3000 MK III BJ8



1964 Austin Healey 3000 MKIII Series BJ8 that is in impeccable condition, low miles and with an exemplary underchassis that is highly documented in the following Fraser Dante description, a gorgeous automotive design presented in just remarkable fresh presentation, as an original Ivory (Old English) White car, the new paint is uprated to a more modern base clear in said proper ‘Old English White’ color with really great luster that contrasts to the full Red bucket seated interior, looks sensational with the luggage rack and the 60 spoke chrome wires, dual fender mounted mirrors, the front bumper ‘badge bar’ has working driving lights, all the Smith’s gauges just checked, this very original Healey history shows only FIVE owners only from California to North Carolina before coming to Atlanta, great care and top maintenance throughout its life, has the all numbers listed with LINKS on www.fraserdante.com that show the original matching number engine (LINK) that couples to the British Heritage Trust document (SEE LINK), this famous and strong inline 6 cylinder 2.9 liter engine had this year a change from the previous MKII power plant with the power that was increased to strong 148 horsepower with the larger 2” SU carberators, now great very even strong compression just checked, full tune, uprated ignition features electronic module, also has a low gear reduction starter added helping turn the engine over better, also the charging is much so improved with the uprated 12 volt alternator system now installed, this gives better charging so the car can be used reliability, beautiful Falcon stainless exhaust system, the engine bay just highly show detailed at the Fraser Dante shop, even has two fuel pumps, a desirable aluminum radiator for better cooling then detailed as factory, really excellent suspension, great uprated Koni shock system, fresh new coil springs, front sway bar, the best handling Healey that we have ever had, the underchassis has over 125 hours in recent prep with a highly trained staff, now just primed to metal and then detailed with off white solid frame, then painted, new fuel and brake lines just installed on the frame, has Triplex glass around, this Healey presents just great for a British Car Day show, one must read this whole very exacting report to see how terrific and documented the car and the restoration work is completed,

1964-1967 Austin Healey 3000 MK III: the final run of the famous Austin Healey 3000 series had grown the car to accommodate the desired 2+2 seating and loaded it with amenities especially for the booming North American market, initially designed as a sports car with a very successful rallying and racing history now the Austin-Healey 3000 had by the mid-1960s evolved into the fully civilized 3000 Mk III configuration, now built and fitted with roll-up side windows and an easily operable soft top that stayed on the car, the 2+2 tourer was quite enjoyable and great for daily driving or the weekend excursion, the 4-speed transmission with overdrive for the low rpm operation is also equipped with disc brakes in the front for safety and cruising here is very documented history of this said Mark IIIs while noting that these big Healey's are sought after by both enthusiast and investors alike all over the world,

this particular car is very unique with a top quality presentation with terrific mechanicals and testing of running systems and gauges, this really drives amazingly in recent testing, note that this proper black top has the uprated side water flaps that help if one is in a sudden rain and stop wind noise with the top up, has the black full rear top cover,

The 4-speed transmission shifts great and has working overdrive, the upgraded stainless steel exhaust system will keep the underchassis always looking nice and will not rust, rear reflectors are converted to active brake lights, halogen lights for great lighting and safety, here is the model of the classic and the quickest of the non-racing Healey's that was introduced only in March 1964 with the following month’s production for the MKIII, end of an era,

the British Heritage Trust confirms that this was built in April-May 1964 and then dispatched in May 1964 to America, also this has a list of owners from California to North Carolina to Atlanta (SEE LINK), this is also listed with the Register of Healey’s,

Build specifics:  In May 1964 the Phase II version of the 3000 Mark III was released, here is the first of that final run with the last 1967 being shipped the first of 1968, this series gained ground clearance through a modified rear chassis designated the BJ8, the 2+2 Mark III was the most powerful and luxurious of the big Healeys, the final variation of the Austin-Healey 3000 model, this lovely Grand Tourer is finished in the very desirable, handsome, attractive, popular, and quintessential color scheme of Old English White with the Red bucket seated interior, this combination is today in 2017 a featured presentation in the new Corvettes and the current BMWs so looks very ‘modern-classic”, this MK III offers roll-up windows with an easy working soft top, arm bars and center console, walnut-veneered dashboard, 148 brake horsepower engine has the center shift gearbox, power assisted servo brakes, softer riding suspension than earlier models, has the rear jump seats with the fold down rear panel to look good and use for storage,

Note: Documenting the history, please note the British Heritage Trust  documentation (LINK), see the original factory Austin Healey 3000 Drivers Handbook (LINK) and the original factory ‘Your Passport to Service’ stamped book (LINK) showing this car started in California and then on to North Carolina, very cool, equipped with the front ‘badge bar’ with the RAC badge and the British Racing and Sports Car Club badge, also the grille has the custom Healey badge, great for shows and authenticity, this has the beautiful 60-spoke chrome wire wheels installed with an original argent factory wire wheel on the correct spare tire, (LINK),

Next very important:  see the attached complete spec sheet that yields all the info one could desire, with lots of details and many specifics for this model (LINK), with less than 2596 lbs of weight with great torque in the strong 6 cylinder engine, this was and is a true sports touring car, today, parts and maintenance are very accessible, Fraser Dante is providing a (LINK) that shows the difference in the interior and doors between the 100/6 and the later 3000 MK III, one can see how the early cars without the wind up windows and the attached top and boot look, both designs are appreciated by the true sports car fan, 

wheels/shocks:  in order to improve the handling, the suspension shock system is upgraded with the now available full gas Koni’s both front and rear, these units dramatically affect the great driving of this ‘Big Healey’ that are an expensive upgrade recently available, with the cost of the shocks and installation, this is about a $2000+ costing, also this has a front sway bar uprated with urethane bushings, there are no sounds from the suspension when the test driving is just completed, the new Dayton wheels are terrific looking 60 spoke chrome wires, the tires are great 165/80/15 Nexen blackwall radials, note that after the full spring and suspension work, this has gone to our top sub for final alignment, thusly the handling of this very nice Healey is really better than new,

Engine: in this final run for the 3000 Series starting from the May 1964 to the end of production in 1967, all the same engine during those final years as this model featured a new uprated engine that was a 148 horsepower at 5259 rpm unit along with an impressive 165.2 lbs of torque at only 3500 rpm, this added power in the Mark III came from a new more aggressive camshaft and stronger valve springs, the fuel was delivered with larger twin SU now 2" HD8 carburetors for more performance, the original, the restored rebuilt carberators are still on this engine, just set up, have the factory air cleaners, this car had been sitting in a collection for a while after being used as a driven show car, see full numbers (LINK),

Just now at Fraser Dante, to ascertain the condition of this engine and status today, the dry/cold compression reading is just taken, very fine at 142 to 148 lbs across (SEE LINK), ‘as factory’ and within 6 lbs +/- of each cylinder, really excellent, since this strong block has but 56,100 miles from new and great attention during its existence, said engine did just pull that great compression and runs so very clean, after doing the restoration, more final detail work was completed under the hood,

Mechanical upgrades: the uprated ignition features a stock distributor with an electronic module instead of the points and condenser, with the hotter than stock coil, this yields more spark for better ignition, now also the low gear reduction starter is added that helps turn the engine over better, more efficient,
also the charging is much so improved with the uprated 12 volt alternator system now installed, this gives better charging so the car can be used reliability,

The factory had a steel exhaust system design that would rust, now this terrific car has even better uprated expensive Falcon British stainless FSAH41 full exhaust system with new hangers, these pipes will always look first class, also this has the heating shielding on the lower underchassis above the muffler to stop the heat from the exhaust affecting the driver, a very nice touch to have,

Better cooling: with the expensive uprated aluminum radiator and fan guard, one can see photos in the file showing when received by Fraser Dante, the radiator and fan shroud were both natural aluminum, (LINK) in order for showing properly, the radiator is just painted proper black and the fan shroud is proper red, looks stock, the lower part of said radiator is left natural aluminum so people can see said upgrading to the cooling system, now the cooling is much better for the ‘modern world’ as this rare Austin Healey is prepared for show touring,

now for Spring 2018, the oil filter has an new adaptor for the ‘spin off’ canister, better for ease of fresh Valvoline 10-40 oil and filter maintianence is just done, then this engine just had the valves set, the timing is set and the carbs adjusted by a top British Senior Tech at Fraser Dante, then a road test that is exemplary,

Note: when the updating was done in the Fraser Dante shop, then the fresh engine professional detailing is just completed so the engine bay looks just terrific, top #2 Driven Show quality with the completed goal to work well and be judged as taken to a show or out to dinner at a great restaurant, 

Hoses and clamps: when the first work was completed, the upper radiator hoses and clamps were more modern pieces, just now installed are the proper show factory hoses and factory wire clamps as supplied by Moss Motors, these show units make the engine bay present more as factory correct (SEE LINK), the aluminum radiator was flushed with fresh coolant when said hoses were installed,

Electrical: this has really great wiring under the hood that clearly works well, appears proper factory install, the car starts quickly and all the lighting works well, all this is proven as shown with all the lights working on the Fraser Dante site, the headlights are matching halogen units for driving at night should that situation come up, said noted  alternator helps in the better brighter lighting,

Interior:  to contrast the original colored Ivory Old English White, this original Red leather bucket seated interior still has the original red leather side panels, in the early 2002 restoration, this now has now the full factory red seats installed that were proper just as for the normal production cars, these seats with braided trim around the seats look great, these look factory correct, also this has special dual matching red more modern safety belts,

The wood dash looks just terrific, the great looking working gauges are proper and restored and working full Smith’s units, these are the tachometer, the speedometer/odometer, the oil pressure gauge/water temperature gauge and a fuel gauge (we have just installed a brand new sending unit in the fuel tank so it works well for one’s driving trips, there is a factory British Motor Corporation AM radio that was placed in the car by the last owner for show but does not make sounds, new shift boot (LINK),

Glass: note that the new very good windshield, the two side roll up windows and the side wind wings that move out properly are all the Triplex units, these are the very best and very desirable to have today, the proper rubber trim and the chrome surround of the windscreen are both in wonderful condition,

Chassis:  here is the very high point of this very outstanding MKIII, said frame during the car’s life is simply wonderful and so ‘as factory’ metal, initially in the first restoration and perhaps when delivered, there was some light undercoating was sprayed on the upper inside of the fenders to protect said metal from rock flying up, this area was done with the second painting of the underchassis and frame to protect the car, then the last owner had his shop convince him in April 2016 to spray the whole underside of the underchassis with light undercoating to protect it, that was fine but now for Summer 2017 in order to show the fine condition of this very solid car and the really great frame and floors, Fraser Dante’s restoration staff has stripped the frame down to bare metal with a CD for history, then etched priming and then painting proper off white on the whole frame in order to show how good this great and very solid frame really is, this effort just for the chassis and the frame took about 125 professional hours to accomplish, the results are outstanding as shown on the ‘more photos’ and the (LINK) to the underchassis with many additional photos of the show prep work, one can now see the proper frame that is like a time warp it is so good,  

As this had the mentioned said undercoating that was taken off the bare frame, now we have gone down to the very solid metal, you can see the original red oxide on the bare metal frame(SEE PHOTOS OF THE METAL FRAME), we used special gray etching then the white color to the frame to be a primer to protect, then we painted with the proper off-white color on top of the frame to look good as factory original, we will left the floors with the undercoating that will protect them and then painted said floors with the proper off white as the frame in done in, we painted them also off white to to look better for British Car Day showing, this effort shows how really great the floors and frame rails are and hard to find like this (LINKS)…(SEE THE MANY, MANY PHOTOS THAT DOCUMENT THE WORK FOR SPRING/SUMMER 2017 THAT ARE VALUABLE TO SHOW HOW SOLID THIS CHASSIS IS TODAY FOR SPRING 2018),

at the same time said lower chassis work was completed, this 1964 Austin Healey MKIII had the original full frame mounted lower gas and brake lines which had said undercoating that protected them but did not look great, in order for the presentation of these were replaced and restored with new steel brake and gas lines with the new clips (SEE THE LINK OF THE NEW LINES BEFORE INSTALLING AND THEN PHOTOS OF THE WORK COMPLETED), all to yield a great solid and mirrored show presented frame,
all new brake and fuel lines installed with clips, we have changed the electrical wires underneath, photos show that work, all of this effort is very time-consuming and expensive process and one can see all new lines meaning that the car can be driven and shown very well,

Suspension: a high point of this great Healey is how it drives, this had the original good springs but in early 2016 when they were protecting the underside of the car, some undercoating was sprayed on the front coil springs and looked yucky, now there are two brand new coil springs and the insulators are installed (SEE LINK), this makes it look better and be very clean and strong, then alignment done, very expensive, this also has a new uprated Koni shock system installed, expensive red units to accomplish and makes this way better than stock, really a fine upgrade as the car will show better and also handle like a new car, really the best handling Healey that Fraser Dante has had, restored sway bar (LINK), see full photos of the front suspension (LINK),

Brakes: great stopping for this famous sports car has the front Girling disc brakes were very advanced for the era, today they work great, these have been just been checked by Fraser Dante with good discs and pads, (LINK) then testing to make sure they work well, the rear brakes also went through the same procedure,  top quality work that is documented in new specific photos to confirm said condition, note the close up photos that show the work of Fraser Dante in the preparation for fun and safe driving (SEE LINK),

History of this MKIII:  there is a great file of history that follows the car, after the initial main restoration was done in the early ‘90s at a really great expense, this was hardly used by that said senior collector, then sold to the next and the last owner of some 13 years who spent about $4000 +/- to maintain this Healey in top Driven Show condition, he drove this to local shows, trailered it to far away events, then purchased and sent to the Fraser Dante facility as said last owner downsizing in his life style, now prepared for the sixth owner with many, many hours of professional underchassis and suspension work just completed by Fraser Dante for Fall 2017, the body is so very straight, hard to find such a great, rust free frame and great underchassis, strong presentation,

Summary: the final prep work and restoration completed out of the Fraser Dante shop just ready for Spring 2017, a real correct factory build that today is a top Driven Show Winner condition with items like Triplex glass, really an investment quality with the fine history, hard to find such great details, a terrific car to drive, show and enjoy with lots of documented work, way above the quality of an ‘auction’ car today, professional restoration documented work shown with said builders happy to confirm work, now well offered with lots of said fresh documented work just accomplished for an amazing fresh car at $66,950….

Car build notes/history: The famous "Big Healey" of the Austin Healey 3000 series was built from 1959 to 1967 and is the best known of the  models. Known for their long competition history and raced at most major racing circuits around the world. The Mark III, such as this 1967 Austin Healey 3000, was launched in October 1963 and remained in production until the end of 1967Road & Track called the Healey 3000 an enthusiast’s sports car that is “fun to drive and good handling”, then one must note that by the final Mark III 3000 edition of this car, this large Healey became what the British auto magazine called this “tractable, capable of an immense amount of hard work with reasonable economy, it will have its devotes long after production has ceased”, that is a true fact, as note that with a car weight of only 2490 lbs, this was an amazing sports car of the era with good performance, the manual with the past owner’s meticulous notes plus the recent upgrading at the Fraser Dante restoration facility with our professional staff includes the final full tune, fresh suspension and road testing for Spring 2018