2004 Mustang Cobra Mystichrome Special Vehicle Team (SVT) package Convertible with the famous 4.6 liter Supercharged engine factory rated 390 horsepower now with additional engine upgrades with new exhaust system to yield awesome reliable 500+ horsepower, show quality engine and inner suspension detailing, the additional high design Speedster Roadster rear cover with the roll bar really helps to have this present in just awesome condition!  A rare performance Mustang Cobra with a two owner, 24,500 miles with full history upgraded for top driven show!!  This has additional bolt on performance additions, 6-speed transmission, painted by the Ford with the expensive and dynamic color-shifting Mystichrome paint that changes from green to blue to purple to black, please note that the photos do not capture really how gorgeous and amazing this paint really is in the sun or the showroom,  the colors are really exciting, only 1/495 convertibles produced, the Mystichrome Appearance Package was order code ‘68M’ as it was officially called by Ford, this 2004 model was introduced at the 2003 New York Auto Show, this is a two owner Atlanta Mustang from new that has the ORIGINAL WINDOW STICKER (LINK) and the ORIGINAL BILL OF SALE (LINK), installed is the expensive Lojak system for safety, with the initial selling price of $45,806 plus about $10,000 in great upgrades of now some $55,806 in total costing with items like the air intake, air sensor, new performance pulleys, the new performance exhaust for a great ‘sound’ and power, an uprated adjustable suspension, has gorgeous valuable 18” polished alloy Saleen wheels, high performance tires, a roll bar is installed, this is a real value for this low mileage of only 24,500 amazing powerful driving show quality collector piece,

Special paint:  the original formula changed from black to purple to green to brown with this original the Mystichrome that features an advanced formula of the color-shifting paint, it was first offered in 1996 on the SVT Mustang Cobra, the package also features the industry’s first production application of factory custom color-shifting bucket seated leather interior trim……it looks fantastic!  For Spring 2018, this is in really just wonderful condition and just highly detailed for a dynamic presentation, a real performance work of art,

Engine:  starting with a two owner 24,300 low miles with this famous supercharged V8 had a stock reading from the factory with a displacement 4.6 Liters or 281cid, a strong new torque @ 390 ft lbs @ 3500 rpm,  SAE Net 390 Horsepower 6000 rpm,  has the fuel system of a Supercharged SMPI,  the SVT development crew led by John Coletti made numerous improvements to the powertrain and driveline to handle the power increase, a cast-iron block is used with stronger internals including forged Zolner pistons and Manley H-beam connecting rods that were modified with a wrist pin oiling hole by the SVT engineers, these upgrades were critical in order to support the 8 psi of boost delivered from the stock Eaton M-112 roots-type supercharger,

Note the highly detailed engine bay that shows the quality and attention to this powerplant, since this fine engine is now upgraded by the high performance tuner ‘Injected Engineering’ in North Atlanta, this is now set up for top street performance using only external engine upgrades for more power as to maintain the stock and very strong lower end and factory Hemi heads, today this engine has performance uprated alloy smaller pulleys, new serpentine belt,  Acufab throttle body, Mass air meter SCT Model BA 2400, Big cold air induction kit, also with the great Bazini exhaust system on the car adds more power and a great sound, new throttle body,  brand new serpentine belt, now produces about 525 horsepower to the rear wheels,

Suspension:  Maxim Motorsports added a full performance street suspension kit to the car, the adjustable suspension has the expensive heavy duty Bilstein coil overs for performance and handling, they make it easy to change load on each corner and the ride height, today this sits about 1 ¼” lower than stock for great looks and ‘turn in’, has the inner strut bar support, new performance control arms,  ‘K’ member support,  special alignment completed for very excellent handling,

Wheels: see the very valuable and great looking 18” Saleen Chrome wheels that are highly polished, these wheels themselves are worth about $1800 today, really fit with this rare paint color package,  performance ‘Nitro’ tires that look just perfect on the car, 

Interior:  here again is a special area for these cars, Ford and SVT worked with Garden State Tanning to produce the specially produced Mystichrome leather found on the car's seat inserts and the steering wheel at the 10, 2, and 6 o'clock positions, the production process for the Mystichrome leather included tanning and dying the leather jet black, spraying the Mystichrome paint directly onto the leather and sealing it with a clear layer to protect and prevent damage to the Mystichrome-painted leather, they outside bolsters are different from the inserts, this rare is now in perfect condition,

Summary:  offered for Spring 2018 is a fantastic appearance of a performance Mustang Cobra convertible with rare wonderful paint with awesome power, terrific ‘sounds’ from the engine, great handling and appearance, a wonderful investment piece, offered at only $32,950