3000 MKI BT7



1961 Austin Healey 3000 MK1 BT7 fully restored with excellent history presented new as the epitome of high clean design with the classic British Sports Car, now fully restored in this beautiful British Racing Green color with full Biscuit interior, Wilton wool carpets, Mono Lita steering wheel, factory black wheel, the whole car is highly detailed, rebuilt correct 2912cc 6 cylinder OHV engine, special alloy valve cover, correct built dual SU carberators just set, rated at 124 horsepower with a strong 162 lbs of torque, now more power that is about 140 horsepower, has the ‘Works Alloy’ finned oil pan’, freshly tuned, high zinc special oil and filter, new wiring harness, rebuilt 4-speed transmission with working overdrive, new clutch system, fully rebuilt fresh brake system, four 72 spoke KO chrome wires, 165/R15 radial tires, original argent painted wire wheel spare, restored trunk area, uprated modern radio system in stock location, side plastic wind wings, optional black softtop with proper side plastic windows, full tonneau cover with support, British Heritage Trust Certificate (LINK), working restored beautiful Smith’s gauges, special show book of the just wonderful and documented completed work (LINK) plus a large show sign (LINK) to go with the car, full restoration receipts of over $56,136 from the initial build come for the history, (LINK) fresh disc braking system, new bearings, has the cool front show Badge Bar with Lucas light and proper insignias, Austin Healey 3000 MKI and MKII Driver’s Handbook (LINK), just completed with final new work at the Fraser Dante facility, (LINK), testing finished, now ready to drive to a top show for Summer 2017,

History: an original Canadian import directly from Great Britain, this has not only the British Heritage Trust Certificate but also a wonderful book of the initial FULL RESTORATION documenting that build! after the documented restoration a few years ago, we can note that this file of work shows from 2004 until 2014 that has specific receipts is for $62,771 Canadian dollars or $56,139 USA dollars, this does not count the car itself, the car was then sold and driven slightly as a well cared for show car, now the appearance today with many hours of further restoration by Fraser Dante is really outstanding with great sheet metal and a beautiful British Racing Green color with the proper Biscuit interior, the history does show that this was dispatched from England with a Black exterior and the red interior, said full complete restoration was done to factory very correct colors but not the original ones, there are no signs of any other previous color, this was an original wire spoke wheel car with the stock wire wheel still in the trunk,

After being kept in fine condition, then for Summer 2017, this terrific 1961 Austin Healey 3000 MK I went through the Fraser Dante restoration shop for full checking of all mechanicals and cosmetics with our trained staff and the top Senior British Tech who is part of our team, he is on staff to make sure all the British cars work well, then the work at Fraser Dante for Summer 2017 would be at $10,000 retail, thusly, now there is top recent work by Fraser Dante on top of said previous work getting ready for Summer 2017, we would guess the total in this very nice car is over $60,000 worth of great care plus the car itself plus the recent road testing!

Interior:  this is a completely restored proper biscuit interior to the full extent, from the top of the dash to the fully padded seats to the side panels, the seat bolsters are leather, the seat inserts and side panels are vinyl, has dual show safety belts, nice beige Wilton carpets at a costing of over $810, all the work is expertly accomplished,
A high point is that this has the gorgeous working full Smith’s gauges, these correct beige colors of said gauges and all of them work correctly, the rebuilt tachometer and the restored speedometer work, has the oil pressure, the fuel gauge, the water temperature gauge, the note that this has installed the beautiful uprated Mono Lita steering wheel of aluminum and wood, the original Black plastic factory adjustable steering wheel that is nicely presented that comes as part of the package (SEE PHOTO LINK), has a restored Smith’s heater with proper tag,

exterior: the presentation is really terrific with the gorgeous British Racing Green color contrasted to the Biscuit interior, strong presentation with this is further set forth with the 72 spoke chrome wire wheels along with the front badge bar with Lucas lights and dual British badges, dual outside mirrors, all the chrome with the factory front grill to the bumpers are as new with great shine, the body panels are really fitted straight as an arrow!  The luster of the paint is brought out with profession high speed buffing and show detailing just for Summer 2017, photos show their amazing and so solid condition,

engine: here is the famous straight 6 cylinder engine, the tag showing the engine number of 29D-RU-H/14569, this overhead valve naturally aspirated 6 cylinder engine has 2 valves per cylinder and a capacity of 2.9 litres, there are receipts in the file showing the rebuilding of the engine, after the block being vated, this was bored to +.030 specs with new pistons, rings and full bearings on the crankshaft, note the compression is just taken with a better than stock of 170 to 175 lbs in a dry cold reading (LINK), excellent compression (LINK),

has the rebuilt correct dual SU HD6 carberators, these are feed with the electric negative ground fuel pump, this engine was produced for the North American/Canadian market with a stock horsepower of 124 at 4600 rpm and very strong torque figure of 162 lb/ft at only 2700 rpm to provide very strong pulling power, this engine should produce about 140 horsepower with the new bore and the very strong better than stock compression reading just taken (LINK), with the new full clutch system this has great acceleration,

added also is the uprated stainless exhaust and muffler system, includes full hangers, also the proper insulation above said system below the driver’s seat, this is better power than stock and will always look in show condition, thusly with the overbore, with the noted recent head work and this exhaust system, the horsepower should be more than stock…about 140+ horsepower one would assume today,

radiator:  this has the hard to find stock radiator (SEE #s LINK), just fully freshly restored, the retail costing is about $500 to complete to this high standard, the Cooling has been worked when the radiator is taken out and sent to a top shop to be fully checked, hot tanked, rodded, all passages cleared, the tanks checked, flushed then with fresh coolant added, new upper and lower hoses, show clamps, radiator new bolts, for cooling: has a non-stock flex fan, the hard to find side radiator ‘air deflectors’, the front inner dual fluting for the air flow is correctly done to keep the air flow to the radiator are in place, the radiator is then freshly painted black factory color with the red fan shroud, this shows the addition to detail,

note that this engine is fitted with a special Alloy ‘Works Prepared’ finned oil pan, this gives more capacity, lighter weight, stronger member of the lower engine and improved cooling, the specs are given with the (LINK), costing today complete is $700 for this unit, has a special Austin Healey alloy engraved special valve cover for show use, this is $325 delivered today, it looks great for show use,

engine running condition: now for Summer 2017, with less than 5500 miles on the build of said engine, the Fraser Dante trained restoration staff has made sure that the current running operation of this beautiful Austin Healey is top notch, then this engine just had the valves adjusted, the timing is set and the carbs properly adjusted by a top British Senior Tech at Fraser Dante, new proper exhaust and flange gaskets are installed since this was not used for a while, then a road test that is exemplary, the expensive and top quality fresh Valvoline VR1 high zinc racing 10-40 oil and filter maintianence are just done,

underchassis: a high point of a really good Austin Healey is that it must have a great chassis and outriggers, this has the very wonderful solid correct, very rust free and documenting the frame-off build with the fine chassis, it was painted British Racing Green of the new color showing the extent of the initial work along with the floors…one can tell that they were completely restored in the main work from 2006 until 2010…then with upkeep into 2014…now having done some 5500 miles or less with all current uprated work with ‘no’ miles for Summer 2017,

RECENT UNDERCHASSIS, here the condition is very original, not molested with this chassis and frame being carefully cleaned when sent to the Fraser Dante shop, this very solid frame primed and painted, then detailed for driven show condition, only one small area under the driver’s feet was worked on, this, we assume, was from some wet feet through the years, very hard to find so solid, the side ‘wind wings’ are in original and exceptional solid condition,

now then for Spring/Summer 2017, this then went on the restoration rack at Fraser Dante (LINK), since this had  been driven slightly, recent attention brings back to up to very high standards, these great frame rails were fully hand cleaned taken to the bare metal by the trained restoration staff in our shop, the fuel and brake lines pulled off and wrapped, then the chassis/frame was first primed, then after that protective coat, the frame and floors are now painted proper British Racing Green again, this process is over 100++ hours of expert work completed, new photos document the recent process (LINK), and the fine finish work, this is just a fantastic show underchassis that should be shown with mirrors at a show, hard to find so nice,
brakes/axles: with the front 11.25” disc brakes and the rear 11.0x2.25” wide drums, this was and is a fun performance open sports car, the brakes and calipers were gone through as initially the full brakes had been rebuilt as noted, having been used for a while, now the fresh brake work is just completed with new receipts and notes and photos (LINK), at Fraser Dante, front new pads and excellent rotors, Moss Motors sourced new brake shoes, full new rear cylinders installed simply because this had not been used for a while, all bearings replaced, fitting kit, new brake hoses, fresh fluid flushed through the system, then road tested,

the shocks, bushings and other suspension pieces checked, note again as this had not been used much, receipts and photos of work show that new rear wheel bearings, axle shaft gaskets, ‘o-rings’, new seals are set in, real attention to detail,

Summary: very seldom does one find such a beautiful ‘Big Healey’ in such fine condition with great restoration file, outstanding documentation of said work, then fresh work on the brakes and axels by the experts at Fraser Dante to yield just simply outstanding mechanicals, the excellent presentation is set up for a top British Car Day Show, really a top investment vehicle that appeals to a substantial customer all over the world who desires a gorgeous sports car that works well, offered for Summer 2017 at only $66,950