background that ongoing exists today, this Commando features the heavy duty factory Dana 2 transfer case, the strong Dana 44 rear along with the Dana 30 front (3:73.1 gear), these gears have just been lubed and checked for Summer 2017, see the (LINK ) for all the ‘numbers’ showing the dates and codes for these parts,

Chassis/suspension:  presented here is the original and unmolested frame and underchassis, this even better ‘in person’ than the photos show, extremely solid that includes the floor and underchassis, all very original with imperfections in the original paint touched up, then recently cleaned and sprayed with both WD40 and black paint in different areas to protect for Summer 2017, just like a slightly carefully used very cool vehicle, the oil pan is now just painted to protect but this is only for cosmetics, very hard to find so solid and well protected since new, photos show this fine condition today in the (LINK), all ownership for sure in North Georgia its whole life,

Lines/brakes:  this has good transmission lines and fittings that were just checked, the brake hoses are now recent and just replaced, this history and knowledge is a result of first the nephew who owned since 1998 as he drove this to shows, then fully checked again at the Fraser Dante shop for Summer 2017, these brakes were fully checked and rebuilt AGAIN at this time even though they were fine after Tom Fraser drove this from North Georgia to his home and then to Fraser Dante, great fun,

brake specifics: NOW all 3 rubber brake hoses although good were replaced, THEN the trained classic brake staff at Fraser Dante just put on full new brakes for safe driving!  Just installed with new front and rear 11" x 2" heavy duty bonded brake shoes, new front and rear brake wheel cylinders…the fronts 1 1/4", rears 15/16" with receipts in file, all the brake hardware is detailed, full brake system flushed, new master cylinder and then bled with Dot 3 brake fluid, thusly, all new braking system just built, this has taken many expert hours by the restoration staff at Fraser Dante!  see the photos that document this expert work (LINK), also many receipts follow this cool Jeep Commando,

hardtop:  here is the just painted is the white correct hardtop that is secured by easy bolts if one wants the ‘open’ air feeling, the last nephew owner had this top off for 2 years when he put in the roll bar and went out on only nice days, it has the luggage rack, the lift gate in the rear that opens both from the top and bottom with top support and the lower area for the spare insert behind the rear seat, works great,

engine/transmission: at the end of this production for 1972-1973, here for the first time in a Jeep Commando, there was a V-8 that was an option, built for low end torque and reliability, this was the AMC 304cid, hydraulic lifter, 150-horsepower job (all 1972-1973 horsepower ratings were net) with strong torque, when this low mileage Jeep Commando engine was checked over at Fraser Dante, this has the proper ‘H’ stamping on the block for the 1970 to 1979 built (SEE LINK ON THE NUMBERS), the compression was just checked in a dry/cold reading that is outstanding at 140 to 150 lbs across (SEE LINK), being this high and within the 10 lbs is great, we have all the 2v-2100 carberator rebuilt, has the valves checked, all new valve cover gaskets, an upgrade from the factory is the dual aluminized exhaust and muffler system installed, the rear exhaust exits under the quarters,

the recent tune included fresh spark plugs, the timing set, a full oil and filter change with the high tech Valvoline oil, the redone radiator has fresh coolant installed, 

paint and body: the wonderful very solid condition along with the past maintenance and great underchassis makes this a very exceptional Jeep Commando, this was painted but once in its life, very straight sides, very nice luster, good enough for Tom and Tevie Fraser take home for enjoyment and display, it does have a few minor exterior touch ups that Fraser Dante is addressing, these are really minor areas that happened in the show driving, also this new work includes the engine bay and the rear hatch open spare tire area…these were never touched with paint before, they have/has a bit of some light surface rust showing (as from new) and now to our restoration gal is making more better, she mixes the yellow paint and it doing said touch ups, the under hood and the trunk area were untouched until the work at Fraser Dante,

the front radiator/headlight grill bezel is original factory correct argent gray paint with the ‘Jeep’ center logo as from new,
this piece is not available any more, rare, Fraser has made this piece very, very nice but since this is an only one repaint the whole life, it like a time warp and really a rare fun and investment piece,  

Jeep Commando history:  when AMC bought ‘Jeep’, the Jeepster Commando C101 with its 101" wheelbase steadily grew in popularity, then in 1972, AMC had the vehicle's name called ‘Commando C104’, the "Jeepster" name was dropped as the vehicles were called simply "Jeep Commando",  with new styling in 1972, Jim Anger's restyled front end was introduced that was a clever facelift giving the Commando a longer, bluffer front end housing incorporating the headlights, they extended the wheelbase to 104" with this front-end design to accept the AMC I6's and the 304cid V8…the output of the restyled Commandos increased 35 percent in sales, in the final 1973 year, there were few changes, the axle joints were strengthened, the new configuration was offered with the 304cid V8, making this 1973 Jeep Commando the last of the production in 1973…now very collectable,

Summary: the new full brake work at Fraser Dante just completed, the full tune and testing makes this an exceptional 4x2/4x4 to drive, note that the last family (the nephew) installed the roll bar and he drove it for 2 year with the white top off, never in any weather, great history is presented with dated engine and axels, said full new brake build, fresh fluids and oil change with Fraser Dante having just put this through our professional shop, here is a very solid, low miles and rare 1973 Jeep Commando with lots of history, really a wonderful frame that is like new, great ‘eyes’, lots of fun and ready for Summer 2017, now well offered with all of this history at only $25,950